Pearls of Wisdom

Vol. 18 No. 27 - Gautama Buddha - July 6, 1975


Quietly Comes the Buddha

The Perfection of Resolution


Chelas Striving to Enter in to the Nobility of the Flame:

Those who would ensnare mankind in the lies of the not-self have taken the great impersonal law of being, the very truth of life itself, and perverted that flame into the personality of evil. They skillfully entrap mankind into identifying with the mass consciousness and the veil of maya that enshrouds the planet in a garb of mourning. By and by, individuals allow their chakras to become funnels for the flow of dirty energy that contaminates the rivers and streams of consciousness which make up the network of the mass mind and feeling body of a planetary evolution. Now the individual takes in and takes on the vibrations that sustain the energy veil called evil and personalizes, through impure action and vibration, whatever aspect of this force and forcefield may be magnetized to his world through conscious and subconscious cycles of negative karma.

Therefore, you must understand that as long as you disguise the errors of the past in the modes of the human personality, you yourself will always be guilty of personalizing evil. And then there follows the syndrome of shame and remorse for the evil that you have personalized through thought and feeling, word and action at the very point of reality where in truth God is realizing himself in time and space independent of mortal folly. When the dawn cometh, when the sun of being riseth and you behold the Real Self free from the contamination of sin, then the white-fire core of being will soar as the dove of the flame of purity to consume the cause and core of both personal and impersonal error.

Understand, precious ones, that the sins which are common to the human race have been imposed upon mankind by the fallen ones who have tattooed upon the subconsciousness the lie that man and woman are inherently sinful. As you approach, then, the altar of resolution, the eighth perfection of the law, know that you must instill the clarity of truth as awareness of selfhood and deprive the fallen ones of their booty by denying their claim to the personality of evil. In the absolute awareness of being, there is only the personality of good. And this good is God in you the victor.

When you look upon the fallen ones who embodiment after embodiment have personified the energy veil, you see in their faces the mark of nonexistence, the grayness of the not-self, and you see the whited sepulchers <1> hollowed by inharmonious spirits when they could have been hallowed by the law of the one all-pervading Spirit. Mark well my words:  When the unquenchable fire comes in the baptism of the Holy Ghost, the chaff, as the seed of the wicked generation, is burned up in an instant and is no more. <2>

Be free from the lie that evil is any part of your real personality, the personality of your soul. Recognize that this energy veil has been superimposed upon the law of being like a shroud, smothering the soul, preventing the flow of the breath of the Holy Spirit that would daily cleanse and purify and renew life. Only when you take the sword of truth and pierce the many masks of the human personality can you be rid of the contents of the mask–that erroneous consciousness which cannot exist outside the mold of the human personality with its claim to reality.

Now then, let us consider the Perfection of Resolution. This is the testing of the soul in its invincible awareness of the Whole. How can you be resolute if you are not first founded on the rock of truth?  How can you be immovable as the mountains of Lemuria, as the Himalayas and the Rockies, when you are uncertain of who you are, what you are, where you are?

To be firm, to be established in the law of being, you must know identity as the I AM THAT I AM and you must proclaim yourself a devotee of the Buddha and, like Sumedha, a Buddha in the world to be. And those whose destiny it is to carve in the clay of consciousness the Madonna of the Lilies, to be the Mother of the World, the polarity of the Buddha, must also claim the I AM name as the flame of the Mother. To define the Real Self and then to expose the usurpations of the office of the Real Self by the carnal mind, to dig them out fiercely–mercilessly–one by one, and to refine step by step all that is contained in the hallowed circle of being that you call “myself”–this is to make progress on the Path.

The Path is a spiral moving to the center of the white-fire core. Many have not entered there for many incarnations. For while advancing on the track of the spiral that is the fire infolding itself, <3> they have come to a halt, a narrow pass in rocky heights. They have turned back. They have said:  “The air is too refined. I cannot breathe the atmosphere of Spirit. The climb is too rigorous and my pack too heavy. I will tarry in this niche of consciousness and make the trek to the summit another time.”

The delusions of time and space have ever been the weapons of deception employed by the fallen one. And his emissaries will always tell the soul moving toward the center of being:  “Another day, another year is suitable for the surrender. It is not necessary to put yourself under undue pressure. Remove yourself for a time from those fanatical ones, those devotees of the flame. Your path is not their path. There are many paths. Take it easy. Rest yourself along the way. You have earned and you deserve a much needed repose.”

This is the line of the fallen ones. And to it they add whatever line of reasoning appeals most to the rebellion and the perverseness of the not-self. They say:  “Take time out from the Path to indulge your family and your friends. For if you do not, they will curse you; they will leave you. And then you will be alone, and you know that you cannot make it alone.”

What will you answer when the lies of the wicked come like smoke seeping through the cracks in the window and underneath the door?  If you inhale the stench of the Liar and the lie, you will find yourself delaying the overcoming until you are overcome by the delay. For delay is the attenuation of energies that ought to be concentrated in the crucible. But he who is the flame of living truth has proclaimed, “Behold, I come quickly.” <4>  The trial by fire must be administered by angels of fire who quickly scorch the human consciousness as angels of the harvest burn the stubble of the field to set the soul free from the debris of carnality and clear the soil for a new sowing.

The swift and sudden coming of the lightning of the mind of God is the Lord’s instrument for those who would be victorious in the way of the tempter. For in the moment of victory, an intensity of soul fire must be sustained. And this sustaining of the fire is intended to remain so and not to be dispersed; for once the fire is dispersed, the ability to summon the full measure of strength required is lost and you must await another cycle for the concentration of energies.

The fallen ones know that the cycles of life according to the law of the yang and the yin are alternately for the concentration of God-power in the masculine ray of the Godhead and then the release of that power throughout the Cosmic Egg in the feminine ray. Victories are won in the concentrated white-fire core of the masculine ray (the yang). Then comes the ritual of the sustainment whereby the victory spans the cosmos with the light of joy as the burst of life from the heart and the feminine realization (the yin) that I AM God here and now and everywhere.

Beware the fables of the fallen ones. For they will taunt you and try to take from you, surely as I am the Buddha of the World, your firm resolve to be unshaken by the boisterous winds that sweep across the sea to test the moorings of the tree planted on the hillside of the world. Are the roots deep enough and firm enough to hold the trunk and branches in their place?  Are you grounded in the law, O my soul, Sumedha, soul of humanity?  Are your feet firmly planted in the soil of the Mother?

Take care, O my soul, to be resolute in the precepts pure. Take care when the attractions personifying the animal magnetism of the lower nature draw thee to the dark pools of astral consciousness. There is no other time for the resolution of the victory than the now. No other time or space exists except the here and now. Past, present, and future are contained within the now. The now is the moment of causation. The now is the moment of self-realization. And the here is the point of the precipitation of the God flame.

You cannot act in the past or in the future except you act in the now to correct the wrongs of the past and to plow a straight furrow for future beginnings as well as the harvest of your winnings. See then how Mara, that fallen one, has stolen from the Mother and her children pearls of opportunity for self-transformation. Again and again he has taken portions of that which belongs to the Mother, segments of time and space, in order to use the coordinates of relativity unto the destruction of souls.

Now, chelas of the law, seize from the fallen ones their domination of time and space!  Challenge the cycles of the energy veil which they have spun over the coordinates of time and space like a spider’s web to catch the souls of light!  Take the sword of truth and of resolution strong and sweep it through that spider’s web, and see revealed instead starry bodies adorning the firmament of God’s being hanging in the skies. Now, my soul, realize that these are the starry bodies of those who have seized the coordinates of time and space and used them to the glory of the Mother. These are the starry crystal fragments of the Christos assuming their role in the mystical body of the Buddha and the Mother.

See how you can become where you are a starry body instead of the procrastinator who defies the Great Initiator by turning his back upon the tests, walking away from the flame and into the hornet’s nest. When you leave the haven of hierarchy, you will find the mob of the astral waiting to eat your flesh and drink your blood. Like vultures and vampires of the night, they pervert the sacred ritual of the Eucharist which the saints do share. Therefore, affirm your resolution. Be willing, then, to give your flesh as meat indeed, your blood as the elixir of life to devotees who follow you on the path of initiation under Maitreya. For if you turn away from the light and the true path of the Christ and the Buddha, surely it shall come to pass that the fallen ones will comsume the being and the consciousness of the one who has an unclear, undefined awareness of selfhood.

You are not jellyfish!  You are not protoplasm suspended in the brine!  You have a starry blueprint and a skeletal framework which the Lord God has framed and draped with sacred essence of the body of the Mother. Be swift, my soul!  Be swift to invite initiation–to take it from the heart, the head, the hand of the Mother. And know that hierarchy is releasing to you the confirmation of being through each successive step of initiation.

I am the resolution of the law within you. I am the confirmation of true being. I stand immovable upon the rock. Stand with me, and we shall see the stillness of the stars after the hurricane has passed.

I AM at Shamballa the Buddha of the lighthouse.





I AM Light

by Kuthumi

I AM light, glowing light,
Radiating light, intensified light.
God consumes my darkness,
Transmuting it into light.

This day I AM a focus of the Central Sun.
Flowing through me is a crystal river,
A living fountain of light
That can never be qualified
By human thought and feeling.
I AM an outpost of the Divine.
Such darkness as has used me is swallowed up
By the mighty river of light which I AM.

I AM, I AM, I AM light;
I live, I live, I live in light.
I AM light’s fullest dimension;
I AM light’s purest intension.
I AM light, light, light
Flooding the world everywhere I move,
Blessing, strengthening, and conveying
The purpose of the kingdom of heaven.


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