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Monday, 23 May 2011 16:40


Greetings in the Blue-Moon-day of the Will of God,

     To-day I want to speak on a pending article I begin to write time ago about the "Arithmetica" of Diophantus of Alexandria.

     In fact while François Viète was the first to instaurate the Analytic Art, was Diophantus the first to write the equations.

     Let us take a look ... From the book, "Historical roots of Elementary Mathematics" by Lucas N. H. Bunt & others

     ... we have,


       Therefore a formula like, 3x2+15, would be

       However, this is an important addendum to the main reason ... about these words.

       Until now, 2011 the only proof for the Fermat Last Theorem was made by Andrew Wiles which it is equivalent to launch a Neutrino bomb to kill a fly.

       Like you know I kill not animals anymore or kill no one, but it is just an example.

       I will leave you know with a gift and a question.

       The question is: Can be possible that Pierre Fermat was a joker man and have no proof for him theorem?

        The gift is the Sir Thomas Heath book, "Diophantus Of Alexandria -A Study In The History Of Greek Algebra"


Giovanni A. Orlando.

PS. The only respectable edition of Diophantus -  Arithmetica I found is available in Russian. There are a link in the Website.

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