Pearls of Wisdom

Vol. 18 No. 21 - Gautama Buddha - May 25, 1975


Quietly Comes the Buddha
The Perfection of Renunciation


Chelas Seeking the Third Perfection of the Law:


The conditions and the conditioning of a Buddha to be
Comprise a ceremony of cosmic majesty.
Not only the Ten Perfections and their definition,
But to define each perfection from deep within the soul
Even before there is a teacher to point the goal–
This is the challenge of a Buddha yet to be.

Therefore, O soul of my souls, humanity
Moving toward the central star of divinity,
Carve out the Ten Perfections one by one
As a sculptor sculpts the face of God in stone.
This is not blasphemy. It is to atone
For every error of mankind,
To seek his rod and, in truth, to find
Line by line the measure of the law,
Line by line the face of God
Appearing in transcendent awe.
Therefore, O sculptor of the soul,
Take the blessed elements
Of air and fire and water,
And blend them into earth.
Carve there a soul of sacred worth.
And now let the soul,
The potential of the Buddha,
Be molded by the Potter.
Let it be filled with breath of Life.
Let the creation strike forth
The note of the Creator.
Souls merging in the flame of Buddhic mastery,
Now tell me I say,
Tell me the perfection of the three.
And as the perfection is reflected in the perfector,
So tell me now, what is that vow?
Can you define the third perfection of the law?
For it is written, “Seek, and ye shall find.” <1>

Now then, take a moment and meditate upon the fiery core of being, and see what the Lord thy God doth require of thee. And lo, Sumedha, your very soul and mine, called forth from God the third perfection and perceived the image of renunciation and all the saints and seers in their service and surrender. He saw them all and one by one how they attained in wisdom and in the second of the secret rays <2> by renouncing all form and formlessness, even of the possessor and the possessed.

He saw the vision of the saints and seers of the ages one by one renouncing time and space and all and every thing under the sun. He saw them coming line by line, and then he meditated upon the contents of their mind. And penetrating deep within the mind, he perceived the reason of the Logos and on this one perfection enlightenment attained.


The key to mastery, lo, I have found:
To view every mode and modification
Of this mortal round
As a prison house of the soul,
To understand the soul
Confined to Mater, time and space,
As the prisoner of the rock–
In misery and in suffering,
Confined and confining.
So each saint and seer,
Subjectively conceiving of the Self
A prisoner of the laws of mortality,
Having only one all-consuming longing–
That, to be free–
Regards the forming and the unforming of existence
As a prison house of clay.
Thus in pursuing renunciation as the aim I AM,
Look to God and to the sun within.
Renounce all else and thus thy victory win.

And so the soul of Sumedha and of the chela of the light wove a pattern through numberless rounds of existence within the carnal bounds until that soul, the one for the many, completed the perfection of self-abnegation. By surrendering the all, he attained the All. And meeting Mara on the way as Christ, too, was led up of the devil, <3> so the kingdoms of this world he renounced, and turned away from worldly honor and worldly acclaim, and in renouncing the kingdom and the desire thereof, gained the kingdom within and the kingdom above.

The kingdom–it is consciousness of life’s immortal bliss. The kingdom–it is self-knowledge of a higher ego than the world can know. The kingdom is the containment of all forces in heaven and on earth. It is God-control of every facet of the soul. With the true kingdom of consciousness comes a greater defining of identity, a greater sense of selfhood, the strength of the Divine Self, and the crowning by the Lord God of the one who has shown the right to rule not as heaven’s fool nor as the folly of the earth, but in wise dominion and the dome of wisdom’s throne.


He that would be great among you,
Let him be the servant of all. <4>
He that is great among you
Is the servant neither of self
Nor of passion’s pall,
Not of desire save the desire to be
The Buddha for humanity,
Not of attachment
Save the attachment to the law of individuality,
Not of self-centeredness
Save the centering of the self in God–
This the way of renunciation,
This the way the soul of Sumedha trod.

And now there are footprints
In the sands of the Gobi Desert,
Once a Gobi Sea.
There is a path to Shamballa clearly marked.
Do you see?
Now let your heart burst forth
In poetry and song.
Now breathe a prayer
That every soul be free from wrong–
Free to pursue the path of right,
The Eightfold Path,
To the center of God-delight.
Here on the altar of Shamballa,
Enter now the threefold flame,
The flame of Christ-renunciation,
The flame that is the fifteenth station
After the way and the cross
And the fourteen aspects of the seven rays.
Come, come to white-fire core
And that fire ablaze
With pink and blue and golden hue
And rainbow radiance of the Creative Mind.
Here in Shamballa come and find,
Come and find me in the center of the flame
Where all who renounce the modes of time and space
Live in eternity to reign.


I AM in the lotus of Shamballa, the Shamballa of your heart’s desiring to be free.


of the light


1. Luke 11:9.

2. The third and fourth perfections of the law are for the mastery of the masculine and the feminine aspects respectively of the second secret ray.

3. Matt. 4:1-11.

4. Mark 10:43-44.