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Wednesday, 20 October 2010 04:40


Greetings in this very Jupiter-Golden-Purple day of the Flame of Resurrection,

      I, Giovanni return to your eyes and ears to speak about Mathematics.

      The formal introduction of Set Theory and Topology in the study of Mathematics ... modify the curriculum of studies in High Schools, Colleges and Universities in the entire world.

       This change create a more set-theoretic approach and therefore "philosophical" point of view, instead to the traditional "hands-in" Calculus-like approach.

        Great books like Morris Kiline - "Why Johnny can't add" ... offers us an overview on the drama.

        While High Schools curriculum includes Analytical Geometry, but 2D ... not 3D, generally, Universities adopt the Felix Kline approach ... explaining Geometry with Algebra and so Affinity Geometry, Euclidean Geometry and Projective Geometry become "sets" ... or "objects" ... where the look-inside approach evaporates ...

        Einstein Theory of Relativity and its involvement with Differential Geometry force its "nice" introduction in University colleges ... but Solid Geometry and Euclid Elements ... got dust ... and remain buried ...

        I, Giovanni am looking to resurrect these "fundamental" concepts ... like Solid Geometry ... for High School and Colleges, into FTHumanEvolutionCourse.

         The 3D Solid, called "Hyperbolic Paraboloid", which equation is: z = x2/l2-y2/l2 ... is also called "Horse Chair" because its form.

          Therefore, you may be have no idea about draw it! ... Am I right ? ... May be you download Mathematica and/or Maxima and try to draw ... but friends, you never need to leave your jobs to machines ...

           So, I am offering to you the wonderful book:

Charles Smith - An Elementary Treatise on Solid Geometry.pdf


Giovanni A. Orlando

PS. I hope Johnny learn to add. Thanks!

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