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Tuesday, 15 March 2011 07:47


Greetings in the very Mars-day of the Pink Love of God ...

    Yes, Mars is not the planet of War ... Mars is the Pink Planet of the Love of God. There were wars in Mars ... but this was time ago.

    Well ... the time is coming and I need to begin to walk to return to my home in Italy.

    What experience! ... Wow! ... I need to say "Thanks God!".

    You have no idea ... about my happiness.

     An Arabic refrain say, "Don't share with others your happiness, if they are not happy like you", but I will not play attention to this magic and wise refrain ... and prefer to speak about my happiness.

     Do you know I watch daily in Italy a Soap Opera in Arabic? ... You will think. Giovanni we will suspect on you ... because you ... seems you like Arabic people, the same people organize Sep 11.

     I will reply ... "Nay".

     I am just remembering my past lives ... and one of them was in Arabia. I know it was 70,000 years ago at the time when Saint Germain was the ruler, and Godfre Ray King was his son. He Godfre Ray King was the ruler's son and me was a lovely friend of both. In those days, Arabia was like tropical Amazon.

      Like you know, Godfre Ray King was also George Washington ... and therefore the first president of United States was not someone who was a friend of those who plot September 11.

      Those who plot September 11 were "The Elite" ... to move the petroleum price to the sky and become super rich. These was an accord between those who work with Petroleum in Arabia, and those who rule United States, I say, "The Elite", and they are higher than the US Government.

    They organize September 11, also to watch in my pocket, and in your wallet ... to enter in your home and to increase traffic arms in the World ... and of course to push Fear everywhere.

    Archangel Micheal say that "We need to recover the pieces of our Soul". One piece here is Our Twin Flame, the others are pieces of our past lives ...

    Therefore, hearing "Arabic" for me (and I understand nothing) is curative. I am more more calm after I begin to hear Arabic ... and I love Arabic music.

     Do you see we are a family? ...

     One of the reason for this travel was also to meet my twin flame. What she does not know is that I can hear she, when she speak on me. This is called "clairaudience". Last night, I got a huge vision with she. Was so real!

    I prefer comment not, because is personal. Right? This is called clairvoyance (inner seeing), was in my dream.

    Therefore after all ... we meet. I consider that everyone of us will meet him (or her for male people) twin flame. I am absolutely right about.

    Now, let me go on ... on my Kryon experience.

    To meet she ... I did one of the most crazy thing a man can do for a woman ... I was very romantic ... and I did ... straight from my heart ... We don't meet as expected ... but they day after ... last Saturday ... an angel kiss me and say me "She loves you. She wants to stay with you".

    Friends ... in time these days, basically Saturday and Sunday were only two days ... but for me were like two months !!! ...

    On Sunday, Kryon spoke about Elijah Ascension (described in The Book of the Kings) ... I make a "mental question" to Kryon ... and Lee Carroll show the hand ... telling me "No". That question was about Elijah, the Prophet.

    Are you understanding? ... I am speaking with Angels, speaking with God ... Interacting with God!

    Can I be more happy? ... And I am doing that in 3D ... here on Earth.

    I am not an Angel, I am not an Alien ... I walk between you and speak the same air than you ...

    What blessing ... What magic ...

    So, I am happy ...

    You will gone to ask me, Giovanni ... There are people dying in Japan. Are you Happy?

    I will reply ... Yes and we need to say "Thanks to them, Thanks to the Warriors of Light that sacrifice for us ... they are the Samuray of Light" ... I honor them ...

    Kryon say in him first speech ... that they, the Japanese that are pass away have a message for us and the message is this: "We did our part ... now you please do ... your part".

    I Giovanni say, "arigato ossay mas" ... Samuray san. Arigato to be with us in this time, to share with us your life ... to give us your life ... for the planet ... for Gaia ... Thanks!

    I want to continue ...

    In my experience ... I see and feel those who are waiting for me ... far ... after this life.

    I know, the planet, I know the star and I know who ... I will be with El Morya, for real ... I will be one of them ... Amazing ... Don't you? ...

    I know I still have so many years to live ... with two zeros ... and therefore more than 100 years, and I will continue to do ... what I do ... and I will have my own children ... and leave them a better world.

    Enough? ...

    You will gone to ask me, Giovanni why you can be happy or think on the Future if South America is a disaster, specially Venezuela? ...

    I will say, To-day is a disaster ... when I live there ... Venezuela was a respectful country with a respectful currency ... May be I need to back there ... and I will ... but later ... ask me not when.

    You will ask me, Giovanni you cannot be happy ... do you see the Libyan conflict? ... I will say, this is necessary ... and as soon all the Dictators will disappear ... we will have Persia, the Persian Empire again.

    I, Giovanni can tell you. I am here to see my words and my past lives ... fulfilled.

    If I was a student of Lord Jesus, and wrote a book time ago ... and some people classify this book like "Apocalyptic" ... I am here to tell you ... is not Apocalyptic ... is 100% true ... and I will explain word-by-word. I need to do that.

   If I lived in Spain and war to protect Spain, to Unite Spain ... I can say ... "Well, I did well".

   If I war to Unite South America ... and to-day South America is divided, lost, fearful with a weak economy ... I will say, "Well, I did well, but I need to complete my effort. Of course I did well, but my effort was not complete".

   If I war to see Europe United ... I can say "Well, I did well. May be I exaggerate ... but I did well".

   Let me tell you more ... because this message is for the past night ... and I am writing now.

   Like you know, I am a mathematician ... and I, Giovanni have two degree in Mathematics, at both sides of Atlantic Ocean, one in Venezuela and one in Italy. Well, do you know I have about 5 books on a particular Mathematical Subject ... one of the most interesting subjects in Math ever ... but I don't know this subject ... after two degrees in Math?! ...

   Yes, I don't know that subject and the reason is because "I still need to heal that life". I was the inventor of that Mathematical tool ... but I still are unable to enter and open that book of my past life. I really die in bad conditions ... a strange kind of suicide ... and just to give you an idea ... I was not accepted at the École Polytechnique in Paris ... but I invent an amazing mathematical tool ... and this tool ... I have not studied ever and I have neither complete studied, neither in this life for the drama behind. I am honestly still interested to attend the École Polytechnique and be accepted ... of course may be in the Master course, the Post-degree.

   Well ... let me finish.

   I don't visit my lovely Spain ... because is mine too. Yep! ... to get ... I also visit Spain to give.

   I meet amazing and wonderful people ... I love them ... specially in the Kryon meeting.

   Now, I will tell you something more.

   On Sun-day ... Our Beloved Peggy Phoenix Dubro invite (like on Saturn-day) people before a microphone to share energy.

   I know and I have commented that I enable my "Ka". (Or Phi, or Ki in Japanese).

   When someone enable the "Ka", Egyptian term ... the person, male of female ... open the door to the Higher Self in the Human Body ... and High Frequency energy (of God) ... or the Higher Self ... flow at high speed.

    These are the scientific and metaphysics information. In plain English is "You are more close to God".

     Well, our Beloved Peggy was like an amazing mirror ... reflecting my energy.

     This is not connected with EMF Balancing ... The Ka activation is not a healing technique ... of course an energetic technique ... 

      Well my friends ... I did the intent ... following Peggy Instructions ... to replay the energy of my Higher Self to all the people in the Theater ... over than 300 people ... and they (Light workers and EMF Balancers teachers and practitioners) ... feel it ... Was amazing ...

      This was very different when I ask a friend or a member of my family ... "Do you feel my energy? ... shaking my hands?" ... Very different ... Each one of them ... got energy (from my Higher Self and from God ... for their own purpose ... and for their own ... life) ... I can say, "Thanks! ... Thanks to let me give my energy ... Thanks to let me gift this ... Energy of God to you ... "

    In plain English ... it was like a personal God gift to everyone of them ... and I live outside Spain ... I live in Southern Italy ...

   Yes ... I am happy to give that Gift to them ... I am happy ...

Blessed you are ... and Blessed is the Lord ...

Giovanni A. Orlando.




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