Lord Lanto

Chapter Two

The Second Ray

The Flame of Illumination and Wisdom  

Main God qualities and actions of the Second Ray:

Illumination, wisdom, omniscience, understanding through love, perception, comprehension,

precipitation, discrimination and activation of the

Mind of God.


Day when is amplified: Sunday


Corresponding Chakra: Crown

Color: Yellow

Corresponding Stones: Tiger's Eye, Golden Topaz


Chohan of the Second Ray:

Lord Lanto, Teacher of Ancient Wisdom

His Retreat: The Great Hall of Illumination, Grand Teton Mountain Range, Wyoming, USA.

Other Masters serving on the Second Ray: Gautama Buddha, Lord Maitreya, Sananda/Jesus, Master Kuthumi, Confucius.


Archangels of the Second Ray with Divine Complement:

Jophiel and Christine

Their Retreats: South of the Great Wall,

China, and the Temple of Illumination;

God/Goddess Meru: Island of the Sun, Lake Titicaca, Bolivia


Elohim of the Second Ray with Divine Complement:

Apollo and Lumina

Their Retreat: Saxony, Germany































About Lord Lanto, Teacher of Ancient Wisdom


Lord Lanto, great Light of ancient China, now serves as the Chohan of the Second Ray at the Royal Teton Retreat in the Grand Teton Mountain Range, Wyoming, USA. His devotion to the Flame of Wisdom and the Flame of Knowledge has truly qualified him to directly assist with the evolution of Earth through the Second Ray of Illumination.


Lord Lanto chose to use the Second Ray to embrace the hearts of mankind. He is dedicated to assist the evolution of this planet through the Cosmic Christ illumination. The Golden Flame that beats his heart is charged with the momentum of God-Victory. Lord Lanto volunteered with Sanat Kumara to come to Earth long ago for the rescue of the planet and her evolution at a time when total darkness filled the land. He was a high priest in the Temple of the Divine Mother on the continent of Lemuria.


In the last days of Lemuria, those that tended the Flames upon the altars of the Temples were warned of the coming cataclysm. Those responsible for the Flames removed and carried them elsewhere to places of safety, depositing them in other physical retreats or transferring them to the etheric octave. It was Lord Lanto who carried the Flame of Precipitation and deposited it in the area of the Grand Teton mountain range in North America. The Flame of Precipitation has a Chinese green tone with the yellow of the Second Ray. This flame is still burning today at the Royal Teton Retreat. Precipitation is the Flame of Abundance and Wealth, as well as Happiness, Joy and Universal Christ consciousness.


Embodiments of Lord Lanto


        Lord Lanto embodied in ancient China as the Duke of Chou, also known as the Yellow Emperor, (12th century BC). The Duke of Chou is regarded as a statesman in Chinese history and is considered the architect of the Chou Dynasty and the true founder of the Confucian tradition.

        Lanto was later embodied as a ruler of China at the time of Confucius and held the Golden Flame of Illumination on behalf of the Chinese people for many centuries. Lord Lanto so adored the Trinity within his innermost being that the intense glow of that divine spark could actually be seen through his flesh form, emanating as a soft glow from his chest. He maintained this in honor of Sanat Kumara until his Ascension around 500 BC.

        He gained his mastery while studying under Lord Himalaya, Manu of the Fourth Root Race, whose Retreat of the Blue Lotus is hidden in the mountains that bear his name. Following his Ascension, Lord Lanto accepted the office of presiding Master of the Council of the Royal Teton and of the retreat itself in order to bring to the Western world the Flame of science and technology, the culture of the Mother and reverence for Life which he and Confucius had sponsored in the Far East.




Royal Teton Retreat


This magnificent retreat is situated in the Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming, USA. The glorious natural cathedral, which spirals above the emerald green setting of plain and trees, draws the admiration of all who come to the area. The Teton Retreat is the most ancient focus of the Ascended Masters on planet Earth. It is also the focus of precipitation, expansion of the Light through the Ray of Illumination and manifestation in the world of form. Its activity commands the power of conscious precipitation.


For many ages, within the heart of the Grand Teton, an order of the Great White Brotherhood, under the direction of Lord Lanto, has dedicated its strength, consciousness and presence to evolving ways and means of helping the evolution of mankind—for greater perfection of mind, greater peace of soul, greater health of body and greater development of the dormant spirit of God within the heart of humanity.


Lord Lanto conducts nightly classes at the Royal Teton Retreat, helping those interested in developing their natural talents, gifts, powers and reasons for being. A master of sages and philosophers, Lanto teaches us the path of attainment through enlightenment, wisdom and dominion in the crown chakra. The Second Ray is also that of illumination, perception, comprehension and education. It is the ray of directing intelligence, discrimination, discretion and the direction in the use of one's life. Those who are or who have been the great teachers of mankind are frequently Second Ray initiates.


Many great patriots, educators, artists, architects, scientists, inventors or great religious teachers received their inspiration at these Councils and have returned to their physical bodies filled with inspiration and passion, weaving their experience into a blessing for humanity.


Throughout the 19th and 20th centuries, Lord Lanto stood faithfully behind the efforts of Master Saint Germain to liberate mankind through his Ascended Master teachings on the I AM Presence and the Violet Flame.


Transmission from the Heart of the Beloved Lord Lanto


From the great Hall of Illumination of the Royal Teton Retreat in the Rocky Mountain Range of Wyoming, I greet you with the Love of my heart and the Wisdom Flame that I AM. Throughout the ages, I have indeed served that wondrous Golden Ray for so very long that I have embodied it fully and become it.


When you think of the Sacred Flames, beloved ones, perceive their wonders with a sense of equality. There is not one that is better or lesser than the other; although each one holds a different attribute of the qualities of God, they are all equally wondrous and effective. Some of their qualities overlap, creating an energy field of Oneness. The seven flames are also part of the Earth curriculum about which you need to gain mastery and balance in order to qualify for your Ascension. Everyone who has ever ascended was required to master the attributes of the seven flames.


In our teachings to humanity, we emphasize the seven flames, but in reality, there are many others. When you fulfill your Ascension, the twelve Sacred Flames and their corresponding chakras will be fully restored within you and you will be able to use them constructively with all of their numerous gifts in wondrous ways.


In the ascended state, as you continue to evolve your consciousness in the various levels of the fifth dimension, and later on, in the consciousness of still higher dimensions, you will discover many more flames and many more chakras will be added to your lifestream. In fact, it will never end; evolution continues on forever unto eternity. How many chakras do you think your Creator or Lord Melchizedek have?


Shortly before the destruction of the two major continents, Lemuria and Atlantis, most of the Sacred Flames were removed from the surface of the planet and taken inside the planet or to the etheric Temples of Light. With the removal of the flames, also came the deactivation of part of your DNA, the minimizing of the Threefold Flame of Life in the sacred chamber of your heart, and the temporary shutting down of the five Secret Rays with their corresponding chakras.


Because of the severe misuse of these rays and their chakras in the two continents mentioned above, it was decided by the universal and galactic Councils of Light that restrictions had to be imposed on humanity. From that time on, only seven chakras with their corresponding flames were left activated for the continuation of mankind's evolution.


Many of you heard of the five Secret Rays and wonder what they are. Not too much has been mentioned about these rays by us because, although they are important and their energy is gradually being restored on the surface. The mastery of the God attributes they represent is not fully required until you get very close to the day of your Ascension. We do not want to confuse you with too many flames because the mastery of the first seven flames represents a big endeavor. Once you have mastered the first seven flames, it becomes much easier to master the other five. Though they are unique in their own color, vibration and attributes, they are derivatives of the first seven.


The stipulations were that until humanity wakes-up again to embrace their divine potential and the principles of Christ-hood, and when the level of consciousness has reached enough spiritual maturity for mankind to be trusted once more with this sacred energy, the knowledge for the right use of these flames will be reintroduced to Earth again. With the Ascension of your Earth Mother, those who have reached the level of spiritual maturity to become candidates for Ascension will benefit, in their own timing, from the return of their gifts.


That is the mastery you will need to attain as you walk through the initiations of the seven inner temples (see chapter 4—pages 97-101). Once you gain the momentum of Love, Wisdom and Power on all the flames and have fulfilled all the other requirements, you will be invited to take your place among the immortals with all the glory and attributes of a fully ascended master.


That day, beloved ones, will be the most wondrous day of your entire existence. For eons of times, you have incarnated here facing many challenges in most of your incarnations, always keeping the dream and goal to make it someday to the Ascension doorway. Now this opportunity is offered to each of you in this very incarnation! You never have to die again for most of you, unless you choose it. The time you have waited for, is now presenting itself to you! This is an invitation from us, the Chohans of the Rays and also an invitation from your Creator. We love you all so very dearly!


Know beloved ones, that if you choose it now full heartedly, and keep this commitment to yourself and your I AM Presence, you can end, in a few years, your long cycle of incarnations to join us as an immortal. Once ascended, you will be working with us face to face, learning from us all that we have learned since our Ascension. Contemplate this for a moment, what took us so long in the past to accomplish, you can reach the same in less than half the time it took us.


I now invite you to look at my picture and contemplate the bright flame of Love that is radiating from my heart. I was able to manifest this in my last incarnation, as a mortal like you are now in your present state. If I could do this then, you can surely do this also in this time of Earth Ascension.


From the Love Flame of your heart and the power of your love, you can learn to expand your love to the point of creating a similar accomplishment. And if you work at it, I will be at your side to assist you and to champion your Victory!


I am Lord Lanto, your teacher of Wisdom, lighting your way back home with the wonders of the Illumination Flame.



Message from Master Kuthumi

World Teacher, Second Flame Master


Blessings, Children of my Heart! The beautiful wisdom of Creation designed certain focuses to accomplish specific outcomes. For instances, nature creates beauty to inspire mankind to return to the greatness of their own divinity. Your body has eyes to see, ears to hear and feet to walk. Thus the various bodies of mankind were created, each one for a specific purpose. The mental body is designed to create the mould of perfection. The emotional body is meant to fill your form with life. Your physical body, with all its faculties, is meant to externalize the perfection of consciousness in the world of form.


One of the most powerful avenues by which thoughts and feelings become manifested things is through the right use of the throat chakra, the power center for the spoken word. The spoken or mentally-formed word becomes the final "step down transformer" by which the desired manifestation is lowered into the world of form. This is done through the right use of affirmations, fiats, decrees and various forms of prayer offered to your mighty I AM Presence directly from your heart in connection with your throat center.


Humanity has been very proficient in creating discord, pain and challenge for themselves by the wrong use of the throat center. I admonish you to begin noticing how you create misery for yourself by the wrong use of your power center and by the way you speak to yourself and others. Resolve today to speak only words of love and harmony. When you learn to speak like a master, you will be amazed how quickly the world around you transforms itself to bring you the love, peace, harmony and abundance you so long for. What you create through your throat center always comes back to you multiplied many times over, whether it is created in love or in discord.

Each time you express yourself through the spoken or written word, do it always with love, compassion and wisdom. It is important to always express your truth, and it is just as important to pause, to choose the right words for your communication.  You can always convey to anyone what is right for you and what is not, and how you feel about situations. It is not what you say or express through writing that creates problems of discord and karma for yourself; it is always the way you say or write it.


When you are not sure how to express yourself without offending the person you want to communicate with, go into your heart, take a deep breath and say: I now choose to communicate from the love of my heart. I invoke the Rays of Illumination and Wisdom to imprint my consciousness with my perfect expression for this situation. You will be surprised to discover how eloquent you may become and how you can transform a difficult situation into a divine solution. This is the Law of Attraction in this and all universes.




 Crown Chakra




Prayer for Second Ray Healing


Prayer for Illumination and Peace


Beloved I AM Presence, blaze forth now from the heart of beloved Alpha and Omega, from the heart of beloved Helios and Vesta, into our individual hearts and minds, glorious waves of golden Flame of Illumination and Peace. Flood us with the precious oils of universal Knowledge and Wisdom.


Come now and direct Thy precious Light Rays of Divine Illumination and Peace into every aspect of our lives. Flood the Earth and humanity with the golden Flame of Christ Illumination, Understanding and Peace from the Heart of God in the Great Central Sun.


Divine Flame of Illumination,

Bless my world today.

Golden Waves of Peace,

Bless my world in God's perfect way.

Flame of Light so wondrous to behold,

I AM thy Wisdom in all that I AM.

Golden Fountain of Illumination,

Infuse every part of my being with thy Golden Oil.

I AM, I AM, I AM Illumination blazing

through my heart, mind and soul!


(Repeat the full invocation 3 or 6 times)







Discourse from Adama with Lord Lanto


Greetings, my beloveds, this is Adama. I am here in your presence today with several beings that most of you already know, or at least have heard of. Among those present are our brother Ahnahmar and the guardian master of the Second Ray, Lord Lanto.


Aurelia - Hello, Adama, we would like to discuss with you the attributes and uses of the Illumination Ray to receive a greater understanding of it. It must be that you already read our mind since you brought Lord Lanto with you. We welcome all of you in our midst and in our hearts; we are honored to have your presence with us.


Adama - Thank you, my friends. It is also our pleasure and honor to be again sharing our love and wisdom with all of you, and later on to a greater number of people through our published books. At this crucial time of Earth's transition into higher consciousness and dimension, it is more important than ever for every soul incarnated here to understand what is going on energetically and physically on your planet of evolution.


Indeed, more than ever, you are all in need of more enlightenment to fully understand and remember your divine essence, to know what you are doing here on this planet and discover the purposes and goals you have set up for your experience here. It is time now for all of you to take advantage of the most wondrous window of opportunity for spiritual liberation through Ascension that is offered to you at this time. Because of the deep love your Creator has for each of you, and through the most awesome divine grace that is offered to you from His Heart, you can now be liberated from the choices of separation from God that you made a long time ago.


You have been evolving here for a long time in a consciousness of spiritual slumber, which has created much discomfort, unhappiness, pain and limitation. Through the self-imposed ignorance and separation you have chosen to experience, you have forgotten how to manifest your lives as Divine Beings. Many of you have had enough of this unnatural way of being, and have called forth the intervention of your Creator. Lifetime after lifetime your souls have been imprinted with erroneous belief systems about God and yourself, and you have followed the limiting teachings of religions, whose leaders had for their agenda to keep you in spiritual ignorance, control and submission. For most, the religions and dogmas you have been so attached to believe in and embody kept you boxed into an endless stream of erroneous concepts that have prevented you from experiencing yourself, in your many incarnations, through the eyes of your divinity.


We desire to talk of a level of spirituality that is pure in its essence. We have often said that true spirituality is a simple concept that could be summarized in a small booklet. It is so simple that people have completely forgotten how to "be" spiritual and to embody it. You always look for the most complicated concepts you can find. Through the ages, millions of books containing elaborate and confusing ideologies about God have been written on spirituality. And in fact, very few, if any, acknowledge the simple truths that pure spirituality offers. A great number of your spiritual books have been written by those whom we consider the spiritually blind, wishing to guide the others of humanity who are also spiritually blind. True spirituality is a state of being, a pure state of consciousness that brings you back to the consciousness of Love, Light, true Life and your divinity.


In general, spirituality cannot be gained by the many things you do or don't do, neither by the many rules imposed on you by your society, your religious organizations and your governments that you are so eager to conform to. It simply "IS." This is why all the rituals, practices and concepts with do's and don'ts that you acceptor reject were meant to be, at best, only basic guidelines by well-meaning people. These guidelines could have assisted you if you used them within the right perspective, but they could never inject true spirituality within your soul. You alone can do this in communion with your Divine Essence.


The purpose of our discourses and writings is to bring forth a teaching that is simple for people to follow, a teaching that will assist to bring you back to the consciousness of the "God within" as the great architect of your lifestream. We wish you to rediscover, as we have, the joy and bliss of living your lives again according to your own unique pathway, totally connected with this divine essence that beats your heart. We wish you to remember at all times that this divine essence that is alive and active within each of you is the only true "Source" of all that you can be, all that you can know and require to manifest your daily lives as divine beings.


The river of life, of love, of limitless abundance and of every good and perfect gift you wish to enjoy and yearn to obtain lies within you, awaiting your recognition and your dedication in calling it forth. With this introduction, I am now going to talk about Illumination, one of the attributes of the God-Flame that can greatly assist you in your re-awakening.


Jldama - The Ray of Illumination represents God-wisdom, true knowledge and enlightenment in all its various facets. It represents Christ consciousness illumination, understanding, perception and peace from the heart of God's omniscience. It is literally an unlimited extension of the Mind of God. Many of the souls incarnating on the Ray of Illumination by divine appointment become teachers of humanity. A great number of the Masters of Wisdom you are familiar with, who have incarnated in the past as great teachers for humanity, are beings whose main soul pathway is the Ray of Illumination. To name a few, you have the master Jesus/Sananda 2,000 years ago, Lord Maitreya, Lord Buddha, Lord Confucius, Djwal Khul, Lord Lanto, Master Kuthumi, and many others.


Masters of all the Rays have also incarnated from time to time to become teachers of humanity because humanity must learn to understand and master the initiations of all the rays in perfect balance in order to qualify for the Ascension. Everyone has been created on one of the twelve rays, and millions of beings exist on each one. Understand that there is not one ray better than another, like some of you would like to believe. All of the rays must be embodied, understood and integrated equally.


The Illumination Ray is connected with the crown chakra known as the thousand-petal lotus flame. As you invoke the Illumination Ray in your crown, the thousand petals of your crown chakra start the process of being illuminated again, by expanding more your potential of reconnection with the true Mind of God, which has been lying dormant within you for thousands of years. However, it never left you, and this is what you want to awaken now. All the pockets of darkness you have embedded there through ignorance are basically pockets of the sleeping consciousness that prevent you from experiencing the "Mind of God" in its pure form.


When you invoke the Illumination Ray in your crown chakra and in the totality of your consciousness, and set your intention to re-awaken all the attributes of your divinity, your higher self will use the energies you are invoking to gradually lighten and activate the dark pockets that have been lying dormant there for very long.


Aurelia - Does the Illumination Ray have an essence or a color?


Adama - The Illumination Ray is golden yellow like the sun, and quite brilliant. The "Temple of Illumination" situated at Lake Titicaca in South America is the main focus on this planet for this Ray. The guardians of this Ray are the God and Goddess Meru who have been holding the energies of Illumination for thousands of years in that most awesome etheric temple. In Telos, we also created a smaller version of this majestic Second Ray Temple, as we have done for the temples of various Rays.


In the time of Lemuria we had thousands of temples on our continent representing hundreds of attributes of the Creator, and we had temples for every aspect of our evolution. We had over a hundred temples dedicated to the various rays alone. My beloveds, understand that there are many rays you are not yet aware of. You know seven and about the five secret rays; and there are many more. It is not necessary that you be aware of all the rays at this time, but it is of utmost importance for those aspiring to make their Ascension in this incarnation to gain mastery on the first seven rays, and later on, the five secret rays.


Aurelia - What initiations might one go through while working with the Illumination Ray?


Adama - It will be the initiations of becoming aware of all the erroneous beliefs you have entertained about yourself, that have occupied your consciousness and kept you in so much pain and limitation. It is stepping out of ignorance and uniting with the Mind of God. As you integrate and infuse yourself with the Ray of Illumination, you can invoke the Mind of God to do its perfect work in your own mind to transform and evolve.


There is the human brain and there is the Mind of God, which are not exactly the same. The Mind of God represents a universal consciousness that knows everything and holds no limitation. The human brain is governed by the human ego and is imprinted with fears, limitations and erroneous beliefs about the self. It has been altered by the human ego with its fears, and the consciousness of separation. However, it has been a tool for your evolution, and it has served you well. Your human mind, as it evolves, is destined to ultimately unite with the Mind of God. Do not plan to get rid of it like some of you would like to do. It is yours and you must own it as an integral aspect of your beingness.


What you need to do is transform it by right knowledge, true wisdom and by surrender of all your old beliefs that no longer serve you and keep you in limitation and ignorance. If you do this inner work to create your transformation, your ego will also evolve to unite and to fuse with the Mind of God through the infusion action of Illumination. In the process of Ascension, all aspects of you, including your human and ego mind, will be uniting completely with the Mind of God and all attributes of your divinity. Consider it an ongoing process for eternity, as there will always be another level, and another one, to open to and to learn from. The process that you need to surrender to in order to open your mind, your heart and all aspects of you to your divinity cannot happen overnight. This is the journey you have created and planned for yourself before your incarnation in order to attain the goals you set for yourself for your evolutionary pathway.


Gradually, you will integrate the knowledge, the understanding and the wisdom you need into your consciousness. As you do this, at a certain point the veils will lift, and you will unite your mind with the fullness of the Mind of God. If you don't wish to do your homework and you chose to stay in your present state, maintaining your erroneous concepts and belief systems, it is your choice; no one will force you into it. Be also aware that you will have to live with the consequences of being held back in your evolution while others you know and love will be lifted up into the next level.


Your own evolution is your primary goal for your incarnation, and it requires your willingness and your efforts to engage in it fully. It simply doesn't happen automatically. It is really a desire of the soul, and it has to become the most profound desire and focus of your incarnation. This doesn't mean you cannot enjoy your third dimensional life. In fact, it is required that you love and enjoy your life to its fullest; it all needs to be integrated as one. Your transformation now at this time of Earth's transition requires your full commitment and participation.


Group - How can we consciously evolve our human mind to unite with the Divine Mind?


Adama - Every day, invoke the energies of Illumination to unite with your human brain. Strive to expand your consciousness any way you can, such as reading material that inspires you, meditating, communing with nature, etc. You do not want to just feed the mind information, but you want to nourish your heart and soul with all that is noble, beautiful and enlightening. Go into your heart and begin to unite your energies with the Divine within you.


In the process of Ascension, your transformed mind will unite with the Sacred Heart. But the heart will ascend first and you will experience divine union. All your chakras will become unified, and you will no longer feel separated from the rest of "you" and of the universe. They will remain as different foci, but all united at the same time. Also, many more chakras will be added on to you. You see how powerful that is. This is why an ascended master is an enlightened being. You don't have to wait for anyone's permission or nudging to start this process. Begin now if you want this Illumination to take place within you.


Group - If I were to call on the Illumination Ray during my sleep, what initiations and process would I be going through? Where would I be taken?


Adama - We suggest that you call the Illumination Ray during the waking time. In your sleep you know all of this. It is in the consciousness of your waking time that you need to integrate the wisdom you learn during your sleep time. Who you are on the other side of the veil, as the conscious self, is very well informed and has no problem.


Aurelia - When I go places in my sleep time, I know that it is not necessary at this time that I consciously remember where I have been and what I have learned. I feel that it is more important that the knowledge I gained during nighttime be integrated in my daily life.


Adama - Exactly. You are not meant yet to remember your nightly adventures, because they are so wondrous, that if you remembered, you would have no more interest to bring to completion your third dimensional experience, and it would set you back. Once you set up your intention with your guides and masters to do and learn certain things during your sleep time, they will take you to all kinds of wondrous places that will assist you to meet your goals, but you will not remember. For example, if you want to go to the Illumination Temple, they will take you there. There are more than one on the planet, and you can visit them all if you wish. In fact, you have already done that more than once.


We also have an Illumination Temple in our city. We have created a bridge of light between the temple in Telos, the one in South America and in the Royal Teton Retreat, main focus of Lord Lanto. In our realm, they are not energetically separate; we all work together as one.


Group - Do we come to work on only one Ray during a lifetime?


Adama - Not exactly … In one incarnation most of you work at least on two rays, a primary ray and a secondary ray in which you want to gain more attainment. In one lifetime you could be working on the Second or Third Ray, but you have had incarnations working on all the other rays as well. The ray that you are working on in this life is not necessarily indicative of your original Monadic Ray. When you ascend you usually return in service to your original Monadic Ray.


Aurelia - How does the Illumination Ray balance our mental, emotional, physical, and soul bodies?


Adama - The Illumination Ray alone does not balance all of your bodies. Its main purpose is to assist the attainment of true wisdom, knowledge, illumination and the integration of the Divine Mind. Each Ray has a different action, and they all complement each other equally. Your world right now is flooded with misinformation. This is why right information is so needed and discernment so important to develop, which is also a Second Ray attribute.


Group - Adama, would Gandhi, Martin Luther King and John F. Kennedy be considered Second Ray beings?


Adama - John F. Kennedy was a First Ray being, the Ray of Leadership and of the Will of God. Gandhi was a Third Ray being of Love and Compassion. Martin Luther King was also a First Ray being. Leadership is mostly a First Ray activity, but not exclusively. Not only beings on the First Ray take roles of leadership in your world. Beings on all the rays also bring their gifts in leadership roles from time to time in order for all of the rays to be demonstrated.


Group - Can you explain the misuses of the Second Ray?


Adama - Some of the misuses of the Second Ray would be to use knowledge in the wrong way or to entertain conscious ignorance, such as not wanting to see things as they are. Entertaining illusions about life and self is also a misuse of the Second Ray.


I am going to talk for a moment about the heart. The human mind and the brain are tools that you have in the third dimension that have been designed originally to always be at the service of the heart. Your heart is connected to the Divine Mind of God, and until you reach a state of union with Self, your mental or ego mind needs always to be consciously at the service of the heart. In time, it becomes a natural state of beingness.


When you are constantly working or acting through your human mind instead of your heart, and not connecting with the higher purposes of Life, that state of consciousness creates a misuse of the Second Ray, through spiritual ignorance, control and manipulation of the Ego mind. Some people have great human intelligence but have no spiritual wisdom. They often use that great intelligence in the service of the altered ego instead of seeking their Oneness with All That Is. Do you understand?


You can only change your own perspective on things and embrace the energies of love, peace and harmony for yourself first, and then when you own enough of it, you can radiate it to others around you, simply by being who you are. When everyone in the population starts accessing the Mind of God through the Heart, your governments also begin to change and mirror the new consciousness of the collective.


As you change, as the collective evolves its consciousness, so will your governments also change. This way, you begin to see that it is never about them, but about all of you together. Your governments always reflect the consciousness of the people they govern. As you evolve, you will have the wisdom to elect more enlightened beings as your leaders. They are your mirrors.


Aurelia - What are the side effects of the misuse of the crown chakra and how would it show up in the physical body?


Adama - You know, the crown chakra is the instrument and the seat of the Mind of God in the physical body, designed to reflect knowingness, wisdom and illumination. Those who are consciously misleading people, controlling and manipulating, using their human knowledge for their own benefit, in time, will face the harvest of their creation as karma. Some of the ways it may return can be as mental illness, such as Alzheimer, Parkinson, loss of memory or mental dysfunction or disease. As you get older, you are meant to get wiser and embrace more and more of the Mind of God. The opposite is quite prevalent in your society as people get older. Many people in nursing homes or mental institutions have reached a state of mental deterioration to the point of not being able to relate to their own name anymore or recognize their loved ones. Let us do a meditation and go to the Illumination Temple on the etheric plane.




Journey to the Illumination Temple

With Adama and Lord Lanto

Adama - We have an Illumination Temple in Telos which is a smaller replica of the main Temple of Illumination for the planet at Lake Titicaca in South America. The majestic South American temple is maintained under the leadership of the God and Goddess Meru, very highly evolved beings, custodians for the energies of that Ray for this planet. At this time, we are taking you to the one in Telos, which holds the same energy frequency.


I ask that you focus in your heart and set your intentions to come along on a journey with us to the Temple of Illumination in our underground city. Ask your guides and your Higher Self to guide you in consciousness to come with us We have a huge merkaba that will comfortably contain all of you, and we invite you to step in for the ride!


See yourself arriving in Telos at the gateway of this temple. From a distance you see an eight-sided golden yellow structure radiating like a sun. It emanates its Illumination energy rays for several hundred miles into the atmosphere of the surface of the planet, also connecting to the crystalline grid which dis-tributes this energy everywhere on the globe almost instantly.


See yourself walking up the 24 steps to this gateway of Light. As you set your feet on the last step, some of our people from Telos, who are the gatekeepers, greet you. They invite you to step into a specific area of the foyer to be immersed in a shower of Golden Light Rays that will dear and prepare your energy fields to be received in the temple.


At this point, each of you is assigned a Lemurian guide that will be your escort and mentor for your experience beyond the gateway. It is then that you are greeted on the other side by a most splendid team of Second Ray masters, Lord Maitreya, Lord Buddha, the Lords Sananda, Lord Lanto, Confucius, Djwal Khul and Kuthumi, extending to you all the love of their hearts.


They bid you their most heartfelt welcome into a beautiful entryway, like a huge portal, where everything that you see radiates like a sun. There are no words in your language to describe what you see and experience. Use your imagination to create your experience more clearly. Imagination is a faculty of the Divine Mind, where all past and present experiences store their imprints that you can retrieve later on in your conscious state. Allow your heart and consciousness to bathe and be imprinted with all that you see and perceive with the eyes of the soul. See how everything here reflects the golden sun of the love of the Creator for that Ray.


Notice and breathe in the energies of the numerous fountains of golden liquid light that spring out from the center and along the walls of the great "Hall of Illumination." See the flowers of all colors, shimmering with tones of golden mist, anointing their heavenly scent everywhere you look.


Imagine also a wide variety of golden yellow flowers of different shades and sizes, growing together in a most stunning, harmonious and spectacular decor, creating a symphony of love, illumination and wisdom everywhere you look. Pay attention to the details of the floors, walls, ceilings and the beauty surrounding you.


As you walk towards the front of a huge temple room, a large vessel is erected where the Unfed Flame of Illumination is brilliantly burning. Also notice the Masters of Wisdom who stand around the Illumination Flame, see how by their constant outpouring of love and nurturing, they create and nurture an ever spiraling expansion of that unfed Flame of Light. Without the nurturing of the Flames of God by those dedicated to that service, these various Flames would become extinct. The only source of fuel for these Flames stems from the fires of love and dedication springing forth from the hearts of those who tend them. By their love and dedication, they keep these Flames alive and bright for the benefit of humanity and the planet.


Keep breathing in deeply, beloved ones. This is a rare gift offered to you at this time. The doors of this temple are not always opened to un-ascended beings. You are here today by special dispensation. I encourage you to offer your deepest gratitude to Lord Maitreya and the other masters mentioned above who have volunteered to hold the energies for you here, so that you can be allowed entrance. For those reading this material and desiring to experience the same, if your desire is pure and sincere, you can receive the same dispensation.


Continue to pay attention to the guide that has been assigned to you. Much wisdom and understanding can be shared through this interaction. Now you are invited to sit in a golden crystal chair in front of the master Golden Flame. Feel the energy of the brilliant Flame penetrating every cell and particle of your etheric body. Continue breathing in this energy as much as you can as you focus on this wonderful bright Flame of Illumination. It is about 60 feet tall, nourished around the clock by the love of our people, the love of the ascended masters and angelic beings.


Focus on that Flame through the breath and connect in your heart with the Mind of God and the masters of Wisdom who nurture that Flame. Connect your heart with their hearts and ask them to imprint their love and dedication into your DNA and into all your chakras.


Bring in your altered ego there, as it is also divine and an integral part of you. It is not a part that you can get rid of, but the part of you that needs to be transformed back to original purpose. It is destined to transform unite with the divine in the Ascension process. This part too needs to be understood and nurtured by your own self-love. Take that separated aspect of you, your human mind, your altered ego, and simply saturate these aspects with the Illumination Flame.


Talk to these parts with great love and compassion like you would a child. Tell the human ego that it is divine and loved, and ask it to surrender to the great wisdom of the Flame of Illumination to receive its love. Do this to infuse your life with a greater integration of wisdom and inner knowingness.


When you experience challenges in making difficult decisions in your daily life, always bring in front of your inner eyes this beautiful golden Flame of Illumination and Wisdom. Ask to be infused with the greatest insight of whatever you need to know in the now moment, or for the choices you have to make. This is how you will come out of unawareness and spiritual slumber, and this is also how you are going to learn discernment.


This is how your thoughts will become one with the thoughts of God and will assist you to come out of limitation. All the Flames can assist you in their own way to restore your spirit of Limitlessness so that you can, once again, walk the Earth like wise masters and sages.

Also ask for this energy and this knowledge to be integrated in your conscious mind. You may not remember all the details, but the knowledge will be imprinted in your soul; that is most important. You all have too many erroneous belief systems imprinted in your soul that keep you in pain and limitation. Ask that these be presented to the forefront of your awareness, then understood, cleansed and healed by the Illumination Flame. It is a gradual process requiring your intention and your full participation.


Keep merging more deeply with the Mind of God, which represents the intelligence of the heart. When you feel complete, stand up and walk around with your guide and ask questions for which you are seeking answers. This temple is vast with many facets, sections and chambers. Carry on, resting your soul and your heart in that beautiful energy which also represents the Sun of your Divinity. It is through the Mind of God, through the Illumination Flame, that all knowledge will be accessed and delivered to your conscious mind when you align with it fully. (Pause)


Now come back to consciousness and into your physical body. Intend to bring back with you as much as you can of your journey into the Temple of Illumination. You now have permission to return any time you want, as long as you remain in alignment with the love energies of the Second Ray.


There are a great number of Masters of Wisdom in the ascended state serving in the various Temples of Illumination. Many souls come at night for classes and private tutoring with the masters in one of the many areas of these temples. There are no fees for the classes, except for your willingness to Love and to evolve your consciousness.


When you are ready, open your eyes. Be happy, grateful and harmonious with self and with others. I thank you, my friends, for coming with us today. We send you our love, our wisdom, our support and our discernment. Know that you can tap into the Mind of God any time you want. The more you do this con-sciously through the heart, the greater and wiser beings you will become, and the sooner you will meet face to face with all of us. And so be it.


Aurelia - Thank you Adama, you are so very precious! And also thank you on behalf of the group here.


AdamaI am your mirror, my dearest ones. You are all very precious as well.