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Wednesday, 08 June 2011 05:49

Greetings in the very day Green-day of the Healing and Abundance.


     And in this very day I am here to speak about the Violet Flame.

     Yesterday, I propose to figure out ... South America surrounded by the Violet Flame.


It is important and very important to image ... the Violet Flame around you, around your home, around your hamlet, your county ... your country ... region and to the World.

I love when Masters speak about another Master.

To-day Master El Morya speaks about Saint Germain and him Violet Flame.

Readers interested in to know what is the Violet Flame can read ... What is the Violet Flame ?

I want to share with you some experiences with the Violet Flame.

Honestly was Saint Germain who comment to me these news and words.

  • I was living in Caracas, in the house of some friends. And I find a book, that then discover was a piece of a Book written by Saint Germain about the Seven Sacred Flames. You can read it Saint Germain - La Llama Violeta.pdf This is the book that is a chapter on the book, Saint Germain - La Practica de las Llamas.pdf
  • Thus, I read the first book and begin to invoke the Violet Flame. After a while each time I see fight on the streets ... I call the violet flame and immediately the people fighting stop to fight.
  • Once in December ... always in Venezuela ... some police man that invade private property ... create a so Huge and Offensive Sounds ... Yes the Police (not all the police has his behavior. There are some have still using their brain) ... I was really altered and invocate the Violet Flame ... Well, I honestly have no idea what happens with the Chaotic Policemen ... but I find a good sleep. Do you image what is the destiny of a country where the Police ... that ones that must force order, peace, brotherhood and Justice are instead the ones that invade apartments and open fire against the Sky ... and offer a very Huge and Offensive Sounds ... at election times from 5 am in the morning until 5 am in the morning? ... I was funny with them ... because I really love to stress these minor minds. I say unto them ... "Are there some apartment for rent ... in the building you live?" ... I perfectly know that several families of police ... invade an entire Building ...  and they are not paying rent, probably not paying electricity or phone bills. This is the police in Venezuela. This is the Hugo Chavez Socialism of XXI century.
  • Leaving the Violet Flame ... I discover without any help to send also the Blue Flame, Green Flame, Yellow Flame, Pink Flame as well call Angels of each one of these flames.


Angels are Angles of God consciousness with specific attributes.

       Therefore we can use and call the Seven Sacred Flames and master them. This process is called "Open the Seven Seals".

       The Saint Germain Violet Flame is still a component of each one of our Cells. It is DNA Layer #9. The Flame of Expansion.

    Angel Kryon say ... The Violet Flame is the antenna to heal ourselves! ... So call it!


Giovanni A. Orlando




The Dispensation of the Violet Flame

by El Morya


Chelas Who Would Also Come to Darjeeling:


Mankind living in the world today assume that recorded history is what it is and that it cannot be changed. They have not reckoned with the violet trans­muting flame.


This flame is the energy of the sacred fire that is the gift of the Ascended Master Saint Germain to chelas of the will of God in this age. The dispensation for the re­lease of the violet flame into the hands and use of the students in this century came forth from the Lords of Karma because Saint Germain went before that august body to plead the cause of freedom for and on behalf of mankind. He offered to the Lords of Karma the mo­mentum of the violet flame garnered within his heart chakra and within his causal body as a momentum of light energy to be given to mankind that they might ex­periment with the alchemy of self-transformation through the sacred fire.


The violet flame has always been used in the retreats of the Great White Brotherhood situated on the etheric plane—the highest plane of Matter—where the ascended masters preside, receiving only the most worthy chelas for instruction and training in the way of initiation. Those who were found worthy—adherents of the various religions, members of secret societies, communicants of the flame in the mystery schools—were given the knowledge of the violet flame after having proved them­selves to be selfless as both receivers and givers of free­dom on the path of soul liberation.


Thus the violet flame was reserved for the privileged few up until the time when Saint Germain came before the Lords of Karma with the proposal to make the knowledge and use of the violet flame available to all mankind. He boldly stated before the Court of the Sa­cred Fire, arguing as the advocate for earth's evolutions, that the violet flame would revolutionize the human race and make of that race a divine race of God-free beings.


Indeed, Saint Germain envisioned an "I AM race"[1] being raised up as the forerunners of the seventh root race under the Great Divine Director. This blessed mas­ter of freedom who had sponsored the birth of the na­tion called the United States of America—this guardian of the Christ consciousness who had walked the earth as the protector of Mary and Jesus, this Saint Joseph, this Uncle Sam[2]-—foresaw the land of America from north to south, and eventually the entire hemisphere, as the land that was destined to be a haven for the Divine Mother and her progeny.


Inasmuch as he was destined to be the Master of the Aquarian Age and the God of Freedom to the earth, the Lords of Karma agreed to the master plan with the

following stipulation. First they would release the violet flame to a certain nucleus of devotees in embodiment who would vow at inner levels to use that flame honor­ably for the blessing and the freedom of all life. If this experiment proved successful, they would allow the knowledge of the flame to be made available to the masses.


I am here to tell you that the dispensation could never have been granted for chelas to invoke this flame outside the retreats of the Great White Brotherhood had it not been for the fact that Saint Germain offered upon the altar of humanity the collateral of his own personal momentum of the energies of freedom garnered within his soul for thousands of years.


For you see, when the Lords of Karma granted the dispensation through the intercession of this anointed one, they were fully aware that, given free will and given mankind's propensity to misuse that free will, it was al­together possible that certain numbers among mankind would misuse these sacred energies as they had done in the past in the days of ancient Lemuria and Atlantis. Were this to occur, someone would have to make up the difference.


Saint Germain understood this principle of cosmic law' only too well. For the sake of the few and eventu­ally the many who would make resplendent use of the violet flame, he was willing to forgo and to sacrifice that portion of his momentum that would be misused and to chalk up that misuse as a necessary expenditure in the laboratory of mankind's consciousness.


He was thereby in effect underwriting the experi­ments not only of the alchemists of the sacred fire with whom he had personally worked through the centuries, but also of the populace who would both use and mis­use the alchemical fires ere coming into the enlighten­ment of the Christ mind and that centeredness in the Christ flame which is necessary for the responsible use of the violet flame.


Now you who are living in the advancing decades of the [twentieth] century [and beyond] are the beneficiaries of this legacy of Saint Germain bought with a price[3]— the overwhelming love of the Master Saint Germain, whose love for you even before you took embodiment was such that he was willing to lay down a portion of his life that you might live in the fullness of your indi­vidual God Self-awareness.


Furthermore, you owe a debt of gratitude to the early devotees who did in fact call forth the flame with intense purity and devotion to the cause of mankind's freedom and therefore made possible the second phase of the dis­pensation whereby you and countless others have been given the knowledge of the violet flame in recent years.


Wherever you are, as you read my words you can begin to experience the marvelous action of the violet fire coursing through your veins, penetrating the layers of the physical temple—the bloodstream, the nervous system, the brain—pressing through the chakras, swirling through the etheric body, passing over the pages of the written record of your incarnations on earth.


Line by line, letter by letter, the flame-—intelligent, luminous, directed by the mind of God—sets free the energies, electron by electron, of all past misuses of the sacred fire. And thus not one jot or tittle of the law- of karma shall pass until all be fulfilled[4] in the freedom of the violet fire.


If you would have the benefit of this miraculous energy, if you would be visited by the genie of the lamp of freedom, the Master Saint Germain himself, you have but to make the call. For the fiat of Almighty God has gone forth, and it is cosmic law: The call compels the answer!


But the call is a very special call. It is not the demand of the human consciousness but the command of your Real Self, your own true being, the Mediator between the I AM Presence and the soul. Thus you declare:


"In the name of the Christ Self and in the name of the living God, I call forth the energies of the sacred fire from the altar within my heart. In the name of the I AM THAT I AM, I invoke the violet flame to blaze forth from the center of the threefold flame, from the white-fire core of my own I AM Presence, multiplied by the momentum of the blessed Ascended Master Saint Germain.


"I call forth that light to penetrate my soul and to activate my soul memory of freedom and the original blueprint of my soul's destiny. I call forth the violet trans­muting flame to pass through my four lower bodies and through my soul consciousness to transmute the cause and core of all that is less than my Christ-perfection, all that is not in keeping with the will of God for my lifestream.


"So let it be done by the cloven tongues of the fire of the Holy Spirit[5] in fulfillment of the action of that sacred fire as above, so below. And I accept it done this hour in the full power of the living God who even now declares within my soul, 'I AM WHO I AM.'"


The violet flame comes forth from that aspect of the white light which is called the seventh ray. It is indeed the seventh-ray aspect of the Holy Spirit. Just as the sun­light passing through a prism is refracted into the rain­bow of the seven color rays, so in the consciousness of the Holy Spirit the light of the Christ is refracted for mankind's use in the planes of Matter.


Each of the seven rays is a concentrated action of the light of God having a specific color and frequency re­sulting in a specific action of the Christ in body, mind, and soul. We shall consider the other six aspects of the sacred fire as our course unfolds.[6]


Now let us examine what happens when the specific of the violet fire is applied to the recalcitrant conditions of the human consciousness. When, as an act of your free will, you make the call to the violet flame and you sur­render these unwanted, untoward conditions into the flame, the fire instantaneously begins the work of break­ing down particles of substance that are part of the mass accumulation of hundreds and even thousands of incar­nations when in ignorance you allowed to register— through your consciousness, through your attention, thoughts and feelings, words and actions—all of the de­grading conditions to which the human race is heir.


I trust that I need not enumerate the seemingly end­less but altogether finite qualities of limitation thrust upon the ethers—projectiles of the carnal mind—that have filled the wide-open spaces between the electrons and the nuclei of the atoms with the densities of mankind's carnality.


Believe it or not, this energy can be as hard as con­crete or as sticky as molasses as it registers in all of the four lower bodies, causing mental recalcitrance, hardness of heart, a lack of sensitivity to the needs of others and creating a dense mass that prevents the soul from re­ceiving the delicate impartations of the Holy Spirit.


So thick is the wall of mankind's density, of layer upon layer of their misuses of the sacred fire, that they that they don't even recognize the ascended mas­ters as their liberators nor are they able to make contact with the blessed Christ Self, their own mediator of perfection who would confirm the reality of the ascended masters.


When the violet flame is invoked, it loosens the dense substance and passes through and trans­forms that darkness into light. Since every human condition is the perversion of a divine condition, line for line, measure for measure, the human consciousness is changed into the divine and the energy that was locked in pockets of mortality is freed to enter the sockets of immortality. And each time a measure of energy is freed, a measure of a man ascends to the plane of God-awareness.


As you begin to use the violet flame, you will experience feelings of joy, lightness, hope, and newness of life as though clouds of depression were being dissolved by the very sun of your own being. And the oppression of the very dark, dank energies of human bondage literally melts in the fervent heat of freedom's violet fires.


Lord Zadkiel, archangel of the seventh ray, made certain that the chelas of the new age would understand the joyousness of the flame, and so he called it the violet singing flame. Indeed, this flaming presence causes the very atoms and mole­cules of your being to "sing" as they resume their normal frequency and are therefore brought into "pitch" with the keynote of your own lifestream.


This keynote is the sounding of the chord of your own I AM Presence. And when, by the action of the violet flame, you free the energies of your four lower bodies to respond to that chord, the wonderful world of the microcosm moves in har­mony with the grand Macrocosm of your I AM Presence and causal body.


The violet flame forgives as it frees, consumes as it transmutes, clears the records of past karma (thus balancing your debts to life), equalizes the flow of energy between yourself and other lifestreams, and propels you into the arms of the living God.


Day by day you are ascending higher and higher in the planes of consciousness of your Christ Self as you use the scrubbing action of the violet flame and feel how the very walls of your mental body are scoured. You can think of the action in your desire body as though your emotions were being dunked in a chemical solution of purple liquid which dissolves the dirt that has accumu­lated for decades about the latticework of your feeling world.


Every day in every way the violet flame flushes out and renews your body cells, the cells of your mind, and the globule of your soul, polishing the jewel of consciousness until it glistens in the sunlight, dazzling as a pure molecule of being offered upon the altar of the sacred fire as an offering that is fitting for the LORD— your gift to God and man.


And what better gift is there than the gift of self­hood? In reality, this is all that you have to offer. And so when you use the violet flame, you are laying down the impoverished self, the lesser self, that the self that is real might act to increase the blessings of God's conscious­ness worlds without end.


I recommend that you use the violet flame in the name and in the flame of Saint Germain. And in his words I say to all who would be chelas of the will of God, try. For as the Master Alchemist has said, in the word try is the sacred formula of being: Theos = God, Rule = Law, You = Being; Theos + Rule + You = God's Law Active as Principle within Your Being (TRY).[7]


Let the energies of the violet flame unlock our true self even as they sweep away the encrustations of the synthetic self. Let the violet flame work in you the works of God.


Until we meet again in Darjeeling, I AM



Exponent of the Freedom of God’s Will

[1] Please note that the Words that conform the name America, can be arranged to write, “I AM race

[2] Saint Germain was embodied as Joseph, the protector of Mary and Jesus, and as Prophet Samuel, affectionately called Uncle Sam as he embodies the spirit of freedom to the American people.


[3] I Cor 6:20.

[4] Matt. 5:18.


[6] See  El Morya, The Chela and the Path.

[7] Saint Germain Studies on Alchemy, p 88.

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