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Wednesday, 01 June 2011 03:17

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Greetings in the day of Mercury, the Odin-day, the Green-day of Healing, Prosperity and Abundance,

      In this month we includes June 26th ... and that day a Huge Wave of Happiness, Harmony and Blessing ... offering, whispering and inspiring New Business Pace and Brotherhood ... will travel around the all World.

    Please note ... I don't say June, but "Geminis" and neither I say July ... but Cancer.

    The idea with my calendar that I am offering free is that we all remove from our brain the Roman influence. I say "Thanks ... but bye".

    If Julius Caesar was not killed ... but honored then I will say Good. But I say "Enough" ... to their stupidity and smile and sex with Children.

    While you accept July and August ... we are say "Rome is still Great ... and Rome is the Vatican" ... not some friendly fellow ... that have to pay taxes and have a small salary. "Rome is the Vatican ... actually".

    October is closer and while we got 09-09-09 ... and Jesus spoke and announce him return according to the day of Judgment (no fear please ... It is not the first time we have that day) ... Remember no Armageddon will occur ... but

Honor must be Give and Blessings must be Shared

    The next October 11-11-11 we will have another important date and the next October 21, the Maya Calendar ends and begin the latest year ... in another calendar.

    Thus please does not worry ... Just learn to dance with Romantic Music ... like Bach, Mozart, Handel and Mendelson and Vivaldi and forget the Beatles, or Deep Purple or Acid Rock ... just trash Rock.

    Elvis is not really Rock nor Acid Rock ... Elvis is the last that push Happy Music.

Thanks and happy June.

October is closer, December is Closer and 2012 is still closer.

Be Happy ... Don't Worry,

Giovanni A. Orlando.

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