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Thursday, 26 May 2011 12:35

Greetings in the very Thor-day ... The day of Jupiter, the Golden and Purple day of Resurrection ... of Lord Jesus and Lady Magdalene, respectively Lord Sananda and Lady Nada.

    And in this day ... I want to push you to think about books ... of course printed books ... but not necessarily. Digital books to-day may be read in beautiful gadgets like iPad ... living nice experiences.

    From the Apple Website you can see (Click to go)

(Use Mozilla Firefox ... not SeaMonkey to watch the video)

      How many books we read per week? ... per year? ... in 2011 ? ...

      Would be necessary to answer this question ... to speak about the Gods and Heaven Societies.

      I did not place the question to an advanced Society ... in the year 77,000 of their evolution.  I place the question to my fellow ... and friends.

      God Meru (Maestro Mer) ... is capable to interact ... mentally with over 230.000 Million persons ... on planet Earth at the same time.

      Saint Germain actually ... right now is capable to "visit" contemporaneously ... several "times" ... more specially ... people in France as well Europe in Century XVII and XVIII as well people in Arabia ... and North but also South America. Is not amazing? ...

      Lord Jesus announce that by the day of him return ... he will be in several places at the same time. I say, "Wow ..." ...

      And you and me ? ... what are capable to do? ... What is the Capacity of OUR BRAIN? ... How many books we can digest in one week? ... as well in one year ... actually in 2011?

      I, Giovanni read fluently Spanish (Mother tongue), Italian (Family language), English (from the age of nine) ... as well French ... I need a Vocabulary for German ... and in these two language ... I don't know grammar or feedback ... only written language. I am planning to expand my language horizons to Russian, Chinese and Arabic ... just to start ...

    I read and write ... on Mathematics (any Subject), Physics, Chemistry ... as well Biology ... I was a prolific author on Computer Science and I ... modestly had planned a Collection of Twelve books on Biblical explanations, Prophecy from the Masters and Spirituality. You know.

   I am also planning a Three Volume book to teach English and Spanish. I will also release my first book on Vibrational Medicine ... etc.

    However ... I don't read too many books like you suppose.

    There are books I purchase in 2008 (January, California) and I have not yet read. There are books I purchase last year in Italian (very expensive one 100 euro) and I have not read yet.

    I am a slow reader ... unfortunately.

    Time ago ... a Master comment to me ... "Giovanni you can write a book per week" ... and like you know I am amazing late. I don't plan to make new promises ...

     Catch and know our Speed of Reading ... and let me confess that a Undergraduate or Graduate book on Mathematics or Physics is not easy to digest. Not easy. But you need Will.

      Again, "Saint Germain ... say ... You cannot do many things at the same time" ... and this is the secret.

      When I study ... to consolidate and get my Italian degree ... I complete basically half-degree in less than one year ... including the degree thesis. This happens in the "Università degli Studi di Bologna" ... from March 1992 ... and I got the first time ever applause on my life ... in December 1992. My Venezuelan degree in Mathematics was 15.65/20 and the Italian degree was 91/110.

      I was so fast ... then ... to submit a 1.5 monthly examination in a High Level University like Bologna University is ... completing a respectable degree in Mathematics at the level to the US PhD. The title is "Dottore in Matematica".

     I was so offended that only two times I enter in the Room to take notes on the studies. Once was in Geometria I, because they were so smart to validate Geometria II, but Geometria I, and Physics II ... not included in Venezuelan degree. Someone that work like University assistant for two years ... will not take "easy" a discredit like to join student of Geometria I ... Of course this is over.

     You have no idea what kind of humor ... I got ... still more when I discover than in other Italian University ... they don't need to repeat half degree, but just two or three examinations.

     I consider that was a good training for me ... back to school ... to University ... after I have one degree ... I got that when I release and develop FTLinuxCourse. (6 Courses: BASE, WebMaster, X Windows, Programming, Networking and Sys Adm ... as well the "Build your Personal Operating System" printed book)

     I consider myself how qualified to engine a program like FTHumanEvolutionCourse to release material and exams for over +100 courses. Probably 144.


      If you browse the web and ask ... How many books people read per week ... or per year ... the answers are:

  • The average number of books read by a student is 2-3 books a month. This all depends on how big of a reader the student is and how many books are they reading in classes.
  • I think it's fairly common for people to fall out of reading as they get older. I pretty much stopped reading at all between 14-17 years old. I used to be able to get through ~120 books a year with ease (plus re-reads). That's completely beyond me now, but over the summer I'm hoping to get through 20-30 books I've been saving up for when exams finished. I'm aiming for 70 a year.
  • It depends how much free time I have. I average about 100 books a year, but most of these are in the Summer holidays, where I have the time to read about 8/9 books in a week A weekend well spent is one spent reading to me, as anti-social as that sounds. Unfortunately, during college weeks I'd be lucky to get through one a week.

       To know or to increase ... normally ... without special training the number of books you (and me read for week) ... is important.

        England remains the best example of advanced society and Book Lovers ...

        Recently Amazon open business also on Italy ... Check Amazon.it (previously were available Amazon.fr ... equivalent to the US) ... Amazon.de, Amazon.jp and today is also available Amazon.china (Amazon.ch). Of course also Amazon.ca (Amazon Canada is up from several years)

        Live in an incompatible environment ... or work to transform a incompatible environment in a compatible environment ... is a challenge.

        The World must be more Homogeneous ... and remove for ever the provincialism ... and activate the internationality ... enabling the traditions  ... but not to overwrite the Global and Brotherhood concepts. Each one has a value ... Each one is important. The Lemma "I am better that you. You are less smarter than me ... must be removed ... in permanent mode".

         Like conclusions ... We (including me) need to purchase monthly ... only the books we are capable to read in that month ... If we are capable to read one book per week, four per month ... we need to purchase four books.

         If we can read twelve books per month ... then we can purchase twelve books per month.

         Of course we must increase our capacity ... to become Higher, Higher and Higher ... to be a High Society and a high World ... a Sun-shine Star ... and not a Dark Star ... like in the Medieval times.

         We need to establish an Eternal Renaissance ... like happens specically in Italy with Leonardo, Raffaelo, Giotto (the first one), Michelangelo ... but in the Arts, in the Science, in the Computer Science as well in the letters.

         Enjoy Raffaele Sanzio

      Therefore, Cool Gadgets is not bad ... Arts and Theaters are not Old ... all is necessary ... all is important ... in the precise measure.

      What about a New Leonardo Da Vinci? ... A New and smart Albert Einstein? ... a successful Nikola Tesla ... and still more inventive Thomas Alba Edison? ... a New Willi-I-AM Shake-speare? ... but all them ... not to populate or Honor only a Country ... but the Entire World!

Visit your local Bookstore ... or purchase ... or still download a book from the Web ... There are no limits ...

Only The One, God ... can control any electron and atom in any Universe of the Multi-verse ... We all ... have a lot to learn.

Blessed you are!

In the name of the Light, I have spoken!

Giovanni A. Orlando

PS. I am collecting my books on http://www.shelfari.com/

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