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Tuesday, 03 May 2011 10:00

Greetings in the Pink day of Hearth ... the day of the Holy Ghost, the Holy Spirit who is Ascended Master Kuthumi, who was Saint Francis and Pythagoras too.

      Therefore Italy must be very happy because (like before because previously Painter Paolo Veronese hold that office) a Saint, like Saint Francis and Mystic like Pythagoras will engine and rule a so High Office in the Heaven.

      Let me say I loved Pope John Paul II ... I still love him. I, Giovanni appreciate Pope Raztinger ... but I need to confess I did not like him too much.

      I love the Prince Will-I-AM weeding with now-princess Lady Kate and I don't feel happy for the death of Bin Laden ... I consider my wallet will continue be inspected in irrespective mode in the airports and my shoes must be removed causing me stress ... because others do something against my beloved United States.

      Do you believe Royal Weeding+Beatification of John Paul II+Osama Bin Laden death ... are a simple coincidence?

      Friends ... there are no coincidences at all. No one.

      However, does not feel disturbed ... "The Elite" wants you enjoy ... and be Happy ... I say, "Enjoy" and "Be Happy!".

      Be Happy in my Holy England, my Sacred Italy and my Technological United States ... but don't be innocent like a teenager at the first date ... Open your eyes. We are controlled ... and this release of happiness is very controlled.

      I repeat. Be Happy ... play no too much attention to me, but I still want to add that Lord Jesus was moved, betrayed and killed on the cross ... only few days after he enter in Jerusalem (Matt, 21:5).

    Of course I am not here ... to create distress ... but too create happiness and speak about Christ consciousness.

   Don't feel bad when you need to free ... tapped energy ... Energy must be released ... and after the release (necessary) you feel better.

   Lord Meru explains us that the release of ALL Bad energy in the Heart is the first step to be a King ... and the Universe is very Big ... so may be you someday become a King or a Queen ... in some planet.

   I, Giovanni never meet Mark L. Prophet in person. I neither meet Elizabeth Clare, but I get in touch with Elizabeth the first time in 2008 ... not in person.

   Mark L. Prophet is an Ascended Master and is called Lanelo, which name comes from Lancelot and Longfellow”, from Henry Wadsworth Longfellow.

  Because I am honest, I need to confess that I am in touch with Lanello (Mark L. Prophet) and because I am the latest messenger before Christ return ... He is pushing me to include important and sensitive information inside my books, like Chapter 17, The Soulless, The Origin of Black Magic and its end.  (Not yet released). You can consider he and me, are writing this chapter that will appears in "The Secret of Andes".

   Any messenger is very prolific writing books. Elizabeth Clare Prophet wrote over 200 books, not only about Ascended Masters ... but also about the Jewish as well Buddhism tradition.

   I, Giovanni am different because I will publish books also on Sciences: Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry, as well about DNA (Biology) ... but also about the Egyptian Tradition. Of course I am in great delay ... but I am becoming more logic (a good choice for someone that hold two degree in Mathematics at both sides of Atlantic Ocean) and therefore the books will start to appears.

  Attack Einstein Theory ... speaks about Tesla ... and engine a CD/DVD to cover all know Mathematics are not simple tasks ... Some bits of Ego remains, you know...

  Friend, I am here to gift you the book, in the parts ... or release my Higher Self decide to do ... this is part I ...

    which was written by Mark, but republished by Elizabeth.

   Well friends, let me offer these beautiful words ... and Yes ... "The Christ consciousness is NORMAL ... a very normal evolution" ... and need to reach that step ...


Giovanni A. Orlando

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Christ in the Heart of Man








Today our hearts turn towards the Eternal Presence, and we go backward in time into the eternal con­sciousness and ponder the birth of the creation and the vastness of the creation.


In Sanskrit we find the word kala, which means "time," and the word desha, which means "space." Let us think, then, in terms of time and space as though time and space were a gentle bubble hovering beneath the consciousness of God.


In this bubble, in this heart of space where all things exist, there is an extraordinary beauty—a beauty that oftentimes our words or even our thoughts cannot adequately describe. For a moment we may try to grasp all of this, but it is incom­prehensible to us because it extends too far and is too great.


However, we do comprehend our relationships. Within our own circle of friends and with those we feel are nearer and dearer to us, our relationships are well established. Yet the Master said, "Other sheep I have, which are not of this fold: them also I must bring."[1] So we should understand that in the consciousness of the Christ there is a spirit of gather­ing together rather than a tearing apart.


The love of god


Let us recognize, then, the tremendous depth of God's love. It is a love that not only is now but always has been and always will be.


If we can escape from the densities of this world, God's love will enable us to find a freedom that we have never known before—freedom in consciousness, freedom in our being, dominion over our physical bodies, over our con­sciousness, over our mind, over our heart and over all things that surround us.


All these things belong to the heart of God, and they are God's. But they are also ours, because his Son has said, "I go to prepare a place for you,... that where I am, there ye may be also."[2] And so we begin to develop a sense not only of the love of God but also of the extension of God or the perme­ation of God throughout the universe.


We have failed to think in terms of what the Ascended Masters have called "hallowing space." Space was intended to be hallowed, not desecrated. Space is hallowed when it absorbs the energies of God. As a sponge absorbs water so our consciousness can absorb God's consciousness, and God's consciousness can penetrate our consciousness. And in this penetration comes a new awareness of where we are.


We see the world in both the microscopic and the tele­scopic. And thereby we recognize that there is a greater largess of God's heart in the universe than we had thought.


Mirrored in the faces of people around us we have seen limitation. Perhaps they are limited by a sense of sin, a sense of smallness or largeness of size, a sense of economic status. We have allowed these things to penetrate our consciousness. And we are concerned with having worldly fun—if you can call it fun.


Well, let's take a look at a new idea: Is it fun to do the will of God? That's the question. Is it fun to do the will of God?


Is it possible that the chairman of the board of the uni­verse can have better ideas than the chairman of the board of Ford Motor Company?


Can we ingest the glow of the cosmic sense?


Can we realize what it means?


Can God come down to us and show us our own inher­ent worth?


God's love is ours. We belong to that love. And that love is dynamic! That love is not cheap, it is not vulgar. It is magnetic. It draws us unto itself. It reaches out through the whole universe. It is what all of us possess as the germinal spark within us.


Today, unfortunately, we live in a world of sham, a world where people dare to pull other people's strings. We have seen the world compartmented and splintered and its wholeness shattered. All of this creates degeneration.


Now, we contain the factors of generation and degener­ation, whereby people are born and die. And we contain the factor of regeneration, wherein people unite with the power of immortal life.

We find that unregenerate man—ordinary man—is a bit of a disobedient child. He may not know that he is being disobedient. Yet his ignorance of the law is not a valid excuse when he stands before the heavenly magistrate.


We of ourselves can do nothing, but through Christ we can do all things. We are dealing with the Universal Christ; we are not dealing with a figment of our imagination. The life that beats our heart is no transient tramp that passes through and then is no more. True, ships may pass in the night, but we are concerned with that which we will call con­tact with God—contact with God.


"God is a Spirit," I read in John 4:24, "and they that worship him must worship him in spirit and in truth." This is regeneration. And this regeneration is a tremendous factor in the transformation of our lives.


life can be a boomerang or cornucopia


God has been painted as an angry God who is eager to im­pale us upon a stick and then roast us as a marshmallow. I don't believe this. I believe that God is a God of love.[3]


I also believe that God is a God of exactness. As I give my energy out into the universe, so that energy will return to me. As I treat my fellowmen, as I treat my God, as I treat all of life and its wondrous opportunities, so I will be treated according to my just deserts.


Life is either a boomerang or a cornucopia. It's a boom­erang if we send out bad energy; it's a cornucopia if we send out the abundant life. If we want the good life that is God's life, we must send out into the world the vibration of hope and light and beauty and strength.


The outer garments we wear are meaningless. They could be rags or riches; it wouldn't make any difference. Our outer garments are a sham unless we have something within our heart—something of the divine spark that is regenerative.


What does the Bible say on this? Jesus said some will say, "Christ is here" and "Christ is there." "Go not after them, nor follow them," he said. "For, behold, the kingdom of God is within you.[4]


I have known any number of preachers, men of the cloth, who talk about how great they are—how great they are— but who fail to recognize the greatness in their congregations and in the masses of the people.


It is a greatness that is spread amongst us. Do you real­ize that? Try to realize it. Try to grasp it.


I remember as a child singing the song "Brighten the Corner Where You Are." These days life sometimes gets pretty dull. It would really help if we would remember to brighten the corner where we are. But everybody thinks the brightening will be done through television or a Broadway extravaganza or by one of the great preachers like Oral Roberts or Billy Graham. The people think the preachers are just going to get out and do it all.


Well, God is not a failure. He doesn't make mistakes. And he's been around a long time. Yet people are continuing to make mistakes. Why? Because God gave them free will and they misuse it. That's the answer, and it's the only answer.


"Well," someone says, "why doesn't God appear and for­bid this or forbid that? Why doesn't he appear and say—?" He does. He does it through his laws.


Take the law of karma, for instance. In one lifetime people may do a series of wrong things and a series of right things or a combination thereof. Then God gives them another life, and circumstances become cither bad or good, depending on how they treated others in their past life. And they say, "Why? Why did God do this?"


But it isn't God that has done it—we ourselves did it! We either misused our free will or we didn't, and now we find ourselves dealing with the consequences of our past actions.


Just because we made some mistakes in this life or past lives doesn't mean we can't pick up where we left off and earnestly engage in balancing our karma from both our yes­terdays and our todays. We still can use our free will prop­erly or improperly. The option is ours. We are the ones that have to decide.


Can you sin, be forgiven

and not have to make restitution?


Now I am going to explain to you the law of karma as you have probably never heard it explained before. From the time of Christ and even before Christ, people have had a sense of guilt. People still do. And in this sense of guilt, they seek forgiveness for their sins.


Where do they seek it? They seek it from God. And they seek it from someone lesser than God, because Jesus Christ gave the power to forgive sins to his apostles and they in turn transferred that authority to the priests down through history.

Now, people have funny ideas about karma and forgive­ness. They think that you can kick a man and go up to him afterwards and say, "Will you forgive me?" And the man, Christian as he is, says, "Of course I will. I realize that you did wrong, but I'll forgive you."


Then you turn to God and you say to God, "I kicked a man, will you forgive me?" And God says, "Yes, I'll forgive you." So, man has forgiven you, God has forgiven you and you feel very forgiven. And you believe that your slate is now wiped clean. But, you see, the record of your injustice is still there.


The whopping mistake that popes, priests, ministers and people have made for thousands of years is this: they don't understand that although God and man have pardoned you, the Great Law requires that you make restitution for your misdeeds. In other words, you can be forgiven imme­diately, but God's justice must be meted out. Your misdeeds are not wiped out simply because someone, even God, for­gives your sins. For as you do unto others, so will it be done unto you.[5] That is the irrevocable law of the Great White Brotherhood.


Do you know why down through the centuries many people became Christians? They became Christians because they were told that Jesus Christ would forgive their sins—and this is true. However, they don't understand that they still have to make restitution for their sins.


In his book Autobiography of a Yogi, Yogananda relates this story about the Indian master Babaji: One night, Babaji's disciples were sitting around a bonfire that had been pre­pared for a sacred ceremony. Suddenly Babaji grabbed a burning brand from the hot fire and lightly struck the bare shoulder of a disciple who was near the fire.

One of the master's disciples said to the master, "How cruel!" What was the master's answer? He said, "Would you rather have seen him burned to ashes before your eyes, according to the decree of his past karma?"


Then Babaji put his hand on the disciple's injured shoulder and healed him. And Babaji said, "I have freed you tonight from painful death. The karmic law has been satisfied through your slight suffering by fire."[6]


The burning the master inflicted upon the man was less suffering than otherwise would have come to him as a result of his karma. He may have burned someone to death in a past life but had since become a good man, was no doubt practicing attunement with God and was performing reli­gious service. He was trying to find God, trying to make con­tact. Since he was a friend of God, his sins were not imputed unto him with the same degree of intensity as they would have been if he had not been a friend of God.[7]


People have the idea that they can do whatever they want to do with impunity. They say, "My life is my own. I'll do what I please because I believe in the doctrine of the vicari­ous atonement—that Jesus died for my sins."


Well, I believe that Jesus can forgive sins. I believe, for example, that Jesus Christ forgave one of the two thieves who were hanging on crosses to the right and the left of him. One of the thieves said to Jesus, Are you not the Christ? Save yourself and us."


But the other thief said, "Do you not fear God, since you are under the same sentence of condemnation? And we in­deed have been condemned justly, for we are receiving the due reward of our deeds, but this man has done nothing wrong." And he said to Jesus, "Lord, remember me when you come into your kingdom." Jesus replied, "Verily I say unto you, today you will be with me in paradise."[8]


I believe these words to be true, but I also believe that from behind the veil of paradise the thief was required to reach out in consciousness to right every wrong that he had done, just as every one of us must do.


People place great hope in their salvation through Christ's forgiveness of their sins. They say, "Oh, the Lord forgave me for every sin I ever committed," and the next day they go out and do the same thing or worse. Isn't that something! They ask for forgiveness and then they turn around and do or say the same things that they were just forgiven for.


I do not say that God cannot forgive sins, but people must remember that even if God forgives them, they still need to make amends for their sins. As the saying goes, there are no atheists in the foxholes. When men face death, they begin to recognize that there is a power greater than themselves.


It makes no difference to me whether or not you are able to accept the law I have revealed to you, because your own conscience will tell you that you must make restitution for your sins. If you can accept this law and believe that it works impartially for you and for everyone, you will be able to take more responsibility for your life.


Some people never learn to take responsibility for their lives. I was in a restaurant the other day and I overheard a woman say, "You know, everything I do is illegal or fatten­ing or immoral." That's the way she saw herself and that's what she did. And that's the way people think. They think they can do anything and get away with it.

We must begin to realize that all of our acts, all of our thoughts, everything we do is recorded in the computer that God himself put inside of us. That computer registers our every thought and feeling both in our mind and in the mind of God.


… continues

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