Pearls of Wisdom

Vol. 18 No. 26 - Gautama Buddha - June 29, 1975


Quietly Comes the Buddha

The Perfection of Truth


Chelas Becoming the Life Universal and Triumphant:

Truth is the seventh perfection of the law. Truth is the crystal flowing stream of consciousness without flaw. It is truth that frees mankind from the bane of error. And what of the vanity of vanities?  Truth is willingness to assess actualities–to stand, face, and conquer what is manifesting here in time and space. To stand at the nexus of the cross of being and to admit to oneself the right and the wrong of thought and feeling, word and action–this is to be a pillar of truth.

Let us not prevaricate; let us not equivocate. Let us place our case squarely on the foundation of truth. Truth is an invincible shield, a mighty armor of the Lord and of the law of the Lord shining in his righteousness. Truth is the sword of the Sacred Word. Truth is the understanding of absolute perfection in the I AM Presence and of absolute compassion in the Christ Self. Truth is the understanding of the soul and of many souls striving to become one with the Absolute. To claim the truth of the immaculate conception is your right and your duty; but to reverse the roles of the Christ and of Mara, of the Real Self and the carnal mind–this is to imprison the lightning of his splendor.

Now let Wisdom teach her children the precepts of the law. To retain the energy of the Holy Spirit without flaw is to perfect the crystal chalice of self-awareness that it might contain the flow of Mother’s energy sparkling in the sun, bursting through the crystal matrix of her love. Chelas of the Mother have been taught to define selfhood–on one hand to set forth the truth of the attributes of reality which exist as the blueprint of identity at the fiery core of being, and on the other hand to draw the lines of obvious karma and the manifestation of the consequences of sins of omissions and of commission.

If you have a bad temper, do not deny it before God, before self, or before your peers. But have the courage, which you have won as the fifth perfection of the law, to confess your fault. Be humble and be patient to ask thy companions on the path to keep the flame for thee, to tarry and to pray for thee, to uphold thy bodies and thy soul through the temptations of the night. Call for the reinforcements, the guardian angels; for all the hosts of heaven and of earth will serve the soul who is willing to acknowledge the absence of the Divine Whole in manifestation. Blessed are they who know they are poor in Spirit; <1> for in acknowledging their impoverished state, they affirm the vacuum that is then fill by the Spirit and they gain thereby the kingdom of heaven.

What shall be, then, your affirmation of truth?  What shall be your denial of error?  Claim the calm God-control, the equanimity of consciousness and of flow which you know your Christ Self to be, your God Self to be. Then command the atoms and molecules of lesser consciousness into the flame of living truth as you pray unto the Lord:  “O God, I believe!  Help thou mine unbelief. <2>  O God, the I AM in me is the perfection of my temper and my temperament. Help thou mine imperfections. This is my earnest confession before the Christ who stands at the altar of sacred being in the temple of my heart.”  Thus you invoke the purging fires of the Buddhic light and you make progress, though sometimes painful, on the path of truth.

Watch out!  I say watch out for the self-deceptions of the ego that claims a separate existence from reality. Many among mankind have such a momentum of self-deception that it is, as you say, a defense mechanism of the unreal self. And that self has convinced the soul that in order to survive in the world, it must continually compromise truth or rearrange the facts so as to protect that self from harm. But the greatest harm of all is the denial of the Real Self that results from the practice of deception. Therefore, keep a balanced course as the morning star twinkling in the heavens makes the sign of the dove descending and you hear within your heart the approbation of the Lord “This is my beloved Son–this is my beloved Daughter–in whom I AM well pleased.” <3>

Mark well the statements that you make. Listen to your words. Remove exaggeration, imagination, vain and proud talking calculated to impress another. Beware recounting past sins to impress fellow disciples. Beware recounting those most sacred experiences that must be held between guru and chela inviolate in the silence of the All-knowing. Beware the taking of the joy of freedom’s flame and turning it to misqualification in vulgar stories and base humor that appeals to the carnal elements of the human consciousness. Feed not the vile demons with vile speech, and refrain from swearing. As Christ said, “Swear not at all; neither by heaven; for it is God’s throne:  nor by the earth; for it is his footstool.” <4>  And let the statement of your reason for being echo the words of the avatar “To this end was I born, and for this cause came I unto the world, that I should bear witness unto the truth.” <5>

Plant the markers of the triangle of your consciousness firmly in the sands of time, and let the coordinates of your space be poise and equanimity posited in reality. Withdraw the sting and the poison of the viper by denying the power of error, and confirm and bear witness to the truth that “God is the all-power of being and the only power that can act.”  Understand that this statement itself is a consuming fire that will transmute the cause and core of error’s claim. But recognize that in the crucible of relativity in tempus there is the finite existence of error that must be challenged, that must be checked by the thrust of the mind, the proclamation of the law, invocation to the sacred fire, and decrees offered unto the divinity of your soul.

It is not scientific to face the chaos of the carnal mind and to turn your back and say, “It is not real.”  if you do not understand that in transition, in that band of consciousness through which you are evolving, man and woman whom God hath made have assigned by free will a temporary reality and a temporary existence to that error which is the fabrication of their own consciousness. Man and woman created in the image of God are co-creators with life. As co-creators having free will, they have sent forth those imperfections, those laws of mortality, by which they have bound and imprisoned the energy of God. Thus they have imprisoned the lightning. Thus they must take the key of sacred alchemy and unlock the prison doors and set the captive free.

Thus in the name of the I AM THAT I AM, the creative potential of a cosmos, man and woman must withdraw all misqualified energy from matrices of imperfection, from patterns of error. Man and woman on Terra have endowed evil, as the energy veil, with life. They have proclaimed maya as real, and they worship at the feet of the human personality while failing to render just judgment of the actualities of the Now.

As Morya says, be willing to call a spade a spade, to face the dark, the ugly, and the sordid aspects of self. For you have yet to slay the dweller on the threshold, the conglomerate of human creation that will one day rise from the depths of the subconsciousness as “the beast that ascendeth out of the bottomless pit.” <6>  And then you will be forced to behold the accumulation of all that has conspired against the truth of being with the consent of your free will.

Practice maketh perfect. And in the proving of the law of being, you must day by day wield the sword of truth to slay the lesser dragons. For the ultimate test will surely come, and you will stand as David before the Goliath <7> of your own erroneous consciousness. There will be no one to blame but your own lesser self and its ratification of the law of mortality. Nevertheless, if you follow the way of the Christ and the Buddha while there is yet time and space, you shall stand all one in the flame of living truth that has become the majority of your being. For you shall have focused reality by proof–by proving each precept of the law. And it will be the spiral of truth that has become the sword of truth which you will use to pierce the heart of the beast of self-deception.

Now let each worded cadence, each phrase, each thought and feeling be measured against the absolute truth of being and the actualities of the plane of relativity. Now let assessments be made based on that which has in fact been externalized as virtue or as vice. And let us proceed from present levels of attainment to build our castles in the sky and to secure the bastions of identity in the foundations of that castle grounded on the rock of truth secure in the mastery of the Mater plane.

And when truth means more to you than life itself, you will, with the soul of Sumedha, gladly give your life in sacrifice to set the warriors of truth free. Therefore, be willing to keep your word, to keep the covenants of the promise you have made to God and man at the sacrifice of life or limb if necessary. Above all, consider then the equation of truth whereby, in the flow of the Word, the comfort of the Holy Spirit becomes the truth that is applicable in the moments of time descending the hourglass of space.

Let truth be loyalty to the cause of the Brotherhood. Let it be the defense of the purity and the integrity of the Whole. Let truth be the protection of every earnest soul, but let it not be a hiding place for a den of thieves.

Truth will win if you have the courage to proclaim it; for with truth comes the judgment, and with the judgment the rendering of the measure of karma to the left and to the right of the scales of being. Truth is a catalyst for progress. And if you must be stripped of your garments of outer consciousness until you stand naked before God and man, then let it be in commemoration of him who was despised and rejected of men, <8> who stood in the place of the flame of reality and was not afraid of the ultimate exposure of consciousness. For he who abides in the flame of truth has nothing to hide.

Never mind, precious ones, for the law will fulfill the exposure with or without your consent. As it is written:  “There is nothing covered, that shall not be revealed; neither hid, that shall not be known. Therefore whatsoever ye have spoken in darkness shall be heard in the light; and that which ye have spoken in the ear in closets shall be proclaimed upon the housetops.” <9>

Sooner or later the Great Law will proclaim every aspect of being that is less than truth. Therefore, leap as a joyous emerald fire to proclaim the truth, to confess all that is undesirable!  And see how compassion, as the flame of love, will exalt in you and fire in you true being. See then how identity will increase spiral by spiral!  For you have dared to be the truth.

I am in the flame of God-reality witnessing unto the truth of the ages.


of Shamballa



Heart, Head, and Hand Decrees

by El Morya


I AM ascension light,
Victory flowing free,
All of Good won at last
For all eternity!

I AM light, all weights are gone!
Into the air I raise–
To all I pour with full God-power
My wondrous song of praise!

All hail! I AM the living Christ,
The ever-loving One!
Ascended now with full God-power,
I AM a blazing sun!


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