Chapter Six

The Sixth Ray

The Flame of Resurrection


Main God qualities and actions of the Sixth Ray:

Ministration of the love of Christ, selfless service of God and mankind, devotion to one’s fellowmen, spiritual worship through devotion and reverent felling.


Day when is amplified: Thursday


Corresponding Chakra: Solar Plexus

Color: Purple and Gold

Corresponding Stones: Citrine, Pyrite, Golden Calcite.


Chohan of the Sixth Ray:

Lord Sananda and Lady Nada (know in their last embodiment as Jesus and Mary Magdalene)

Their Retreats: The Temple of Resurrection, near Jerusalem, a Retreat in Saudi Arabia, North East of the Red Sea, a place

For gatherings where various councils of

Light of the Great White Brotherhood often meet.


Archangels of the Sixth Ray with Divine Complement:

Uriel and Aurora

Their Retreat: Tatra Mountains, Poland.


Elohim of the Sixth Ray with Divine Complement:

Peace and Aloha

Their Retreat: Hawaiian Islands.












About Lady Nada and Lord Sananda

Formerly embodied in their Last incarnation as Jesus and Mary Magdalene, Nada and Sananda both work together to assist the Earth and the evolution of humanity towards Ascension through the pathway of unconditional love on the Sixth Ray of service and ministration of the Love of Christ.

Ascended Lady Master Nada is Chohan of the Sixth Ray along with her beloved twin flame, Lord Sananda. Together, they em­body the Purple and Gold Ray of peace, service, ministration, and true brotherhood. She holds the energy of Divine Love for humanity, along with Lord Sananda, and works very closely with him. She is also known as the Goddess of love.

Lady Nada oversees a retreat, which is situated in the etheric realms above Lake Titicaca at the border of Bolivia and Peru. Ascended Masters Mary (known as Mother Mary), Kuan Yin, Pallas Athena, Lady Venus and Lady Portia (Saint Germain's twin flame) are all working closely together in that retreat. From this place in Bolivia, they distribute powerful feminine energies to our planet in order to balance the distortions still existing between the masculine and feminine energies. There is a strong emphasis at present time on restoring the balance between the female and male polarities within ourselves, within our relationships and in the world.

Many of these female Masters are working to help us with this task so vitally imperative for the Ascension of humanity. Unless humanity begins manifesting more balance between the masculine and feminine expressions of power in the world, we will not easily experience the changes in consciousness which must take place before the period 2010-2012. The long awaited Golden Age can only manifest when divine balance between the male and female polarities becomes a reality on the planet.

Lady Nada tutors candidates for Ascension in mastering the God qualities of the solar-plexus chakra and preparing to re­ceive the gifts of the Holy Spirit. Nada is also a messenger for Lord and Goddess Meru, the Manus of the fourth root race, whose retreat and Temple of Illumination is situated at Lake Titicaca, South America.

Lady Nada has a certain cosmic authority for the incoming age; healing is one of her services to mankind, as well as the use of the Pink Flame. Her symbol is a pink rose. Nada is also a mem­ber of the Karmic Board, a group of eight ascended masters and cosmic beings who dispense justice to this system of worlds, adjudicating karma and mercy on behalf of every soul.

Through both these offices in the Great White Brotherhood (Chohan of the Sixth Ray and member of the Karmic Board), Nada teaches the path of personal Christhood by express­ing love through ministration and service to life. She assists ministers, missionaries, healers, teachers, psychologists and counselors of the law. She represents the Third Ray in her posi­tion with the Karmic Board. Lady Master Nada's etheric retreat is located over Saudi Arabia where she works with her beloved, Lord Sananda.


Lord Sananda

The Initiator of the Christian Dispensation

Lord Sananda represents Divine Love and the Higher Realms of Spirit. He is the symbol of Christianity for the Christian dispen­sation. He represents the Ascension process of Humanity rising back to the Godhead. In his primary role, he holds the office of "World Teacher" along with master Kuthumi. Master Jesus/ Sananda has the task of purifying the distorted teachings initi­ated by the fears of the early fathers of the Christian churches and removing the man-made dogmas and doctrines which have corrupted the purity of His teachings, almost from the begin­ning, 2,000 years ago.

Regardless of your religion, you may call upon Lord Sananda to assist you in any area of your life. He is still forever present in consciousness with all of us personally and collectively. As the Hierarch of the Piscean Dispensation of the past 2,000 years, he now works closely with Master Saint Germain, the Hierarch of the Aquarian Age of the coming 2,000 years. Together, they form a great team sharing the same goals.

Whether you believe that Jesus/Sananda is the only Son of God, or whether you consider him an Ascended Master who came to Earth as a World Teacher and Healer, you may call upon Him for assistance. Indeed, he came to Earth to create a new philosophy that will eventually unite mankind with the Source of their Divinity. During his life as Yeshua Ben Joseph (Jesus), he did not advocate any new religion, only living from the Heart and embracing one's own divinity.

Unfortunately, the Christian churches have distorted most of His original intention to teach us the simple ways of embracing one's own Christhood. Lord Sananda intended that God's Love and Wisdom be taught in a way that would be comprehensible for all to understand and integrate. His teachings were meant for everyone, not just for those who considered themselves more educated and appointed themselves as authorities, desir­ing to control and deceive humanity with false doctrines.

Lord Sananda is now more active than ever in teaching hu­manity the true concepts of the Christ consciousness which is manifested in its full splendor in Telo's and all Cities of Light. It is time to seriously question the outdated teachings of Christian churches and seek the real Truth. It is certainly not the greatest soul wisdom to rely uniquely for "one's salvation"

on the old, outmoded versions of spirituality taught by the early Christian churches which are, to say the least, incom­plete. We must now understand and apply in our daily lives the true teachings given to us by former world teachers who came to assist humanity evolve their consciousness to the level of their Christhood.

Sananda works very closely with the Lemurian Brotherhood of Light of Telos, with Adama and the spiritual planetary hier­archy to resurrect the true teachings of the Christ conscious­ness initiated by him 2,000 years ago.


Embodiments of Lord Sananda

Sananda told me that he had many incarnations on the conti­nent of Lemuria, but He was not specific. This great master had numerous embodiments on this planet before his last incarna­tion as Yeshua Ben Joseph, listed below.

·        King David of the Old Testament. In that life, he worked closely with the prophet Samuel, who is one of the incar­nations of our beloved Saint Germain.

·        Joseph of Egypt, son of Jacob in the Old Testament, has some of the most interesting parallels to the life of Jesus. In Judaism, the Messiah was thought of as the son of Joseph as well as the son of David.

·        Joshua, the one who led the Israelites into the Promised Land in the Old Testament.

·        In his last incarnation, he embodied as Jesus. His real name was Yeshua Ben Joseph. This great master came to teach us that we have the power to create, heal and be­come the Christ as he demonstrated. He said, "These and greater things than these shall you do." (John 14:12) He demonstrated the power of God through His healings, His crucifixion and His resurrection. In that life, he was over­shadowed by Lord Maitreya, the planetary Christ, whom he called "His Father," and indeed Maitreya was his spiritual "Father" and the great sponsor of his noble mission.


Embodiments of Lady Nada

·        On Atlantis, Nada served as a priestess in the Temple of Love. The Sisterhood of that temple directed healing through love by the use of light rays for those who re­quired and could receive them anywhere on Earth. That temple was patterned after a rose, each petal being a room. It still remains in the ethers, even to this day.

·        Lady Nada was also a high priestess in the Temples of Isis and received her training in full mastery over several prior embodiments from that highly evolved "mystery school." These mystery schools no longer exist today; they will likely be restored in the new energy after the Ascension of the Earth into the fifth dimension.

·        As Mary Magdalene, she incarnated with her beloved twin flame, Jesus, in his mission as the "embodiment of the Christ." She came to be his beloved companion to fully support his mission. Sananda told me that the account in the bible of the wedding at Cana is the true story of his of­ficial marriage to Mary Magdalene.

·        It is extremely important for this Truth to be revealed now, that Mary Magdalene was a high initiate and priestess of the Sacred Fire during her lifetime with Jesus. She had a very high degree of evolutionary attainment. Along with Mother Mary, she was with Him to hold the energies of the Divine Feminine on his behalf during his ministry in the Land of Galilee and at his crucifixion. She was certainly NOT the "sinner and prostitute" as depicted by scholars of the early churches. This denial of the divine feminine is one of the greatest lies that has been unjustly imposed and imprinted on humanity's consciousness for the last 2,000 years.


She was unfairly discriminated against by the early "fathers of the church" in their attempt to subdue, once more, the energies of the divine feminine for generations to come. They sought to maintain control over what they feared the most, the energies of "Divine Mother," that Mary Magdalene represented at that time, along with Mother Mary, the mother, of Jesus. Both were very high initiates of the Temples of Isis and had the required at­tainment to hold that energy while Jesus was performing his Sacred Mission. It is time for humanity to open their hearts to the loving energies of Mary Magdalene, seeing her for who she really is and forgetting the lies maliciously invented against her.


Retreats of the Masters of the Sixth Ray


In the Far East, shining in the pulsating ethers over the Holy Land, stands the Temple of Resurrection, whose immortal flame of restoration and resuscitation is guarded and protected by the beautiful Ascended Masters Lords Sananda, Lady Nada and Mother Mary.


This temple is created of substance which resembles "mother of pearl." It is circular in design. The courts, like great cylin­der corridors, circle around the Central Flame Room, where the heart of the Sacred Fire of Resurrection is focused. It is composed of seven circular corridors around the central altar where the unfed Flame of Resurrection burns perpetually, radiating its buoyant, uplifting, and life-giving resuscitating power. Beautiful beings from the Brotherhood of the Flame of Resurrection amplify its power in each one of the corridors.


Visitors to the Resurrection Temple enter the corridors where the radiation of its flame has an affinity to their own, and their potential expression of divinity. Here, the visitors are charged with renewed hope and spiritual vitality; they are made consciously aware of the truth of "life everlasting" and the miraculous potentials that the Resurrection Flame can generate within those who invoke it. The purpose of this focus is to continue to pour into all levels of human consciousness, emotional, mental, physical and etheric, and all the evolu­tions that belong to this planet, the reality of the powers of the Resurrection Flame.


Mankind, for the most part, has accepted the resurrection of Jesus as a "miracle" only possible for him and have not availed themselves of the use of that miraculous flame to restore their own bodies to perfection. Rather, they have submitted to dis­ease, disintegration, decay and finally so-called "death" as natural processes of Life. However, to keep alive the feeling of the power of the resurrection in the consciousness of unascended mankind, beloved Jesus/Sananda, Nada and Mother Mary con­tinuously send forth into the atmosphere of Earth that victori­ous radiation from this temple.


The Flame of Resurrection is the hope of redemption for the entire human race, quickening the vibratory action of the light within the cells of the body, and enabling the inner light to throw off the appearance of limitation. The substance of the Resurrection Flame flows through the inner bodies of those who invite it, as well as through the physical body.


Message of Love from Lord Sananda Together with Lady Nada


Greetings, my beloveds, I am Lord Sananda, and I come accom­panied by my beloved Nada. It is indeed a great joy and honor for us to be given this opportunity to greet all of you who are reading this life-changing material and connect with you in a very personal way. We desire to speak to your hearts and souls of our favorite subjects, the topics of Self Love and the powers of the Resurrection Flame, whose guardianship we have been entrusted with as our service to Life.


Some of you read many books, with the hope of finding the magical keys that will create within your soul the openings to assist your return back home to the dimensions of Love and Light that you once knew. So many of you are yearning to meet and work with us again face-to-face and live the "real life" beyond the human shackles of the illusion of separation.


Know, my beloveds, all that you ever wanted and dreamed of is waiting your allowance and recognition to be born and to be bestowed upon you. All the wondrous gifts, the limitlessness and the divine faculties that are of the "I AM Presence," are simply bursting with the desire to be activated and restored within you. In truth, there is nothing outside yourself you can acquire that can permanently satisfy your deepest longings, at least not for long.


But, dear ones, you have to ask and allow yourself to receive. Allow some time every day to contemplate and focus on the ob­ject of your desires. You all know this, but very few of you take time to apply what you learn in the books you read. You are Creators, and you have to create what you want with the love of your heart, your intention and focus. It simply does not happen on its own, without your focus, without your asking, without setting your intention and without activating the feeling of gratitude for the receivership of the fruit of your creation.


Now with the Limited space allotted us in this book, we will do our best to give you the maximum. And Oh! There is so much more we would like to share with you. Thus, we encourage you to come to our retreat at night, the Temple of Resurrection near Jerusalem, to commune with us personally, to feel our hearts and to get what is not in the book directly from us. It is our service and great pleasure to teach you your next step, and the next one, to assist you in attaining your mastery. This is an invitation, beloveds.


It is so important that you begin focusing on knowing and loving yourself. How can you expect to create Divine Union with your "I AM" through Ascension if you are not dedicated to truly knowing that part of yourself you want to merge with? Beginning to know the Self is to Love it; it cannot be otherwise. This is exactly what will free you from all your burdens, sorrows and limitations. "Knowing and loving your innermost being will bring you everything you ever longed for and desired." Therefore, the statement "Know Thyself" is the most wondrous and profound statement that exists in your language.


We wish to give you some explanations about the inner

workings of the "I AM Presence"

so that you can gain a greater understanding in accessing it.


On the third dimension, you have had many adventures and ex­periences in separation. You have collected doubts, fears, con­fusion, misunderstandings and you do not always know what choices to make or when to make them. You do not always know your purpose, your destiny or your next step. There is always a place in your consciousness where you entertain self-doubt and non-knowingness about many things in your life. You often find yourself in a physical body on an outrageous plane of existence without a plan, without direction or instruction.


For most of you, you do not even have a plan "A", never mind a plan "B". Being in the now is certainly a good plan, espe­cially if you do not have full awareness. You have been notic­ing lately that you are more and more in the now moment with whatever you are doing. When you live in the now moment, you enter into the consciousness of the God "I AM" within you. It is that part of you which holds the agenda of your divine plan for all eternity and also for this lifetime. When you make plans from the mind or the ego, you find they do not always work out and you are not always able to follow through.


We are going to reveal some of what has been mysterious with­in you, that you may embrace the great mystery that you are. First, we will tell you that the "I AM Presence" is a resonance and a vibration "inside of you," from within the heart and soul. You will feel it very powerfully in the vicinity of the heart and throat area. You will also feel it revolving all of the chakras at the same time when it is activated and open.


What activates the "I AM Presence" is the choices you make. When you use your power and your desires to make a choice clear and simple, the "I AM" is involved. When there are no doubts, fears or hesitation about that choice, no issues arise to obstruct the choice being brought forth and you have a completely clear energy. When you choose in total clarity, and there is no separation present, the "I AM" is activated and com­pletely free to express.


The truth is that there are only a few issues you have to work out in order to realize your mastery. Isn't this interesting? What if we tell you that you can count those issues on one hand! Most of you already know and believe you are going to bring forth mastery and Ascension in this lifetime. You do not know yet how, you do not know yet all the steps and you will not be informed because the steps to mastery are miracles that are revealed in precise moments and are meant to accelerate your progress. These will always be moments of wondrous sur­prises and expansion. They are meant to be "secrets" until the moment of that revelation. Who you are is not only God por­traying "beingness," but you as a Creator.


The beingness and the creatorship go hand in hand.

Be bold and start bringing forth all of your dreams;

it is time to make them come true'.


Now let us talk about the power of Resurrection, which means to bring back or restore to a normal condition. This under­standing brings the knowledge out of the miraculous into a working law, with which those using it can be restored to wholeness. Witnessing the action of the Resurrection Flame through the bodies of those who have been resurrected from the dead or those with extreme physical conditions, we see death give way to life, the normal condition for every soul.


If a dormant bulb lying in the ground through the long winter beneath snow and ice can be stirred to life by the Resurrection Flame each spring, and direct its shoots and flowers through the soil giving forth beauty and fragrance, it should be a great hope and example to all of you. If a simple bulb can externalize its immaculate concept through the Resurrection Flame, so can you externalize your mastery. In fact, you can do this in a much greater way, if only you would spend time invoking it daily in your life, for your projects, for your gardens and for everything you want to create and resurrect.


The principle is the same for the bulb as it is for each of you in your life. Each year around Easter, the Flame of Resurrection is amplified in greater measure for over 40 days to create the miracles of spring for nature, for humans and for all life on the planet. The Resurrection Flame is also available the rest of the year to everyone to use and invoke. It is limitless and free for the asking! What better deal could you find on the Internet? Did you ever contemplate what makes all of nature suddenly wake-up for a new round of beingness in the spring? Of course, it is this wondrous golden flame!


Take now a moment to allow yourself to feel the Resurrection Flame burst within you. Invoke it fully until you can feel it. The simple affirmation, "I AM the Resurrection and the Life" was given to me by one of my mentors, the Great Divine Director, in my last incarnation prior to starting my public life in the land of Galilee. This was such a key for me and I was so grateful for the gift of this affirmation. With this simple sentence, I built a momentum of the Flame of Resurrection in my inner bodies to such an extent, that this very momentum allowed me to resur­rect my body after the crucifixion.


Say it now aloud or silently in your heart three times. Now feel the current of hope alive within you, for within your heart you know that there is the seed of a divine plan and destiny waiting to burst forth and externalize itself, to make each of you, step-by-step, a Christed being. This seed in you is, by far, so much more powerful than the tiny kernel held within the pattern of the crocus or the early violet.


I am Sananda, together with Nada, we bless you and send you our Eternal Flame of Cosmic Love. Accept from us the gift of the Resurrection Flame and use it to discover its wonderful miracu­lous producing powers!






Prayer for Sixth Ray Healing


Invocation to the Flame of "Resurrection”


I AM the Resurrection and the Life

of my eternal Freedom in the Light.


I AM the Resurrection and the Life

of my physical body's perfect blueprint


I AM the Resurrection and the Life

of my emotional body's perfect blueprint


I AM the Resurrection and the Life

of my mental body's perfect blueprint


I AM the Resurrection and the Life

 of my etheric body's perfect blueprint


I AM the Resurrection and the Life

of my spiritual body's perfect blueprint


I AM the Resurrection and the Life

of the Ascended Masters Purity and Love.


I AM the Resurrection and the Life

of the healing powers of the Sacred Flames.


I AM the Resurrection and the Life

of my Immortal Perfection and

Illumined Love of the Cosmic Christ.


I AM the Resurrection and the Life

of the powers of the Sacred Fire within me,

restoring all the wondrous gifts of my Divine Essence.







Discourse from Adama

with Jesus/Sananda and Lady Nada


Group - What is Adama planning for us tonight?


Aurelia -I had a talk with Adama this afternoon, as I did not have any idea what we were going to talk about this evening. Adama would like to talk about the Resurrection Flame and its healing attributes. This wondrous Flame is not well known to the majority of the people in this dimension, even to those who have heard about it. They often do not know how to use it. The Resurrection Flame is one of the seven major Flames of God that have been available to people on this planet since the begin­ning of time. It has an action of its own, but also carries another aspect of healing.


The whole world is in desperate need of many kinds and levels of healing at this time. The word healing has a broad meaning, including many aspects and many levels. Before we can be whole and express the fullness of the Light of the "I AM" again, we have to heal all aspects of ourselves on deeper levels until completion. People hear about healing in so many different ways on the third dimension, but true healing is little understood. In fact, in order to understand true healing, it would be wise to learn about the attributes of the seven major Flames of God constantly flooding this planet to nurture and sustain Life.


The understanding that Adama would like to convey this eve­ning is about healing on a higher level, true healing, not just a temporary solution which you have to resolve permanently at a later time. The Flame of Resurrection is another extraordinary tool among others, which is free, easy to use and very effective. Unfortunately, it is not used by the majority of the people be­cause the knowledge is forgotten.


The emerald green vibration of the Fifth Ray of Heating and the energies of the Great Jade Temple is one tool, but there are many other awesome ones. The more aware we become of these tools and the more we use them, the more we can transform our lives with ease and grace. Adama wants to give us a greater understanding of The Resurrection Flame, discussing electrons and how we can raise our consciousness by using those tools.


There are seven days of the week, seven notes on the musical scale, seven main chakras, seven main endocrine glands and seven main organs and systems in the body, etc. The list is quite long. Do you get the picture? Each one of these Rays represents a specific color vibration and is connected with one of the names I just mentioned. For example, each day of the week is amplified with the energies of one of the Rays with its corresponding color vibration. Each note in a musical octave represents a specific color and Ray energy. Each one of the seven glands and the seven main organs in your body is connected with one of the seven main chakras, which in turn is connected to one of the Seven Flames. The Flame of Resurrection is something you can use through eter­nity and always benefit from it. I now bring Adama.


Adama - Greetings my dearest friends, this is your friend and mentor Adama. It is a pleasure for me and my team to be with you once again today to present pearls of wisdom and knowl­edge to those who want to expand their awareness and understanding of God's wondrous attributes. I am here with the guardians of the Flame of Resurrection, Lord Jesus/Sananda with his beloved Nada, known in your world as Mary Magdalene in her last incarnation. They have come to beam the radiance of their Love to all of you, and share with you the truth which has been kept from you for so long.


What you have been taught, the real truth about God and your divinity in your short incarnation on this planet so far, is limited compared to what there is to know. There is much knowledge at your disposal today to be embraced and understood for the unfoldment of your consciousness.


Most of you have experienced thousands of incarnations on this planet, and in your current incarnation, you have been presented with only a few pearls of true knowledge. This is now changing. Tonight we will share another one of these spiritual treasures to assist your healing.


The Flame of Resurrection is not uniquely a Healing Flame; its sphere of action is vast, and in our short time together, we can only cover a general understanding. It was the Flame of Resurrection that the Master Jesus used to resurrect his own body in the tomb after the crucifixion 2,000 years ago. This alone should give you a clue. When you contemplate its greater meaning, what does resurrection really mean? What it did for this great Avatar, can also work for you. The attributes of this Flame have not diminished; on the contrary, it has gathered more momentum since that time.


Although this Flame is always active, Easter time is when its en­ergy doubles in intensity for the benefit of mankind. The Flame of Resurrection, as a Sixth Ray activity, also embodies the ener­gies of Selfless Service and Ministration. That is what Jesus embodied and demonstrated by his life and his selfless service to humanity. He remained in this holy calling for the whole dis­pensation of the Aquarian Age.


His experience with the Flame of Resurrection was not unique; he simply knew how to use its life-giving energies. Now that you have evolved your consciousness to a greater level of under­standing, it is important for you to start using this flame for your own transformation. There are many tools at your disposal to ease your life and to accelerate your evolutionary path. You simply need to be aware of them and diligently start using them every day.


When you desire healing in your body, use the energy of the Resurrection Flame to accomplish this by taking into your body a much higher frequency than you already carry. A superficial, temporary healing is not what you really want. You need something that is uplifting and permanent. You want your healing to reflect your divine perfection.


When the master Jesus said, "I AM the Resurrection and the Life," he was not talking about his human self in incarnation. He was teaching the divine law of the mighty "I AM" that lives in your Sacred Heart, not yet fully expressed in your present state of awareness. Understand that the Resurrection Flame is an energy you can easily use for your benefit by focusing on it, by invoking it and by playing with it. Be creative!


Group - It sounds awesome to me. Until Aurelia mentioned it, I had never heard of it. How can we make it work in our lives?


Adama - It is one of the many attributes of God. You can resur­rect your finances, you can resurrect your bodies, you can resur­rect family harmony and you can resurrect a great number of things you want to expand in your life.


You can use the words "I AM," knowing that it is the unlimited aspect of you, or you can say something like, "From the Lord God of my being, I call forth now to receive a great infusion of Resurrection Flame in every cell, atom, and electron in my physical body, my emotional body, my mental body, my etheric body, my body elemental and all my subtle bodies. I wish to heal and resurrect all aspects of my life. (Name other things you personally want to resurrect such as finances, talents, memories, harmony, etc.)" The sky is not even the limit on how you can use this energy. If you experience Lack of any kind in your life, if your body is not in a state of Luminosity and immortality, if you are not yet manifesting absolute divine beauty, youth and perfection, it means that the electrons composing your physi­cal structure are still suffering levels of distortions. Call the Resurrection Flame to come to your rescue.


Group - How often do we need to do this?


Adama - In your dimension, where energy moves so slowly unlike in ours where creation is instant, you need to focus on what you want to create several times a day, until you obtain the desired results. You also need to add feelings of love and gratitude to the focus of your creation. If you focus only once, your chance of manifesting what you want is rather slim. It is not a question of repeating affirmations like a parrot, but sending your loving thoughts throughout the day as you go about your business, with the absolute knowingness that your creation is manifesting through your love and intention. This is how the laws of manifestation work.


If you choose to do affirmations, which are very helpful, be sure that you repeat them, not as a supplication, but as a statement of loving intention, with the full intensity of emotion from your heart, infusing the object of your desire with as much faith and gratitude as possible. It is always helpful to visualize the Resurrection Flame as a golden orange-yellow energy, Lumines­cent in color like a summer sunset. Make it real. Give it life in your heart and mind, because as you visualize it, so it becomes. If you want healing, infuse the problem you want to heal with that energy, and be sure to sustain it long enough to obtain the results you desire.


The energies of the Flames are also connected to each one of your chakras. As you evolve your consciousness, you will discover many more chakras will be activated, and you will be­come acquainted with many more than just seven flames. All the flames work individually and together in a synchronistic way, like rainbows of light to assist and sustain you. Think of ener­gies such as the Flame of Joy, the Flame of Harmony, the Flame of Comfort and Peace, etc. Their wonders are simply endless.


Next, I would like to share some understanding of electrons.


The smallest manifestation of life can be measured in terms which men would understand as electrons. These electrons represent particles of energy from the body of Prime Creator, which is eternally self-sustained, indestructible, self-luminous and intelligent. Electrons are pure universal light sub­stance, responding like lightning to the creative powers of both God and men. In varying forms, they make up the atoms of the physical world. Interstellar space is filled with this pure "light-essence." The number of electrons, which combine with each other in a specific atom, is the result of, and determined by conscious "thought."


The rate at which they whirl around the central core is the result of and determined by "feelings." The intensity of the whirling motion within the central core is the "breath of God." Therefore, the most concentrated activity of "Divine Love," the energy that grows your food, the substance you find in the third dimension, is all created by various manifestations of electrons that have been qualified differently. Everything is made of the same "stuff," called electrons. All electrons come from prime Source energy as "Love."


Electrons are created as energy particles from etheric planes of consciousness; their energy is neutral and totally at the service of Life. They manifest in form only when they become qualified by other conscious parts of life. Electrons take various forms, shapes and densities according to how they are qualified. In your world, when you qualify energy with less than pure Love, when you create with fear, anger or greed, you are misusing electrons and creating distortions in their original purpose to serve Life. This miscreation then becomes yours to own as karma. You have to live with the programming you have quali­fied the electrons with. When you balance all your debts to life with Love, you purify all the electrons you have misused. This is what you call the "working out of karma."


Take note, my dear brothers and sisters, of what I am going to say next.

This is most important for you to remember always.


God gives you on a daily basis an unlimited number of electrons with which to create your life, and you are always free to create in any way you wish. According to what you create with your thoughts, intentions and emotions, your life reflects how you use the electrons available to you. In general, humanity does not understand the right use of electrons, in other words, the right use of energy at their disposal. This knowledge is forgot­ten. By misusing energy as you do on the surface of the Earth, you create much pain and difficulty for yourself, for your planet and for everyone evolving here.


Group - Do we misqualify the use of that energy through self-doubt, judgment, fear, negative emotions, and actions that are not expressing love?


Adama - Yes, electrons want to respond to Love. When you misqualify them with vibrations other than Love or Joy, they become distorted, and that distortion becomes your cosmic responsibility. How do you think the electrons used for nuclear energy or other types of destruction feel? Remember, they car­ry prime Creator consciousness and intelligence. Because they are commissioned to serve Life unconditionally, they have to serve mankind in whatever way mankind chooses to use them. These electrons, more often than not, remain embedded in the negativity of mankind, sometimes for eons. This is not what they want or what they were created for; they have to painfully submit to that misuse.


Mankind can use electrons to create an absolute paradise for themselves, for the planet, for everything around them, or they can use them to destroy themselves and their world. This is the experiment of free will on this planet. Not all planets have free will to the extent you have here on Earth. The misuse of free will has been a very painful experience for humanity. This is why the right use of electrons is so important to under­stand. The Resurrection Flame can help you purify the electrons you have misused back into harmony. Like everything else, all Flames of God are also made of electrons.


Group - What you are saying is that if we are oriented in fear or negative emotion, the energy we conduct is being misused. From Creator Source, electrons are imbued with Love and alive with consciousness, flowing to us for our use.


Adama - Exactly, it is constant everywhere in all Universes. Electrons represent the energy you use to create your life daily. If you misuse electrons or energy, it creates fields of dark­ness around and inside of you. If you misuse these to create fear within yourself or project this kind of energy to others, in doubts and judgments, the electrons of your own body become distorted and eventually create diseases, illnesses, lack of vitality and aging, etc.


Group - How does using the Resurrection Flame correspond to our needs, as we are moving into mastery, gaining the wisdom and understanding from our experiences?


Adama - First of all, you need to understand that the Resurrection Flame is not the only Flame nurturing Life. You cannot freely misuse God's energy without consequences. When you qualify God's energy with Love, the electrons start flowing in a different manner, creating harmony, because that is their nature. Your nature is divine and so is theirs.


You have to work with your emotions and become very aware of your thought patterns and your actions. You can invoke the Flame of Resurrection to assist you in restoring harmony in your life and healing all your issues. When you begin to requalify energy or electrons with the Flames of God, the electrons will begin to spin clockwise instead of counter­clockwise. This inner work needs to be embraced as a way of life, "progress in action," not something you do only once in a while. This is your most important assignment and the key to the spiritual freedom you long for.


The gifts of this Flame are impersonal, not limited to one being 2,000 years ago, but to all the children of the Creator at any time, anywhere. Some people use it for their finances: "I am the resurrection and the life of my finances." Others use it for their healing: "I am the resurrection and the life of my perfect health." When you start using it, many things will be shown to your awareness for your spiritual growth. Before you can re­ceive what you want, you may need to weed the garden of your consciousness. As you focus on the object of your desires, what needs to be realigned will be shown to you, and as you change your consciousness, your life will change for the better.


You know, old age and degeneration have never been natural attributes of life. The appearance of your physical body is de­termined by the amount of light carried within your lower ve­hicles, the emotional, mental, etheric and physical bodies. The natural emanation of light through these body systems forms the protecting wall referred to as the tube of light around you. When the electrons move slowly in their particular organs and cells, they draw less light from your Higher Self, creating resis­tance and a weaker light stream. How much vitality you are go­ing to have in your body and how you are going to start feeling has to do with how fast the electrons can spin in your body.


The more toxins you have and the less light you hold, the slower the electrons spin, encouraging old age, disease, mis­alignment and malfunction of your organs, glands and systems. In time, your whole body begins to experience aging. In Telos, we have attained immortality because we learned to keep our­selves and everything we do in our physical lives, in our mental attitudes and our emotional bodies totally clear of negativity. We clear ourselves regularly with the many tools we are teaching you. Our electrons are spinning at the speed that keeps our bodies always young and beautiful. Immortality is not such a mystery once you begin to understand it, but an unfoldment of "real Life" that is divine and natural.


Group - Do masters ever make mistakes?


Adama - You have to realize that when you talk about mas­ters and mastery, there are various levels. There are masters of fourth dimension, there are masters of fifth dimension and there are masters of all dimensions. In each dimension, one is learning greater and greater levels of mastery. For example, if you talk about masters in the fourth dimension, yes, they can make mistakes, but it is also their learning process, as for you. You are learning mostly by your mistakes. The mistakes they make are not very serious, because they have greater wisdom and they work under the guidance of masters of higher dimen­sions. At the higher levels, we do things in groups and unity, so that we always get the benefit of the wisdom of the whole and from those who have a greater spiritual attainment.


Whatever happens in your life, let's say you lost your house in a fire, or were in an accident and lost a leg, or have become blind, or lost large sums of money, or suffered a broken rela­tionship, no matter what it is, whether the challenge is small or big, instead of being angry, depressed and bitter, what if you were to say, "What is it that I can I learn and heal from this experience?"


Surrendering to the lessons you are supposed to learn from challenges is the key to walking through them quickly. Your life changes and you do not have to grapple with the same les­sons. You can move on to those that bring you much more joy. Lessons do not always have to be difficult to learn; they become difficult for those who chose to totally ignore them.


There are those who have had lifetime after lifetime of not wanting to see, to know or to have anything to do with their lessons.


Then comes a time when life will no longer allow you to ignore the promptings of your soul, and this is when life can be­come difficult. It is not required that you grapple with lessons forever. You can move through them quickly until you start outpicturing the manifestation of the beautiful diamond light that you are, and then attain your enlightenment. The lessons you are learning manifest because "you" have created them in the first place. It is not that God sends you lessons to annoy you. It is through the misuse of your free will that you have cre­ated your lessons and your reality.


As you take responsibility and look at your lessons and say, "What is it that I need to learn out of this mess I have created, and what blessings are in it? What is the gift?" Any negative or difficult situation you experience in life can be turned back into something wonderful, if it is approached the right way. Even a disease or a financial loss can open the opportunity for greater blessings to manifest once you open your consciousness to receive them. How many people gain great wisdom from their illnesses or a relationship that has ended?


For example, there are still a great number of people mistreat­ing animals in your society because, in their consciousness, they are far removed from the truth of the Oneness of all life. Many still live in the illusion that animals are lower forms of life, right? The abuse of animals allowed to take place in your society, inflicting on their souls experiences of ruthless slaugh­ter, abandonment, caging, chaining, lab experimentations, etc., does not reflect the qualities of enlightenment.


When people mistreat or hurt animals, they deny that they are made of the same electrons from the prime Creator. Once you fully realize that everything that exists lives out of God's energy, and primal energy is all the same, you become fully aware that you can "never" hurt any part of life without hurt­ing yourself equally and bearing the karma.


Group - Let me also add, Adama, it is not just the animal king­dom, but the plant and mineral kingdoms, the nature spirits and the elementals that suffer at the hands of unenlightened people.


Adama - Oh, of course. I only use the animals as one example. Do those polluting and raping the planet think they are not accountable for their actions and free of consequences? For the ones raping, polluting your planet, polluting your waterways, polluting the air, your very breath of Life are going to suf­fer the return of their creation. As you sow, so shall you reap! Some people on Earth are still doing much harm to the planet and to their human brothers and sisters. In time, they will reap the consequences of their actions. No one can ever escape the great law of divine justice.


Group - Another misunderstanding floating around is that every­one is going to make it into the fifth dimension as the Earth shifts into the Ascension state in 2012.


Adama - Everyone who has shifted their consciousness to unconditional love and has diligently fulfilled all other re­quirements for Ascension will certainly make it along with the planet. But others will have to experience their creation and continue their evolution until they "get it," and shift to Love and unity consciousness. Much assistance and mercy will be granted to those choosing the Ascension at this time, but those not choosing this fervently are not going to make it in this cycle. Basically, most people on the planet are good and loving people, even if they are not yet awakened spiritually.


Those who create again and again so many problems for others and for the planet will not qualify for ascension and they are going to experience the return of their miscreation. For them, the Ascension becomes a possibility in another cycle. Everyone will have an opportunity to make it to the fifth dimension who chooses to, but not everyone is making that choice.




I invite everyone to make this choice in your heart.

Do you want to come now or do you want

to wait for another long cycle?


Because the corridors of Ascension are opening wide at this time, it does not mean they will remain open forever. The corri­dors of Ascension were closed for a long time for surface dwellers, and no one knows when they will close or open again. This decision is not within our jurisdiction. It could take another several thousand years before there is another such opportuni­ty for Ascension. We urge you to not remain on the picket fence in a state of indecision. Make your choice now and be commit­ted to your choice.


Let me clarify something. There are those on Earth right now, because of their age, such as your senior citizens, who have made the choice to come into the Ascension on the inner plane, but they do not qualify for this in this lifetime. There is too much for them yet to clear and understand; some dear souls have old and sick bodies and did not have the opportunity to fully open their understanding.


At a soul level, they are gentle people who have been harmless. Many of them will leave their body, but this does not mean they are not coming into the Ascension. The divine grace for them is that they will be given another opportunity for incarnation in the "new world" we are moving into, and the process of ascen­sion in the next life will be much easier and joyful for them. This is the divine grace accorded to them.


As people on this planet move into the fourth and fifth dimen­sional consciousness, they will continue to have children. Most civilizations in the higher dimensions can have children. Many of these souls will ascend physically in their next life experi­ence. The right opportunity will be at hand for every soul.


Now I would like to expand more on the use the Resurrection Flame to rejuvenate the physical body and the subject of immortality. It is important to understand the use of the Resurrection Flame and all the other flames. The Resurrection energy is a key vibration for attaining immortality of the physi­cal body. If you want to make the shift with your body, without going through the process of physical death, the Resurrection Flame will greatly assist you. You see, when you take a real in­terest in your own evolution and allow the Resurrection Flame to pass through your body regularly, you begin to embody a greater level of harmony, beauty and vitality. Immortality starts by expressing more youthfulness and vitality within your lifestream.


The soul who has attained a certain level of maturity should be more beautiful and exquisite in face and form as the years pass. The aging process you experience as you get older is naturally going to change in the years to come. It is already changing for many. As you get older and integrate more light into your consciousness, you will begin to express more beau­ty and perfection in your physical body. Does this make your heart sing?


Creating distortions in the body, losing vitality and look­ing older is not a divine attribute. We encourage you to start contemplating the Flame of Resurrection with its ability to reverse aging and to make you glow. Can you imagine if every cell, atom and electron in your body were to start glowing with the Flame of Resurrection, you would become luminous and radiant? Your body would take on the exquisite beauty and all attributes of your divine Self.


As you age, you will become increasingly more beautiful and divine in your physical form. This is what we have attained in Telos, and this is my main message for you tonight. Since we are basically all the same genetically, what we have attained, you can all attain as well. Some of us in Telos have lived for thousands of years without any sign of aging. The Resurrection Flame is a major factor in maintaining our youthfulness. Are you ready for the meditation?




Journey to the Temple of Resurrection in the Fifth Dimension

Adama with Lord Sananda and Lady Nada

We now invite all of you to take a journey in consciousness to the Temple of Resurrection near Jerusalem. One of the func­tions of this temple is to assist humanity with the energies of true resurrection, which takes place at many levels. In your immediate and future evolution, you are no longer looking to simply manifest superficial or temporary healings for vari­ous problems that burden you, whether they are of physical, emotional, mental or spiritual nature. What you need to do is infuse the energy of Resurrection in your body and conscious­ness, knowing that it will assist in raising your vibration above the frequency of your present life circumstances. The Flame of Resurrection is available to you at any time and it is free. All it takes is a bit of your time, your focus and your love to invoke it forth and work with it.


Now connect in your heart to your "I AM Presence" as you take several deep breaths. Ask your light body to descend over you and take you in consciousness to the Resurrection Temple; it knows how to get you there. If you desire to come along with us on this journey, I invite you to formulate your intent in your heart now. (Pause).


This temple is created of substance which resembles "mother of pearl." It is circular in design, glowing as a sun from a distance, looking like vapors of pearls and golden sunlight all around it. In various places, it reflects the luminosity of other Flames. Ask your guides to take you there in your light body and become aware of this place in your consciousness. Now see yourself there, entering a large room called "The Hall of Resurrection." It contains many chambers and doorways. A large number of beings from different dimensions use this hall. It vibrates at various high frequencies in different places to accommodate those of other dimensions. Now see a group of beings, guard­ians of the temple, approaching to welcome you and accompany you for your experience here.


People of the third dimension are taken into chambers de­signed for their level of vibrational tolerance. This temple is well attended; many souls from this galaxy and beyond who visit this planet come here to recharge. Breathe in this won­derful Golden Flame energy and let it infuse every particle of your being. (Pause)


This Flame will assist the expansion of your consciousness, your understanding of life and evolution to a greater level than the one you presently hold. Breathe in and integrate the con­sciousness and the energy of the Resurrection. Breathe it into every cell, every atom and electron of all your bodies. Use the Resurrection Flame on a regular basis and it will continue to ex­pand within you unto eternity. Beings of higher dimensions are still using it to expand their consciousness at higher levels.


Stay with us for a while in the Hall of Resurrection and with those of the temple who have graciously volunteered to ac­company you. Millions of Resurrection Flame angels nurture and minister to humanity each day, especially those who ask and make conscious contact with them and with this Flame. You have access not only to the Flame, but also to all the wonderful angels willing to work with you on a one-to-one basis, to nur­ture and to love you back to your spiritual freedom.


As you stand in the wonderment of this golden hall, you see countless golden Flames of Resurrection in all shapes and sizes burning bright perpetually to assist the Earth and evolving humanity.


Walk around the hall to gaze at all the wonders you see. As you walk, your guide directs you to a specific circle reserved for Earth's surface dwellers. The circle is made of Flames of various sizes and shapes that look like different varieties of flowers. One of these Resurrection seats is calling you to sit quietly and soak in the energies into your bodies. Now choose the seat that is calling you. It may feel like you are sitting in a lotus flower, but it is the Resurrection Flame taking the shape and appear­ance of a flower. This golden flame enfolds you completely to raise your energies and bring healing and comfort to your soul. As you sit and contemplate the wonders of your experience, keep breathing in and absorbing all the energies you can. Feel it permeating every aspect of your being.


Now take a few minutes to make a conscious request of what you would like to clear and what areas of your life you would like to resurrect the most. Focus on the unique gift you are receiving today, being nurtured and loved by the guides and angels that accompany you. Breathe in more, because you want to take as much of this energy back with you into your physical body.


Feel your body being imprinted with the Resurrection energy and become aware of how it affects you. Awaken your sensory bodies to feel it more deeply. Feel the joy that it brings to your heart. Absorb all you can and feel how much lighter you are be­coming in that seat. It feels as though the angels are carrying you on wings of light. Consciously set your intention for this wonderful flame to literally lift you up and out of the predica­ments you are trying to heal and balance.


Don't hesitate to invite the Master Jesus/Sananda with his beloved Nada and their momentum of the Resurrection Flame to assist you; they are masters and guardians of this Flame. If Sananda as Jesus could raise his own body from the dead and use the same energy to raise Lazarus from the dead, he can certainly assist you in great measure. What he did, you can do also, but you have to build your own momentum over a period of time. You can use this Flame to literally resurrect your own body to an absolute divine state of perfection, beauty, radi­ance, luminosity, immortality and limitlessness.


When you feel complete, return to full consciousness. Get up from your seat and return to meet with us again at the entrance of the Hall of Resurrection. We are taking you back to your physical body, but the connection to the Flame will remain. You are most welcome to return and take a seat in the Resurrection Temple anytime you wish and receive all the benefits each time. You may go every day or as often as you please.


The Elixirs of Immortality come from the Resurrection Flame.


We now send you love, peace, harmony and healing from Telos and from the members of our community of Light. Know that we are with you at all times and we are as close to you as your call. Any time you want to connect with us, our hearts are open. We are your brothers and sisters, and we love you very much. And so be it.


Aurelia - Thank you so much, Adama, for that wonderful, won­derful message and meditation and for introducing us to the Resurrection Flame and its many attributes for our lives. What a wonderful gift and what a blessing! We also express our heartfelt gratitude, Nada and Sananda, for your presence and the con­tribution of your love and radiance here today. We love you so much, Adama, Sananda and Nada. Thank you so much for being the wonderful teachers that you are.


Adama - It has been our delight and great pleasure. We have been looking forward to the day we could introduce this teach­ing to surface people. We love you all so very much also. You know, whatever one does or neglects to do never goes unnoticed in our realm. You are creating by your work and your dili­gence wonderful pearls of Love. Be assured that someday, you will be reaping the harvest of these pearls. Whatever you create in Love you will reap in Love!


We are very grateful in Telos for this opportunity to be heard and read, and to have a voice on the surface, at last. We have waited for this type of opportunity for centuries. We long to reconnect "heart-to-heart" with our family on the surface. The bridge between our civilization and your civilization has been created, but it is much stronger on our side. You have yet to strengthen your bridges with us. Heart connections must be made with a much larger number of people before we can emerge among you tangibly. When enough people are ready and willing to accept our teachings, we will make our presence known visibly and publicly.


Group - Thank you so much, we ore most grateful for your love and your teachings. We can't wait to hear more at another time. Again thank you, beloved friends, it has been worth every mo­ment. Until we meet again, blessings to you, Adama, Sananda, Nada, and all other members of our Telosian family.