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Thursday, 12 May 2011 18:13



Greetings in the day of Resurrection of Lord Jesus ...

    ... And Honestly Resurrection is needed ... because our beloved Planet is under the edge of a very tiny knife.

   These words are IMPORTANT ... and they comes from GOD.

   They are dated 1961 ... but don't play attention to the date. Watch your TV in Spain, Japan and Italian Volcano and see.

   Masters are Right ... "It is up to you" ... Generally people wants revenge.

   They want you PAY EACH WORD ... and they suppose we are ALL EQUAL.

    We are not ALL EQUAL ... No.

    Chinese people say ... and Image is more important that a thousand words ...

    The image is THIS ...  

BE Like ATLAS ... Take the WORLD on your Shoulders ... and forget the REST!


No more words are necessary.


I, Giovanni will continue to do what I am doing from 2008 ... until I can ...

In the name of the Light, I had spoken!

Giovanni (John) A. Orlando.



A White Paper to the Planet Earth

from the Great White Brotherhood


I charge forth this night the peace and the light and the power of God. Wont you please be seated.


I am here this night, beloved ones, to tell you a story of a cer­tain meeting that was held recently at Darjeeling which is of great importance to the entire planet.


As you know, beloved ones, the earth is not the center of the universe, nor is it the seat of cosmic government. The earth is a tiny planet in comparison to many, peopled with billions of lifestreams important to the Deity but no more so than those on other stars and systems of worlds. In the vast cosmic government, this world has a rightful responsibility to perform. And therefore, ladies and gentlemen, the message I bring you tonight is to report to you on a White Paper, released here in Darjeeling by the Great White Brotherhood, of such austerity and importance to this planet Earth as to merit there coming here this evening from the planet Venus no less an emissary than the great Regent of the World, Sanat Kumara, whose blazing light like a star of hope is now blossoming over this sanctuary. I salute in the name of God my brother, the beloved Sanat Kumara![1] [Audience rises.] Thank you. Wont you please be seated.


Ladies and gentlemen, I wish to call to your attention that it is of absolute fact that frequently in the great cosmic evolutions it becomes necessary to dissolve a planet from existence because of discordant manifestations and to return it to the universal light from whence it came that it may manifest the perfection of the divine plan. As you know, beloved Sanat Kumara has actually prevented that dissolving of this planet from happening long ago; and therefore, this planet has endured through the great love of the Great White Brotherhood unto the present day.


Cosmic Law Demands That Earth Emit More Light


This is a moment of great cosmic import. The destiny and freedom of this earth is now at stake, ladies and gentlemen, whether you will realize it or not; and it is not our desire to cast one iota of fear into the lifestream of anyone when I say it. I am speaking in the name of cosmic balance. The earth has moved forward in cosmic evolution to a point where it must manifest, by the cosmic fiat of the light, the God-perfection it was intended to do and the God-perfection which Sanat Kumara sustained and held for so long for the mankind of earth. And therefore, he comes with me tonight to give an absolute and specific quality of radiation to my address that you may know the support of the entire Great White Brotherhood is behind our words.


Ladies and gentlemen, God is love and the cry of this planet is for more love. Unless that love shall manifest, the White Paper before me tells me that there shall be a repetition of vast and awful cataclysm as took Atlantis down long ago, and this civilization and all of its environs and all of its people shall perish from the earth. I speak in absolute sincerity that cosmic law demands, therefore, that this earth shall emit more light, and the God-government of the universe demands that the mankind of earth shall shake off the lethargy of the past ages and the selfishness and the grossness and the con­tortions of their consciousness until they enter in to the great cos­mic law of God with a reverence and with a responsibility to God which shall cause them to accept our love and our light and the light and love of heaven and walk the earth in the dignity as befits sons and daughters of God. Too long has this earth held the balance of negative energy, and therefore the great cosmic law demands that this earth shall manifest the freedom and the light God intended!


America Is Intended to Be the Example to the World


The Goddess of Liberty, the Goddess of Justice in their addresses to you yesterday emphasized to you many matters of import[2]. We were so anxious that you should make a sight-seeing trip of this city today so that many of you could carry the radia­tion of these great beings out to the halls of government that the mankind who are actually representing the people—"We the people of the United States, in order to form a more perfect Union"—those who are representing that government might receive the radiation of the Goddess of Liberty and the Goddess of Justice because it is the will of God that liberty and justice shall come to all, not only in America but in the world.


America is intended to be the great example to the world. If you study the history of this nation, you will observe the lack of provocation in most wars except for such intrigue as has secretly been engaged in by individual lifestreams. But, blessed and beloved ones, America is greatly beloved by the ascended masters. It is a great cup of light into which we are so anxious to pour the fullness of the ascended master consciousness that it shall emit the light of example unto mankind in such a forthright power and love that all of the nations of the world shall desire to emulate it rather than that communistic, selfish doctrine which is spawned from negative energy and from discordant atheism and those things not of the ever-living light and love of God.


These Are Serious Times for the Mankind of Earth


Ladies and gentlemen, returning now to the White Paper, which was actually placed upon the table as I sat here in Darjee­ling in our beautiful council rooms, I tell you the Maha Chohan bowed his head and wept! You do not think this is possible? Then I tell you, recall Jesus as he wept over Jerusalem when he saw that not one stone should be left of that temple, for he saw ahead that it should be destroyed. All destruction is brought upon mankind by their own return and recoil of energy misqualified.


These are serious times for the mankind of earth, and it is urgent that this activity go forward for a cosmic reason. I do not take my energy tonight and speak to you in order to merely tickle the palate of your mental body. I speak to you that you might actually realize the need for men and women to love and to develop their spiritual consciousness and to expand the ascended masters' light and to recognize the love of God within their brother.



God-Government Is the Only Government That Is Important


The governments of nations have for too long yielded them­selves to the power of the money beast. They have for too long permitted the claws of the sinister force to guide and direct them through selfishness and greed. When your Saint Germain desired to bring forth the first original thirteen states, blessed and beloved ones, do you not think his heart beat with great pride as he envi­sioned the caravans of light moving across the plains from the East unto the West and the expanding economy and the great civilization that is now developed? He was able to see it all and he was able to recognize and realize its great divine potential. But today, amidst the squalor of the sprawling cities and the cluttered countryside, there is an outpicturing of human consciousness in discord which is appalling when you consider what this planet could outpicture.


Washington, this very city where I am speaking to you tonight, has within it the beautiful plan as envisioned and as out-pictured by Pierre L’Enfant in drawing forth the plan for Washington—a city of light. This is intended to be a city of light, and this is intended to be a nation of light. It is not intended to be cluttered with human effluvia, with discordant manifestations, but with God-victorious power. Those of you who desire to know more about what I am speaking ought to tune into their own as­cended master consciousness and then get a picture of Brasilia and see the cities of the future as outpictured in Brasilia in South America, where the great seventh civilization—the seventh root race— shall burst into manifestation. They would see in the architecture of those beautiful buildings some concept of what the God con­sciousness can do to elevate and to ennoble the mankind of earth.


Blessed and beloved ones, these are important matters, but it is necessary that the architecture and the framework of individ­uals be correct. But it is also necessary that that organization known as government, which is representative of the individual multiplied many times, should also be correct. And therefore, God-government is the only government that is important, and that is truly the meaning of government itself: God-over-men— government. So it is intended to be, and so shall it be! If it shall not be because the people of this earth shall not externalize it in this generation, then I fear that they shall not continue to enjoy the world as they do today—selfishly, in a depraved manner— but they shall find, as the Atlanteans did of old, that the Law itself cannot be broken. I come here tonight in the hope that your coming decrees, your sincerity of the light will prevent this from happening.


A Message from Sanat Kumara


Sanat Kumara has a message for you, which I am conveying to you now. He asks you to take over the responsibility which he himself for so long sustained for the mankind of earth. He asks you to take upon your own shoulders the responsibility of being an Atlas to uphold the world and the people of earth even who in their ignorance and their perfidy go their separate ways from God. Uphold them now and make calls to the light for them so that instead of these events (which now seem impending) hap­pening, in its place there shall manifest the beauty and the love of our glorious seventh root race, the coming race.


O mankind of earth, look well and learn! Look well and learn from the great vision of General Washington and realize that responsibility to the great cosmic law and light is eternal. It does not stop when you close your eyes in slumber. It does not stop when you have won a small race. It does not stop at any time, for even at great cosmic levels there are laws by which we must func­tion and by which we are guided. The Father himself—the All-Father, the mighty I AM Presence in the Great Central Sun— does all things well and perfect, and he is the outpicturing of that great law.




A Vision of the Government of God


The law of mercy has long permitted mankind to continue in discord, but it shall not continue forever. It is therefore imper­ative that the mankind of earth shall seriously consider their responsibility to establish the government of the people, by the people and for the people as truly representing the will of God. It is not the will of God that nations should engage in warfare, and yet this great nation has been embroiled in three wars in a short period of time and countless wars in the past, almost since its inception.


Beloved ones, freedom is here with you—the God of Free­dom. Freedom is all about you, but unless you shall externalize it consciously, intelligently and intentionally, then I think that you shall reap what mankind have sown. You may wonder why I choose tonight to speak thus. I speak thus because the truth must be told! Someone must utter the truth. Someone must reveal to the mankind of earth the solemnity of the hour.


This, ladies and gentlemen, happens to be the finale of the White Paper and it is just this: a vision almost of an apocalypse, a vision of the coming into existence of all of the God-beauty in government which exists at inner levels in the great plan of Cyclopea, the Silent Watcher for the planet Earth. It is intended that this government shall outpicture the government of God, the beauty of God. And every star in the flag is intended to be a love star, and every state is intended to be in a state of love. Do you see? Therefore I say to you, every individual is intended to be in a state of love; the world is intended to be a planet of love. Who among you can say today that it is? Oh, there is love ample in your hearts; of that I am certain, else you would not be here.


And I say to those among you who may think that the power of decrees is strange: blessed and beloved ones, our decrees, these decrees are vital, for they are the magnificent energy of your worlds given to the ascended masters' octave to balance that which we give to you in our outpouring. We come to you on this great energy wave, and we bring redundant blessings to all the world.


Make Sacrifices for the Light


Peace, beloved hearts! I want you to realize that all the fore­going in the White Paper can well be averted. It is possible to avert it. It can be stopped, but it shall take some doing. And I, therefore, am hopeful that you will realize that great intensity and light is necessary in balance in the coming time. You will need to be willing to make sacrifices for the light. You will need to be will­ing to give more of your energy to God. You will need to be willing to "study to show thyself approved unto God."


I ask you, what of your life anyway? Where is your life from? Is it not from your great God Source? Where will it go if you do not give it to that Source? It will be like a broken pitcher, and the water and the contents thereof shall be spilled upon the ground and useless. But if you will take your life's energy and give it to God and give it to the light, I think you will assist Sanat Kumara in holding the balance for this world, and he is still the Regent of this world.


And the Lord Buddha on his great lotus throne in Shamballa joins me tonight in making a request that you feel now the peace of his love and the peace of his enfolding radiance and you real­ize his message. And he says to you tonight, there is yet hope that all can be averted by the great power of divine love. But he also likewise urges that diligence be practiced so that there shall be no possibility of error and that mankind, rather than reap that which they have sown of negative destiny, shall reap the beauty of God, which he intended them to have and always intends for all to have.


It Is Up to You


There are many who feel that a camel would be more com­fortable without two humps, and I know, for I have ridden a few in my time. But ladies and gentlemen, they are both there. And so, therefore, I think that I must tell you that these are the facts of life at the present moment. I smile as I speak to you, but there is a certain solemnity in our warning. For when the whole cosmic council convenes and when we gather around this magnificent council table and we ponder the cosmic record, we can do no less than those responsible leaders in the governments of the nations. We can do no less than to give you a report. It is up to you as to what shall be done about it.


And I hope that all of mankind shall realize as I speak, in their feeling worlds, the truth and the necessity of the hour—that the light of God, which never fails and continues unabated for­ever, shall sweep aside human debacles, human houses of cor­ruption and shall replace vessels of clay with vessels of gold and shall replace all mankind's accumulated ugliness by cosmic beauty. This I believe shall occur. What do you think?

Thank you and good evening.


July 3, 1961 Monday evening

Washington, D.C.

[1] Sanat Kumara is Sanat from planet Kumara, on Sirius.

[2] This regards another speech previously given.




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