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Very Greetings in the name of the Purity of God, in the White-Moon-day,

     ... And so I am here to answer a question you forgot.

     Were really exist the Twelve Olympians? ...

     The Twelve Olympians are:

Zeus, Hera, Poseidon, Demeter, Athena, Dionysus, Apollo, Artemis, Ares, Aphrodite, Hephaestus and Hermes.

     To answer this question you need to wonder that Each planet is a Conscious Being and therefore a Soul and a Spirit with Consciousness that evolves ...

     Ra, like called by Egyptian is our SUN ... and him day is SUN-day, and he is a male being like Lord Jesus is also a male being.

     The Moon is a female being ... like our Beloved Mother GAIA, our Planet.

      Mercury is called the messenger of the Gods, because the SUN is the star that take care of this Solar Ring and Mercury (Odin) is the messenger. The Romans call Mercury, Hermes, but this is not correct.

      Hermes is Saint Germain who was Hermes Trimegistus as is know.

      Venus called Fridda in the Nordic tradition is a Goddess and is a female being. It is celebrated on Friday.

      Ares is Mars and here there are no doubts. It is celebrated on Tues-day. Mar-tes.

      Jupiter is Thor, the God of the Thunder and is celebrated on Thor-day, Thursday.

      Now the point ...

      The Elohim are Gods ... and they dwells in the Dimension 12. Some are know some are not know.

       Lord Meru is not know in Europe, but is know in South America. Lord Meru found the civilization of "El Dorado".

       Hercules is know in Greece and he is also an Elohim, like Apollo.

       Hercules's Twin flame is Amazonia, that is also an Elohim and she is very know on South America. Do you hear about the Amazon river? ...

       The MAIN Seven Elohim are,

The Seven Elohim are, ordered by lamp or flame:

1.   Hercules and Amazonia.

2.   Apollo and Lumina.

3.   Heros and Amora.

4.   Purity and Astrea.

5.   Cyclopea and Virginia

6.   Peace and Aloha.

7.   Arcturus and Victoria.


the Seven Choans are,


1.   El Morya (Abraham, and King Arthur), Yellow Ray

2.  Seraphis Bey, (who was Leonidas) ... is the Chohan of Moon-day, the White day of the Moon.

3.   Kuthumi (Saint Francis and Pytaghoras), Pink Ray, who is the Maha Chohan.

4.   Master Hilarion, rules basically on Mercury-day, Wednesday ... and he was Saint Paul, in Rome. 

5.   Lady Nada (Mary Magdalene) with Lord Sananda (Jesus) her twin flame which Color is Crystal rules on Thursday ... the day of the King, the day of Thor, the day of Jupiter, the day of Zeus, the day of the King. 

6.    On Fridda-day, Venus-day, the Color is Orange and the Chohan now is Mother Mary who rules also on Saturn-day with

7.   Master Saint Germain. The Saturn-day (Sabbath) is the day of the Queen and is color is Celeste. Mother Mary is the Abbot of the Acquarian Age.


There was a very important Council ... on the Pleiades on July, 27th 1992 and the Colors and the rule of the Ray (Colors) and the Chohans (the Chief of the Colors) were changed.


Kuthumi (Balthazar) was chosen to be the King of the Pink Ray of Love. El Morya (Melchior) to rule the Yellow Sun Ray now of Healing. And Mother Mary, the Celeste is the Queen of Aquarius.


Now, El Morya may be classified like Sun. It is an aspect. He is Sun. Apollo(=7) is an aspect of the Sun.

Lady Nada is the Goddess of Love and was Mary Magdalene. She is an aspect of Venus. She is Aphrodite(=10)

Athena works with Master Hilarion and is the Goddess of Truth.

Ares(=9) works with Kuthumi.

Hera(=2) is Goddess Liberty.

Demeter(=4) is Goddess but her male aspect is Lord Lanto in the Yellow Ray. He is an aspect.

Artemis(=8) is Diana to the Romans and she is Astrea the Goddess of Purity and she is an Elohim.

Hermes(=12) is Saint Germain and the planet is Saturn.

Hephaestus (=11) is Vulcan and he is not celebrated in the Roman Calendar.

Poseidon(=3) is Neptune. He is not celebrated in the Roman Calendar.


It is not easy. Is complex ... Honestly there are BILLIONS of Gods and aspect are the Choans other aspects are the Elohim.


John the Beloved in the Book of Revelations simplify the Gods using the number 7, but there are aspect of the planets in the Choans.

The rule is never bow. A Children does not need to bow before its Fathers.



Helios and Vesta are the Builders of this Solar System with the Elohim (and they are more than Seven).


       You can read the entire Story about the Elohim, Lord Meru and the creation of the Solar System, in the book,

(Soon also in English ... Vol 1 in the serie ...)


It is very logical to built statues like in Rome and Greece. Still in the Northern California were located a temple to Honor the Seven MAIN Elohim (and their female aspects, 1.   Hercules and Amazonia. 2.   Apollo and Lumina. 3.   Heros and Amora. 4.   Purity and Astrea. 5.   Cyclopea and Virginia. 6.   Peace and Aloha.

7.   Arcturus and Victoria.)


The Seven Elohim are the Seven Spirits of God ... before the Throne.


You can read my chapter,

The Book of Revelation by numbers by Giovanni A. Orlando


Click Here


The Elohim dwells in Dimension 12, 12D. The Ascended Masters like El Morya, Saint Germain, Kuthumi, Mother Mary dwells on Sirius Constellation ... respectively on planet IA and AI ... from Dimension 4th to 7th ...


The Council is on Sirius, the Dog star where the cats attune with.


Still the Masters are aspects of the planets ... in a High Evolved Spiral ... until the Prime Creator, Father/Mother God.


Blessed you are,

In the name of the Hierarchy, I have spoken ...

Giovanni A. Orlando.


PS. Lord Jesus is the KING of the entire Galaxy.

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