Pearls of Wisdom

Vol. 18 No. 24 - Gautama Buddha - June 15, 1975


Quietly Comes the Buddha

The Perfection of Patience


To All Who Would Enter into the Communion of the Saints:

Just as courage is the sign of the coming of age of the heart, so patience is the sign of the coming of age of the soul. And patience is the understanding of the saints. It is the long-suffering of those who above all would harmonize the light of the soul with the flow of cosmic law. For this is the patience of the saints–to endure all things until the fulfillment of the law of cycles.

Those who would return to the white-fire core of being via the sorrowful way and the way of the mastery of the five secret rays must come into alignment with the inner blueprint of life through trial and tribulation and through the testing of the soul in measures of discipline that are for the trying of the patience of the saints.

There will be times–mark my words well, chelas of the Buddhic light–when you will be required to stand fast against the hurricane of the astral plane. And you will stand upon the rock of Christ and cling to the Tree of Life as the fierce wind and the storm, violent in its vituperation, becomes the unleashing of the black magic of Mara and his band against the soul who dares to stand in the place where the Buddha has stood to proclaim the law.

In that hour of trial, remember the Bo-tree, and let your refuge and your strength come from God on high, who has set his seal upon you to be the Buddha of the law. Every erg of energy that seems to be the adversary must be counted as karma and as the dharma of the soul. Consider then the law of cause and effect. Consider that you yourself have sown the wind and that if you would enter in to the fiery core of being, you must first reap the whirlwind. <1>

So then, in order to pass the test of the ten and of the five secret rays, you must know that you are God–God in actuality, God in manifestation, God in every aspect of your expression. More than knowing, you must be the Creator in the creation. You must render unto him the things which belong to him. <2>  Every organ in your body is a focal point for the release of God’s light. Every cell and every system in the physical temple is designed to be the instrument for the flow of God’s energy into the physical octave.

You must know that God lives in your heart as the threefold flame of Shamballa’s light. You must know that God is the seed identity of your soul. You must know that God is a sun blazing in every chakra. But more than that, you must understand that even the physical organs are instruments of the Lord’s expression.

When you declare, “I AM THAT I AM,” you must not exclude the temple. Therefore, let God be your brain as well as your mind. Let him be your physical heart as well as the spiritual chamber therein. Let him be your eyes, your nose, your mouth. Let God be your lungs and your liver, your kidneys and your gallbladder, if you will, and every good thing which he has made as an instrument for the flow of the law.

Think not this a desecration. For I tell you that if you would be the body of God upon earth, you must seal every part of that body in light daily. And when you call forth the protection of Archangel Michael you must see the physical as well as the spiritual complement of the whole being charged with blue-white lightning flushing out the toxins that are physical and the poisons that seep from the astral plane and attach themselves to molecules of light, causing disintegration, old age, disease, and death.

When I went forth from my father’s house and saw for the first time the factors of mortality–the plight of decrepitude, a diseased body, the lingering of death, and how these three imprison the flame of being, I felt the power of God welling up from within my soul, and I heard the fiat of my own master declaring the truth of being:


I AM the life everlasting
I AM the life universal and triumphant
I AM the life overcoming sin, disease, and death
I AM the glory of the law and the glory of the victory
I AM the Word incarnate
Make me free, make me free, make me free, O Siddhartha!


I heard the call, I heard the compelling of the Logos, and the fire burned within my heart and soul and mind. I saw the mists of maya, I saw the temptations of Mara, and I knew that I must take my stand unflinchingly, unceasingly, determinedly. For mankind must be free from the stain of sin and the sordid aspects of selfishness. Mankind must know the law.

In order for mankind to know that law, I must be that law through and through. I must not exclude the body, for the body is the Mother. I must not allow the forces of disintegration to attach themselves to my body temple or to any part thereof. I must wield the sword of the Mother to defend truth in every atom and molecule of Matter.

By thus proving that God himself can and shall dwell in the tabernacle of Matter, I would prove for all eternity, for all evolutions descending into this vale of tears, that there is a way out. And that way begins with the flushing-out of all debris and discord of the human consciousness. And that flushing-out can be brought about only by invocation to the flame; for only the flame of God blazing, blazing in every plane of cosmic consciousness, has the power to consume all wrong and every desecration of the Divine Mother.

I AM the Buddha of the law. I am patiently waiting for mankind to come into the awareness of responsibility and, with that, the responsibility for bearing one another’s burden, for carrying a balanced burden on both shoulders–to the right the weight of personal karma, to the left the weight of planetary karma. Thus I wait for mankind to possess their souls in the patience of the fulfillment of the law.

This is the great call of the Buddhas of the ages–the call to come into the communion of the saints, to wash your garments in the crystal flowing stream of the Mother chakra, to dip into the Ganges, and to know that God can purify, God can sanctify, God can make holy even the muddied waters of the great River of Life. And so God, in the patience of the fulfillment of the law, can also sanctify the bread and the wine as the flow of the blood of Christ and of the body of the Lord.

Chelas of the Buddha, look up and live in the light!  For miracles are happening every day. Remember the miracle of finding a four-leaf clover. Remember the joy of searching, searching, and then picking that four-leaf clover and knowing that the law of God in nature was proof that life is good.

The miracle of the three-leaf clover is the miracle of the threefold flame, of the sacred trinity of Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva, which Saint Patrick taught to the good people of Ireland as the trinity of Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. Now understand that when you have found the four-leaf clover, you have found the Mother. And the fourth leaf is for the crystallization of the God flame in Mater. It is for the amplification of the light. It is the purity of the Mother that releases the power of the Father, the wisdom of the Son, and the love of the Spirit Most Holy.

This is the miracle of life–that the saints in their patience await the coming of the Mother into manifestation, that the saints endure the return of karma, of every astrological aspect, of every effect which they have set in motion as cause. And the saints receive into their four lower bodies personal and planetary karma, and they draw in to the fiery vortex of the heart all energies requiring transmutation–enduring, enduring all that the law requires for the fulfillment of the promise of the coming of the Mother.

Run to greet her on the path of life!  Strew the flowers gathered in the fields. Strew them along the way. Let little children, with their chubby hands, pick the flowers for the coming of the Mother. Run to greet her!  For with every step upon the ladder of Buddhic initiation, you approach the fiery center, the womb of the Starry Mother.

She comes along the path. See her in the distance descending the mountain, over the hills and into the valleys–she comes to gather her children. She comes to receive them, one and all, into her arms of love. Without discrim­ination the Mother comes. She sees no flaw at all among her children. Each child to her is a precious flower of the heart of the Father. And her love for the Father is such that her adoration unto him makes of every child born of his heart a flower in her bouquet of praise.

When you greet the Mother, give to her the flowers you have picked; for she will take them gladly and joyously to her heart, there to place them upon the altar of the Christ, a gift of the children unto the Father. In the name of love, then, the Mother is the mediator of the flow from the Father unto the children and from the children unto the Father. She is the intercessor of his great wisdom and of their incomparable innocence.

To have and to hold the gift of the Mother is worth the exercise of patience. Therefore, patiently, patiently invoke the transmutation of all that the law doth require of thee. Patiently search for the four-leaf clover. Patiently pick the wild flowers in the fields of life. And receive both the tempest and the calm as the sign of the coming of the Lord and the turning of the wheel of the law–receiving, receiving the fruits of all planes into the fire of the heart for the glorious consummation of Alpha and Omega.

I AM in the patience of the law the Buddha forever,



1. Hos. 8:7.

2. Matt. 22:21.