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Wednesday, 01 December 2010 06:31

Greetings ... in this very Mercury Green day ... of Healing and Abundance ...

    I am back this very morning to offer you a good Light of Understanding about both the Universe ... as well Mathematics, Physics ... just to speak about Religion.

    Who kill Lord Jesus? ...

    Some will tell me, "Giovanni ... we all kill Jesus". I will replay "Nay. You don't kill Jesus. Not me, nor you".

    Some others will tell me, "Lord Jesus was killed by the Romans". I say, "Ye", the Romans ... but who architect the plot? ... Who? ... The Priests !

    And you will say ... "The Hebrew Priest? ..." ... Well in that time, were the Hebrew Priest.

    Now, I will ask thee. Are the Romans ... over? ... You will say Yes. I will say, No. The Romans are not over.

    But let me be more explicit. Jesus arrive to Earth ... not to die, but to remain. However, like in Game: God Consciousness vs Planetary Consciousness ... like in a Chess game ... if you prefer ... He, Jesus ... the King was sacrificed.

    Not the Queen like happens in a Chess game. The Queen, Mary Magdalene was saved, but the King was sacrificed ... just to resurrect ... and so, not sacrifice happens after all.

    This is a very important lesson, because Humankind have not yet understood the message, or the reason ... neither the panorama.

    You don't figure out for example ... that without to say that Old Romans and become the Roman Catholic Church ... like a Heavy, Huge Negative Energy ... those who organize the plot against Lord Jesus ... that Force ... is still here ... and of course this Negative Energy is the Anti-Christ.

    I ask you, "Who are the new actors playing the role ... played by the Romans and the Hebrew Priests? ..."

    I must be clear ... telling you that the old Romans now wear Women Cloths ... and the Hebrew Priests are still the Hebrew Priest. But this is not really important ...

    What you MUST understand ... is that that force ... is still here. That force ... is the Force opposed to Jesus ... and this force, today is played by,

Your Government and Your Priests.

    No matter where you live ... more matter what is your Religion ... Always we have this divided but in accord ... force ... that tell you: "You cannot. Pay me".

    If you play attention ... you are playing their game. Not yours.

    You are like a rat in a labyrinth in a maze. They give you some cheese and you say "Thanks". Then they give you some poison called: AIDS, War, TV Advertising, Movies ... and Hotels.

    They say, you can travel ... and so you move from a maze into another may be more beauty ... but still more controlled.

    If you are smart you will ask me, "Giovanni when began this game" ... I will say, "Lord Jesus arrive to break this game and this game begin long time.

    The most dramatic part of this long game, called "Human Evolution" begin, 18.392 B.C. ... when Lucifer arrive on Earth, and this was before the construction of the Great Pyramid and the Sphinx.

    Why arrive Lucifer on Earth? ... He arrive to destroy ... like Dictators. Are they the Bad Guys? ... No.

    Everyone is a Teacher ... Your Sad Love Stories are teachers. The so-called enemies ... are teachers and Dictators like still today ... are Teachers for the people they slave, like in Venezuela, or Iran or North Korea.

    Sometimes ... there are no other choice that "Forced Teaching". Lucifer arrival was a forced teaching.

    But ... please the Government is NOT your enemy. They are Just the Best Choice available in the actual Moment of your ... Our Evolution.

    What Government words means?

    This is why I know more English like many of you ...

Government means: God over men

    Friends ... consider this.

  • Your Bad Lover ... have sex with anyone but not with you ... until you understand that She is not for you.
  • Your Government exist until you learn to rule yourself ... without a Government.
  • Your Priests exist ... until you take care of your Own Goodhood, called like you prefer, your Christhood, your Buddhahood, Mohamedhood ...



  • Until you don't understand that You are a part of God, and God is in You ... You will need a Priest and a Religion.
  • Until you don't understand that the Government is like a Bad Girl friend ... playing with you ... and that probably you need not. You will have a Government.
  • Until you don't discover who is the Other part of you ... Your Twin Flame ... You will be around ... supporting, denying and living ... almost any possible story.


    Just to continue ... let me formulate the following question:

What are the difference between a though and another? ... One is more beautiful than another, one is more perfect than another, one is more aggressive than another. That are the difference between us. We are thoughts from the Mind of God. Can a thought be killed? ... No, never ... and we have a body because Mother Eart h give one to us ... anytime we (by our Own Will) ... decide to return here ... How many thoughts God can create ? ... Infinite ... but each thought have its own consciousness ... and ... and thoughts were created in pairs ... that polarize in masculine and feminine ... at each return ... the thought split again ... there are hundred but thousands parts of us ... at both sides of the veil ...

     Do you suppose that there are a fight in Heavens? ... No. Lucifer is the Dark Side of the Sixth Dimension. And the Sixth Dimension is a Even Dimension ... like the Second Dimension ... and like the Fourth Dimension.

     Even Dimensions has the role to "teach us" ... and they are considered "rare, or strangers ... until you star to understand them" ... Of course including the Elementals of the Second Dimension.

     The Elementals are 2D beings. They are belong to Nature, and because we are made of Stones, Iron ... and Metals ... included in our own Blood ... When learn ... to interact with these 2D intelligence ... you can heal yourself ... and almost everyone.

    It is beauty. There are no fights. There are not enemies ... There are just lessons ... to learn ... and this is the time of Graduation.

    You will learn what you don't know. Solve your Past ... Heal your Past. Once you learn that you can live without enemies then your lesson will be cleared.

    Some days ago, a Great Man ... release information about Politics.

    The Christhood will not be Sacrificed ... this time. No. Why? ... Because this is the time of the Christ Manifestation ... the Graduation of Earth ... the Ascension of Mother Earth, our planet to Higher Dimensions ...

     2,000 years ago ... the balance was negative and Humans say ... I don't understand Thou. What are telling me? ... You are telling me that I can resurrect? You are telling me that we are all equals ... that King with ten palace and 400 wifes is equal than me ... not capable to watch the Light of the Sun ? ...

    And Lord Jesus say, "Yes. You are equal" He say, "You are a Children of God. I am a Children of God, and you are like me".

    What is the really difference between Lord Jesus and you? ... The Church say the truth, "Generated not created from the same Substance than the Father".

    But, they probably don't understand this. They, and hear me ... I know because a Priest ask me what means? ... They don't Understand the Phrase:




     Do you understand these Jesus phrases? No.

     Let me explain for you.

     The Church is correct when they say, "Jesus was generated and not created". Lord Maitreya, the Coming Buddha is the Planetary Christ.

     There are a Planetary Christ, Lord Maitreya. He is the Love in Our Heart. There are a Personal Christ, our Higher Self, another part of us and there are Lord Jesus ... the Universal Christ ... who was Yoshua between the Hebrew, Mohamed between the Arabians and Buddha between the Asians.

     Jesus was generated from the Father, from Lord Maitreya. Is Lord Maitreya God? ... Lord Maitreya is a part of God. Like your Higher Self is a part of God ... like Jesus is a part of God ... and like you and me ... are a part of God.

    Because the Romans and the Priests of 2000 years ago ... does not understand him ... They kill him, looking to shutdown him voice but they fail.

    You cannot kill a voice.

    So, I tell you why they kill him, and who.

    Let me answer the meaning of the previous Jesus phrases that will let you to manifest Jesus ... and answer why Jesus don't remain with us after resurrection.

     The Two Jesus Phrases,

  • I AM THAT I AM and
  • I AM the Father and the Father is like me

      means nothing but He is the Lord ... but is complex to understand.

      In plain words ... Jesus understand that he is God. Have you figure out the possibility that you are God? No. You suppose that God is in another place.

      These phrases means that. He say "God is me". Now, just because I love you ... I will be more clear. Probably Jesus words may be translated like,



        How Lord Jesus manifested God inside himself? ... Simple. He return to the Source.

        The Source of Our life is God ... It arrived from the junction of the brain bones ... Go until the Throat ... and from there to the arms ... until the fingers and from there to the Heart  where accumulate ... and from there to the toes in our foots.

        If you can feel this flow of Energy you had reached a "God" point. Honestly you take the hand ... of your Higher Self ... and he never will leave you again.

        So, Lord Jesus ... manifested the Lord like Krisna ... and other Avatar (respect this word! ... is not a puppet or a stupid Hollywood movie title) and speak in the name of the Lord ... in the name of Prime Creator, in the name of the Universe ... in the name of ALL THAT IS and ALWAYS WILL BE.

        Now, just to finish, I will explain why Lord Jesus does not remain on Earth.

        He has a body to live? after resurrection? ... Yes, he has. Was a Body made of Pure Energy, the KA energy (or KI, or Phi) called in Chinese and Japanese.

        He prefer to die ... just to give us the example of Resurrection ... He never has been capable to fail, because him nature ... But friends, that nature is our Nature, the same Nature.

        He leave us ... temporarily because ... but had returned thousand of times in the last two thousand years ... because

A teacher cannot complete the exercises assigned to the Students

       We are the students. We need to remember. We need to resurrect from our mistakes and join to the others part of us, Our Higher Self, as well our Twin Flame ... Our most High Accumulation of Ourselves ... on Earth.

Friends, Blessed you Are. Not Fight! ... but learn ...

In the name of the Father, which is your Father, I have spoken this very day,

Giovanni A. Orlando.

PS. This very Postscript is important like my statement. This Universe is not infinite ... But FINITE. And the Universal of the Lord can be acceded by everyone and is a Limitless source of Abundance ... capable to fulfill the necessary money that politicians need for their orgies ... that soon will end, as well to realize and fullfil any dream. Numbers are not infinite ... There are a last Number ... that number is God.

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