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Thursday, 12 May 2011 15:00

May you and me reach the Mind of Christ and we all have the Christ Consciousness!


Greetings in the Resurrection day of Lord Jesus and Mary Magdalene, the Jupiter-day, the Thor-day ...

    No. The Christ Consciousness is not a weak characteristic neither a passive condition.

    Was Christ a passive man? ... Man was and is a compassive man but not passive.

    The Christhood is the thunder, feeling the Thunder, living like the Thunder and Be the Thunder and the Thunder is not passive.

    Once, the KA is activated your Higher Self takes your hand and you are "More You". When we born we remember who we were and comment to our parents ... we told them who they were.

    Was Lord Jesus who walk on the Sea a minor man ... or someone with FULL Power?

    Despite the fake words ... "Father, why hast thou forsaken me?" ... Jesus did no say that.

    Jesus, say, "Father! how thou hast glorified me"

    (This information changed my life about ten years ago ... and you can read on Volume 3 "I AM Discourses" from Saint Germain Press. Jesus had spoken more recently ... in 2009 announcing him return and in 2010 ... just last year!)

    The message of Jesus is very simple. "He heals ... and teach others to heal. He nurture and teach others to nurture. He pour love and teach others to love. He say, I AM a Children of God and you are like me."

    He say, "Love each others ... like I had loved you!"

     This is the Christhood. The Christhood never is released by authority, of course it expect respect by does not require and this is complex to accept.

      Time ago a discipline ask to Lord Jesus, "Master, How I can be the first? ... the first disciple? ... Jesus say ... if you want to be the first you need to be the last ... you need to wash the foots of your disciples".

      Let me continue because this is Food you need ... and you are angry from the words of the Lord ...

      Yosua (Jesus) have not just Twelve disciples and ALL MALE. Nay!

      Lord Jesus had thousand of disciples ... both women and men ... Thousand!

      ... And want he teach ...

He teach how to be Christ! ... how to be like him!

      That was the message ...

      Friends, let me complete the Chapter 2, in the book,

      So, each one ... with Higher Chirsthood may teach others with less Christhood ... This is not like Greed, this is not like Communism ... but is contagious ... and you feel the Joy of the Lord ... that is God in person ...

      The Universe is always just ...

Take care,

Giovanni A. Orlando.

Enjoy ...

PS. The Full Chapter 2, may be read at,


Blessed you are ... Not dirty ... but blessed ... Enjoy!

Just consider me ... not like a Master but like a friend ... and an assistant of Jesus ... and someone that need to learn too many things and correct others ... but doing that ... I help you according to my possibilities ...

Helping others develop the Christ consciousness by praising noble effort


Now, they may not know it, bur all people need the Christ consciousness. And one way of developing the Christ con­sciousness in yourself is to help others develop what you yourself have not yet developed.


How do you like that? If you haven't developed the Christ consciousness in its fullness yourself, don't let that deter you from trying to help others develop it. You help others by being upbeat and by taking time to understand them and their problems.


A little while ago we talked about not criticizing others. Well, how about a little praise for others' efforts?


If you say, "Well, so-and-so hasn't tried very hard.


I mean, I saw him do something that wasn't right not too long ago," you're on the negative side. We don't want that. We are going to throw that out.


Did you ever consider what praise does for a little child? You go up to a child and you praise a drawing he made. It's crude but you say, "Oh, Johnny! What a beautiful picture you've drawn."


You're a parent or a teacher or a friend of this child. You are not necessarily praising the end result but you are prais­ing his effort—an effort that at its own level was designed by the child to create something wonderful.


That is exactly what you have to learn to do to develop Christ consciousness in others as well as in yourself: recog­nize and praise noble effort. Don't try to classify someone's effort. Don't try to belittle it.


On the other hand, don't try to judge another's effort and say, "Well, this man is just a step away from his tenth initia­tion into the great zooma, zooma, zooma." In other words, don't decide that somebody is at this or that level of initia­tion or that, even though you arc down here in the outer court, you are capable of judging the great beings that have climbed so far up the spiritual ladder of life that they are out of sight.


People analyze other people all the time. Every once in a while someone who has attended one of our meetings and has heard an Ascended Master give a dictation through me or Elizabeth says, "Well, that Master didn't know the past participle of that verb. If he were a Master, he would have known it."


In my early days as a Messenger, a man in Washington, D.C., was critical of me because when Saint Germain dic­tated through me I pronounced fleur-de-lis incorrectly. The correct pronunciation is "fleur-de-lees," not "fleur-de-lay."


Now, all my life I had pronounced it the wrong way. It wouldn't matter if Saint Germain or God Almighty spoke through me; unless he would have written fleur-de-lis out phonetically for me to practice ahead of time, I would have mispronounced it. And there isn't time for the Master to write it out phonetically because the dictation comes so fast. So the Masters have to use the idiom of the prophet.


Paul brought this out when he said, "The spirits of the prophets are subject to the prophets."[1] Truly, the Holy Spirit moves upon the consciousness of the prophet. But if a Mes­senger says "ain't" or "'tisn't"—which we don't usually hear from a Master—or if he goes off the beaten path of the ver­nacular, it isn't the fault of the Master, who certainly knows better. It simply means that the thoughtform of the word that came into the Messenger's consciousness from the Master's level was misinterpreted in the English language.


So, this man in Washington, D.C., had been chasing me all over town so he could get acquainted with me. He invited me out to dinner. He called me on my car telephone. He thought the sun rose and set in me. He was really friendly.


Then he came to one of our meetings and heard that mis­pronounced fleur-de-lis. Afterwards, when we were eating, he wouldn't sit by me. He moved across the room. I walked over and asked him what was the matter, and he said to me, "I'll have you know that you are a false prophet."


I said, "Oh? Why do you say that?"


"The French language has been spoken for centuries and it has always been spoken correctly," he said. "Saint Ger­main has spoken French correctly for several hundred years or more. I'll have you know that I have listened to mediums all over this country who speak perfect Chinese even though they don't consciously know a word of Chinese. You are a false prophet."


How silly people can get! They're willing to judge a book by its cover or even by its first chapter! I wouldn't dare to judge myself on that basis. I myself don't even know the be­ginning or the ending of my life cycles. It wouldn't be any fun if we knew the end from the beginning. It would be like going to an old movie that we had seen at least twenty-five times.


We have to get out of the habit of judging people. We need to be too busy attuning with the Christ to judge others. Think as Jesus Christ would think. Make up your mind to come apart from the world, as he did after the beheading of John the Baptist, when he departed by boat into "a desert place apart."[2] But be sure to put on a defensive armour[3] against those who would derail you the moment you start.


Now, this is a very important point. The minute you start to come apart unto God, the world will hate you, as it hated Jesus." You can expect it. But you don't have to amplify the world's hatred of you by letting your expectations run away with you, which I've seen some people do. You can always invite problems. It's so easy to invite them.


The main thing is to help other people develop the Christ consciousness while you keep your armour on, while you set apart time for attunement with God, and while you forget the idea of drawing a portrait of Jesus Christ or of God.


Why did I say that? I said, "While you forget." I meant exactly that. Stop trying to define the Almighty. And watch out, because sooner or later someone is going to try to get you to box in the Christ consciousness. You had better not let that happen, because by boxing it into compartments of theology, the Christ consciousness will be lost.[4]


Start meditating on god and don't get

caught up in the past


I have tuned in—as Rise Stevens has[5] and as you may also have—to events that took place thousands of years ago. I have seen ancient scenes of past civilizations as if they were live on TV today. These scenes are all part of what we call the akashic records.


When you start to develop Christ consciousness, you must be careful not to get caught up meandering through the astral plane or in the akashic records. This may occur dur­ing states of reverie that sometimes accompany meditation. You start to meditate on God and the first thing you know, you're in a dreamy state. You may suddenly see before your mind the face of a girlfriend or some chum of yours.


The picture is there for a minute. It has no meaning. Then something else comes along. It's kind of a phantas­magoria, because it is nothing more than a haphazard play­back from your subconscious memory. Letting reverie and imagination run away with you is a state of mind that is an enemy of your developing Christ consciousness.


All imagery from the past—latent, expressed, or other­wise—has to be set aside and consciousness has to be alerted. This is the truth and I have to state it. You have to get away from reverie and from sights and smells and sounds of the past in order to develop Christ consciousness, because you haven't had Christ consciousness before. What you have had is human consciousness.[6]


If you're going to put off the old man or woman and put on the new, you have to create a frame of reference that at least resembles what you think the new man or woman should re­semble. One of the ways to put off the old man or woman and develop Christ consciousness is to meditate on the Christ.


I visualize Jesus without too much facial definition. That's the way I started thinking about him several years ago. I mainly visualized the white robe and the radiance coming out of that robe. I didn't try to be too definite with it. I let the image develop on the film, so to speak. And I kept my attention on God, because God is higher than Christ. Christ comes out of the Source.


God is Spirit. Jesus said that those born of the Spirit are like the wind; it blows here and it blows there. [7] Nobody sees it. So when you visualize God, you don't really see God, but you see God's light as it emanates from the Christ.


After you have been doing this for a long time, you may experience an unusual happening. You may suddenly feel currents running all through your body, over your hands and down to your feet. You may feel an almost unspeakable joy. When this happens you know you are getting a wave of Christ's radiation.


As that wave passes through you, it aligns the inward parts of your being with the patterns of the Christ. Christ is putting his patterns into you at all levels—superconscious, conscious, subconscious and unconscious. And billions of cells—the building blocks of your memory body, your mind, your emotions and your physical body—become charged with Christ's radiance.


That's one of the ways you develop Christ consciousness. You further develop it through good deeds, through harmo­nious interchanges and through expressions of holy love.


Admitting your mistakes


You can't fool God and you can't fool man. And, in reality, you can't even fool yourself. You have to face the truth. You have to build solidly on the foundation of Christ all through life by simply asking yourself, "What would Jesus do in this situation?"


One time I stood in the lobby of a theater and a drunk came along and bought a big bag of popcorn. He had double butter put on it and then proceeded to dump the whole thing, popcorn and butter, all the way down the front of my nice suit.


Well, I didn't hit him, and I was reasonably self-con­tained. But I didn't behave quite the way I should have. I made him pay for dry cleaning the suit. He didn't offer to pay for it, and he got a little abusive with me. So I went ahead and made him pay for it. He didn't think I could, but I did. I took it as a human challenge, but I was wrong. That was several years ago. If I had it to do over again, I would just say, "Well, it was a mistake. God bless you."

That is what you have to do: admit your mistakes all the way down the line. If you're wrong, admit it. Now, people have the foolish idea that they should admit their mistakes to others. They think we should confess to our neighbors every mistake we make and then get down and kiss their boots.


If you feel that you have wronged someone to the point that it's causing them grief, you can go to them and say, "I'm genuinely sorry for what I did and I hope you'll forgive me." But you do not have to do this. I have done it and I would do it again if I felt it was necessary. Each circumstance breeds its own solution, and we must learn to accept that.


Building from the temporary reality of the present to the eternal reality OF GOD


One mistake that people make as they try to develop the Christ consciousness is that they think they can separate out the tares from the wheat without destroying the wheat.[8] And they get discouraged because they don't see spirituality manifesting in themselves overnight.


Stop that foolishness! Today you are the sum total of all that you have been in the past. Your future will be the sum total of all that you have been in the past, too, and all that you will be. It's never too late to change. It's never too late to start over. It's never too late to correct your errors.


Today my consciousness recognizes that, in regard to the popcorn incident, perhaps I should have handled that a little differently. Yet even a Christ does not always behave in a manner that everyone might agree with.


Jesus went up to Jerusalem and found moneychangers in the temple and people selling oxen and sheep and doves. He made a whip out of small cords and drove them all out of the temple, and he kicked over the tables of the moneychangers. He gave them a good dressing down. That's what he did. And he said, "It is written, 'My house shall be called the house of prayer; but ye have made it a den of thieves.'"[9]


I have discussed this with Jesus. And he told me, "If I had it to do over, I would not have done it that way." That's ab­solutely true. He said, "How could I recommend this to my followers? How could I recommend that they go out today and try this? They'd be in jail, and I wouldn't want to have them put in jail”.


But in the era in which he lived and under the circum­stances that were going on in Jerusalem and considering his zeal, it was not out of character for him to so react. In the heat of the moment he could do this. The Bible says that after Jesus did this, "his disciples remembered that it was written, The zeal of thine house hath eaten me up.'"[10] But, you see, God didn't impute this to him. It didn't stop Jesus from being a Christ.


Even today some of the Christs who are on earth, and there are a few, don't always behave exactly as human beings think they should behave. But the Christs know that some­times rash actions are the only way they will get results.[11]


Sometimes, even by the Master's direction, I have dealt with people in an unusual way and they have learned some­thing by it. And that's what the Master wanted. He wanted them to learn a lesson.


But you're not Jesus and you don't want to act the way he did because you don't have the attainment he had when he did it—even if in retrospect the Lord would have done otherwise. So don't try it, otherwise you might end up hav­ing to pay off a lot of karma. We want to cut our losses when it comes to our karma. We don't want to make any more karma if we can help it.


So we have to take the spiritual path by steps and stages. We first have to learn to jump over a twelve-foot hurdle with­out breaking an arm or a leg before we go to a twelve-and-a-half-foot hurdle. God will never hinder you or slow you down, but you can go too fast by pushing yourself without having the necessary support of moral standards and per­sonal values to live by.


When you want to erect a building, you lay one brick on top of another and it's all tied to a foundation. But what do we have in America today? We have psychics and seekers after psychic phenomena all over the country who don't bother to put their bricks on foundations. They start with an airy nothingness, voices that mutter and peep,[12] and they mumble languages of demons and discarnates.


If you want to develop the Christ consciousness, you have to start with what you are and build on the fashion of things as they are. The way it works is this: You have a lat­ticework on which your roses climb. The latticework repre­sents the material consciousness. You have good and bad wood in the latticework. You have pure wood with good paint on it that's well-preserved and you have rotten wood.


What you have to do is let the rose of the soul climb through this lattice. It keeps on climbing through the lattice, and the fragrance of the soul permeates everything. The roses come through the lattice, and then suddenly the light comes through. When it does, every bit of the rotten wood is cut out and is replaced, and the rest of the wood is changed. And you have what amounts to eternal substance, and the roses are growing on that.


You have to build from the temporary reality of the present to the eternal reality of God. If you can do this with no sense of struggle, recognizing your fellow pilgrims on the path and all humanity as travelers on the upward way no matter what their state of consciousness, you are going to become a Christ. But you're only going to become a Christ because your consciousness changes from a human con­sciousness into a Christ consciousness.

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[4] Now, I Giovanni want to say something. “It is amazing complicated to remain calm when someone offend with Heavy words you, your sacred mother and your nurturing family”. Saint Germain, say “Quit … and walk your path!”

[5] Kyle Critchon, Subway to the met, Rise Stevens Story

[6] I, Giovanni don’t agree with Mark, but loves him advices. I consider people had ascended several times and then, if necessary return. Thus, we have had Christhood … but when we born, we lost it, and we know that. We know before we born that there are warrant we return to the House of the Lord, like express Mother Mary. There are no warrants. Of course we can get back the GOOD from our Past lives … if we need. I appreciate Mark words like “no attachment” to the past, and they are sunshine words.

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