El Morya

Chapter One

The First Ray

Main God qualities and actions of the First Ray:

Omnipotence, protection, faith, the Will of God

through the power of the Father.


Corresponding Chakra: Throat

Color: Blue

Corresponding Stones:

Lapis Lazuli, Sapphire, Peacock stones, Blue-lace Agate


Day when is amplified: Monday


Chohan of the First Ray:

Master El Morya

His Retreat: The Temple of Good Will, Darjeeling, India


Archangels of the First Ray with Divine Complement:

Michael and Faith

Their Retreat: The Temple of Faith, Banff & Lake Louise, Canada


Elohim of the First Ray with Divine Complement:

Hercules and Amazonia

Their Retreat: Half Dome, Sierra Nevada, CA, USA



The Flame of the Will of God
























About Master El Morya


Master El Morya is the great spiritual hierarch of the Brotherhood of the Diamond Heart. His activity of service and life is to guard and protect the spiritual focuses created as heart centers of world movements and religions, protecting whatever specific God ideas will benefit the human race and hasten its evolution. In addition, he is the chief of the Darjeeling Council of the Great White Brotherhood in India, Chohan of the First Ray and hierarch of the etheric Temple of Good Will. El Morya represents the divine attributes of the First Ray which are courage, faith, initiative, dependability, divine power, self-reliance and certainty. These are the qualities of the Father principle.


Embodiments of El Morya


        As Abraham (2100 BC), he was the first Hebrew patriarch and progenitor of the twelve tribes of Israel.

        As Melchior, he was one of the three wise men at the birth of Jesus.

        As King Arthur (5th century AD), he became the leader of the Mystery School at Camelot and guarded the inner teachings.

        As Thomas Beckett (1118-1170), he was the Lord Chancellor of England.

        As Sir Thomas Moore (1478-1535), he was known as the "man for all seasons."


Temple of Goodwill


This First Ray temple is a magnificent white palace located in Darjeeling, India. From the steps of the palace, one looks out upon the grandeur of the majestic Himalaya Mountains and their ever-rising crests of snow-covered peaks.


The actual temple room is exquisite indeed! The altar, which holds the focus of the Sacred Fire of the First Ray, is composed of radiant blue sapphires and diamonds. The carpeting is an electric blue and the windows are of the finest stained glass. Those who enter the beautiful temple of El Morya gaze upon the royal blue flame on the diamond and sapphire altar. Kneeling before the Hierarch and touching the hem of his spiritual aura adds to the flame of the initiate's own cosmic momentum of loving, willing and joyous illumined obedience to God's Will. There is a great sense of warm welcome and graciousness which radiates forth from his focus. His beautiful home and temple situated in the hills outside the city of Darjeeling is dedicated, not only to God's Will, but also to the promotion of national and world government based on the highest principles of God-government.


The purpose of keeping this retreat open is primarily to magnetize, sustain and radiate the positive consciousness of God's Will into the atmosphere of the Earth and to counteract the negative acceptance of every distortion created by human mind. Therefore, it is of vital importance to have a certain number of unascended souls drawing the particular virtues of a specific flame into Earth's atmosphere and sustaining it through devotion, constancy and application of the Law.


Without the presence of individuals in your dimension who willingly offer their time and energies to magnetize, sustain and radiate the virtues of the Godhead in your sphere of vibration, there would be no stimulus to the divine spark within mankind to further its evolution constructively. Each disciple who "tunes in" to one of the seven rays becomes a radiating center of the particular virtue to which he consecrates himself, whether he is fully aware on a conscious level or not.


Thus, the disciple becomes the hands, feet and heart for the Spiritual Hierarchy to reach through the veil of human creation into the minds and hearts of men. Those who respond are accepted in a spiritual partnership between the Hierarchy and the masses who are not yet cognizant of the existence of the Ascended and Angelic Hosts, nor of the service these Great Beings contribute to their evolution.


Beloved El Morya, along with Master Kuthumi and many other masters, are determined to bring to the western world the knowledge of truly evolved consciousness through the Ascended Master's teachings.


Transmission from the Heart

of the Beloved El Morya


From my home and retreat in Darjeeling, I bring to you the greetings of the Brotherhood of God's Will whose spiritual credo is "I Will." I also bring to you the attributes of my Diamond Heart which is rejoicing for this opportunity to share the multitude of diamonds my heart holds for those of you who are studying the limitless potentials of the Sacred Flames. The writing of this material has been planned by many of us of the spiritual hierarchy for almost a century, and it was part of Aurelia's contract with us before her incarnation to accomplish this task.


You know, dear ones, the time to remain in the consciousness that keeps you bound to the many challenges of your third dimension reality is soon coming to a close. And from all the complaining we hear from nearly all of you on our side of the veil, we know that most of you, if not all, have had enough of life as it is on the surface, and you are welcoming the changes. But consider that the changes you are hoping to experience for yourself will not happen automatically. You have to create them first in your consciousness before they can materialize in your world. Your personal life's experiences are always mirrors of your consciousness, no matter what is going on outside and around you.


You already know that the Earth has chosen Her Ascension, and life on this planet as you presently know it will soon change drastically. Have you made yourself ready in your consciousness and in your God mastery to embrace, welcome and adapt to all that is about to transpire on your planet? Are you ever so willing to detach yourself from the old outmoded and materialistic lifestyles that you are so accustomed to, to make room for all the positive changes that need to take place on the surface in order to usher in the New Golden Age of Enlightenment? Are you willing to transform your fears into Love in order to ride the wave of Ascension with the Earth in grace and dignity?


Are you ready to roll up your sleeves and pull yourselves out of your present complacency to take part in the creation of the new world? These are some of the questions you need to ask yourself and contemplate seriously in order to bring forth your mastery. You cannot become an ascended master simply by wishing it; you need to begin to practice thinking, talking, acting and feeling like an ascended being in order to attain the vibration that will allow you to become one. This is what we teach you in the Great Inner Temples and the Temples of the Flames when you come at night during your sleep time; and your souls remember it in your daily life.

Reflect on the priorities of your life at this moment. What interests or desires occupy your heart the most? Is becoming an ascended master through your Ascension your greatest desire and priority? Are you setting aside each day enough time to commune and unite with the seat of your divinity within your Sacred Heart to gain full understanding of how to become it? In a former transmission that you will find again in this book, Adama suggested that you cut all your "to do lists" in half and simplify your lives dramatically in order to consecrate more time to your spiritual advancement. Have you heeded his advice?


Are you choosing to create your ascension with the Earth or are you choosing to wait for the events to take place, simply hoping for the best? Besides your surrender to God's Will, the God qualities you need to develop in order to pass the initiations of the First Ray are courage, faith, initiative, dependability, constancy, self-reliance and self trust.


The sustaining of the Earth in this planetary system is due to the Love and Dedication of Sanat Kumara and the other Lords of the Flame from Venus. They have kept the flame burning on behalf of humanity for hundreds of thousands of years. Now it is time for all of you to take the "Torch" back, to take responsibility for yourself and for your planet, and return to Life a portion of what has been given you again and again for eons of time.


The First Ray has a unique position in this great evolutionary plan of Creation because this ray represents the "initial impulse" by which the ideas, born of the Heart and Mind of God, are given to Life.


In general, humans in the third dimension do not like change even if it is for the better because it entails disturbing the status quo, habits, patterns and traditions. The members of the First Ray are fashioned in the purest fire from God's own Heart, and the crucible in which they are forged is fed by the Heart-flames of the greatest Beings who stand around the Sun itself. The day must come when the children of Earth welcome and embrace the plan of God for this plane and demonstrate reverence for it and for all life.


In order to be admitted into the fifth dimension, it is imperative that you express anew your unconditional obedience to the great Love, Wisdom and Power of the Celestial Hierarchies. In the higher dimensions, there is no democracy. The ones who have attained the greatest spiritual development are the ones who qualify to govern in a system of hierarchies (planetary, galactic and universal) all the way to the Creator Himself.


When an individual dedicates himself to becoming a "candidate for Ascension" or a "Teacher of the Law," and his motive is to spread the light with purity of heart and transparency, not simply to make a living, we immediately enfold such a one under our Wings of Love and offer protection and guidance. One must learn to become a disciple before becoming a master.


Believe in the gifts of your divinity! Let your Light shine! Develop self-luminosity, and let that light become the aura of this Earth until the Karmic Board itself may say: "It is enough." Already the Earth shines! Already her song joins the music of the spheres! Already her people have completed their curriculum of evolution"!


Time! Everyone wants time to do things. NOW! NOW! Let us do them this instant! Procrastination has caused the sinking of more continents, the destruction of more Golden Ages and the delay of more victories in the eternal tomorrow. The average person does not begin to set his soul in order until he is on the brink of the grave, procrastinating, satisfying the senses, putting off until tomorrow that which can be done today. Hear me well! If you can be self-luminous in a hundred years, YOU CAN ALSO BE SELF-LUMINOUS NOW!


I walked the way of Earth not too long ago. I knew the love of beauty and I also knew the trials of the flesh. Because I am called the preceptor of God's Will and the disciplinarian of souls, from which many men and women shrink in heart, there are those in your realm who think that I do not appreciate beauty. These ways of thinking by humans are so often very strange to us. Ah, beauty and order are heaven's first law!


In my home in Darjeeling there is, and shall remain always, both beauty and order. Disorder is not part of my nature, nor that of any particular Brotherhood. Disorder of person or surroundings is the externalization of human disorder in mind, feelings, etheric consciousness or just plain laziness.


In your own life, you will find that when you bring order and beauty into your world, you will progress more happily, for order and beauty brings grace and grace brings you the perception you never knew you had. Those perceptions externalized make you a person of "God in action" here on Earth. Now awake and come out of that soul sleep! Let enthusiasm spin again within all your various bodies; let those little electrons spin again around the atoms. I fire you with enthusiasm for the Love of God to bring this Earth back home with all its lovely spring flowers, with all its summer grace and with everything that lives on it.


I urge you to do whatever you can to assist the Ascension of our beloved Mother Earth and your own Ascension in the Light. Bring our Earth back home, bring the little four-footed creatures and all that lives back home for Saint Germain's sake, that this Earth may become Freedom's Holy Star.


The relationship between a Master and a disciple is a very close one. The Master accepts the consciousness of the disciple into His own sphere of influence, so that He can be aware of the activities, thoughts and feelings of the disciple. In other words, the disciple lives "in the House of His Lord," dining at His table and partaking of the hospitality of His household. This is an "invitation" beloveds of my Heart!


I am El Morya, your Friend of Light forever. And if welcome, my presence shall follow you each step until the hour of your final and glorious Victory in the Light, when we will welcome you, once again, among the immortals.











Throat Chakra

Prayer for First Ray Healing


Good Will Prayer


In the Name of God "I AM," I invoke the presence of Beloved Master El Morya, Archangel Michael and all Ascended Masters and angels of the Blue Flame Love of God's Will to guide and protect me daily and hourly.

 Archangel Michael, come into my life. Help me overcome all density with your sword of blue flame. Cut me loose and set me free from all negativity and errors of the past.

 I ask for a shaft of blue lightning of divine Love to be established over my being, over my home, my family, my work and all my affairs. I call the guidance I need to manifest God's Will in all aspects of my life to fulfill my divine purpose here on Earth. I claim for God's Will to manifest everywhere on Earth as it is in the Realms of Light and Freedom.







Discourse from Adama with Master El Morya


Adama speaks to us of the Blue Flame of the Will of God. He explains the spiritual benefits of surrender to the Divine Will and offers a wonderful meditation, which gives us a greater understanding of the word "surrender."



I feel inside myself a great excitement because I know that something big is in the making on the planet. I also know that the energy is shifting quite rapidly now and the veils of separation between dimensions are gradually thinning out. The ascended masters are in closer proximity and increasing personal contact with us, more so than any time before in thousands of years. If I compare how things used to be when I was a child, or in my twenties, to how they are now, there is quite a silver lining forming on the horizon. Even if the dark clouds are not yet completely dispelled, everyone is beginning to feel the changes. That is what wish to share.


As we allow this unfoldment to take place, embracing all the steps, there is much magic in it. It took me a while to see and feel it, but now I really feel it, and I know. Those of us who are working, as teachers, directly with beings from the other side of the veil, are here to show the way to those seeking to create a better world than the one we have grown accustomed to. But ultimately, your life is your own journey and no matter how much assistance is offered, no one can assume your journey for you.


The next 5 to 6 years will be the most important and crucial years you have ever lived on this planet. They will determine what you will become and where you will go or be in your cosmic future.


The planet and humanity have now reached the end of a major cosmic cycle. The Earth, along with those of humanity choosing it, is now moving into a new cycle of enlightened evolution. And you, as a soul evolving on Her body, are now faced with the most important choices you will ever make. It is now that you have to choose if you want to come along with the Earth into a brand new reality of love and light or stay behind for another long round of incarnations in the third dimension. It is up to you to decide if you want to experience the new world here or move on to another third dimensional planet in another universe, and continue to experience life the way it is here right now with all the limitations and challenges that third dimensional life offers.


The Earth really deserves Her glorious Ascension. The bells of her own graduation to a new cosmic cycle are now ringing. After all, she has shown infinite love and tolerance towards humanity, who has not shown in return much gratitude. She offered her body, so unconditionally, to allow us the opportunity to experiment with free will. The question to ask ourselves now is: Do I choose to come along to the next level or do I want to stay behind? What reality are you really choosing to create and embrace for yourself in the few short remaining years?


I constantly hear people mention they are so caught up in their day-to-day lives, that as much as they claim to want to do their spiritual and healing work for the benefit of their evolution, it is always put off for another time. They say, "Well, I'll do it tomorrow or next month, or perhaps next year when things change a little, or when my life slows down a little bit. Then I will have more time to do my healing and my spiritual work."


Do you realize that time waits for no one and we are now at that important threshold of change? What the Ascended Masters, Adama, Sananda, Maitreya, Archangel Michael, Saint Germain and all other masters are telling us is that the time is NOW. There is nothing, and I mean nothing, more important than your personal spiritual and healing work. Everything else is a distraction to keep you away from the "real goal" of your incarnation here.


The positive changes you are so longing for will only become a reality in your personal life as a result of that work. Bottom line, there is no other way around it. Nothing will change in your life unless you change it yourself; this is your job. This is what you came here to do in this life and if you don't want to do it, no one else can do it for you.

Yes, we do have to attend to the many obligations of our daily lives, but ultimately, what will really count and make the difference for you in the next few years is not so much what you have done, but what you have become!

Contemplate this. What we do comes and goes in the passage of time, but what we become, as divine beings, embracing our divinity from the perspective of a human experience, remains with us for eternity.


Hmmm Adama is here. He is patiently waiting for me to fin- ish talking. Perhaps he is wondering who has been invited to speak here today, him or me. (Laugh!)



Greetings, my beloved friends! I am speaking to you this day from my elegant home in Telos, but I am also with all of you at the same time. We have with us today a silent partner in the person of the awesome presence of our dear friend El Morya. We both want to convey our deep love to all those connecting with our hearts through this sharing.


Today, I would like to talk about the Will of God as the path of "surrender." You see, without the Will of God you are not going very far on your path of evolution. This is the very first step, the initiation of the first temple that must be mastered before you can progress into the other steps on the path. If you are not willing to surrender to the "greater will" of your being, the Will of your own "Divine Source," how will you recognize your new home? If you are not willing to surrender to that which is seeking to bring you all the way back "home," the home of your divine perfection, joy, bliss and limitlessness, your lost paradise, then how do you expect to ever get there?


The Will of God is not a God outside of you. It is simply the God that you are and that you have always been, although when you are in a physical incarnation you tend to temporarily forget. Your divine Presence is totally omniscient, omnipresent and omnipotent, and can fulfill all of your desires instantly. You have temporarily forgotten that you are nothing less than an expression of this great I AM, incarnated in a human experience. You came here with an agenda to attain soul perfection and expand your own divinity to the fullness of your God-Mastery and Wisdom. You are here seeking advanced enlightenment and total spiritual freedom. You are here to become an unlimited God in all planes of existence.

This is an agenda of love for the Self, and that Self is no one but "you." Many of you are still so caught up in your mundane affairs, you are not seeking to attain the goals you have incarnated for. For too many of you, the affairs of your soul path and soul evolution have become the last concern on your agenda.


Well, my dear friends, when you are consciously putting aside the true goals of your incarnation for the sake of momentary human pursuits, your life turns out to reflect something very different than what you had envisioned for your life experience prior to your incarnation here. Once back on the other side of the veil, as you review the life you just left, there are always deep regrets. There is a profound desire to receive another opportunity for incarnation, to fulfill all of the soul's desires that you have denied in your present life.


And this is how the merry-go-round of endless cycles of incarnations for the soul keeps repeating itself again and again. Your divine presence, with great patience and compassion, has granted you thousands of opportunities. For so many of you, each time you come here, you ignore the reasons for your coming.


Lifetime after lifetime you did not meet the goals you set for your incarnation. This is also why you are still here facing so many challenges instead of enjoying the bliss of the light realms. You will keep coming back, again and again, until you finally surrender to the longings of your own soul. Your Divine Presence has watched you suffer, search and work endlessly for many lifetimes. It has observed your pain, your despair, your hopelessness, your fears, your tears, your doubts, your shames and terrors. It has witnessed the great wisdom that was gained in each of these incarnations, individually and for the whole of Creation. And it is longing now to bring you home, to freedom, to love, to mastery, to oneness, and to all that you are as a divine being.


It yearns to bring you back home, but it cannot force you. It requires your willingness, your intention and your cooperation. It requires that you embrace all parts of yourself that you abandoned and hated along the way of your many incarnations. Your GodSelf is calling you now to "surrender" to the path that is laid before you, day by day, with love and trust. Only through that loving surrender, step-by-step, you will be shown the way back to the "sun of your being," your divine perfection.

This is why surrender to the Will of your own divinity is such a divine grace to bestow upon yourself.


It is "you" who will be the great beneficiary of this grace. Someday you will wonder why you have waited so long to finally come "Home." Someday you will realize that you really never had to suffer; it was your choice. It was your resistance to the Love that you are that created all the pain and lessons that you have experienced for so long. It is now time to embrace a way of life that will nurture and embrace all of you, instead of one that diminishes you.


When you surrender, it is the human ego, also known as the altered ego, that gradually transforms back into the original consciousness of your divine nature. As you surrender to the process of cleansing and healing yourself with absolute trust, without judgment and without any fear, you can get through this rather quickly. The process reveals itself to be much less painful than it would be if you fight it all the way. The first step is always the hardest and most

overwhelming part of the path. Trust that once you have taken that step, the rest is much easier.


When you resist what is best for your pathway, your soul will simply allow you to have your own way for a while, until you can't stand it anymore. Time is not of the essence for the soul, but we, the Masters of Light, know that all of you have suffered on this planet long enough. We invite you now to choose a more joyful destiny.


In Telos, it is with great interest that we watch the reactions of the thousands of people who read our information in the first three volume of the Telos book series. We have watched so many of you experience great heart openings. Your ancient memories have been awakened. We have watched the tears of hope and longings that nearly all of you have experienced when reading the material about our lives in Telos and Lemuria. You have become aware that a different type of life is not only possible on this planet, but in the making for those embracing transformation through self-love and spiritual wisdom.


With our assistance, this is what we are inviting you to do today. We have already trodden the pathway for ourselves, thus opening the way for you to follow into our footsteps; we hold our hands out to you, offering to assist you forward. Because we are here for you now, the way will be much easier for you than it was for us. For all those desiring to join with us and share the type of life we enjoy, the path of love and surrender is the key to your homecoming.


We have reached the level of divine grace we are experiencing today in our lives only because, a long time ago, we surrendered to that divine will. By doing so, our lives were gradually transformed, and yours will also.


What we had to do, we did under circumstances that were much more difficult and painful than the situations you are presently experiencing. Let me say something about our passage to the Light 12,000 years ago. You might be surprised to know that after the destruction of our continent, we all had to work out our issues in the same manner as is required for you to do at this time.


Consider that overnight, we lost everything we ever owned, everything we had ever identified with in Lemuria and most painful of all, we were separated abruptly from nearly everyone we had ever loved. All the beauty of Lemuria, all our work of the ages, all the aspects of our day-to-day lives had suddenly vanished.


All that was left was "ourselves," the divine aspect of self that we had to surrender to in order to receive again "everything" from our Creator.


Telos was then in a primary stage of development, and certainly not the glorious and beautiful city it has now become. It was a large cave inside the mountain that we endeavored to restore as a city in order to save a small percentage of our people. After the cataclysm, Telos was all that was left of our culture. The city of Telos was still in a primitive state compared to the beauty and ease that existed on the surface, and to what it is at the present time.


Understand that overnight, we had to surrender our lives to a much different standard of living, which was quite difficult for a long time, having to forge a completely new life for ourselves. With great courage and determination, we continued to build our city not only for ourselves, but also as a point of contact for future generations, who will be born again here within the Lemurian culture. Having lost everything except ourselves, we worked very hard for centuries, healing the wounds of our losses and forging something new and more permanent. It would require several volumes to narrate all of the difficult challenges we had to face.


Our homecoming, a very long time ago, my dear friends, was not as simple as you might imagine. You are on "easy street" so to speak, compared to the obstacles we had to overcome. We ask you not to be dismayed by what you are going through in your lives; but rather to surrender to the process. Surrender with "willing acceptance" to the events that will take place on your planet. They will come for the purpose of your deliverance from the chains you have created. Simply open your heart to love and "trust" that your passage to the Light, as it was with us, will not manifest without your conscious and sustained effort. Be assured that the rewards will be magnificent for those who will endure to the end.




The Will of God is known as a First Ray activity,

 and it resonates with a blue vibration.


The Blue Ray is a beautiful peacock-to-royal-blue color. Its frequency is vibrant, alive and cleansing. It is connected with "the Diamond Heart." Like any diamond, the surrender to this Divine Will has many facets. Archangel Michael is a Blue Ray Angel and Master El Morya is a Blue Ray master, the guardian of the Diamond Heart of the Will of God.


The Blue Ray is the ray of divine power and leadership, the ray of power through the spoken and silent word, connected with the throat chakra. It is also the ray that is most misused by humanity. Each time you are not speaking words of love and compassion, you are misusing the energies of that ray. Each time you attempt to control or manipulate in order to have your own way, you are misusing the energies of the Blue Ray. Be aware, the misuse of this energy is often performed in very subtle ways—so subtle, in fact, that you are not even aware of it unless you begin to monitor from your heart all your words, actions, motives, etc.


You understand and know what I mean. It is the ray that will allow you to align to the consciousness you need to attain in order to be brought to the other masters. Master El Morya is known as a spiritual disciplinarian, and his discipline reflects the greatest love that his soul holds for all of you.


The rays are part of the basic curriculum that you have to master for this phase of your evolution. You have to master the God attributes of all of the seven rays equally, and now also the other five secret rays. There is not one that is more important, greater or lesser than the others. They need to be mastered, balanced and understood equally.


In different lifetimes, you may not always be working on the same ray. You are endeavoring to integrate and gain the wisdom of all the rays. You were originally created on one of the rays, and this ray remains your permanent ray. It is also called the monadic ray. But just because you may have been originally created as, for example, a blue ray soul or a yellow or green ray soul, it doesn't mean that you will be working on that one ray in every lifetime. In each lifetime, you usually strive to gain a greater mastery in two of the rays, and balance the others in oneness. You will do this until you have mastered and balanced all the rays at deeper and deeper levels, and until you have passed all required initiations for Ascension.


People come here on the Earth plane for the very

 purpose of forging their spiritual mastery.


Unless you diligently work at it, it simply does not happen. This is why you have chosen to incarnate so many times. You cannot expect to gain full mastery of the divine by simply wishing it or by association. It does not work this way. The perfection and refinement of the soul is accomplished through a series of incarnations in the third dimension. For those of you who live with the illusion that the space brothers are going to come to rescue you, hoping to escape doing your spiritual work to evolve your consciousness, you are setting yourself up for a big disappointment. Those thinking that you are simply going to be taken unconditionally into the light realm, I say, revise your thinking. The space brothers are not allowed to come and rescue you. And there is no need for rescue because you have created the lifetime that you are now living for the explicit purpose of soul growth.


In every lifetime, you incarnate back on earth

because of a personal choice you make. You

 have never been forced to come back here.


In each and every lifetime, you choose the goals and experiences of your incarnation for the purpose of evolving your consciousness to gain greater mastery. When you are on the other side between incarnations, fully aware of all you left undone during your last incarnation, you truly want to return, to align and fulfill all the goals that were not met. You ask for another opportunity again and again, until you feel you have completed this phase of your evolution.


Each time you arrive here in the physical body, the veil of forgetfulness is activated; you feel trapped and cut off, totally immersed in the illusion again. Life on this planet has known many cycles of hardship for humanity because the consciousness of people living on the surface dropped to such a low level of separation from divine principles. Separation took place as far as it could go. The lessons learned, the experience gathered and the knowledge added to the whole has been amazing.


This situation is now gradually changing with the enormous and unprecedented assistance from the light realm, from the space brothers and from the civilizations of the earth's interior. Separation into the third dimension took place as an experiment to understand how souls would react once they would be totally cut off from God. All of you here in physical bodies have volunteered for this cosmic project; otherwise you would not be here.


This great experiment you so excitedly volunteered to participate in from the various worlds and universes you all come from had a beginning timeframe and an ending one, which happened millions of years ago. This grand experiment has assisted the people of Earth in becoming strong and courageous souls. And

because of their great sacrifices, the souls of Earth are now being lifted into greater glory, forging for themselves a destiny so grand. You are destined to become the showcase of this universe and the teachers of the new civilizations to be born.


As you align yourselves with the Will of God through surrender, you are destined to become among the most "in-demand" souls everywhere in this and other universes. Planet Earth, which has experienced the greatest amount of darkness and pain, will soon be lifted to a state of great love and light, a way-shower for others to learn from. In truth, there is really no other place like Earth. Be proud and hopeful to be a citizen of this planet. You have suffered long enough; it is now time to come home. It is with wondrous anticipation that we are waiting to greet you and to hold you in our arms. We long to welcome you back to the valley of love, where the valley of tears has become the valley of joy.


As you peel off the many layers of hurt and trauma from the past, you will discover that you have a lack of trust in God and Spirit. And for you, "surrender" to divine will is a fearful proposal.


 You feel that you have been betrayed and abandoned in this and in other lifetimes, and you enter into a state of fright. This is a core issue that has been part of the original fall in consciousness. The original separation from your Divine Source created pain. Pain then created the world that you now live in. Separation allowed for all the manifestations of individuation necessary to create the experiences you have had on this planet. How can you truly know God and your Self without experiencing the feeling of not knowing God? What first started as a little fear and doubt, eventually became a lack of trust in God and yourselves.


Your test now is to allow yourself to trust the Divine again and to reverse the consciousness that caused the separation from God for so long. The universe is a loving and a benevolent place, and will provide everything for you when you trust. "The fall" gradually took place when a few souls in incarnation began questioning if God was always going to continue providing for them. After several million years when your Creator always provided everything for everyone, without fail, many people allowed doubts to filter their consciousness and began contemplating what would happen if this suddenly stopped. They allowed themselves to fall into the consciousness that if God should stop providing, they would have to start providing for themselves. This distorted concept was at first held by only a few and eventually was communicated to the masses.


The fears that gave birth to this lack of trust then became more and more amplified until almost the whole human race completely gave up their divine birthright. The rest is history.


Surrender to God's Will presents to the soul the initiations, and the opportunity to restore this divine birthright. This is what you have to heal now, that lack of trust. To do so takes courage and commitment. Stepping off that dock of what is known into the deep still waters of the unknown is the ultimate act of trust. Let your heart listen to the call of your soul and you will know the choice that you can make now. You will know your true purpose here on earth at this time of acceleration and evolution.


When you chose to "not trust," God allowed you the experience and all the many consequences that came with this choice, so that you could learn the wisdom from it.


The fear that people have of trusting God is making the commitment to your Higher Self that you want to return home, to make your ascension and to gain your mastery. This requires that you clear all the issues of your human creation. In the process, your Higher Self brings into your experience all the shadow material you have created throughout the ages. These issues must be looked at in order to give you the opportunity to make new choices in love and trust rather than fear.


All issues needing to be aligned and understood and any residual karma needing to be cleared are brought to your experience. The facing of all this can be temporarily challenging. You may think, "I made a commitment to start trusting God and my life has become more challenging." And then you choose again to fall back into the cycle of distrust. The path is to allow whatever will be presented to you, and to witness it, even if it is difficult for a while. No matter what the appearances are in your life, even if your life becomes temporarily more difficult, trust that you are on a new road and that the energy will finally shift. Compared to the millions of years of mistrust you have expressed towards your Creator, this homecoming to your true self can manifest rather quickly.


Think of Job in your scriptures. He was severely tested, but he continued to trust. And when he was able to prove to God that he would continue to trust, in spite of everything he had lost, including his health, his wife and children, all was restored back to him, and much more. But first he had to journey through the dark night of the soul, and so will you!


Allow yourself the process of going through this dark night. Finally face all that you have hidden in the shadows for so long. Do it without any judgment or attachment, because it is in these shadows that you will recover all your gifts. You will remember the attributes of your divine birthright, and your full energies will be restored to you. You will once again trust your Creator, as your surrender in total love will become your rescue, and not your despair.


All of humanity is basically experiencing the same path of evolution. There is no need for shame or regret because, in truth, you all have the same issues. Your current experience may look different, and it is the same way for everyone. Lack of trust and separation from your Source have created this long journey of suffering. Now resurrect yourself fully through love and trust.


When you can finally say, "I will let go of my own misconceptions and fears and trust the process, no matter how painful it could get," you have taken that first, hardest step. When you finally face your heartbreak and anger, it is not quite as painful as you expected. The process, when allowed, will take you all the way back "home" and you will finally experience the end of all suffering and lack. You will understand the universe and your life with a new compassion and softness; the struggle that has ruled your life will abate.


Once you have conquered that fear,

everything is open to you, and you can

have everything without limitation.


Nothing is withheld from you anymore. You will know with absolute certainty that the universe that you have feared for so long will provide everything you ever needed and everything you ever dreamed of. What you call the original sin, which I call the original breach of confidence with God, is basically the last thing you need to conquer.


That correlates with the Adam and Eve story, which was a metaphor describing the lack of trust in God, which led to separation.


Yes, Adam and Eve is just a story recorded with little understanding. Though the allegory in your scriptures may contain some levels of truth, it certainly did not happen that way. The story of Adam and Eve and the fall from grace by humanity is very complex indeed. Some day, all the true records will be made available to humanity and you will finally understand and learn much from it. That story is simply a poor representation of what happened and not an accurate one.


What is representative is that people stopped trusting in their Creator and went into fear. Aurelia has among her possessions a little book called The Sons of God, by Christine Mercer. This is the story of a woman who decided to trust God, no matter what happens to her. Her trust was put to the most extreme tests. Through the hardships of her testing, she made a determined and heartfelt decision to never, ever again complain about anything. She continued trusting, no matter how painful it became. Even though she made this deep commitment in "surrender," she was most severely tested. The happy ending of this true story is that in a very short time she balanced such a tremendous amount of karma that miracles upon miracles began to flow lavishly in her life. All she had lost was restored a hundred-fold.


During the testing period, she thanked God for every difficulty she was experiencing, knowing that this was going to lead her to something much bigger and much greater, and it certainly did! Christine was able to take her body into physical ascension a couple years later, at a time when no one else on the planet did. She accomplished this when the energies on the planet were not yet supporting such an activity as it is now.


This little book made a big impression on Aurelia at a time when she was going through difficult period herself. She read late into the night, from cover to cover, the book she found for $2.00 in a used bookstore several years ago. Aurelia's reaction was, " Hmmm...., I guess my situation, which is by no means as severe as hers, could possibly be improved by using the same principles she did." She reflected in her heart that her attitude towards her life situation was far from being as graceful and grateful as Christine's was, and became aware that she was harboring resentment.


She read the book twice and then decided to apply the principles in "an attitude of gratitude" as best she could. Aurelia's situation improved almost immediately, and within a few months, she was again happier than she had been in a long time. Her heart was free and her financial situation was restored.


Christine's book is worth its weight in gold for the way she describes how she went beyond all her fears. The way this woman conquered her fears is a great example for everyone to follow.


I would like to explain the purpose of being tested.


Understand that God doesn't directly test you for the sake of throwing curve balls simply to be malicious. The testing is an opportunity you have invited for the sake of clearing and balancing negativity you have created in the past. For the sake of accelerating your spiritual growth, you requested the testing in order to allow the healing to take place.

When you put yourself into a state of total trust,

the universe responds, and starts providing immediately.


God does not really want to test you. God is love and His love is unconditional. When you open yourself to the surrender we are talking about, the universe will provide all the situations and opportunities needed to balance all of your issues and heal them forever. With great amazement, you will soon discover how quickly the universe responds to your requests when you are aligned with Divine Will.

I want to express one more thing before the meditation. The minute you make a true and consistent commitment to your God Presence to totally surrender yourself to the process of change and transformation, your Presence will guide you the fastest and the smoothest way possible to obtain the object of your desires, opening of the "Door of Everything."


The Will of God is the very attribute that will take you all the way home through grace. Souls on this planet have to realize that before they can be taken to specific masters for initiations and advancement, they have to first pass the tests of El Morya, which are tests of surrender to the Divine Will. When you decide to make a real commitment to your ascension and to your spiritual journey, if you are not willing to pass the tests of surrender, how can you pass the other tests? Other masters may not be able to work with you until you have understood the various aspects of the blue ray. And then, when you have made yourself ready for another master, you are elegantly escorted to that master with a "recommendation."


I have been looking forward to giving you this talk about surrender. This is what is most needed at the present time. Going beyond fear is the key. As more and more people let go of their fear, it will become easier for others to do so. If you want to know how you can assist the planet, the most important thing to do is to let go of your own fears, surrender with Love to what is, and let go of all judgments. The more you practice this and succeed, and encourage others to do the same, the greater will be the pathway you are creating for yourself and for the rest of humanity. You can best serve your planet by clearing yourself first.




Journey to the Will of God Temple in Telos


With Adama and Master El Morya


We have in Telos a temple consecrated to the Will of God. There is also such a temple in Darjeeling, India near Tibet. The retreat of the Will of God is under the guardianship of the master El Morya, both in Darjeeling and Mount Shasta. Many of you go there at night, or come here to Telos, to learn the initiations of the First Ray, of surrender to the Divine Will. They both exist in the fifth dimension frequency, and thus are not visible to your outer eyes. Today, I would like to take you in consciousness to our Will of God Temple in Telos.


Consciously ask your Divine Presence or your higher self to take you on a journey with us to Telos. See yourself arriving here in your personal merkaba, accompanied by one of your guides. Notice a fairly large opalescent blue structure, quite tall, in the form of a six-sided pyramid. As you approach, everything around you resonates with the beautiful blue energy, so refreshing and soothing. Allow yourself to walk up the mother-of-pearl stairway to the main entrance of the temple. Observe and feel the majestic blue mist emanating from various high fountains all around it. Many types of blue flowers, growing in white and gold boxes, are flourishing in great abundance and variety around the fountains, including the sweet forget-me-nots. Walk now through the entrance, where three blue flame angels are awaiting to escort and welcome you in.


As you enter into the large hallway, see a transparent chamber in the center containing a huge blue flame diamond, the biggest diamond that you will ever see, about 15 to 18 feet in height. Your guide invites you to enter that sacred chamber. The diamond contains several thousand facets, each one representing a different aspect of the Diamond Heart of the Divine Will. This diamond is not so different from the one living within your heart, and in time, all the wondrous facets of your own diamond heart will become completely activated and restored. Your Diamond Heart and your sacred heart are one and the same; they are components of each other. They are made of an infinite number of chambers, each one corresponding to a facet of your own diamond.


Come into the sacred chamber of the Divine Will to be greeted, by Master El Morya, a tall being with brown eyes who looks very much like a Zen master. He is wearing a blue robe partially covered with a luminescent white cape, with a bluish white and gold turban on his head. He greets and welcomes you to His diamond heart, and invites you to find a seat on one of the "blue-flame" cushions. He now guides you to focus on the energy of that diamond heart and to breathe in the energies, so that you can bring as much of this energy as possible back with you when you return to your physical body. This blue ray is the one that gives the power to the Love ray. All of the rays contain love plus the specific attributes of each ray.


In the presence of that diamond, you can open all of the little facets of your own diamond heart that are full of fears, and let them go. Intend for the energies of this huge diamond to magnetize and absorb your fears, dear ones, and for them to be released and healed. As you release these fears from your heart, you will receive a tremendous healing.


Be aware that it may be difficult to release all your fears and burdens in one visit. This is why we are inviting you to return to this temple in Telos or in Darjeeling as often as you wish to receive deeper levels of healing. Inner healing is an ongoing process until you reach completion. Consider your efforts as a work in progress, and be willing to stay with the process until all the veils are lifted. It is then that you will know that you are complete.


Now connect with your higher self that is standing right above you. Your great I AM Presence, the unlimited being that is really who you are, is waiting for all your fears to be released and healed. Connect with this Divine Presence, and make your commitment to surrender all the fears that kept you in so much pain so that you can be restored to wholeness.


No matter what may show up in your life tomorrow, it is only a mirror of a fear or old pattern of belief that you still hold within yourself that needs to be resolved and embraced. You will soon come to know, as you do this work, that there is nothing to fear except the illusion of fear itself.

 Keep breathing this wonderful blue flame, as much as you can, directly into your lungs and into your heart. Do this consciously because you want to bring this energy back into your physical body. Also know that all the multi-dimensional aspects of yourself and all the beings of the light realms are supporting your journey home to divine grace. You are not alone in your journey; you have so much love available to you and so much support. Be confident that you can do it if you choose it. Feel the soothing action of the Blue Flame. It has its own way of bringing you comfort and lessening all your pains.


Now Master El Morya and myself have a gift for each one of you sitting in front of the diamond in our temple. We are going to superimpose a smaller etheric diamond of total perfection, radiating the qualities of the blue-essence, within the sacred chamber of your heart, right within the energies of your own sacred heart.


This diamond reflects your divine perfection. With this gift, the perfection of the Diamond Heart will be reflected to you as long as you choose to work with it. We invite you to start breathing in its energies every day in your meditation, working with those energies every way that seems appropriate for you. In your meditation, ask your higher self to show you which facets of the diamond are still holding pain or unbalanced attitudes that need to be healed and aligned. The diamond you have just received will continue to reflect everything you need for the complete opening and healing of your heart. It will take you to the path of surrender with joy and grace. It is alive and vibrant. Its color reflects a luminescent peacock blue.


Keep breathing its energies with allowance and surrender to what is. Be resolute in walking this path, and feel free to communicate with your guide. Stay with this energy for a while and be thankful for the grace you have just received. (Pause)


When you feel complete, return to your body, taking this treasure with you. The more you remain conscious and work with the diamond heart, the more its energies will amplify and bless your life. This is a gift or tool we are giving you, but it will not help you unless you use it. This diamond heart also has a vibration of self-confidence. Tap into this self-confidence energy to assist you to release your fears, so that your surrender can be accomplished gracefully.



The blue ray masters are available to you at this time, offering their assistance. When you feel ready, open your eyes. We invite you to return to this healing place often, to meditate with us on the Will of God, and to continue to make gigantic strides towards your spiritual freedom. And so be it, Beloved I AM.