Pearls of Wisdom

Vol. 18 No. 28 - Gautama Buddha - July 13, 1975


Quietly Comes the Buddha

The Perfection of Goodwill


Chelas Seeking and Finding the Ninth Perfection of the Law:


Now hear the word of the Buddha of the flame!
Hear the word that speaks
From out the flame within your heart!
Behold the rising spirals three,
Patterned course of solar destiny!
Behold the intertwining of Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva!
Behold the braid of fire
That crowns the head of Cosmic Virgin!

In the ninth perfection of the law,
Discover now the sacred formula
Of the Master Alchemist,
The mystery of the three-times-three.
Goodwill, it is the ninth perfection,
Three times three.
The flow of blue-fire energy
Is for the building of the pyramid of the soul.
Three times three, it is goodwill
That seals Creator and creation in the Whole.
Three times three, blue-fire energy
Of goodwill as fire flowing,
Sealing the matrix of your resolution
Of the precepts pure–as mental knowing
And crystal water cleansing, invigorating, glowing.
The power-wisdom-love of the three-times-three
In goodwill come full circle,
Flawless blue-white diamond
Hidden in the earth of the Mother.

Let goodwill flow to the right hand and to the left, to friend and foe alike. As the sun shines upon the just and the unjust, <1> so for the sake of soul expansion and soul freedom, be a solar disc shining through the crystal of the mind of God. Be alive and brilliant in the oneness of the three-times-three!  Dare to stand in the presence of the one who ensouls goodwill as the law of cosmos!  Dare to make your aura the aura of the Logos!  Stand, O my soul, in the place where the sun of goodwill caresses the mind, refreshes the body, and implants the kiss, a diamond dewdrop, on the petal of the rose of the heart.

The action of the three-times-three is the balanced integration of the ascending triangle of Mater and the descending triangle of Spirit. The law of the balance is the key to this mystery. Contemplate the balance, then, of the threefold flame, of the scales of Libra, the balance of the flow of energy in time and space, in the hourglass, the figure eight, and the Maltese cross. Meditate on the balance of the inbreath and the outbreath, on the receiving and the giving of solar fires and solar breath.


Behold the enlightenment of the law!
Tend the fires of goodwill
For self-proclaimed enemies,
For the idolaters of your person,
For those who come at eventide
To bask in the fires of your hearth,
To sup at your table,
And to hear the word of wisdom.
Watch the flow!  Watch the flow!
And see how goodwill is the key
To the redemption of all energy
Imprisoned in the dungeon of former selves
That you have willed.

Now will another self!
Now create in the image of God!
Decipher the code of creation
As you watch intently the molecules of goodwill
Flowing through all form and substance,
Through the air and through the water,
In the earth and in the fire–
Translucent spheres like sparkling prana,
Thought forms of Gautama
Released from the mind of the Lord of the World.
Watch the flow of energy throughout a cosmos
And the solar systems of the atoms!
Watch the movement of goodwill,
And learn now this perfection to instill
In every chakra, in every point of flow.
For as above, so below,
The lightning of the mind of God
Will flow and flow and flow
Through every soul dedicated to goodwill.
Boundless energy!
Boundless creativity!
Freedom to move and to be in Love
The perfection that you are
Is unlocked by the key of goodwill.



Let love be in your heart a consuming fire, burning the hatred of the aggressor, of the professor who professes anti-God and the philosophy of the Liar and the lie. Let charity be the handmaid of goodwill. Let it be the ruby ray that pierces, like a laser beam, those who take counsel to put to death the Christ, the Anointed One, your own Real Self. Let charity be a flame that turns back the vengeance of the fallen ones who would exact retribution from the Mother and her children for the death of Lucifer <2> and the children of the wicked one. Let goodwill expand now; I say, let it expand as a fiery blue sphere growing–growing in the hearts of devotees of the Buddha and the Mother.

When I walk the earth strewing flowers along the pathways, in the valleys and the mountains, anticipating the coming of the Mother, I shall look for, and I shall expect to find, chelas glowing in the meditation of the blue sphere of goodwill, chelas glowing in the action of goodwill. I look for the eyes that sparkle, for hearts abounding in joyousness and love. I look for smiling, upturned faces waiting on the Presence all the day. I look for those who listen with intent to hear the word of goodwill and then run to do that word, to be that will, to prove the law as love in action, in service, and in service, and in service.


Keep on keeping on,
Lovers of the Buddha,
Children of the Mother!
Be dispensers of goodwill
And mark the place where God doth will
The fullness of himself
In form and formlessness,
In the sanctuary of being,
In the soul and in the mind,
In the threefold fire
Burning on the altar of the heart.
Be goodwill
And see how God will fulfill himself
In the diamond in the center of the flame.

Now this day let that flame
Consume all retribution and the desire therefor,
And let your desiring be
For victory, for victory!
Let your desiring be to know the law,
To meditate upon the law,
To extend the law
Through consciousness throughout the cosmos
And then to watch intently
As atoms of goodwill,
As components of God’s being,
Outpicture the geometry of God-Goodwill
Through time and space
Because you keep the image of perfection
As the diamond without flaw.


I AM in the heart of the flame the Buddha of goodwill.



1. Matt. 5:45.

2. On July 5, 1975, beloved Alpha announced that Lucifer, the Fallen One, was bound by Michael the Archangel, taken to the Court of the Sacred Fire on Sirius where he stood trial before the Four and Twenty Elders in the final judgment, and went through the second death.