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Saturday, 16 April 2011 20:30

Greetings in the name of the Lord,


    Do you believe in Christ? ... Do you suppose Lord Jesus got a bad luck and so he was killed by the Romans?

    What is the real story behind Jesus crucifixion? ... Why he accept death sacrifice? ... To resurrect?

    This is really an important question.

    Was United States guilt to pay some mistakes or just bad luck because September 11?. No!

    Did some Japanese a so great big Mistake to produce a Karma and the Tsunami was a reaction? ... Of course. No!

    Let me answer these three questions from the more easy and recent to the more complex and far.

    Japanese Tsunami and death was a sacrifice in the name of Planetary Consciousness ... I, Giovanni hope you had understood.

    We are a Family. This world is a family ... and the Universe is a Family too.

    Sometimes people does not understand (and this regards the World, but our lovely Japanese people) and sacrifice must be made.

    Imagine like a Chess game where some pawns must be sacrificed ... for Japan and for the World.

    Like you know, we are Immortals ... it is only the body to die and become useless and in some cases still the body may become immortalized.

    This answer Japanese sacrifice. They, the death people (thanks a Kryon speech, I was there in person) wants that "we" do our Job, because they did their job ... dying.

    The September 11th Drama is more complex.

    You may figure out that "The Elite" organize September 11th to rise the Oil price ... and this is right ... but there are a Higher Plot ... a Cosmic Plot behind ... and this is to rise the Planetary Consciousness too.

    Have the world increased their vibration after September 11? ... I, say "Ye". The World is more compact, but there are still borders, dictators and flags.

    Of course "The Elite" disturb the World ... browsing my wallet in the airports ... now they have an excuse ...

    Honestly there are a Plan. Always there are a Plan. Gods and Goddess are more Logic and smarter than we are.

    Why we are here? ... Why sometimes things works and sometimes does not work?

    Are there something called "Luck"? ... or not? ...

    Why Jesus sacrifice itself? ... Why? ... Why? ... Why? 

    Jesus was "sacrificed" by the Family of Light ... He did him job ... dying, resurrecting and ascending.

    The sacrifice was necessary ... was the Will of God ... and was a Result of Service to we all ... like never before.

    The Death of Jesus create a Permanent Ray of the Entire Planet to clean and create a Bridge between the Hearth of Father/Mother God and we all, the entire planet.

    Without that sacrifice ... resurrection was not possible.

    I consider that the Next King will be not sacrificed ... Jesus had announced him return by the end of next Year ... and Jesus Kingdom is not a Earth Kingdom ... but a Galactic Kingdom and he is the Absolute King.

   This means that the actual "cleaning" process will lead to five Rulers and one King or Mentor.

   That World Mentor will be the King of the World ... he will rule trough the Christ Law for the five Earth Kingdoms.

   Therefore the work of the Magi to teach him, the support of Joseph (him father) and Mother Mary her Mother ... were not useless ... but necessary.

   Some people will tell you that Jesus death clean the sex your parents did. Please don't believe that words, and reply ... without my parents I will not be here, and without your parents neither you.

   You can still say ... "May be Lord Jesus will know in advance the plot you will apply to Earth and so he fulfill him mission ... actually Jesus blood stir inside us and our I AM Presence is awakening and aligned our DNA to the "Cosmic Lattice", this term is coined by Peggy Phoenix Dubro.

   The reason because you are lucky or unlucky depends of the Cosmic Lattice and how your DNA is aligned with GAIA (Mother Earth), the planets, the Sun ... and any form of intelligence in the Multi-verse.

   If you are aligned you are lucky and don't get mistakes. No otherwise.

   Friends ... there are a Science ... superior to actual ... to Astrology, to Quantum Physics and to Entanglement ... that can explain the behavior of any atom in the Multi-dimensional Universe with all its Galaxies ... and this Science is coming ... I call it "The Sacred Science".

   Of course we need to correct several understanding and erase several taboo ... that is remove the mental implants that block our communication with the Cosmos and the Family ... but this is a process in act.


Giovanni A. Orlando.

PS: Lord Jesus don't get Bad Luck ... but he simply fulfill him Plan ... in FULL. Understand this plan is complex indeed. I hope my words help you for a better understanding ... Of course Jesus don't plan any Church or Religions or request you bow ... Jesus means Freedom, the Family means Freedom ... and when you bow before others (any) you are denigrating yourself ... may be you do for a Job, for necessity or for religions. Please never bow before others. Thanks!

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