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Friday, 20 May 2011 09:00

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Click to download Lavrent'ev M., Ljusternik L. Osnovy variacionnogo ischislenija. Tom 1, chast' 1. Funkcii mnogih peremennyh

(A Course on Calculus of Variations by M. A. Lavrentiev and L. A. Lusternik)


Greetings in the day of Venus ... the day of Purity and Immortality,

     It is a pleasure for me figure out for you ... the Vast and High Quality books originally written in Russian before the Russian intent to conquer the World ...

     Before the Gorbachiov Perestroyka ... that lead to end of Communism (without victims) ... and Michail Gorbachev to win the Nobel Prize of Peace ... The Russian Empire develop an independent and High Quality Science (similar but not superior) to the US and European Science.

    Both people and therefore Scientist ... Computer programmers as well resources in Russian are available.

    The best Website to download Books in Russian, but also in French, German and English of course is http://www.eknigu.org/

    Basically all books there are in DJVU format (invented in Russia and Superior to Adobe PDF ... yes Superior) ... but for compatibility purpose we are updating and saving these books in Adobe PDF.

     Take a look only to Mathematics Directory ...

(Click to visit http://www.eknigu.org/)

     I have no idea about how many books will be there. May be 6,000 ... may be 200,000 books ... in several disciplines ... like Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry ... but also Language ... including Russian of course.

     Therefore the Learning of Russian Language is a necessity ... Or do you expect that all books in English resume all the Culture?

     If you think so ... you are wrong. No one can resume the entire Knowledge ... but God ... and God is Multi-Lingual.

     I, Giovanni announce time ago a kind of Laboratory, http://www.futuretg.com/FTHumanEvolutionCourseLanguageLab/ to release and translate books from to to Italian ... Spanish ... Russian ... English ... French ... German ... etc.

    Of course Russian have neither all the Knowledge ... In fact at the times of Communism they invent the fake Fordiski (to be a Russian Henry Ford) like the inventor of car.

    If you are a Mathematician like me, you will wonder to read the book,

(Click to download the book)

    Do you imagine if all the books originally available at the times a parallel challenger like Russian was ... may be some day translated to English? ...


Giovanni A. Orlando.

PS. The fact that I advice you books in Russian does not means I am communism or I like Communist people. The fact that I advice you or want to learn Arabic does not means I will applaud someone that place Bombs in the name of some crazy fundamentalism ... But I confirm ... I like England, English ... and the Western approach. Thanks! ... I want people Unite and share hands ... Thanks!

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