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Tuesday, 14 December 2010 09:51


Greetings my friends in the day of Pink Flame of Love of the Holy Spirit,

    Why a sacred book like "Saint Germain on Alchemy" never speak about John the Baptist ? ...

    Lord "O Jesus" ... I advice you to add "O", like a prefix. In Japanese "O" means "Great" ... and therefore Lord Jesus ... from Jesus now is "Great Jesus" ... or "O Jesus".

    He is more more Wiser than when he walk between us again 2,000 years ago. A great secret he told us ... is "Everything change".

   However, this lesson is about John the Baptist. Where is he ?

   Lord Meru ... who is an Elohim (an advanced God in Dimension 12, 12D) and Lord Jesus who is an Abbot in the Pleiades, speaks about John the Baptist and call him, "John" ... or "Juan" or "Giovanni".

   Saint Germain who is a very advanced Master and was Merlin at Camelot ... Joseph the Father-Companion of Jesus and Mary, King Solomon ... and Thoth and Hermes in Egypt as well Osiris ... the Green God ... does not speak about John the Baptist.

   Saint Germain speaks about John the Beloved or, "The Beloved John" confirming that him, John the Revelator the author of Book of Apocalypse or the Book of Revelations ... was Apostle John.

   Now why some speak about one John and other speak about the "other John" ? ...

   In my book, "The Book of Apocalypse explained by Archangel Michael and the Family of Light" ... I begin the "course" and Revelation of the Revelations ... explain you a sacred Truth, complex to understand and transmitted by Angel Kryon.

Hundred but Thousands of parts of you holds at Both Sides of the veil.

    This means that in some dimensions ... we are colors, in others we are Sound ... in others we are Light ... and here from this side of the veil ... we have physical bodies with masculine and feminine polarities ...

    The feminine polarities ... the perfect reverse polarity is my Twin Flame.

    There are others ... called Soul Mates ... are Good Friends ... and they may be male or female, but just friends.

    Understand this ... is really a sacred Multi-Dimensional Art, honestly very complex.

    Thus, there are JUST ONE Complement.

    Therefore the reason because John the Baptist is not pronounced by Saint Germain is

because John the Baptist and John the Apostle, who was also John the Revelator are the same soul,

different parts of the same soul.

     Like Lord Jesus was also Joshua with Moses who was El Morya and El Morya walk on Earth like "Melchior" at Jesus Birth like one of the Magi and then one of him Masters, with Balthazar (Kuthumi who was Saint Francis) and Djwal Kul (a good friend a companion of Kuthumi, who was Gaspar, the other Magi).

     Melchior was also Peter the Apostle ... who found the Catholic Church at Rome but also Thomas Becket who found the England Church.

     It is complex to understand that the same soul ... has different parts ... like Melchior (old) and Peter (Jesus companion).

     I am still speaking seriously ... May be that Elvis Presley who die at August 16, 1977(1977-08-16) (aged 42) ... has a counter part still walking on Earth ...

     Therefore the Baptist was also John the Beloved also called John the Revelator,

In the name of the Truth, I had spoken to-day,


Giovanni A. Orlando.



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