The Fourth Vial






Children of the One Who Would Enter

the Flaming Presence of the Dawn:

I come forth from the white-fire core of the Great Central Sun! I step out of the fires of the dawn, and my angels with me. We come kissed by the golden pink glow ray. The fires of love and purity, as dewdrop and crystal, flow from our garments as we traverse the morning with the angels of the dawn.

Children of the sun, I would that you would become worshipers of the dawn and of the sun. For in your meditation upon the rising orb of Helios and Vesta, you face the East and behold the rising Christ and the consciousness thereof illumining a darkened world. And you see in the fire that pierces the night with the morning light the image of your own I AM Presence. You glimpse the brilliance in physical, tan­gible manifestation of the I AM THAT I AM.

So dazzling is the sun of God that mortal eyes can scarcely focus upon that concentrated energy. And the rays of the sun, as they filter through the impurities of the atmosphere, can be harmful to body, soul, and mind. Yet this is but a fragment of the I AM Presence

focused in time and space to awaken your soul memory of the Infinite One. Such a minute fraction of your own God-reality is this center of your solar system, can you imagine what it would be like to see the sun behind the sun, your own I AM Presence? To visualize the replica focused so lovingly and tenderly, so tangibly by Helios and Vesta is enough to increase in a moment your perception of inner spheres.

Therefore, you see, I would that you would become worshipers of the dawn, that you might carry with you throughout the day the God consciousness of your God-reality and never for a moment forget as you walk the strait and narrow path1 to your ascension that hovering very near is the great dazzling sun of your own I AM Presence releasing limitless light and energy, the abundance of every good and perfect gift of wisdom and love and power and the many mansions of the Father's house2 that' are lowered even now into physical manifestation for the enshrining of the flame of the Mother.

Yes, I come for the judgment; but I look beyond the judgment. And I see through the crystal of the mind of God — and not in the crystal ball of the psy­chic moon-gazers —beyond the crucifixion, beyond the fiery cross of trial and tribulation, the hour of the resurrection of the sons and daughters of God. Yes, I see the way clearly marked. I see the way of the overcomers who walk into the light of the dawn, who are not content to bask in the light of the Presence, but who follow that light with the intensity of an absolute God-determination to return to the One.

Children of the One, we shall deliver the golden vial unto the generations of Terra —but not before we have stood in the presence of every son and daughter of God, every child of light on Terra. For I am the angel of the annunciation. Therefore I announce to you your virgin birth in the womb of the Cosmic Virgin. I


announce to you that you are of the seed of Alpha, that you have been sired by Almighty God, that you have been nourished by the fires of the heart of Omega, and that you have been set for the fall and rising again of many in Israel and for a sign, which is the sign of the Logos, which shall be spoken against.3 You have been sent into this world — although you are not of this world — as instruments of the Lord's judgment, even as you have come to balance the scales of your own uses and misuses of God's energy.

Let the violet flame go before me! Let it fall from the heavens as the lightning and the thunder of the Holy Spirit! Let it rise from the fountains of the deep4 and from the sun of even pressure in the heart of the earth. Let the undulations of the violet flame now pave the way for the annunciation of the purity of the soul before the souls of the light-bearers are surrounded with the darkness that must surely come before the light of the dawn.

Do not question my word. For in the moment when you read this communication from on high, sent and signified by the messenger of the Lord, you will know that I am standing in your presence. And if you will close your eyes and meditate upon the sun cen­tered within your heart, you will receive the flow of purity from my causal body and the golden pink glow ray of the angels of my band.

Take then this Pearl of Wisdom and read it again and again. At the hour and the moment of the dawn, face the East as the Muhammadans do. And let your prayers be unto the Christ in all mankind and unto the universal Christ; and know that in that moment of communion, the purity of your soul is reinforced for the battle in the Dark Cycle.

Know this, O chela of the law, that I can and I shall come to you in the first fiery glimmer of the dawn that is the hope of the resurrection of the son of God.

As surely as I came to Anna and Joachim to announce the birth of the child Mary,5 as surely as I came to Elisabeth and Zacharias to proclaim the coming of John the Baptist,6 as surely as I went before the virgin to announce the birth of the Saviour,7 so I shall stand before you — not only to speak the word of the birth of your soul in the flaming spirit of the resurrection, but also to transfer from my flaming aura to your own the energies of the Great Central Sun in the white-fire core of life.

Let my presence pierce the veil of skepticism and cynicism and the endless human questioning —ques­tioning even the very existence of the archangels and the angelic host. What blasphemy against the Lord God himself to deny the existence of the angels who personify the great feelings of the Almighty for the creation biding in the planes of Materl

I am Gabriel; and I come with Hope, my own divine complement, in the flame of our joint mission. Our hope for the restoration of the souls of the fallen ones is never for a moment set aside. As long as there is life and even the flickering of the flame of life upon the altar of the heart, we breathe the breath of the Holy Spirit upon that life, upon that flame, fanning the flame with renewal, directing the consciousness to new horizons.

Each day is a day of hope —hope for resurrection, hope for the setting of the records straight, for the clearing of the fire body (repository of the blueprint of the divine plan), the clearing of the etheric envelope of all of the sordid or supercilious aspects of human life. I should say human existence; for those who inhabit the veils of mortality, gray and shadowed, that keep the consciousness in a perpetual state of mourning, of complaining, of a sense of loss and of the sense that life is not meting out the just portion, those who dwell in the semi-state of awareness of the True Self—these truly have not yet begun to live. They have only a quasi-existence that remains to be quickened by the fires of the Holy Spirit.

Let the trumpets of the archangels sound and let the dead be raised incorruptible! For the human con­sciousness shall be changed. And this that is corrupt­ible man must put on the incorruption of the Divine Man. Therefore, in this hour of the judgment, let this mortal put on immortality.8 This is my annunci­ation and this is the electrode of my life which I trans­fer to you — you who would be light-bearers to the age.

Now when you practice the ritual of the opening of the door of the heart which was told to you by the Archeia Christine and you receive the Mother and the initiations of Maitreya through the Mother and you receive me, Gabriel, an archangel, in the name of the Lord, you will begin the transformation through the stations of the cross and the initiations of the trans­figuration, the crucifixion, the resurrection, and the ascension. And you will proclaim with the endless voices of the heavenly hosts who come in celebration of your victory:

"So when this corruptible shall have put on incor­ruption and this mortal shall have put on immortality, then shall be brought to pass the saying that is written, Death is swallowed up in victory. O death, where is thy sting? O grave, where is thy victory? The sting of death is sin; and the strength of sin is the law. But thanks be to God, which giveth us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ."9

Now the moment is come, and the fourth angel descending from the Temple of the Tabernacle of the Testimony doth pour out his vial upon the sun [upon the etheric plane, the plane of the fire element], and power is given unto him to scorch men with fire. And this is the sacred fire by which mankind are scorched with a great heat, so much so that they blaspheme the name of God, the Almighty One, the only one who hath power over these plagues. And therefore, as it is written, they repented not to give him glory.10

Stand fast, then, to behold the salvation of our God!11 And behold the death of the wicked12 and of the generations of the wicked. For the fallen ones and their carnal creation are brought to naught on that notable day of the Lord — the day of the release of the sacred fire.

I am the archangel of ascension's fires. I stand in the brilliance of the noonday to counteract the mid­night hour. I stand before the throne of God to inter­cede before the Lord God Almighty on behalf of those who blaspheme his name. I shield his throne from the echoings of mankind's infamy. And the thundering and the lightning that descend from Horeb13 are a warning unto mankind to walk away from evil, to leave it in the way, to depart from the evildoers, to separate themselves bodily from those who have made them­selves the instruments of unrighteousness and channels for the pollutions of the psychic realm.

What fellowship hath righteousness with unrigh­teousness? And what communion hath light with dark­ness?14 Do not allow the sympathy of the Luciferians to prey upon the very light of your soul! Do not allow your consciousness to be entertained by the so-called sor­rows of Satan! Do not feel sorry for those who do evil; for they, too, have the option of walking away from their evil ways.

But go rather to the lost sheep of the house of Israel15 to proclaim the name of God —the power by which all souls yet tarrying in time and space can be saved. Proclaim the coming of the Christed ones and rebuke the devils who usurp the pure energies of the Mother and of the Holy Spirit. See how your love, replacing all sympathy, will go forth as the compassion of the law to compel the children of God who tarry in their childish ways to rise to the standard of the Christ.

I am an archangel — and I survey the conscious­ness of the light-bearers. And I am choosing the most stalwart and the most self-disciplined ones for the front lines of the battle of Armageddon. Let us see who will be the forerunners in the race for the light of the dawn.

I am Gabriel. My shield is Hope, my sword is Faith, and my thrust is Charity. I am the Word of God in manifestation throughout cosmos.

I leave you with the words of the great preacher "Therefore, my beloved brethren, be ye stedfast, un-moveable, always abounding in the work of the Lord, forasmuch as ye know that your labour is not in vain in the Lord."16

"Behold, I come quickly," saith the Lord.17