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Greetings ... in the very Green Healing day of Mercury ...

    If I can take some days to read a book, offer on the Web ... to rise "some" Christ consciousness in the people of the Earth ... well this is Great Thing.

    To speak about Christ Consciousness ... I need to give you ANOTHER example different than Lord Jesus, who is the Best example.

    I chose Saint Germain like the best example ever ... about Christ Consciousness that is not our Beloved Lord Jesus.

    I, Giovanni consider that Saint Francis, attain Christ Consciousness. Still Padre Pio, still Mother Theresa, still Pope John Paul II ... and still Lady Diana was very close to attain and honestly she attain Christ Consciousness but not in full.

    According to the very Words of Maters Kirael, who is an Angel this very day ... several people on Earth attain the status of Christ Consciousness.

    Let me offer a prayer

I AM the Light of the Heart of God
Shining in the Darkness of Being
and Changing all in the golden treasury
of the Mind of Christ.

I AM projecting my Love
Out into the world
To erase all errors
And to break down all barriers.

I AM the Power of Infinite Love,
Amplifying itself Until it is victorious,
World without end!


    Saint Germain is my mentor and the mentor of many,  ... and like Lord Jesus was the main Avatar of the Pisces Age ... from the moment of him death 2000 years ago ... until the year 2000 AD, now is the Age of Aquarius, which Main Avatar is Saint Germain.

   (This is the reason because me, Giovanni dislike the bad usage of the sacred name Avatar ... realizing a stupid movie ... that move the masses to stupidity ... and not to sacredness) ... and I never will watch it, because each one of the 144,000 is noting but an small Avatar, and therefore a personal offense for us.

   Saint Germain is just a fresh name. A name the master choose from their latest return.

   We are speaking about Merlin, at Camelot. We are speaking about Christopher Columbus. We are speaking about Francis Bacon the very author of the Shakespearean Plays, we are speaking about Hermes Trimegustus in Egypt. We are speaking about Osiris. We are speaking about King Solomon in Israel ... as well about Joseph, the mentor of Jesus ... Yosua ... who then become Lord Jesus. ... and many others.


In the name of the light I am authored these words ...

Giovanni A. Orlando


How to Develop

the Christ Consciousness



 Before we consider how to develop the Christ con­sciousness, we must create definitions that we can all understand. We need common denominators.


Let's begin by determining what consciousness is. Now, I may have my definition of consciousness and you may have yours, but I prefer to stay with the simple. As I see it, con­sciousness is an ever-flowing stream of intelligence that possesses an awareness of its environment and an awareness that may go far beyond its environment.


Consciousness is awareness, starting with the self. It is a state of being aware that you are you. And then you become aware of other people as distinct from yourself.


Our conscious awareness also possesses the capacity to deal with subtleties and innuendo. We don't even have to stop and consider whether someone is being superficial or sincere.


We already know through the spiritual faculties that are within us.


Our capacity to deal with human subtleties has come to be an innate art, one that even children learn at an early age. An infant may not be capable of speaking his mother tongue. Nevertheless he is able to deal in images that make it possible for him to identify his mother, his feeding time, his various needs, et cetera.


We go through many stages, from babyhood to child­hood, the teenage years, adulthood and retirement. These stages don't have abrupt break-off points like stair steps.


You've probably heard the story about the young man who said that when he was sixteen he thought he knew a great deal more than his father knew. He felt his father really knew very little. When he turned twenty-one he said he was amazed at how much his father had learned in five years. So one stage of consciousness blends with the next.


All of this is dealing with the mundane. We are talking about consciousness in its lower ramifications. But we must deal with the realities of the mundane, of the earthy, before we can deal with heavenly realities.


Christ consciousness is a natural phenomenon


What is Christ consciousness? It is the conscious awareness of the self as the Christ. When you attain the level of con­sciousness that Jesus Christ attained, you too will have the Christ consciousness.


There are, of course, various stages of Christ consciousness, and we can reach those stages gradually or very quickly. Some people seem to be born with Christ consciousness or it begins to manifest at an early age. Others work at it for a year or two and suddenly it manifests. Some work at it for ten years before it comes. Some take twenty years. Others work at it all their lives and then burst through to it just before they take their leave of this world.


Unfortunately, many people trick themselves. They have an idea that the development of the spiritual faculties leading to Christ consciousness is a breakaway from the natural phenomena of life. This is not so, and to think so is to be tricked by the forces of deceit and by those who would de­liberately confuse the issues—turning light into darkness and darkness into light.


These forces try to make people think that the world is so complicated that they just can't cope with the fast pace of life. In some cases, this dilemma stimulates people to pursue the deeper mysteries of life and they find solace in the God within. Others may vegetate and do nothing except what is absolutely necessary to survive. Or they may rebel against the confusions of life by becoming nonconformists.


These are the miasmas of life. But Christ consciousness is not so. With Christ consciousness, we deal with naked reality or, as I prefer to call it, crystal-clear Christ clarity.


Christ consciousness is not developed through outer things


The apostle Paul revealed a formula that is truly wonderful. He said that we must put off the old man of the flesh and put on the new man of the Spirit.[1] Some spiritual seekers take this to mean that all of our mundaneness and humanness must be put away. When, in their own opinion, they have "put off the old man," they begin to criticize their brothers and sisters on the spiritual path.


We must be extremely careful that in our desire to de­velop the Christ consciousness we do not criticize, condemn and judge others. For criticism repels Christ consciousness. And when we criticize, we incur karma that we must one day tediously undo.


People have a tendency to fool themselves. They think they have received Christ consciousness simply because they have put away some of the things of this world. Maybe they don't smoke much anymore and they don't have quite as many highballs (or maybe they don't smoke or drink at all) and they've given up this and they've given up that.


They seem to feel that Christ consciousness is developed by giving up certain things the world does and that when one gives up these things Christ consciousness should automati­cally rush in.


Here is an enigma. I am referring to George Gurdjieff, who wrote Beelzebub’s Tales to His Grandson and other writ­ings and founded an institute in Paris. Gurdjieff didn't give up his cigarettes or his vodka. And from the standpoint of some seekers of God, these habits made Gurdjieff unaccept­able as a spiritual teacher. Yet he was quite well-known as a mystic, and he was the teacher and guru of that great Rus­sian writer Ouspensky, who wrote the Tertium Organum.


Somehow we get the idea that everyone who abstains from this and that is just a little bit better than those who in­dulge. Once again I go to the apostle Paul, who speaks about this when he takes up the subject of eating meat. Eating meat poses a problem for many people because they think that it will prevent them from having Christ consciousness. "Meat commendeth us not to God," Paul said. "For neither if we eat arc we the better; neither if we eat not are we the worse."[2]


Abstinence—not eating meat, for example—and being good little children in every way according to human standards does not guarantee us Christ consciousness. Conversely, just because you eat meat doesn't mean that you don't have Christ consciousness. I know people on both sides of the fence.[3]


Christ consciousness is not guaranteed to you by what you don't do. It's more by what you do than by what you don't do. That's why George Gurdjieff, in spite of his drinking vodka and smoking cigarettes, was able to develop a cer­tain state of consciousness that was above the ordinary. All the same, I happen to believe that he would have been better off without the vodka and the cigarettes.


It doesn't pay to judge people superficially. It doesn't pay to judge people at all. For Christ consciousness is not devel­oped through outer things, whether by indulging in them or by abstaining from them. And the absence or presence of certain idiosyncrasies does not determine whether we are capable of rising to the level of Christ consciousness. As Paul asked, "O foolish Galatians, who hath bewitched you?... Having begun in the Spirit, are ye now made perfect by the flesh?"[4]


Now, it's very important that you do not hinder yourself  spiritually. A moment ago, I was straining to pull an idea out of my subconscious; and the harder I strained, the more I created a mental block, which prevented that thought from coming through at the exact moment I wanted it. We all have similar problems, and we have to learn to turn every defeat into a victory.


Our inherent divine intelligence


If we are going to develop Christ consciousness, we must first remove our blocks—our human blocks that make us block­heads. That's what we really are when we try to rely on hu­man reasoning and human intelligence alone—blockheads.


Actually, the great minds of our time are very much dependent on the divine intelligence within. They use divine intelligence all the time. The only thing is, they don't always acknowledge it.


Suppose that the blessed body elemental, whom they seldom acknowledge, failed to play its role in maintaining the balance of the body chemistry that allows God's energy to flow across the brain in its normal pattern. All of the chem­ical reactions they take for granted do not happen by acci­dent. They function through the divine intelligence. The body and all of its systems, the autonomic nervous system and so forth, function by God's grace.


Of course, the materialist does not believe this to be true. He seems to consider that all the parts of this little watch that he is, the mainspring (the heart) and all the coils and gears and wheels and wires and whatnot, work together independent of the divine intelligence. The materialist must think that all the parts we are made up of were taken up in an airplane and then dropped to the ground. On the way down the parts put themselves together, and when they got down here we had a nice twenty-one-jewel Swiss watch.


The materialist thinks that it all takes place automati­cally—that the watch has its own inherent intelligence. In fact, some materialists seem to feel that matter created itself. Today, many scientists are wedded to this idea. The grand­father of one of our staff members maintains that the world was created by happenstance, that everything is based on human intelligence and that man is his own creator.


Well, spiritually speaking, it actually happens to be true that we are our own creator, but we don't always know how to put all these things into focus. If you look through a tele­scope sometime and you start moving the knob back and forth, you will throw the telescope out of focus. There's only one little spot where it's in focus.


So it's not enough just to have ideas; we have to be able to focus them and apply them. It's not enough to have the idea, for example, that you should say your prayers at night. It's the doing that counts.


There is a great deal more to this universe than we—and I mean all of us, including the scientists—have ever stopped to think about. Sometimes when we pick up a new book, we are absolutely smitten with the idea that this book is tops— until we read the next one.


It reminds me very much of the salesman who was sell­ing washing machines. The lady he was selling to had her doubts because she'd been stung before. She said, "I want to know that this washing machine will do everything I want it to do. I want the best washing machine in the world."


The man looked at her and he said, "Well, madam, I'm very sorry. I can only sell you the second-best washing machine in the world."


"That's not good enough for me," she snapped back at him. "I want the best."


"It hasn't been made yet," he replied.


That's the whole idea when we consider life from the standpoint of transcendence. Life has something more to offer us every day, because life is always upgrading itself.


Now, there's a difference between the words trance and transcendence. A trance is a state of partly suspended anima­tion or a state of profound absorption or deep hypnosis. After­wards you don't remember anything. You might say it is a suspension of consciousness. And where are you? Only God knows. But in transcendence, you know right where you are.


Your thoughts may be

your brother's stumbling block

As I said, the most important thing of all is to get rid of our human blocks. Don't judge people, because that's a diversion that will take you away from the source of Christ conscious­ness. If I start trying to figure out what everybody is about, I'm going to stop myself right in my tracks because my attention isn't on the Presence of God. It isn't on the laws of God. My attention is on a human being, who may be stum­bling or who may be transcending.


We have to remember that people are rising in consciousness all the time. If your thoughts about them are not good and you decide they don't have Christ consciousness because of something they are doing, you are putting a stum­bling block in their pathway.[5]


Your thoughts have wings. They fly to the person you are thinking about and they lodge in his desire body. At a cer­tain point, when the human smog level gets dense and your negative thoughts begin to accumulate in that person's world, your little thought may be the straw that breaks the camel's back of his desire to do right. You may be to blame for his defeat because you put the stumbling block in his pathway.


So, it is always best to withhold judgment. That doesn't mean, however, that you shouldn't exercise your powers of discrimination. Discrimination is a quality of the Christ and a quality of Christ consciousness.


Discrimination is like a rudder. You'd be an awfully poor sailor if you were sailing without a rudder, because you need to have a rudder to steer. Likewise, you have to be able to discriminate good from evil in people if you're going to steer through the seas of life. You also have to learn how to walk the razor's edge between discrimination, which is able to divide the real from the unreal, and criticism, condemnation and judgment, which is harmful.


Turning within and letting go


Let's get on now with some of the methods of developing Christ consciousness. First, you cannot develop Christ con­sciousness if your mind is involved in human affairs 100 per­cent of the time. You must make time for meditation. You must make time for reflection. You must make time for your soul to commune with God. You must make time to study and assimilate the Ascended Masters' ideas. You must make time to nourish the infant Christ-man that is within you.


The Christ-man manifests in the threefold flame within the secret chamber of your heart. The threefold flame is your divine spark. It's the eternal flame of God that sustains your lifestream as long as you are in embodiment. It's the torch of everlasting life that God gave you when he created you.


The threefold flame is made up of three plumes. As you face the Chart of Your Divine Self, the love plume is to your left, the wisdom plume is in the center, and the power plume is to your right.




The nature of the threefold flame is all positive. But that positivity is not supposed to stand still. You are not meant to leave the threefold flame as the babe in the crèche and sing once a year at Christmas "Gesù Bambino." God did not intend for that infant Messiah within you to remain an infant. You need to nurture him so that he will reach divine manhood.


The Christ always develops from within and never from without; yet outer experiences are what drive us within. There is a dearth of truth in our age because people are always turning without to solve their problems. And they keep turning without. They turn everything inside out and upside down. And, quite naturally, things do not work out as God intended.


I cite as an example the rebellion among some of today's youth. Look at the counterculture. It is full of young people who find fault with the dominant culture—often with good reason. They say society is "plastic," that it lacks heart and soul. They say it is unfair and unjust, especially to blacks. They are concerned about civil rights. They are concerned about the war in Vietnam[6]. They are concerned about corrupt leadership.


As a result, some of our young people have become hippies or revolutionaries or acid heads. But there has been a cost. People trying to get high on drugs are missing the opportunity to attain the Christ consciousness, which would really get them high. And the sexual revolution is going to cause a lot of problems that we can't even anticipate today.


Then there are those who eat themselves to death or drink themselves to death or work themselves to death. I learned, for instance, that a corporation headquartered in Wilmington, Delaware, was losing as many as 2.0 percent of their top-flight executives to heart attacks, strokes and other serious conditions. These men were between fifty-five and sixty-five.


So the corporation bought a yacht. They anchored it on the Delaware River and arranged parties for the families of their employees so they could relax, because the mounting tensions were tearing them apart.


These are some of the problems of our time. The mael­strom of problems like these occupy about 90 percent of our attention during our waking hours. And about 10 percent of our time is involved in some form of fun, although sometimes the fun turns out to be a little more taxing than the daily grind.


Cutting down mental baggage


In order to develop the Christ consciousness, we have to let go of the world for certain stated periods. Jesus himself went up into a mountain to pray.[7] This signified his coming apart from the world. Jesus got on a boat, probably a stinky old fishing boat. (Most of them are, you know.) And he and his disciples launched out onto the Sea of Galilee. They got away from the shoreline, away from the people, and there they communed with God.


They didn't carry much in their suitcases, like some of our women do. But the men are even worse! The first time we went to California, we took up just about one whole compartment of the train. We had boxes and suitcases piled clear to the ceiling. I had microscopes and telescopes and heaven only knows what. I even had a radio transmitter along with me so I could broadcast. I was going to talk back and forth to my wife and others from my hotel room or any­where in the city.


Oh, we had everything. We had so many porters when we went up to the hotel that they probably thought I was the Shah of Iran. I remember one time when I walked into the Dodge House in Washington, D.C., wearing my purple robe, and the elevator man looked at me and asked, "Are you a king or somethin'?" So we've really had a time learn­ing what to take and what not to take with us. Well, I'm cut­ting it down now.


If you want to develop Christ consciousness, you have to cut down some of your excess baggage—your mental baggage. You have to get rid of your fears, whether of living or dying. In fact, you're not going to die. You're just going to step up or step down on Jacob's ladder.


Sometime, somewhere, though, we have to develop Christ consciousness. It has to come, or else we're not going to live.

That sounds enigmatic. First I say you won't die, and then I say you're not going to live. I'm going to tell you what the Lord told me. Jesus said that the passage in Exodus that says "No man can look upon the face of God and live"[8] means that no man can look upon the face of God and live as man.


When you have seen the face of God, you don't live as man anymore—you live as God. It changes you. The en­counter with God turns you around 180 degrees. People don't have to know that you have changed. But you will know it, and that's all that is necessary. It's strictly between you and God.


So, you have to learn to go into your closet to pray.[9] You have to shut out the world. You have to see to it that no one else but you and God are in there. In these moments of communion with God, you have to shut out all the dis­tressing states of consciousness that you have harbored and not let go of.


I sometimes think we have spent more time in the swamp than we have on the mountaintop. Most of us will agree on that. The question is, Why do we do it? The answer is mimicry.


We humans are better mimics than monkeys. We sit around and look at people and then we imitate what they do.


Often our vision is not centered on our God Presence and on the Ascended Masters, even those of us who have known them for decades.


What is producing great changes in our members is the opportunity to attend a service once a week. Think of it! Once a week people come here or go to our other centers. They experience a decree session, they hear a dictation and they are blessed by the Masters as they imbibe the light the Masters release.


'Nurturing an intimate relationship with your inner Christ


If we could only give a little more of our time to developing Christ consciousness in ourselves and in others! It is a mat­ter of investment. We need to start by investing a little some­thing and then multiplying it.


Say a young man learns to play the stock market. He takes the money that he earned from his newspaper route and puts it into the market. And, lo and behold, he's doubled his money. Then his stock splits and within a short time his stock becomes worth even more. By the time he's ready to go to college, he's earned his tuition through stocks.

Well, how did he do it? First he had to invest his money and then he had to have faith that he would receive a return on his investment.


You have to put money in the bank if you expect to take it out. I've never seen any bank yet that will let you take it out unless you first put it in. And most banks today give you back a little bit more than what you put in.


You can invest in your own Christ consciousness by start­ing with what you have—your own God-given faculties. You can experiment with all the formulas you want to experiment with, but the whole idea is to use your five senses spiritu­ally—your faculties of seeing, smelling, tasting, hearing and feeling—and to start looking toward God.


Now, the first thing that's going to happen to you when you do this is that you will suddenly realize that you can't visualize the face of God. You can only visualize the face of God if you have seen God. And you can only visualize the face of Jesus if you have seen him. And even when those who have seen Jesus try to sketch or paint his face, they come up short of the real Jesus.[10]


Sallman and Hofmann and Hunt and other artists have all depicted Christ. Some people say, "Oh, I love the Sallman portrait." Others say, "I love Hunt." Others say, "Oh, I don't like that. I like Hofmann. He's more mystical."


Well, when it comes to defining the face of God or defining the face of Christ, it is based on individual percep­tion. If we were all artists and we all painted our perception of Christ, each canvas would be different.


When it comes to developing the Christ consciousness, we are all nurturing our own individualized Christ-manifes­tation. If you want to sustain the Christ consciousness hour by hour, day by day, you have to enter into your own inti­mate relationship with your own inner Christ. You have to have a secure one-on-one relationship with the Christ.


In order for this to happen, you need to distance your­self from the notion that you are developing something that is stable in the universe, because from the standpoint of the human consciousness you are not. Humanity as a whole is incapable of stabilizing itself in the Christ consciousness. It is only going to be stable in you, you and you because person by person and individual by individual you have determined to make it so.


So, all of these depictions of Christ by famous artists are fine. They help us visualize Christ. All art that is inspired from above should be captured by the mind to help us de­velop the Christ consciousness within.


Why do you suppose we have created the Chart of Your Divine Self? Who could paint God? Who could even paint man as he really is? The Chart is an assist to understanding God. Beautiful music is an assist. Prayer and contemplation are an assist.

[1] Rom 6:6, Eph 4:22-24, Col 3:9, 10.

[2] I Cor 8:8.

[3] I, Giovanni now add my point. You need to avoid meat … first Pork and Cow, absolutely. Then fish and Chicken. You can take up to three years for become completely vegetarian. The point is not eat meat or not. The point is to understand what means “eat meat”. Eat meat means eat an equivalent than you. On Sirius, on planet IA, where El Morya dwells … people simply don’t eat. Lord Meru explain this point very well, I am adding my own words. If you allow that other blood mix with yours … eating animals … you will low your EMF field. Your blood will become dirty. An animal never will have an opportunity to call the Violet Flame, to pray to clean him or blood, or to reach Enlightenment … only humans do. But if a human kill and eat animals, what kind of human will be? … A carnivore human … and a carnivore human is not a calm person capable to rise its KA energy … like Christ does when resurrect from the cross. Handle the KA energy is very complex … because the spirit of God at High Frequency travel in the nerves and in the blood. If you are on the Path … you will enable to listen two minutes of Rock n’ Roll. It is a question of evolution.

[4] Rom 14:13.

[5] Rom 14:13

[6] … and to-day about Iraq and Lybia.

[7] Matt 14:23, Mark 6:46, Luke 6:12,9:28.

[8] Exod 33:20.

[9] Matt 6:6.

[10] I, Giovanni see Jesus’s beard very recently this year. It was not a 3D image like you see these words on the PC. Was different … it was with the Eye of the Mind, the Third Eye. Still more recently I see Master Saint Germain garment. It is Violet like appears in any picture. In November 2007, before a travel he instruct  me to do to L.A. … I, see him complete figure and watch him Wisdom into him eyes, and feel him lives, his suffering for people bad understanding and him patience … all this in less than three seconds. I Love Saint Germain, and love in a different mode than I Love Jesus. Relax … I still love any goddess. I still see the entire silhouette of Archangel Michael. I say no word, but speaks unto me. I told me about my mission and my covenant with the Family of Light in very few words. These revelations are very sacred, so please offer the necessary and appropriate respect.

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