Maha Chohan, Paul the Venetian


Chapter Three

The Third Ray

The Flame of Cosmic Love

Main God qualities and actions of the Third Ray:

Unconditional Love, omnipresence, compassion, true brotherhood, charity, Love in action, the love of the Holy Spirit, also initiations of the Heart Chakra.


Day when is amplified: Tuesday


Corresponding Chakra: Heart

Color: Pink

Corresponding Stones:

Rose Quartz, Ruby


Chohan of the Third Ray:

Paul the Venetian, this Master also holds the Office of the Maha Chohan which represents the Office of the "Holy Spirit" for this planet. His Retreats: "Chateau de Liberté" situated in Southern France near Marseilles, and Temple of the Sun, New York City, USA. As the planetary Maha Chohan, he also has a retreat at Ceylon, called the Temple of Comfort.


Archangels of the Third Ray with Divine Complement:

Chamuel and Charity Their Retreat: St. Louis, Missouri, USA



Elohim of the Third Ray with Divine Complement:

Heros and Amora

Their Retreat: Temple of Love, Lake Winnipeg, Canada

























About Paul the Venetian, Chohan of the Ray of Love


Master Paul the Venetian, Chohan of the Third Ray, also holds the Office of the Maha Chohan, meaning the "Office of the Holy Spirit" for the Planet. He is devoted to the Ray of Love and Wisdom of the Heart, which encompasses both the Buddhic Wisdom Principles and the Christ Love Principles. His devotion is to beauty, the perfection of the soul through compassion, patience, understanding, self-discipline and the development of the intuitive and creative faculties of the heart through the alchemy of self-sacrifice, selflessness and surrender.


He works closely with Archangel Chamuel, using the pink Ray of Love to open our hearts through art, music and color. With the assistance of Master Hilarion, they ensure that new technology and science has creative and artistic input. He also works with sound healing to help restore harmony and transmit to us the Rainbow frequencies of Light. He sponsors all those who bring the teachings and culture of the Ascended Masters and the Great White Brotherhood to humanity.


He, along with Lord Maitreya, is the initiator of the Heart Chakra. Call upon Beloved Paul the Venetian to assist you in creating all that your heart desires.


Embodiments of Paul the Venetian


·        On Atlantis, Paul served in the government as head of cultural affairs. Before the continent sank, he went to Peru to establish a focus of the Liberty Flame, which later enabled the Incas to produce a flourishing civilization.

·        Later on, he embodied in Egypt as a master of esoteric architecture and worked with Master El Morya, the master mason, in constructing the pyramids.

·        In his final embodiment as Paolo Veronese (1528-1588), the great Italian Renaissance painter, he became one of the greatest artists of the Venetian school. Born in 1528, he received little formal training in art before beginning his prolific career. His exceptional talents originated from the Fires of Love burning within his Sacred Heart.

·        Paul the Venetian was the influence and inspiration behind the construction of the Statue of Liberty in France. The statue, among other things, represents the Flame of Liberty, the same flame that Paul the Venetian gifted to the Incas long ago. He ascended at the end of his last in-carnation in 1588 at the "Chateau de Liberté" in Southern France.



The Chateau of Liberty, Retreat of Paul the Venetian


In southern France, on the banks of the Rhone River that flows through the green hills and valleys of the rich countryside, stands the "Chateau de Liberté," which is the home and retreat of the Master Paul the Venetian, Chohan of the Third Ray.

The natural beauty of the countryside emphasizes the grace of the buildings, framed in the loveliest of nature's settings. Exquisite marble columns, adorned with blooming roses, encircle the formal gardens. Entering the elegant and spacious hall, you will see beautiful paintings representing the Holy Trinity, denoting the Third Ray upon which the beloved Paul presently serves. The building itself is built in three stories. Behind the chateau there are magnificent gardens landscaped in three tiers.


The service of beloved Paul and the Brotherhood of the "Chateau de Liberté" is also threefold.


·        First, the development within the hearts of evolving souls, true love for God, love for Self and love for all life.

·        Second, the stirring within the hearts of humanity, a love for cooperation with Cosmic Beings, Ascended Masters, Angelic Hosts and those who are the messengers of God.

·        Third, by a sincere and practical love, the activation of the potential gifts hidden within the hearts of mankind everywhere. This love, impersonally but definitely directed, draws forth from the hidden recesses of the soul the talents, gifts, powers, limitlessness and attributes of the "I AM Presence."


In the new Golden Age, in which we are about to enter, every nation will provide for, encourage, subsidize and develop this 'budding genius' in their people patterned after the "Chateau de Liberté." Then the many souls who come to Earth with great gifts and talents will not find a cold, unresponsive orld that steals the precious life energies of such potential genius to "make a living" in the outer world.



Transmission from Paul the Venetian


Beloved brothers and sisters, I greet you in the name of Love. May the blessings of the Grace of the Holy Spirit ever find me welcome within your heart, within your feelings and within your very Self.


I ask that you make every possible effort to truly understand the true meaning of Love. In deep gratitude, I now bow before the immortal Threefold Flame of Life cradled within the sacredness of your hearts. The presence of that flame within your hearts signifies to all life everywhere that you are a divine being, that God and the "I AM Presence" are invested in you and have some activity to perform through you, for the expansion of perfection from the Heart of the Creator, as a gift and radiance to bless your fellowmen. Through the love, which I can direct into your own heart flame, I hope to encourage you to believe that the divine plan will come forth and manifest in your personal life and on this planet as you apply yourself to become "Love incarnate."


Love should not be qualified with sentimentality, which is erratic and unsettled. Pure divine love is changeless and constant. It is the one virtue of the Universal I AM Presence, into which all the other virtues blend. Love is the highest expression of the nature of God, and in time, will be the highest expression of man. Divine love, unlike human love, is not grasping, but giving. The substance of divine love is the power behind creation, as well as the sustenance of such creation.


Divine Love is a natural activity of the expansion of God. As we go up the ladder of spiritual evolution, there is a constant expansion of light, virtues and gifts of God through every Divine Being who has been created. It has often been said: "All the world loves a lover," but "human love" is merely a shadow of divine Love which is an expression of the Third Ray.


Divine Cosmic Love knows no barriers and sends forth its pink essence everywhere to enfold the whole planet. When you allow the consciousness of divine love to rule your life, you become a magnet for love, and most important, to radiate this love to all life around you.


One way to expand the consciousness of love within you is through the application of the attitude of gratitude. When you express your gratitude to God, to your "I AM Presence" and your Higher Mental Body (also called your Holy Christ Self), to all aspects of the various body systems, to any part of life, you increase and expand your blessings. The law of creation, manifestation and multiplication is fueled and activated by the feeling and expression of gratitude.


As soon as you allow your mental and feeling world to slip outside the presence of your own love flame and divinity, you are apt to feel the impact of others who unwisely do the same. But if you live within that Flame of Love, you will not experience that which would throw you out of balance.


Beloveds, never underestimate the power of your heart flame. When you allow it to be ignited by the fires of your Love, it becomes the power which moves the body as well as mountains. It becomes the blessings that pour from your heart through the glorious voice of your Presence. It is the light that shines so brightly that shows the pathway for others to find love. It becomes the energy that fuels your power centers to create "miracles" of healing, precipitation, teleportation, rejuvenation and every good and perfect gift enjoyed by those of us in the Light Realm.


These gifts are yours to own by using the right application of the Laws of Love and Harmony. The difference between your consciousness and the consciousness of where we presently dwell is the degree of mastery in the "application" of the Laws of Love and all the attributes of God through the power of the Sacred Flames.


We learned the mastery of those laws through diligent application over a period of many lifetimes. In your case, with all the tools and assistance you are receiving at this time of Earth's Ascension, you can accomplish in a few years what took us many lifetimes to attain. In order to fully succeed, you must become passionate about your desire to become Love incarnate through the increase of that fire within your sacred heart. This Love has to become your primary goal, your constant motivation and main reason for being.


We can show you the way, we can repeat our admonitions again and again to nudge and encourage you, but we simply cannot do it for you. I can make suggestions and offer you instructions to assist you in recreating yourself, but it is up to you to create your mastery.


If you welcome me in your heart and ask me, I will direct daily into your consciousness the ideas, the beautiful thought forms from the mind and heart of the Creator that have never been externalized before and which will assist you in embracing and becoming the consciousness of Divine Love.


You read above that I brought the Flame of Liberty to the Incas just prior to the sinking of Atlantis. I was also instrumental in bringing that Flame of Liberty to France during my life as Paolo Veronese. Around the year 1880, from my retreat at the Chateau of Liberty in Southern France, I worked diligently with some of my disciples in France to construct the beautiful Statue of Liberty that was given to America by the people of France. Thus, the Flame of Liberty has been burning bright on American soil ever since.


It is unfortunate that so few Americans today recognize the full meaning behind this wondrous Statue, not cherishing and guarding their freedom the way they should. They are too trusting in the illusion of the "American Dream" and allow their leaders to steal from them the freedoms that their brave fore-fathers fought so diligently to safeguard.


Liberty is not simply the name of a grand statue on the shoreline of New York City in the United States.


The Goddess of Liberty, the being who ensouls that Flame of Freedom for the planet, is also the guardian of that flame. She has gained the status of "Cosmic Mother" of a high level. We, the Chohans of the Seven Rays, and all those dedicated to Freedom, work under her sponsorship.


Liberty is a "real being" that we honor deeply. She is also one of the members of


the planetary Karmic Board. I have given the name of Liberty to my retreat in France in honor of that Cosmic Mother. May I suggest that you connect with Her heart.


Tips for Regaining Your Natural Beauty,

Youthfulness and Immortality


Think before you speak, act and feel: If you take time to think before you speak, act and feel, it will enable the elements of your bodies to return to their original beauty, harmony and peace. As soon as the pressure of discord is consciously controlled, the divine blueprint of perfection begins to reestablish itself as your Higher Mental Body (or Holy Christ Self) returns the electrons to their natural orbits and frequencies. Those who come to a state of mastery and peace attain great beauty.


Old Age and Disintegration: The appearance of your physical body is determined by the amount of Light used within the four lower vehicles—the mental, emotional, etheric and physical bodies. The natural emanation of Light through those bodies forms the protecting wall of your auric field, known as the Tube of Light. When the electrons move more slowly in their particular organ and cells, they draw less light from the Higher Mental Body and the natural resistance of the individual grows weaker. This initiates what you call "aging."


When you, as an individual, and the rest of the human race learn to remain harmonious at all times and the energies released through your various bodies is always harmonious and joyful, there will be no such thing as old age or disease. This is how, in the very near future, you will start creating your im-mortality increment by increment.


Growing More Beautiful as you Grow Older: When you learn to raise your vibration to a high level of love and harmony, and are able to maintain this frequency, as a way of life, a state of great beauty and harmony will be expressed within your lifestream. The bodies of ascended masters, angelic hosts and other cosmic beings are ever growing finer and more beautiful, as the energy pouring through the electrons is ever charged with more light, love and balance.


How to Draw Light in your Body: You have been taught the importance of drawing from your Presence the Light that is the food of the inner bodies and the only means by which their vibratory action can be accelerated. This is done, beloved ones, through the magnetic law of attraction. Your attention on the object of your desires becomes a funnel for directing it. As soon as you put your full attention on something and pour love into it, you immediately begin to create and bring into your world the substance upon which you directed your attention.


In order to intensify or increase the vibratory action of your body systems, you have but to put your attention upon any Master or your own I AM Presence. While there, you will naturally charge that substance of Light as mechanically as the battery of the car is by the charger. Simply to lie flat on your bed and visualize that Light pouring through all your body systems for five minutes three times a day would greatly accelerate the vibratory action of all your vehicles. I am Paul the Venetian, your mentor of Love and the Lover of your soul!



 Heart Chakra

Prayer for Third Ray Healing


I Open My Cup to Thee


My Beloved victorious I AM Presence, Light of my soul!

My Beloved Holy Christ Self, Wisdom of my soul! Beloved Father/Mother God from the Great Central Sun, Beloved Masters of the Great White Brotherhood, Seven Mighty Archangels and Seven Elohim of God, Beloved Virgo, our dear Mother Earth.


I AM so willing to be filled with the Love of God,

I open my heart to Thee. I AM so longing for Grace from the Heart of God, I open my heart to Thee. I AM so hoping to become Divine Love, I open my heart to Thee.

I now pour forth my Love and Devotion to Thee, Asking to be restored to my eternal Cosmic Freedom. As I AM renewed in thy Embrace I feel the Peace of thy eternal Love Flame!


(Repeat 3, 6 or 9 times)









Discourse from Adama with the Planetary

Maha Chohan, Paul the Venetian


Adama - Greetings, Aurelia, this is Adama. It is my under­standing that you and your friends would Like to discuss the all-encompassing Flame of Love.


Aurelia - Yes Adama, it is my desire as well as those who are with me. There are already so many things that have been said and written about Love, but yet, it is not fully understood, even by the initiates. We, as humans on the surface, no matter how much we strive to apply the consciousness of love, still often fall into dual­ity and judgment. Please talk to us about Love once more, so that our hearts can be filled with the delicious nectar of that vibration.


Adama - My beloved sisters and family, I love you all so very much. All of us in Telos are so grateful for those like you who wish to understand the mysteries of Love at a much deeper lev­el. Do not get discouraged, your full understanding is evolving, and as you continue to strive to embody this wondrous energy, it continues to amplify within you. One day, not too far away, it will be our great pleasure to finally invite you back among us, in the land of Love and Light. Thank you so much for giving me this opportunity to talk about Love. Though I am a Blue Ray master, discussing the subject of Love remains one of my favorites.


First of all, let me give you some background. The Flame of Love is one of the Seven Flames of God acting on the planet for hu­manity. The color of Love extends in great varieties of frequen­cies, tones and colors, ranging from a very light pink to the deepest golden ruby light, in thousands of love-ray combina­tions. Love is the glue and the vibration that keeps all of God's creations functioning together in perfect order, harmony and majestic beauty. Love is the ultimate healer and regenerator.


It is Master Paul the Venetian who now holds the office of the Third Ray of Love, having himself become the embodiment of the pure Flame of God's Love on the planet.


The Third Ray is connected to the heart chakra, magnifying the Love of the divine and human Self. Love's divine qualities are, among many others, omnipresence, compassion, mercy, charity and the desire to be God in action through the love of the Holy Spirit. Because of his mastery of the eternal Flame of Cosmic Love, Master Paul the Venetian also holds the office of the Maha Chohan for the planet. In this position in the hier­archy, he embodies at this time the energy of what is known to you as the Office of the Holy Spirit. This is a very complex and wondrous office that could fill many chapters of a book.


There are several retreats or temples of the Love Flame on the planet. We have a beautiful Temple of Love here in Telos, and there are Temples of Love in all the subterranean and etheric cities of Light, not only on this planet, but throughout this and other universes. Paul the Venetian, a Frenchman in his last incarnation, is the guardian of an etheric retreat of the Third Ray below the Chateau of Liberty in Southern France. He has another retreat beneath the Temple of the Sun in New York City. There is also a spiritual retreat of the Elohim of Love, Heros and Amora, twin flames of Love, around Lake Winnipeg, in Manitoba, Canada, and another awesome temple created and guarded by the Third Ray Archangels, twin flames of Love, Chamuel and Charity, in St. Louis, Missouri, USA.


Let me now speak of Love for a moment, as the only true and permanent force in all creation, and then I will invite Paul the Venetian to address you.


Love is not a word. It is an essence, a power and a vibration. It is Life! Love is the most priceless element and vibration in all existence, an eternal dynamic living force. It is the golden chariot that transcends time and eliminates space. Love is the primal substance of Light out of which all things are created. It is the unified power which holds all things together. Love simply contains everything. Enough intensity of love can heal and transform everything. Just as there is no real dividing bar­rier between your human self and your Grand Cosmic Self, there is no real dividing barrier between your human love and your Christ Love. There is only a difference in intensity and vibration. It is human love embodied and amplified a few million times.


There are those in incarnation who perceive love as a weakness. Love is certainly not a weakness, but the greatest strength. Love is the most important God-attribute that you can culti­vate and develop. Its power can endure all things, rejoice in all things and glorify all things. Love is a constant force from which you can draw life's energies and harmony. Its healing tenderness penetrates all things and enfolds every heart. When one develops this great God-given faculty of Love, he will have the power to create and bring forth whatever his purified spiri­tual vision of love beholds.


For those who have perfected the fires of love, fear can no lon­ger exist. Your higher Self has the ability to transform, instant­ly, huge amounts of human negativity into pure Love and Light. When the acquisition of this great gift of Love becomes the one main goal and desire in your life, when it has become a burning obsession that can no longer be denied, then it will be fulfilled. Such a one becomes the recipient of a Love so great that walls of glory are created around that individual, and nothing less than pure love can ever touch him again.


To those who attain this divine gift of Love, the realms of Light open wide, and all powers are again bestowed upon them. Beauty, youthfulness and vitality in all their divine perfection, power and abundance in majesty, the all knowingness of the Mind of God and all spiritual attributes restored in full mea­sure are the gifts of perfected Love. Pray to God and your divine Presence with all the energy of your heart that you may open yourself to this divine Christ-like love. Let this love begin to sing as a song of adoration and gratitude in your heart. Let your heart be lifted up continually by your heart songs of everlasting joy and gratitude, and this great love will become yours. Wherever you are, all powers and treasures of the high­er realms will be bestowed upon you in heaven and on Earth, forever unto eternity.


These treasures of heaven are the divine gifts and qualities a man develops as he releases the hidden, God-given potentials within Self, within the Sacred Heart, the seat of your divinity. These gifts and powers that God holds forth for all of you are His plan for your full restoration, as divine beings, as He waits patiently for you to fully accept them.


Within each of you is held your cosmic bank account into which your merits are deposited or withdrawn. In the next world, mankind is not evaluated by his possessions or his human learning, neither by earthly positions or honors. A man is seen by what he IS, the level of his spiritual attainment. What he has become as a divine being is the only measure of evaluating all he has thought, felt and done. This Christ Light garment of pure Love, apparel of effulgent power and beauty is brought forth from within as one begins to lay for himself his treasures in heaven. The glorified white raiment of Light that will be be­stowed upon you is the outflowing interest that accrues from one's deposits made of love, compassion, mercy, tenderness, gratitude and praise.


As you apply yourself to embody that Christ-like Love, rejoice in these dynamic treasures of fulfillment as heaven yields its wealth and its unlimited interest in your cosmic bank account multiplied a hundred-fold! Yea, and so much more!


To give you some idea, most of the souls of humanity at the present time still have the Flame of Love burning in their heart at a level of l/16th to l/8th of an inch. Many of you through diligence and determination have reached a greater level, but you still have a ways to go. When the fires of Love within your heart burn a Flame nine feet tall, you will know that you have attained what it takes to finally be carried "home" on "Wings of Light" and be admitted among the immortals.


Aurelia - Wow, this sounds wonderful Adama! I want to attain this. Thanks for reminding us again. I have known about this wondrous Love, but I have notfutty understood it. What is keep­ing us from exploding into the fullness of our divinity, from this burning desire to realize perfected love?


Adama - There are several factors, and I am going to mention a few. You can figure out the rest. Not all apply to you personal­ly, but in general, several of these factors apply to most people in varying degrees. First, lack of vigilance and motivation, with too little faith in such promises. A lack of consistency in your resolution to invest enough time and energy in your spiritual development keeps you in a state of spiritual lethargy and in a spiritual negative balance. Your desires for love and ascension are still in a lukewarm stage.


Until it becomes a burning desire in your heart and soul,

so great that you can no longer live without it, you

cannot generate enough love, power and energy

to attain this level of evolution.


I will say that most of you are suffering from a kind of spiri­tual laziness, keeping yourself too busy "doing" rather than"becoming." For many of you who have laid out your spiritual goals, you then find an excuse to avoid your commitment to them. Many of you have not yet taken the time to seriously sit with "yourself" to write out your spiritual goals for this incar­nation. Have you seriously contemplated how you are going to reach those goals? How many of you possess a full understand­ing of why you have chosen to incarnate here at this time?


We suggest that you start now by slashing all your "to do lists" in half and invest yourself in developing and integrating the true love of your Divinity. This takes time, love of self, effort and commitment on an ongoing basis; it simply does not hap­pen on its own.


Many of you have delegated your evolution "to chance" for too many lifetimes, and you are still here in pain and lack. In truth, there is nothing more important for you to be doing at this time. Remember, what you do today, tomorrow and what you did yesterday has a very short-term impact on your lives. But what you "become" as a divine being incarnated in a hu­man experience remains with you for eternity. Which is more important?


You will say to me, "But Adama, we have to make a livelihood and take care of our third dimensional obligations." And I say to you, "Yes you do, and it is important for you to take care of your daily life with an impeccable spiritual perspective. It is within the context of daily life that you build your character and develop your God-hidden qualities."


If you prioritize your goals correctly and learn to manage your time appropriately, you will let go of your activities, social and otherwise, that from our perspective, are a waste of your time and energy. All of you would be able to find at least one hour a day and more to invest in your spiritual life, and in communion with your Divine Self. It is imperative that all of you start man­aging your time more effectively. It is part of the curriculum of becoming a Master of Wisdom. Be creative! How do you expect to unite in love and divinity with an aspect of your Godhood, if you have no real interest in investing the time to get acquaint­ed with it?


You can start speaking less and pondering more the wonders and splendor of the God-within. Meditate or contemplate your inner divinity while taking your nature walks. Cut most of your television and chitchat time, as it does not serve your spiritual evolution. Most of you can spend less time in stores. Nearly all of you have become addicted to shopping for more things than you really need, that only add to the clutter of your homes. This will save money that you can use for more important en­deavors. In the light realm, we are amazed and puzzled to see how addicted to shopping and touring the shopping centers, constantly searching for new gadgets to buy, this whole gen­eration has become. You get the picture, don't you? There are quite a few more factors I could mention about your human habits that keep you glued to the third dimension, but I leave it up to you to discover the rest.


Take time to review your life and know why you are here and where you are going. Take time to create a spiritual plan for yourself, and I promise that you will never regret it.


There are three kinds of people: those who make things hap­pen, those who watch what happens and those who have no idea what happened. If you want to ride on the ascension wagon in this lifetime, you have to join the category of people who make things happen. This means that you have to actively create and pursue all that is required for your lifestream to be admitted into the great Halls of Ascension in this exceptional window of opportunity for Ascension at this time. Otherwise, it will simply not happen for you in this cycle. It will not happen by association, but by your constant efforts and determination to create it.


You will also have to stick with the process of daily purifica­tion and transmutation until it literally happens. No matter what you have to go through at times to balance all your debts towards life, if the fire of your hearts is burning high enough, this love stands ready to see you through all potential tribula­tions with ease and grace.


Aurelia - You are very dear and concise in your explanations.


Adama - I am, because many of you are running out of time. You have been procrastinating far too long, and you now have less than five years left to embrace the journey to the great planetary Ascension party planned for the year 2012. Most of you underestimate the seriousness and the levels of commit­ment necessary to make a physical ascension on a conscious level. Of course, there will always be another opportunity at a later time, and 2012 is not the end, but a beginning of an Ascension cycle for the planet. Those who procrastinate now may not meet the requirements on time, and will certainly experience much regret.


Now I invite Paul the Venetian to speak to you


Paul the Venetian - Beloved children of my heart! I greet you in the Flame of Love. May the blessings of the grace of the Holy Spirit ever find me welcome within your heart, your feel­ings, and your very soul! Gentle as a pure white dove, which symbolizes His consciousness, the grace and humility of the Holy Spirit drawn out of the sweet delicate rhythm of its rever­ent song of being, are often overlooked by the Western mind. When a man comes to a place of "listening grace," when all of the restless energies of his many selves are stilled, then do the beauty, the grace, the benedictions and the presence of the Holy Spirit flow. As the wings of the dove carry her high, her freedom is manifest in "being," not so much in doing.


When one lives and serves according to the guidance of the Divine Self, there is happiness and fulfillment in that service. When one is developing new momentum, there are growing pains, and both are essential to mature consciousness.


When the lifestream of the disciple is earnest and sincere, he makes the effort to always be in the perfect place where the wisdom of the I AM Presence requires him to be. Life will then always cooperate and guide that lifestream where the greatest service and advancement can be rendered.


Our words are crystal cups that carry love and peace into the outer consciousness of those of mankind who have a remem­brance of spiritual friendship and sweet association with us at inner levels. Through the magnetic power of the Three-fold Flame within the Heart, the attention of the masters of the higher realms can be drawn to you for greater assistance.


One of the main sources of unhappiness, frustration and dis­tress experienced by mankind is the capacity and willingness to disobey the divine directions of their own individualized I AM Presence and the guidance of the Ascended Hosts of Light. There is always a choice between joyous, willing, illumined obe­dience to the directions of that Presence and the willful and ig­norant misuse of the free will to create imperfection. It becomes a personal choice and matter between each man and his God.


Until each member of the human race comes to a personal de­sire to do the Will of God and live by the laws of Love, he will not experience permanent happiness or the joy of victorious accomplishment, which brings peace, abundance, limitless love and a spiritual expansion not yet known to your outer mind.


Man has not destroyed the conscious connection with his own individualized I AM Presence in a moment, nor can he establish anew such a connection in a moment. It requires patience, per­sistence, determination, purity of motives, a well-developed sense of discrimination and a constant vigilance at the door of the heart of the Presence.


The Presence of God is waiting, waiting for the opportunity to serve through you. The beautiful, loving, all-powerful Father of Life stands in a constant attitude of listening. Whenever He is called, He answers with an onrush of His mighty Presence through the instruments created and prepared by His love.


Beloved children of the Father/Mother of Life, could your eyes but see the imminence of the Holy Presence when your inno­cent forms rise from their beds and place their feet upon the pathway of the day, you would understand the rudeness of the outer self in keeping the Presence waiting. In the midst of un­important things, sometimes a day, a week or a lifetime passes, and the Presence of God is still waiting for the opportunity to fill your cup with grace, peace, abundance, healing and love.


And so, my beloved children, proceeding through the veil of human experience, remember, when your feet step upon the ground each morning that the Presence of God is waiting to fill your day with the fullness of your divinity, if you choose to in­vite it! Remember today, as you read these lines, the Presence of God is waiting to bless each of you with the fullness of the Love and Peace beyond all understanding. Invoke that Presence each day and each hour of the day to be filled with that Love, Peace and Harmony that will grace your lives to experience ease and perfection.



Codes of Conduct for a Disciple of the Holy Spirit


1.     Become conscious always of your aspiration to embody the full expression of Godhood, and devote all of your being and service to that end.

2.     Learn the lessons of harmlessness—neither by word, nor thought, nor feeling will you ever inflict evil or harm upon any part of life. Know that action and physical violence will keep you in the realm of pain, suffering and mortality.

3.     Stir not a brother's sea of emotion thoughtlessly or delib­erately. Know that the storm in which you would place his spirit will sooner or later flow upon the banks of your own lifestream. Rather bring always tranquility, love, harmony and peace to all life.

4.     Disassociate yourself from the personal and planetary delu­sion. Never allow yourself to love your little self more than the harmony of the universe. If you are right, there is no need to acclaim it. If you are wrong, pray for forgiveness.

5.     Walk gently upon the Earth and through the universe, knowing that the body is a sacred temple, in which dwells the Holy Spirit, bringing peace and illumination to life everywhere. Keep your temple always in a respectful and purified manner, as befitting the habitation of the Spirit of Love and Truth. Respect and honor with gentle dignity all other temples, knowing that often within a crude exterior burns a great light.

6.     In the presence of Nature, absorb the beauties and gifts of Her kingdoms in gentle gratitude. Do not desecrate Her by vile thoughts, sounds or emotions, or by physical acts that despoil Her virgin beauty. Honor the Earth, "the Mother" that is hosting your evolutionary pathway.

7.     Do not form nor offer opinions unless invited to do so, and then, only after prayer and silent invocation for guidance. Speak when God chooses to say something through you. At other times it is best to speak little, or to remain peace­fully silent.

8.     Let your heart sing a song of gratitude and joy unto God. Be grateful always for all that you have received and that you have in the now moment. Tap in to the River of Life, River of Love and Abundance that lies within the Sacred Heart.

9.     In speech and action be gentle, but with the dignity that always accompanies the Presence of the living God that lives within the temple of your being. Constantly place all the faculties of your being and all the inner unfoldment of your nature at the feet of the God-power, endeavoring to manifest the perfection of compassion when meeting those in distress.

10.   Let your word be spoken in gentleness, humility, and lov­ing service. Do not allow the impression of humility to be mistaken for lethargy, for the servant of the Lord, Like the sun in the heavens, is eternally vigilant and constantly out­pouring the gifts of Love to those who open their hearts to receive them.







Journey to the Crystal-Rose Flame Temple of Love


Adama with Paul the Venetian

This is one of the etheric temples of the Love Ray, guarded and maintained by the Love Flame of the archangels of the Third Ray, Chamuel and Charity. It is situated over St. Louis, Missouri, on the south side of North America. An arc of divine love forms a bridge between this retreat and that of the Elohim of the Third Ray, Heros and Amora, in the etheric realm near Lake Winnipeg in Canada.


The emanation of the Love Ray from this specific temple is a flow of creativity. The Flame of Love from this retreat promotes the generosity of the heart, givingness, forgiveness and mercy. The enormous energy of Love simply flushes out all else and assists the people who visit this temple to retain more of the qualities of Love for themselves and for the world. The altar and flame of the retreat are dedicated to the flow of life from the heart of the Creator to the heart of Christ and then to the heart of man.


Now, my beloveds, come with me, accompanied by the energy of the Holy Spirit through the love of the Master Paul the Venetian, to that specific Temple of Love. Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths. Set your intention to come with us in the etheric vehicle we now present to you. You come in your light body vehicle. You may or may not have a conscious remembrance of this, but the benefits are the same. Use the gift of your imagina­tion to create a vivid impression of what we are presenting you with, and the journey will remain imprinted in your soul and cellular memory. When needed, you will be able to access, not necessarily the recollection of all the details, but certainly the energies that you will receive through this experience.


Also know that the more you take these types of journeys, the more you assist the thinning of your own veil of illusion that blocks your memories and your perceptions of the higher vi­brations. Ask your Higher Self to facilitate this journey for you and with you, and open your heart to make this happen on the inner planes at the highest level possible.


We are now traveling through space from your home in Mount Shasta to the magnificent Crystal-Rose Flame Temple of Love. Feel the fragrance of the crystal-rose petals of love flowing all around you, even before you arrive. You are so very blessed, for a small group to have the privilege of being accompanied personally by the planetary representative of the Holy Spirit Himself, is indeed, a rare occurrence. Let me share with all of you now here present in this room that it is your love and your staunch devotion for your pathway which allows Him to grant you this grace.


Breathe in, my beloveds. Relax into the experience fully. Deepen your breath to allow you to bring back the greatest soul imprint you can create. This will assist you to enhance your pathway in a more harmonious and direct way. (Short pause)


We have now arrived in front of that large translucent crys­tal-rose, multi-layered dome. It is nothing like you have ever seen in your outer world. There are no words in the vocabulary of your language to describe the structure, so beautiful and elegant, fashioned by the creativity of the archangelic love of Chamuel and Charity.


Beam Rays of pure Love energy emanate from the central point of the dome to radiate the Love of the Creator hundreds of miles into the atmosphere in all directions. A most wondrous scene to behold, dear ones!


Allow yourself to walk on the velvety crystal-rose carpet that extends beneath your feet to the doorway of the temple. Because we are in the company of the Maha Chohan Himself, you will not be required to show your passport of entry to be admitted here. Because archangelic frequencies are so high and rarified, no souls are permitted to come here unless they are able to maintain fourth dimensional frequencies of love and harmony at all times, and are accompanied by one of the Masters of Wisdom.


As you get close to the entranceway, several angels of the Love Ray, about 12 feet tall, bow to the great Light of the Maha Chohan. They also bow to my Light and to your own Light, bid­ding you entrance.


Each of you is escorted by one of the temple guardians. This temple is three times larger than the Vatican of the Catholic Church in Rome and contains many sections of various dimen­sional energies for the numerous activities of the temple.


You are taken to an area which will be comfortable for your own level of heart evolution. You are now crossing a long corridor filled with thousands of love-flame angels of all sizes. These angelic beings vary from the smallest cherubim to the largest seraphim. Actually, all twelve choirs of the angelic kingdom from all dimensions are represented here.


As you walk the corridor, a large number of fountains and cas­cades of pure Love energy spring forth from various places. The energies that emanate from these fountains and cascades sing songs of Love and Gratitude perpetually to the heart of the Creator, to the Divine Mother and to all kingdoms evolving on the planet, in all dimensions. This also includes surface hu­manity. If you allow it, these melodies of Love can melt much of the dross accumulated in the heart over a long time. Listen and let your hearts merge with the energies of the love songs com­ing out of the Waters of the Eternal Rivers of Love.


Pure white doves of Love, much larger than the ones you know on the surface, send you their healing radiance. Take your time to look, feel and observe the wonders of God's Love waiting to be bestowed upon those who love Life and obey the Eternal Laws of Love. No one is rushing you. Remember, you are here in a zone of timelessness. Also listen to the love songs of the many varieties of Third Ray flowers, plants and fruit gracing this temple pathway. Allow yourself to receive healing from the sweetness of the fragrance and melodies. The doves also want to connect with your heart to offer comfort on your journey back to the "Sun of your Presence." Walking this corridor which portrays the energies of magical pure Love is part of your expe­rience here. If you have any questions, each of you have your own angelic guide waiting to answer. (Pause)


See now an entrance on the right. Your guides are bidding you to follow them into the Hall of the Eternal Flame of Cosmic Love. This is another unfed Flame that is perpetually burning to glorify the Creator, the Father of All. By cosmic law, all planets receiving the love and energies of the Creator must return to Him a portion each day, produced by the fire of those hearts who inhabit these planets. On this planet, since surface hu­manity has neglected to do this for eons of time while journey­ing in war and separation, we in Telos, and many beings from the Inner Earth and other subterranean cities have done this on your behalf. We are going to continue doing this until the day that all of you attain enough spiritual maturity to return that level of grace and gratitude to the Creator yourself.


Those serving in the Crystal-Rose Temple as their service ren­dered to Life, also feed the Eternal Flame of Love through the love fires of their hearts. When we say unfed Flame, we mean the element that nourishes and keeps the Flame burning per­petually from the fire of Love of those who serve in that temple. In fact, all actions combined with the other Temples of Love holding the same energy create a web of Light that nourishes all civilizations and the various kingdoms living on Earth.


This Flame, ever so gentle and powerful, stands a hundred feet and more in height and about 9 feet in diameter. The source of its strength is the power of gentleness. It is blissful, joyous and playful, containing all the many blessings the Creator wishes to bestow on His Creation and to the many children of His heart. Its bounty is limitless.


Take time now to breathe it in even more deeply. Connect deep­ly with the Flame, allowing it to fill your heart to the brim; and relax in the arms of Love. How wondrous! (Pause)


When you feel that your heart has been filled to full capacity, you can quietly return to the crystal merkaba waiting outside to bring you back to your physical body. In deep gratitude, thank Paul the Venetian for the Grace he has accorded you today, and in the future for those who will be working with the written material. When you are ready, open your eyes and come back to your body.


With these words, we now conclude our meditation. I urge you to return there in consciousness whenever you feel that you need to boost the fires of your heart to a greater degree. I bring you much love from Telos; our Love for you is pure and unconditional, ready to accompany your step into the end of your journey.


Aurelia - On behalf of the group here, I thank you Adama very profoundly for all that you do for us, and I also thank Paul the Venetian for the Love, the Grace and the Blessings He has be­stowed upon us today. We feel so privileged daily to receive this information first hand. I am very grateful!


Adama - You are welcome, my beloveds!