Pearls of Wisdom

Vol. 18 No. 22 - Gautama Buddha - June 1, 1975


Quietly Comes the Buddha
The Perfection of Wisdom


Chelas Searching, Searching for the Ten Perfections:


“Seek and ye shall find!” <1>
Is the fiat of the Creative Mind.
Seek and ye shall find,
O my soul, Sumedha,
Dwelling in the soul of humanity.
Sumedha, awaken to thy God-reality!

When I had the third perfection of the ten
As renunciation found,
I longed for completion
And fulfillment in this round
Of mastery of the second of the secret rays
To coalesce the second point
Of the five-pointed star of self-awareness.
Therefore to wisdom’s crown
I gave the all of my devotion–
To the crown of a Buddha yet to be,
The crown which one day
The Lord would place upon me
If I the Ten Perfections sought
And the battle of the serpent fought.

The meeting of the serpent mind
And the defeating of that mind
By the action of the law of God–
This is the testing of the mettle of a soul,
The fourth perfection of the golden scroll,
Sifting, sifting grains of energy,
Separating by weight and measure and facet
Each nugget of gold, each diamond shining
In the crystal stream of energy flowing,
Flowing from the fount of reality.

To seize from God at his behest–
And only by his command–
The sacred fiery rod,
The scepter of authority,
And then to go forth
To pounce upon the serpent in his lair
And to plunge the rod of wisdom through and through–
This is to slay the dragon at its inception,
To replace it with the Christ-conception.
To destroy the seed of Mara
That the seed of a Buddha might spring forth–
This is the test and the testing
Of the fourth perfection of the law.
To expose the lie behind the serpent
Coiled inside the bag,
To free the devotee and the Brahman
From every woe and mortal foe–
This is the bravery of the soul.

Determined in the Perfection of Wisdom,
The soul, as precipitation
In the Matter of the Mother,
Can now come forth.
No longer shall the dragon stand
Between Omega and her God;
No more can carnal consciousness divide
The lotus from the crown.
Now on earth as in heaven,
The fusion of caduceus fires
Flows freely as the river of life:
Father-Mother God, one in manifestation,
Prove the wisdom of the law of Christed one,
The soul anointed to be Buddha in the way.

And so, my soul, expose the lie!
Expose the lie as energy coiled and entwined
Like an overgrown bramble vine
Choking off the life force of humanity.
And so, my soul, in wisdom know
The Goddess Kundalini;
Invoke the upward spiraling energies
Of Mother Divinity.
And by these let the brambles and the briars
And all serpentine mires
Fall lifeless to the ground
To be consumed in the fires
Of the purity of the Mother.

Now, soul of souls,
To gain the wisdom of the Mother,
Seek the sacred energy
And determine to have no other.
Then thread by thread,
Intone the wisdom of the law.
Weave the seamless garment without flaw.
And as the crowning glory of the crown of crowns,
Embroider the lace of bridal veil–
A veil of purity to consume the veil of maya.
Seek wisdom as a holy oil,
As the blessing of the marriage
Of the soul to God.
Wisdom’s oil anointing thy crown
Will release the fragrance
Of the thousand-petaled lotus
When the soul of a Buddha
Becomes the Buddha
In the power of the three-times-three.

Now these four perfections of the law
Are for the mastery
Of the disciples of the Buddha
In the perfection of the points
Of the first and the second of the secret rays.
As one by one you take your parts
Among the company of the saints,
Let your mandala be
For the fulfillment of God-mastery
As all the sons and daughters of light
Give their sacred energies
To the Perfection of Alms, of the Precepts,
Of Renunciation, and of Wisdom.

And now let souls come forth
Who would carry the flame of Ananda,
Chosen one carrying the fires of transition
And the waters of derision
Whereby the gods do mock
The armies of the evil one
While holding forth, as keepers of the law,
The torch for those who now cross
The ever-flowing stream of time and space
To enter the sacred place
Where virgin consciousness doth atone
For the sin of all mankind
Unwittingly committed
Against the Mother of the World.
Now let the banner of the Buddha be unfurled
As Ananda comes forth to teach
The way of the fifth perfection and the sixth–
The way of courage and of patience,
The only way whereby the Alpha becomes the Omega
And the fusion of the Father-Mother God
Gives birth to the Christ
In the chosen disciple of the Lord of the World.

I am Gautama.
I come to rule.
I am the Buddha
Born within the heart of humanity,
Carrying souls striving for the Buddhic light
To the place where God dwells
In Himalayan heights.
There I am enshrining the crown of the Buddha
As the crown of life for all
Who will master the Ten Perfections.
Will you mount the path
And claim my every footstep as your own–
And then the pinnacle of perfection in the law,
The crown of five stars
Waiting at the summit?



in the silence of the highest peak
of the highest mountain of the world


1. Luke 11:9.