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Saturday, 07 May 2011 19:06

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Greetings again in the day of Transformation,

     Can some working on a project like FTHumanEvolutionCourse ... adopt MS Windows Vista like the standard Operating System? ... Yes he can, but Linux will be a more appropriate choice.

     Honestly Mac OS X and Apple iMac offers a UNIX environment (Can I say, UNIX?) ... Yes, I can ... and also Microsoft Office ... therefore the Mac OS X is more appropriate.

     You will ask me. Giovanni if you start posting a Linux question (Fedora or Ubuntu?) ... why you speak about MS Windows and Mac OSX?

      Let go slowly. Let me answer the first question.

      Fedora or Ubuntu? ... I prefer to extend my FTOSX ... dated 2004.

      Why? ... Let me answer for you this question ... from a hacker-like point of view.

      1. At first sight, Fedora still consider the "offensive" Logical Volume Manager (LVM)

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      The Logical Volume Manager is offensive because hide and map the normal transparency available on UNIX system.

      FTOSX offers a very clear Disk Management ... like FRESH WATER.

      2. FTOSX support KDE 3.2 and Qt 3.2 ... and is capable to build a Database MySQL based application to handle a small Library in seconds. (Similar to MS Access)

(Check the application development at


     3. FTOSX 2004 supports ReiserFS like the standard FileSystem type and also Reiser 4.


     Friends, if you want to do this job and align an Operating System 7 years old ... but honestly is not necessary.

     My efforts were resumed in my book, "The Art of  Build your Personal Operating System".

(Visit Amazon.com page for the book)

    I design, pack and built my Operating System, called FTOSX.

    FTOSX 2004 was released some months later the Movie Release Matrix 2. We always use the project name "Thunder".

     If you can browse the installer-screenshot. FTOSX 2004 was based on Fedora 4.


[DIR] Parent Directory   -  
[DIR] Kernel_mans/ 07-May-2011 14:03 -  
[DIR] it/ 07-May-2011 14:01 -  
[DIR] last/ 07-May-2011 14:35 -  
[IMG] screenshot-0000.png 23-Aug-2004 07:39 222K  
[IMG] screenshot-0001.png 23-Aug-2004 07:39 50K  
[IMG] screenshot-0002.png 23-Aug-2004 07:39 51K  
[IMG] screenshot-0003.png 23-Aug-2004 07:39 63K  
[IMG] screenshot-0004.png 23-Aug-2004 07:39 58K  
[IMG] screenshot-0005.png 23-Aug-2004 07:39 74K  
[IMG] screenshot-0006.png 23-Aug-2004 07:39 84K  
[IMG] screenshot-0007.png 23-Aug-2004 07:39 79K  
[IMG] screenshot-0008.png 23-Aug-2004 07:39 78K  
[IMG] screenshot-0009.png 23-Aug-2004 07:39 63K  
[IMG] screenshot-0010.png 23-Aug-2004 07:39 66K  
[IMG] screenshot-0011.png 23-Aug-2004 07:39 61K  
[IMG] screenshot-0012.png 23-Aug-2004 07:39 74K  
[IMG] screenshot-0013.png 23-Aug-2004 07:39 75K  
[IMG] screenshot-0014.png 23-Aug-2004 07:39 162K  
[IMG] screenshot-0015.png 23-Aug-2004 07:39 161K  
[IMG] screenshot-0016.png 23-Aug-2004 07:39 43K  
[IMG] screenshot-0017.png 23-Aug-2004 07:39 69K  
[IMG] screenshot-0018.png 23-Aug-2004 07:39 80K  
[IMG] screenshot-0019.png 23-Aug-2004 07:39 74K  
[IMG] screenshot-0020.png 23-Aug-2004 07:39 143K  

    Ubuntu offers fresh software and Fedora 14 offers LVM and ext4, but ... if you are looking to get results ... FTOSX 2004 ... remains a valid choice.

    Mac OS X is the best choice today to work on UNIX and work with MS Office, Adobe Flex, Adobe CS 5.5 ... etc.

    Future Technologies have no plans to release a new Operating System in 2011 or 2012.


Giovanni A. Orlando.


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