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Monday, 25 April 2011 23:00

A City on the Air ... From Star Wars movie serie ...


Greetings ... in the Pink day of the Love of God ...

    Do you remember when we were more young of children and "futuristic" books and "futuristic" movies show us ... Flight Machines and Cities on the Air?

   What do you see to-day on the TV? ... You see War, Sex (under payment), Tech Gadgets ... and Stupidity ... you see the new generations of Darkness ... applauding themselves ... they are the children of the past ones or the new officials of Darkness.

     Where are the city on the Air? ... Why the difference is so exaggerated ... ?

      I will tell you and I, Giovanni your friend and fellow still suffer this ... The Future is created with Intents ... 

      What is an intent? ... An intent is a Wish ... a Decree ... or an Affirmation.

      Example. "I AM that I AM", is an affirmation. "I AM a Children of the One" is an affirmation. "As a Son of God, I now declare that I AM an authority on Earth." is a decree.

      Therefore ... we must be ... the ones to choose our Future.

      The Great DNA researcher Kishori Aird explains that we have a "Default" Behavior ... with No Intention and of course we can change our DNA ... and therefore our cells ... our past, present and future.

      Master Kryon explains that 90% of our DNA is information ... from where ? ... He (Kryon) explains that is multi-dimensional and therefore from the 4D, 5D ... 7D, 6D ... 8D ... ...

      If we does not realize the idea to give an "intent" for a better world ... including "Cities on the Air" ... we never will have.

      If a country does not intent for better ... for a better future ... that future never will arrive.

      Therefore we are like "Magician Apprentice" ... unable to express Magic ... without intent.

      If you continue to watch TV (instead to use the TV) you will tailor by the TV and the media ...

      Why don't image a "futuristic" World ... like is in the Heavens? ...

Blessed you are,

Giovanni A. Orlando.


PS. In the Heavens Angels does not play lyres ... generally.

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