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Saturday, 27 November 2010 21:13

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Greetings Dear Ones ...

   In more than one year ... the book ...  "443 Questions and answers on New Age" was not released ... in full ...

    Because I am close to finally release it ... I am offering an updated edition ... (updated) ...


Giovanni A. Orlando.



Appendix 2. What is the real Story of Moses? …

One of my favorites movies is “The Ten Commandments” with Charlton Heston who play the role of Moses / God (voice), Yul Brynner who play the role of Rameses, and Anne Baxter, who played the role of Nefertiti.

Probably the only correct assignment was Nefertiti. But not Rameses.

In fact, if you back to the Holy Bible, the Hebrew Bible you will find that there are no comments about the Pharaoh in Charge, and neither about him first male son.

Let me tell you that the Pharaoh in Charge in Egypt was Amenhotep III and his son was Amenhotep IV, also called Ikhnaton which wife Nefertiti and this Egyptian dynasty was 1377-1358 B.C.

This story is particularly important because at both sides of the Highest Cultures of that time, Egyptian and Hebrew, ruled by Ikhnaton in Egypt as well by Moses in Israel, respectively … the Monotheism were adopted worldwide.

Egypt chose the Monotheism because him Pharaoh adore God “On” also called “Aton”, who was God Anu, the same God that found Summer and Akkad … and so Egyptians lose them very important Polytheistic culture.

For the Hebrew who where moved and supported by Angel Micah (who was the son of Archangel Michael), the God of the Unity … the God that open the Red Sea … to let them move on … was more easy to accept One God.

Before to go ahead, let me clarify that there are One Prime Creator … It Control everything, It is not human … it is spirit … It is Mind … and He is the Lord.

God is inside any single atom … and is the Love of God that keep the nucleus and the electron together … in any single atom of the Multi-dimensional Universes.

By example, Lord Meru, or God Meru, is a God. El Morya is a God, Saint Germain is a God. Lord Jesus is a God. Lord Maitreya is a God.

However, an important weak point of understanding is that “The Gods”, like the Elohim for example, who create the Man … blowing their spirit inside them … create “special lessons” that Humankind must learn.

Monotheism is just a lesson … a jump to do. The Destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah was another lesson. The Crucifixion of our Beloved Lord Jesus, was another lesson.

Who appears to Moses in the Burning Bush? … It was Angel Micah, who belong to Archangel Michael Legions. Is him son.

Thus, was not the Lord itself to speak to Moses and say unto them, “I AM THAT I AM”.

Thus, the Prime Creator use interpreters or speakers to communicate … It used Angel Micah to say unto Moses it name, or the name it prefer to be called with.  And of course was the Prime Creator that give the Commandments unto Moses.

Friends, I tell you that there are Several Dimensions … and in each dimension there are Gods … And who are the Gods? … The Gods are the Ones who had manifested God inside. They had remember to be part of the creator … and they, of course, speak in the name of the Creator … with the Creator.

For simplicity, was coined the term “Christhood”.

Lord Jesus manifest the Prime Creator and he speak in the name of the Universe, with the Universe.

Lord Gautama, the Buddha … manifest the Buddhahood … Krishna manifest the Lord … and was called Krisna. Mohamed manifest the Lord … and found Islam.
Everyone of them attain the level of “manifestation” of the Lord, like the Prophets, like the Apostles and like the Saints … but the “beauty” part is that EVERYOWE OF US can attain this “wonderful” level of Mastery.

Well, let us back to Moses story.

The real story of Moses for the Hebrew (and Ikhnaton for the Egyptian) was to establish Monotheism on Earth.

The story continues with Abraham … and both Biblical personages where the same soul, the same Master who is Ascended Master El Morya.


El Morya

Abraham like El Morya and his seed … establish the three important Monotheist religions, also called Abrahamic Religions, and they are: Judaism (for the Hebrew), Christianity and Islamic … all three with Hebrew roots.

For the World was a Long lesson … a necessary lesson.

Religions begin in Human Evolution … “only” 100,000 year ago when some evolved laggards lost their tails … and all the Homo species … where filtered to let evolve ONLY ONE specie, the Right One, the Spiritual One, the Home Sapiens.
This Homo Spiritual … looking for the Lord … in his long evolution … was forced to Learn a lesson. “Love the Lord before anything else”.
The Lord, God … Our Prime Creator … that brings Life to us … and anything … choose that we “Humans” learn the first three commandments.
Do you remember the 10 Commandments that Lord give to Moses?
Let, me tell you … You don’t remember them.

Let me repeat for you .
These are the Commandments:
1.    I am the Lord your God                
2.    You shall have no other gods before me             
3.    You shall not make for yourself an idol                 
4.    Do not take the name of the Lord in vain                            
5.    Remember the Sabbath and keep it holy                           
6.    Honor your father and mother                
7.    You shall not kill/murder             
8.    You shall not commit adultery
9.    You shall not steal          
10.    You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor                                                
11.    You shall not covet your neighbor's wife
12.    You shall not covet anything that belongs to your neighbor

Like you see they are Twelve …

When The Lord speak by Angel Micah on the Burning Bush … its name, “I AM THAT I AM”.

The Lord introduce itself, Commandment #1:
I am the Lord your God

When the Lord remove the lower Gods or semi-Gods … or others that speak in it name, and found the Monotheism in the World … he say unto you, Children of God,

You shall have no other gods before me

And  when Moses walk down the Mount Sinai to give the Commandments to the Hebrew he found that them were building an idol, a Golden Calf … to represent it. And of course this is offensive. It is offensive because if you do that … you will not look for the God inside … like some Catholic did adopting the Cross. They pray the Cross, and don’t play attention to the very Words of Lord Jesus, him sacred Mission and his examples.

The very words of Lord Jesus were:  “I AM a Children of God. God is inside me, and you are like me”.

Thus, because the Lord were disturbed by the idol … He release and force a teaching on Commandment #3.

You shall not make for yourself an idol

Now, my friends … How many of you, in this “decaying world” remember the commandments? … Probably very few. Probably no one.

In a World of Darkness where you can find on the Web … millions of girls … doing sex … in the most variable performance … Do you will respect or play attention to the Commandment #11?

You shall not covet your neighbor's wife

Probably not. Because the TV, the movies and basically “anything” is telling you that you can choose any woman. Do sex with any woman … and you have a sacred will to disturb any woman.

I, Giovanni tell you. YOU CAN NOT.

You cannot disturb, handle or touch any Woman. I have lived several friendly interactions … just to say … but  no.

The Lay is simple. If you wish or desire the other woman … you are infringing the commandment #11.

Please accept “marriage” like the border line between a woman belong to man and a man belong to a woman.

If you are not married, and she is “engaged” not married. A nice afternoon or night … of consensual sex will disturb no one.

If you smile … and you suppose that you can do, what you please ... you are lost.

The real mistake is not the sex, the mistake is the betrayed word. If both have not given their words to others and are free, there are no problems, but if one of them had promised "only you", the new relation leads to broke their word.

And this is not acceptable. You owe fidelity to your own words ... Absolutely!

Please note that the commandment about “sexual harassment” is double. There are two commandments for that:

You shall not covet your neighbor's wife (11) and
You shall not commit adultery (8)

Therefore if you “move on” from the covet to the fact … you are lost. You are lost.

I can tell you that I never had made sex with married woman. If a woman is working with sex … because food for their children, this count zero. Honestly I try, but a “force” protect me and let that never happens. Honestly for me that “force” is to-day more clear.

You know what I am telling unto you.

Let me offer an ironic parenthesis: Of course I prefer not married woman. However, I am fine. I know where I am going, and one day you will wonder like me years ago, to discover that a very special beautiful woman, like my she … never married. And you will say, “Neither me”.
Let me made another step on the carpet of Commandments. How many children respect Commandment # 6,

Honor your father and mother.

How many? Probably very few. To-day the children of men and woman are lost with mobile phones … and see their parents like strangers and enemies … Generally.

The Prince of Darkness (consider them like a test … that most fail every day) … invite the children to be separated from their parents. And this is a mistake. The other problem is the woman at work … and the home without the presence of the mother or the wife. A real drama.

Because in the name of “Work” … Man look outside the relation, children get lost because not guided by their parents … and become delinquents … consuming drugs or alcohol. They, the Youth suppose that is “normal” … but normal is stay at home and nurture the Family. This is what is normal.

Mother Mary, the Mother of Lord Christ that was chosen by the One to let “The Lord itself” may be manifested … say:  

“If you respect the commandments …
basically you will be never lost”

Now, let me finish … and complete the story of Moses. Let me give the Cosmic perspective that few knows.  

I will begin with a simple question: Was Moses Egyptian-like or Hebrew-like?

Please note that the question is very pertinent, because he born between the Hebrew, live like an Egyptian and then become the Hebrew ruler … He rules them out of Egypt in the Exodus.

It is really a beauty story.

Let me answer for you, and the answer is “cosmic”.

Moses as well Abraham was Ascended Master El Morya, who comes and lives today in Sirius Constellation, exactly on planet IA.

Also Lord Maitreya and Lord Jesus, surround him and help him … there are no personalities on Heaven.

Because Sirian … he was Egyptian-like, because all the Egyptian Culture has roots on the Sirian Culture and the Sirian influence. And that Culture is really beautiful.

Another Sirian is Master Kuthumi, who built the Taj Mahal. Another Sirian is Seraphis Bay who built the Temple of Luxor and was Pharaoh Amenhotep III (1417-1379 BC).

He, Amenhotep III was the Pharaoh who ruled Egypt at the time of Moses.
The “Ten Commandments” movie  show Charlton Heston doing everything and the Pharaoh like a stupid  entrepreneur checking employers jobs.

Let me tell you that things does not happens in that way. The Pharaoh design the Temples and of course other people realize.

Never ever an employee or master of construction will design “sacred” temples, because all the temples in Egypt are sacred. All one.

Another Sirian is Ascended Master Saint Germain, who was Hermes in the Sphinx, who was Thoth the very founder of the Egyptian Religion, who was Osiris, the Green God.

But don’t be blamed. Gods descend to both places and help any culture like you and me.

Seraphis Bay was also Leonidas in Sparta. Saint Germain was also King Solomon between the Hebrew, as well Joseph the Father of Jesus. And Kuthumi was also Pythagoras in Italy … influencing the entire Mediterranean area.

Completing my explanation … Moses was a Sirian that born like an Hebrew, like Abraham and like I comment they were the same soul.

Because Moses was a Sirian … he live like a Sirian … until he moves on him mission … the Divine Plan established by God (The Prime Creator) …

Honestly the Universe works accordingly … therefore a plan is designed according to the entire Universe …

Therefore the reason because Moses jump from a Great Egyptian to a poor Hebrew … was accordingly designed by the Entire Universe … and was beauty, beauty.

Really beauty and majestic … More majestic than an iPad or a LCD TV Screen … I love technology … and I use technology but I am in charge, the technology are not in charge of my will, and of course I appreciate the Steve Jobs genius as well the efforts made by companies like Sony, or Panasonic.

Now, I suppose is more clear why because a person born in a place, move to another place and become important and then back to their people … because their people was lost … and save and support them. Is not beauty?

Why happens this? … Because this is the Will of God.

And El Morya did again. Abraham born between the Hebrew and give seeds (mental as well physical) to build three religions, Islam, Christianity and Judaism.

And Why El Morya realize the Will of God? … Because that is him Mission, him Job, him Task to do.

Ascended Master El Morya was also Saint Peter … the very founder of the Catholic Religion and the reason because Lord Jesus give “metaphorically“ the keys of Heaven to him … is because he is the First Chohan or the Chohan of the First Ray, the Blue Ray of the Will of God, where Archangel Michael belongs to, and me, Giovanni … too.

If your cloths are Blue … then also you belong to our Legions … the Blue Legions of the Will of God.

My Story finish here.

In the name of the Lord, I had spoken today,
Blessed are you,
Giovanni A. Orlando.


PS. May be my words … can push you to the right path again. Thanks.

PPS. To-day, because most Messenger like our beloved Mark L. Prophet and Elizabeth Clare Prophet are passed, and they are ascended, they push on new messenger so the people must have a better and more clear understanding.  In fact, Mark L. Prophet was the real “Yul Brynner” who was Pharaoh Amenhotep IV, also called Ikhnaton and Elizabeth Clare Prophet was Nefertiti, played majestuously by “Anne Baxter”.

PPPS. After all, that movie present several mistakes all explained. The name of the Pharaoh, Father and Children are both wrong. The design of the Egyptian temples has been clarified, was not Moses, but the Pharaoh,  Amenhotep III. And the Lord was represented by Angel Micah, he was the one who spoke in the burning Bush.

Few people knows that in those days, at the moment of the Ten Commandments, we got a new DNA Layer, or level of Energy, the DNA Layer #6, “I AM THAT I AM”, Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh.
Thanks. Beloved you are.

DNA Layer #6


Addendum: How my exodus were?


The Family of Light, and specially Ascended Master El Morya, who is assisting me from last year and over, with the assistance of Saint Germain, Lord Meru, Mother Mary, Quan Yin, Seraphis Bay, and Kuthumi, Archangel Michael, Archangel Gabriel and The Great Divine Director, all members of the Darjeeling Council, ruled by El Morya, wants that I, Giovanni add still more information on Moses and the Exodus, right here and right now.

There were two exodus. This means that Moses and Aaron interact with two different Pharaoh, and let me tell you, the first was from the 18th Dynasty, exactly Akhnton (or Amunhotep IV), when Moses was 40 years old and then they interact with Ramses II (1300-1233 B.C.), when Moses was 80 years old.

Therefore, when you watch the movie, …

“The Ten Commandments”, you are watching a movie which story is over forty years long …
In fact, Moses was born in 1313 B.C. during the eighth years of reign of Seti I, who was the father of Princess (then Queen) Ankhsenanum.
Seti I was the father of Ramses II 1300-1233 B.C, the Pharaoh of the ‘Great Exodus’, in the 19th Dynasty.

The Pharaoh of the ‘Lesser Exodus’ was Akhnaton which wife were Nefertiti, son of Ay a Priest in Egypt.
Akhnaton rule Egypt from 1370-1361 B.C. and born in 1408 B.C. (while Moses born in 1313 B.C.)
I, Giovanni was a son of Akhnaton and Nefertiti. I was the ninth son of them, called ‘Seti’, just Seti. Therefore, I was a son of Elizabeth Clare and Mark L. Prophet, in one of the past lives.
I will conclude with remembering you other Masters of Sirius who lived there. Kuthumi who was Pythagoras, was Thutmose III – 1501-1447 B.C. and Seraphis Bey was Amunhotep III, 1412-1370 B.C, father of Akhnaton.

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