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Thursday, 10 July 2008 00:00

Welcome to the New FutureTG.com!

Hi Everyone,

   This is the News regarding the update about the Company ... at each Anniversary.

     After Three years after the New Look and change ... the Future Technologies energy ... BEGIN to enter in the Heart and the Mind of Many ...


Giovanni A. Orlando

     ... Now continue common news ...

Most books announced had not been release yet ...

    Yes, because you may fell more LIGHT today, than in years behind ... We are offered only Light, Only Light.

  • I see ... was Light, to offer a Complete Training on the Linux Operating System, after the Dark Windows 95 ... offers you a stalled Blue screen.
  • It is Light releasing a Complete Operating System, FTOSX ... made and designed by just a single person.
  • It is Light to explain in a book a four years effort like we offer in the Book, "The Art". Available also in the Library of Congress of United States, as well at UCLA, University of Los Angeles Library.

      What was the entire company, today is a room ... just a room. May be a not well-organized room, but just a part of the coming iceberg, full of Light.

      Yes, we start with Computer Science and Linux. We are working to release a DVD, called "FTHumanEvolutionCourse for Mathematics"

      as the first Course for Worldwide Students about the actual panorama of Mathematics, specially designed for Latin America and Africa, who need more training, as well for your children. Most children today, are Indigo and it is important they got the best possible resources, because actual Universities course are not complete, too fast explained and if we include all the Sciences ... divided.

     We are speaking about the Lemurian and Atlantis civilizations ... like for Egypt, Greece or Rome. We are releasing Light, and building mental bridges, and not only Healing but Resurrecting ... your mind. Today, in the day of Jupiter and the Thor-day, we are sending this message to your Solar Plexus Chakra, connected with the Sixth Flame of Resurrection, tailored by Master Jesus and Lady Nada, who was Mary Magdalene.

    This is the picture for the Solar Plexus Chakra,

     The World really need the infusions of Healing, and Resurrection Flames, as well oceans of Violet Flame.

     We are explaining the Book of Revelation, with the release of the book,

      We announced also books with a geo-political, historical and mystical content, like those announced some days, ago.

    Click here for the large image for the English-US edition and here for the Latin-American-Spanish, edition.

    Honestly, we (me and the Family of Light) are getting back the reflection of our Light. Yes! ...

    We're getting back the Light we send to you ... reflect on you ... and back to us. We felt the Light when touches you and back to us.

    Seems that the over two years of "training" like commented by Archangel Micheal to me, and replayed to you in some previous statement, had been very useful, not only for me, the author, founder and designer, but for the entire world.

    At the same time the covenant with the Master Saint Germain, exposed in "An Introduction to FTHumanEvolutionCourse", star to blow out like a Spring season.

   I, Giovanni A. Orlando are working to open the first "University of Light", in Italy called "Università della Luce".

    Like you see we includes pictures of Archangel Michael (main), Angel Metatron (first on left, who was Enoch), Saint Germain, Maitreya and Lord Meru (Viracocha).

    In some sense we are opening (again) the so-called Mysteries School denied for protection.

    Of course we are offering the "Word of God", and this does not comes from the Catholic Priests. What they will think them?

    This is not our problem, because we walk on the path of Truth. Only Truth, heals.

    We are also offering a so-called, FTHumanEvolutionCourseLab, that is lab where you can find translated books.

   This "Lab" is a release to unite the people. Our goal is to create bridges for "The New Jerusalem", or "Peace on Earth".

   Our first University will be located in Southern Italy, in our office and then in another bigger, from the day the first degree is ready Mathematics ... until 2013 ... and beyond ...

    We plan to open also a second University in South America, in the most Light country of the Region, then in the West of United States of America.

    Yes ... it is an University where we teach "The Science of the Heavens".

    How many people do you suppose is working on this? ... Sincerity is the fundamental first stone, and is not a weakness.

    Please Count one.

    We are commenting the origin of the Greek Alphabet, as well offers videos on the Shakespearean Plays, that you can download from the Web.

    We are introducing some geometrical figures, like the Astroid,

    but also challenge the borders of Modern Physics. Before the next Anniversary, before May 28, 2011, you will got this book, in your hands,

     Einstein was a great mind, and E=mc2 is correct, however the speed of Light is NOT constant but variable!

     Our Course in Physics teaches some important experiments, that lead you to Free Energy ... and for daily use.

     Our Course in Chemistry, touches very "Forgotten Concepts", that I condense in the "Forgotten Science".

     Thus, what we are doing is to re-establish Science like "is" ... bring real and mental bridges between Science and common Religions, explain the things, like they really are ... and we also includes Arts

      If you click the link below you can listen,

                                                                  08 - Concerto per Violino e Oboe in Do Minore.mp3

      We will teach how to compose and play music as well to draw and create great paintings. Just to be clear.

      This is an example of the New Age ... and an example of the Saint Germain path. Compose music, Alchemy, Arts, Invention and multiple languages in speech and writing forms. And this path is not opposite to Master Jesus path, but in some sense a continuation.

      How we can do this? Easy. Because we got the support of the Masters of Light.

      We are getting information from:


  1. Peggy Phoenix Dubro channels angels that teach she the: EMF Balancing Technique.
  2. Barbara Hand Clow channels several entities from the Pleiades - http://www.handclow2012.com/
  3. Barbara Marciniak channels several entities from the Pleiades -  http://www.pleiadians.com/
  4. Barbara Ann Brennan offers a view to clean your  - http://www.barbarabrennan.com
  5. Amorah Quan Yin channels several entities from the Pleiades - http://www.amorahquanyin.com/
  6. Elizabeth Clare Prophet channels Saint Germain, El Morya, and the Ascended Host - http://www.tsl.org/
  7. Patricia Cori channels the High Council of Sirius - http://www.sirianrevelations.com/
  8. Patricia Pereira channels the Arcturians - http://www.beyondword.com
  9. Kishori Aird offers a method to re-program your DNA - http://www.kishori.org/
  10. Maria Eugenia Carbone, was my teacher offering me an EMF Balancing Course. She channel Jesus, and the Mother - http://www.balancing.cl


  1. Lee Carroll channles Kryon
  2. Mario Liani channels Kryon
  3. Kahu Fred Sterling channels Master Kirael
  4. A list of people channeling Kryon - http://www.escuelakryon.com/
  5. Kim Michaels channels Jesus - Visit AskRealJesus
  6. Raul Yepez channels Lord Meru (Mer), as well Jesus, Saint Germain and El Morya - La Casa de Sirio
  7. Ton Kenyon - the Hathors - Visit: http://tomkenyon.com/

     However, please keep in mind, that we got only tips from the Masters ... We need to do the Job.

     What do you think, if you re-discover Physics, Religion, Mathematics, Chemistry ... with the help of the Masters of the Heavens?

     Just to use a common US-English word: "It's cool!"

     We are not the first and neither the only company doing this. Rudolph Steiner, in Austria did that, creating the Antrosophy schools. Pythagoras did in Crotone, Italy several centuries ago. Elizabeth Clare Prophet, also did something similar, but only religious, creating the Church Universal and Triumphant. Dr. Hiroshi Motoyama, found the California Institute of Human Science.

     However, I unknown if some of these schools (probably Steiner) offers a so wide variety. We are Future Technologies!

     These Schools has commented before, are close to the "Maitreya School of Light" and they will be different to create Cities of Light, around the World. We will go slowly. These schools were hidden and therefore called "Mysterious" because only specific adept may access, in the past.

     This is FTHumanEvolutionCourse, and this is what we are doing. Check the FTFreeEvolutionCourse. They are just a part of the project. The books above are another important keys, as well the CD/DVD are another component.

Thanks very much,

Giovanni A. Orlando.

PS. I consider this more "cool" and interesting that release Courses on Linux (and get involved in the mental war Microsoft-Linux-Unix). And of course nothing stop us to release a new Operating System, Linux-based, including our Opinion about Software and OS. Thanks, again.

PPS. Opps, ... I forget Tomorrow, May 28th ... is my birthday. Tomorrow is the day of our anniversary. Not yet 50 years old, but close.

PPS 2: Please don't fear the Love of God.

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