Pearls of Wisdom

Vol. 18 No. 23 - Gautama Buddha - June 8, 1975


Quietly Comes the Buddha
The Perfection of Courage


To All Who Would Walk in the Way of Courage:

Courage is the sign of the coming of age of the heart. The heart that knows no fear–for love is there–is the heart that is mature, where perfect love, love perfected in the law, has cast out every fear and the torment thereof. <1> As the lion roars in the jungle, the king of the beasts, so let the sound of the chela be the roaring of the heart as the fires of creation burning in the bowl upon the altar proclaim the Christ king of kings and lord of lords.

Courage is for the mastery of the third secret ray, and this ray is the excellence of the divine alchemy of self-awareness. It is a ray that requires the God-control of the Christed one of Aries multiplied by the power of ten. Thus courage and patience go hand in hand as the spirals of Alpha and Omega to complete the action of the secret ray that is midpoint between the first and second and the fourth and fifth.

And so, my friends, friends of Sumedha and of the souls of humanity, let us study together that which makes courage, that which makes patience, that you might safely master the secret rays and find the reward of going within to the white-fire core, the end of all your labors.

Courage is watchfulness. It is the heart that is full of the awareness of the All–the heart that by intuition is aware of every infringement upon the All, every infraction upon the Whole. Those who keep the watch as watchmen on the wall of life must have the courage to defend the citadel of consciousness and the secret chamber of the heart. And the watchman who walks upon the wall of the Lord must be prepared for every foe and every form of consciousness that would leap as a beast in the night out of the depths of the jungle, out of the astral plane, where the emissaries of Mara wait to taunt and to tempt the guardian of the heart.

To be the watchman is to be the lonely one, to be the keeper of the gate of Christed consciousness and of souls aborning in time and space–souls tender, innocent, and helpless in the womb of the Mother. And so as knight champions of old who came to guard the fold and to seek the chalice of the Lord, come one, come all who the Buddha would be. Come to defend the age of God-mastery.

Courage is the flame of endurance–enduring through the night, overcoming the greatest of all foes that is fear. And the ally of fear that is doubt, and the culminations of spirals of fear and doubt which are set forth as the laws of mortality. These dragons of the deep come forth disguised as ghosts of the mist. They masquerade in all their masks of human questioning and querying, all for one end, and that end alone to take from the watchman the countenance of courage and the roar of the son of God, to deprive him of the victory of self before the dawn when, with the early light, angels of the Christ come to ordain the morning of the Mother.

And so you see, it has ever been since the fall of the fallen ones that denizens of darkness have moved against the souls of child-man with fear and trembling in the hours of darkness and the hours of the moon to take from tender souls the gift of the dawn that is the love of the Mother, her comfort and her presence, reborn day by day as promise of fulfillment in love’s own way on love’s own ray.

Therefore let the answer come forth from the watchman on the wall. When the cry is heard, “Watchman, what of the night?”  let the answer be:  “All is well!  All is well!  For God is whole and I am whole. And in that law of harmony, I take the rod of power, the scepter of authority, and I mark upon the sand the circle of our oneness. And I declare, They shall not pass. They shall not enter here. Nay, they shall not defile the virgin consciousness. I am the watchman on the wall of life.”

Now you see, keepers of the flame of life, of the Buddha for humanity, the enemy is ever ready to send forth waves of fear even while you are winning, even as the light crests unto the victory. For when all else is lost, the enemy will inundate the souls of light with tidal waves of fear. It has well been said, we have nothing to fear but fear itself. Just as the sense of struggle makes the struggle, so the enemy seeks to win in the battle of life by convincing you through fear that all is lost.

Take heart I say. Come of age within the threefold flame. Claim the I AM name as the light of Shamballa, the heart of Buddha where you are. Shamballa, the heart of a planet, bursts forth the fire of courage. So be the heart of life where you are, the heart of a family, of loved ones and friends, the heart of a community, the heart of a nation. And let the sound of the heart be the roaring of the lion. Then know, too, that your own beloved Mark,1 who mothers the arc of consciousness here below, takes also as his signet the lion of Saint Mark. The lion is the sign of the attainment of the heart and the one who carries the flame with courage, saying to all who walk along a pilgrim’s way:  “Fear not, for I am with thee. Take courage. Be of good cheer, for I am the flame of love and wisdom and power ever near.”

Let the mark of courage, then, be energy released with alacrity, with fastidiousness to detail, with a keen sense of timing and an utter awareness of space hallowed by the presence of the Holy Ghost. Let courage be determined action, a will fired by love, seasoned by wisdom, matured by the flow of integration in the Mother’s love. By the flame of courage that is closely allied with the cosmic honor flame, the greatest victories of all time have been won. And by the absence of courage, where fear has seized and gripped the hearts of humanity, the greatest defeats of all time are recorded in the annals of cosmic history.

Courage is the mark of those who will to win and those who have won again and again each battle of Armageddon <2> over thousands of years of the defense of the Mother flame. On every front, in every city where souls of light merge their flames for the victory, there the eagles gather <3> as the forces of light drawn by the corpus Christi of the Lord. There, too, the dragons come with their fire and smoke, breathing upon the light-bearers of the age.

On guard!  Draw your swords of living flame!  Stand, face, and conquer!  And let the rapier thrust of the Sacred Word be the fire that proceeds out of the mouth of the two witnesses, the fire of the word that devours the enemy. <4>  Therefore invoke the fire of the throat chakra of the messengers of the Lord, and see how the Lord God in this age will turn back the enemies of the New Jerusalem. <5>  See how the Lord God of hosts will defend his people even as he defended the children of Israel and prepared the way unto the Promised Land. Take courage, take courage, O hearts of fire!  Proclaim your victory!  Proclaim the light of God that never fails. Stand before the tribunal of the world and speak the truth, and see how the truth will make you free. <6>

I rejoice to behold the envelopment of your being in the cosmic honor flame, in a sheath of white fire that is the courage of the Elohim and cosmic beings. For once you taste the sweet elixir of victory and you know the laurel wreath of the conquering hero, you will understand that when you have displayed courage through the unity of the Christ consciousness, one with God is the majority of the victory in any battle, on any front, anywhere in cosmos. And when you have seen the results of courage, determination, forbearance, and a steady moving tempo marching into the light of the sun, God in you and your own soul, like Sumedha, will never ever be defeated again.

Forevermore may your heart be sealed in the flame of courage. Forevermore may you dissolve all errors of the past, all failures of the past, all specters of the night in the dazzling golden white light of the courage of the heart–a heart fired in adversity, a heart sealed in the diamond of God’s love.

To the victors of courage belong the spoils of the human consciousness. The spoils are all of mankind’s misqualified energies that spiral into the flame of purity. And in that conflagration, that transmutation, there is returned to the victor sacred energy of life purified for the overcoming of all strife. To the victor also belong the fruits of overcoming of all the saints and ascended beings. To the victor they gladly give of the momentum of their Causal Bodies. Thus in the nexus of the heart of courage there flow the energies of humanity purified in the crystal stream of God-clarity, and in that heart there flows an abundant measure of the I AM THAT I AM. Thus Christ the victor, Jesus the noble son, sealed in the heart of courage, did proclaim, “All power is given unto me in heaven and in earth.” <7>

Therefore, O my soul–soul of Sumedha, soul of humanity, soul of chelas on the path of the Buddha–clear the heart, the sacred chamber. Expand it wide and long. Increase the height, the breadth, the depth. And when the way is all made clear, welcome the mastery of Dipamkara here. Welcome the Buddha, the lord of lords, the conqueror on the way. Welcome the Lord of All the World into your heart, into the flaming flame of sacred fire, of honor, courage, and purity. And see how God will dwell within the chamber of your heart. See how the fire will swell. See how the white light will swirl to the movement of the pulse of Shamballa. See how the expansion of consciousness will come to those who have the courage to be.

I AM the Buddha in the heart of humanity. Summon now your divinity.



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