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Monday, 21 February 2011 16:56



Greetings ...

    It is my joy to offer the Web edition (like an addendum to the PDF) edition ... the Aurelia Louise Jones - The Seven Sacred Flames.

   If you look for Aurelia or Mark L. Prophet or Elizabeth Clare ... let me say they are passed. Some people like these very sacred ones ... cannot accept some bad words ... they did a very excellent job ... more words are superfluous ... let us honor them with a simple: "Thanks! ... You did great!".

  By the way one of the Ancestors of Aurelia was "Eva" the Twin Flame of Adam (Adama) ... and she was "hired" by the Hierarchy to release the book, "The Seven Sacred Flames".

  Let me add that you have no idea what means to awake in the environment I awake. No, you have no idea.

  In a very dictatorial environment like on Venezuela where no one can be hired if does not have a red political card or express a greed love to the Dictator ... where you probably will not find still food in the supermarket ... and you may hear them ... We are great. ... Of course in the Path of Distruction they are number one.

  Can you believe I will bow under some of these Dark One? ... and in that Chaos I find the right teacher to activate my DNA ... Then at the end of the year 2008 ... a Dark One told me ... in whispering mode ... "No. Don't purchase that book" ... The Aurelia Book, "Your bank account must open the year in positive mode ... "I don't hear the Dark One, and only now I know that he was a Dark One" ... I purchase my book ... and open a new stairway to Heaven ... Yes!

  In May 2010 ... the Ka activation ... Wow ... Don't surprise ... any one must do this.

  In this magic a Wonderful book, you will hear discourses from the Seven Choans ... A Choan is a responsable for a specific Ray or Flame.

  We have ...

  1. El Morya, who is the Choan of the Blue First Ray, the Will of God. He was Peter and Abramah, as well Moses. But also King Arthur at Camelot. He dwells in IA on Sirius.
  2. Lanto, who is the Choan of the Yellow Second Ray of Wisdom. I, Giovanni was a chela of Lanto from the age of sixteen, until Saint Germain take under him chelaship.
  3. The Holy Spirit, The Maha Chohan (or Chief) ... Paul the Venetian who dwells the office of the Holy Spirit and is the Choan of the Pink Love of God.
  4. Serapis Bey, who is the Choan of the Fourth White Ray of Ascension and Purity. He was Leonidas in Sparta.
  5. Hilarion ... who was Saul of Tarsus ... and the Saint Paul. He is the Choan of the Fifth Ray of Healing and Abundance.
  6. Our Beloved Lord Jesus (Sananda) and Lady Nada (Mary Magdalene) are the choans of the Sixth Ray of Resurrection. Lady Magdalene is very important. She dwells in the Board of the Lords of Karma and have a special actvity with God Meru and Godess Meru on Titicaca Lake.
  7. Our Beloved Saint Germain. He was Thoth who teach the Theocracy and begin the Egyptian Dynasties. Then he was Hermes Trimegistus. He was Osiris (with Isis, Mother Mary) in Egypt. He was Columbus who "discover" America for the Europeans. He was Roger Bacon (the first scientific priest) and Francis Bacon. He was Saint Germain in the European Courts trying to avoid the French Revolution is so blood manner. He was who wrote the Shakespearean Plays. He is the Choan of the Violet Flame ... the very Flame of Transmutation and Freedom that can allow you to burn your mistakes and heal your body ... trough an internal DNA activity. Yes. I, Giovanni love him very much. This is the type of Love has a chela with his master ...

These are the Seven Seals you need to open ...

This book ... as is perfect ... and honestly may open the doors of Heaven to anyone of you ... not only healing, not only to resurrect your life and your business ... not only to heal and resurrect others ... but still to be immortal and live between the Immortals ...

Lord Meru and me, Giovanni ... will still extend this book to includes new Flames ... of course I can comment to you ... the Golden Flame of Wisdom and the temple is in Titicaca Lake, the Flame of Union ... where you can meet your Twin Flame ruled by Ahnahmar and still others I cannot comment yet.

This new and updated volume will be the Volume 7.

This book also let you to understand the hierarchy of the Saints in Heaven ... and their offices and roles.

This let you to understand the meaning of the colors and their relative days, Sun-day (Yellow), Moon-day (Blue), Mars-day (Pink), Mercury-day (Green), Jupiter-day (Golden and Purple), Saturn-day (Violet).

This also let you to assign to each chakra a meaning and a quality, as well their position in the body.

Chakra means Circle of Energy and we have,

  1. Throat -> When you open this seal you hold the specter of the Will of God and your Voice is like a Sword ... A Sacred Word.
  2. Crown -> When you open this chakra or seal, your mind connect to the Mind of God ... and your wisdom become High ... as High like you prefer and you can master Mathematics, Physics ... all the Sciences ... Music ... Arts, Letters ... anything.
  3. Heart -> When you open this seal ... (was complex for me, because all the darkness I support ... in this Path Life) ... you will love any soul ... rocks and the mineral kingdom ... understanding them, loving them. The Vegetable Kingdom as well the Animal kingdom ... and of course the Human (Opps!) Kingdom. I got a serious Heart problem ... but I eat no medicines ... I am healed.
  4. Root Chakra -> When you open this seal ... connected with Mother Earth ... She will be your Partner ... and like a Lover she will ask you to serve she, you will become a protector of She and she will let you speak in her name. The color of this Chakra is  White and like you know ... White is the Sum of all Chakras.
  5. Third Eye -> When opened ... the Third Eye will let you open a High Communication with the Universe and the Family ... When opened you will walk in the Path, and you will feel a nice sensation ... Of course you will Never say False and you can Heal others.
  6. Solar Plexus Chakra -> This Chakra  when open will let you ... offer service, ministration, peace and brotherhood. Like Jesus show us ...
  7. Seat of the Soul -> When you open this feel you will a warrior in the name of Freedom and Liberty. You can heal yourself and the world ... starting from your family ... until the Region, Country and Planet. This is the Sacred Flame of Alchemy and Transformation. Saint Germain was able to precipitate rings of Gold, as well emerald and ruby.

These are the seven seals ...

Study with Love in Humble mode,

Here you have,


Blessed you are,

Giovanni A. Orlando.

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