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Saturday, 14 May 2011 06:54


Greetings in the very day of the Violet Flame of Saint Germain, the Flame of Freedom and Transformation ...

    I am here this morning to bring you a flavorful news ... that brings Light, so you can understand better the differences between perfections.

   However ... because I consider myself to be a good teacher ... I want to begin with something more earthly.

   Suppose that you got a wonderful girl friend ... something like an amazing model or a fantastic amazon ... You know.

   Let me tell you ... (and you probably know that) ... at each Kiss and each sexual union ... She give you a piece of her and you give a piece of you ... atoms, photons ... and/or molecules ... Light ... you share light with each other ... and then that atoms will remain for you ... forever or for long time.

   Now, let me move your attention to the Masters.

   What is the Christhood? ... The Christhood is be like Christ ... If you someday will walk on the Sea, will multiply the fishes and the loaves ... will heal others and still will resurrect your body from death ... like Christ did after the crucifixion ... you will be like Christ.

   O' Master ... How much I love you ... I really love you Master Jesus!

   If you follow a Master ... What you will become ? ... You will become like that Master. If you will follow Christ, Jesus the Jew, Jesus Christ ... What is the final goal? ... The Final Goal is to become Christ.

   ... And now you understand better that we are a Part of God ... because God is the Prime Master ... and we ... have a piece of it ... inside us. We are One ... We are God ... a part of God and a member of the Family.

   Now, consider a different and alternative path. Consider Saint Germain.

   Saint Germain was a Master before he return about 2000 years ago. I, Giovanni consider he was present still at the times of the Romans, when Julius Caesar was alive ... and then he moves to England ... then he moves to France ... then he moves to all Europe ... and then he moves to United States of America ... but also to South America.

    Suppose that you like me become an appreciative of Ascended Master Saint Germain.

    To become a Master Apprentice ... you need to got "an invitation" ... like from a Exclusive Club ... it is the Master that invite you, to become one of him Chela (students, apprentice) ... It is NOT up to you.

    If you follows Saint Germain ... and metaphorically seat at him foots close to his mantle ... What you will become ... one day? ... I will tell you you will become Saint Germain.

    And Saint Germain spoke several languages, Saint Germain compose music ... he, Saint Germain ask Wolfang Amadeus Mozart to review him compositions ...

    Take a look about the level,

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Saint Germain also Paint beautiful paints and like I had commented several times ... he was Francis Bacon and therefore the very author of the Shake-spearean plays.

I, Giovanni must confess you that I meet Saint Germain when he discover America. He, Saint Germain was Christopher Columbus and I was one of their Spanish sailors. 

I know I say, "Land, Land" ... and there are no land ... I have no idea how many people or sailor did that exclamation may be many. When I did, I was one of the ones who say "False" ... and Saint Germain (Christopher Columbus) say ... "America cannot be discovered by a lie".

I saw that scene and that "scene" in Color (but not Technicolor) is inside my Akashic Records. And of course you have your records.

Of course I learn in that occasion ... to be a better sailor and a better person, and so my fellows in the crew.

I know I meet him also at Camelot and also there I was him apprentice ... but I was also a Knight on the Round Table. But this is not important here.

To end this section I can confirm that I meet Saint Germain along the centuries ... Absolutely!

Like you see ... I still do mistakes.

Napoleone Bonaparte also was a Saint Germain apprentice ...  Saint Germain train him to compose and rule the "United States of Europe" ... but Napoleon was Berlusconi like in those days. He wants everything from himself ... and so Saint Germain leave Napoleone ... and from that day begin the falling of the "Petit Caporal". Great! ... Napoleone was great!

Oh friends ... there are nothing but Light.

What Bonaparte learn? ... You know probably better than me who was Napoleon Bonaparte.

... And if Master Kuthumi would be your Master? ... What you will learn? ...

 Master Kuthumi is the Maha Chohan or the one who rules the Office of the Holy Spirit. Have you wonder the level?

Master Kuthumi was Pythagoras. I, Giovanni frankly (don't hate me for that or stress me for that) was also an Apprentice of Master Kuthumi when he was Pythagoras. He meet me not in Italy but in old Persia and teach me Music and Mathematics, then he moves to Crotona and found his School.

I comment in my book (Vol 2) who I was ...

Also each one us had lived and has been disciple of the Masters ... the problem is that you don't remember.

What you will learn ... if you will be a disciple of Master Kuthumi? ...

Recently I receive a review of a lesson of Master Kuthumi from a speech he did recently in Spanish (through a medium at "La Casa de Sirio") from a lesson he mentioned to Aurelia Louise Jones ... and that she included in the book, "The Seven Sacred Flames"

The lesson is the following. He spoke about the

Phoneme of Thought

He, Kuthumi was also Balthazar ... one of the Magi and therefore a Master of Lord Jesus baby. Saint Germain was Joseph, him father and mentor.

Kuthumi lesson express that when we think something we don't need to write it, or pronunciated ... because the Mind ... speaks ...

This is equivalent to the Jesus words ... "What you speak is what you have in your Heart and when you watch the woman of other man ... you had committed sin ... without to touch she".

Kuthumi play an organ for long time ... and also after Ascension he back and play the organ again.

Master Kuthumi was also Saint Francis ... what you will learn from someone like Saint Francis (San Francesco d'Assisi)? ... No. You will NOT LEARN TO REQUEST MONEY ... like the Franciscians did still in front of me when I was seventeen years old and they request money. Saint Francis will not engine a Business in him Church like the monks do ...

He will teach you to pray,

Let me offer you,

Prayer of Saint Francis



LORD, make me an instrument of Your peace.

Where there is hatred, let me sow Love.

Where there is injury, pardon,

Where there is doubt, faith,

Where there is despair, hope,

Where there is darkness, light,

And where there is sadness, joy.


DIVINE MASTER, grant that I may not seek

So much to be consoled as to console,

To be understood as to understand,

To be loved as to Love.

For it is in giving that we receive,

In pardoning that we are pardoned,

And in dying that we are born to eternal Life.



Say it each day three times and expect 

a miracle of transformation!

Master Kuthumi was also the Architect of the Taj Mahal ... I need to travel a lot ... I am always here paying taxes to Italians that give nothing and ask a lot ... instead to visit India or Egypt ... Well ... I honestly pay a lot of taxes until I prefer to have few sales and pay nothing to THEM!

In the Government that will begin to appears ... Taxes will NOT EXIST ... People will NOT BE slaves of their Governors ... instead the God-over-men will be for the people, with people.

Have you ever wonder what kind of architect? ...

If you follows Master Kuthumi, you will got the Kuthumihood. He is also the Choan of the Ray Pink of Love, the Love of God.

... And what you will learn from Seraphis Bey?

While Kuthumi was Pharaoh Tuthmosis III, Seraphis Bey was Pharaoh Amenhotep IV.

Seraphis Bey was also Leonidas in Sparta ... Jaja ... Do you remember the Battle of Thermopylae?

Do you remember in the name of the Glory of the Lord that Battle? ... Where 300 people challenge an entire army?

I remember ... because I was the one who leave the battle alive and back to Sparta (No. I am not interested to have a position in some army. No more wars for me ... Please! ... No more. It is time I have a family of my own and now I use the PEN).

Seraphis Bey ... teach me some Mathematics. He teach me  to square the circle some weeks ago and I publish on this Website.

He actually is the Choan of the Fourth Ray ... the White Ray of Purity and Immortality. His Etheric Temple is at Luxor, the same temple he built when he was a Pharaoh.

You need to meet Seraphis Bey ... if you intend to reach Ascension in this Life.

The White Color is the Sum of All Colors (is White the Sum, not the Black.The Black is absence of color), and therefore while the Ascension Flame remains the Fourth ... it will be also the Ascension Flame and the Seal you need to return to open after you master all the Seven Sacred Flames ... to ascend.

If you attain the SeraphisBeyhood ... you will Ascend and return to the Lord ... you will become Immortal like the Masters are ... and attain after their respective ascensions.

... And what if you follows El Morya? ... El Morya Khan? ... the very Chohan of the Royal Blue Ray of the Will of God?

No. You need not to learn to follow the Will of God ... anyone need to open the First Seal ... the Seal of the Will of God ... this is the first seal at all ... Follows El Morya is another matter.

I need to confess that El Morya is training me ... specially ... and of course I meet him in my past lives.

El Morya was King Arthur ... at Camelot ... and I told you about before.

El Morya is the ruler of the Darjeeling Council where Saint Germain, Lord Meru, Mother Mary, Quan Yin, Seraphis Bay, and Kuthumi, Archangel Michael, Archangel Gabriel and The Great Divine Director, are ruled by him.

El Morya was also Abraham. El Morya was also Moses. El Morya was also Saint Peter, and this is because Jesus say I will bring you the Keys of the Heavens.

El Morya was also Melchior, Kuthumi was Balthazar (previously commented) and Djwal Khul was Gaspar, all teachers of Lord Jesus ... the King, the very King.

What you will learn if you follows El Morya ... and attain the ElMoryahood? ... Well, I will tell you ... You will be a Ruler and a King at the level of king Arthur but with the spiritual insight of Moses and Abraham.

Please remember that Abraham carried that bomb that destroy Sodom and Gomorrah ... that today have a new Headquarters in the Fabulous ... "Las Vegas" ... the very mirror of Hell itself ... and of course people living there are women and men ... to respect ...

... And what if you follows Mother Mary? ... who was Isis in Egypt? ...

Isis and Osiris were respectively Mother Ma-RA (Mary) and Saint Germain (who was Joseph).

Mother Mary reach a so Holy point to be able to carry the begotten son of God, Lord Jesus. She is very Sacred ... like any Mother is sacred ... Holy ... and Sex is not dirty like some people told you ... and they have still a Bank ... to hold the money that you give them each Sunday ...

Sex is sacred and the communion between man and woman ...

If you follow Mother Mary ... you will reach the MotherMaryHood. In the case of a Woman you will be sacred and nurture your man and nurture your children. In the case of Man ... you become like a God Father ... but not in the same of Sicilian meaning ... pushed in the Movies ... in bad and fraudulent mode ... honoring the Kill of others ...

You will become a God Father in the Holy Sense ... and also in the movie is displayed ... helping people ... The Bad is they expect a refund for their Help ... God and the Family does not expect a refund for the Help.

A real God Father ... and I am (and do my best) expect nothing back from the children I help ...

... And what you will learn ... if you follows Silvio Berlusconi? ... Well, I prefer tell you not ... but I cannot give you this advice ... because I appreciate you ... and want the best for you.

Blessed you are!

Giovanni A. Orlando.

PS. I am finding several English typo here. I consider I will need a secretary. Well, I have one in mind and she also works with words ... Honestly is not easy to channel and to put in paper in real time ... in perfect English and typo free. I hope you understand ... it is not a published book ... but free gifts from my Heart ... and from the Family.

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