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Thursday, 09 June 2011 10:06


Greetings in the very day Golden-and-Purple day of the Resurrection of Lord Jesus and Lady Magdalena, the Thor-day, the Jupiter day.

    And unable still to make statistics on a so Huge Project ... still offering more than 3500 books in Twelve Disciplines,

[DIR] Parent Directory   -  
[DIR] 01-MA-Mathematics/ 23-May-2011 11:25 -  
[DIR] 02-PH-Physics/ 01-May-2011 07:19 -  
[DIR] 03-CH-Chemistry/ 12-Nov-2010 14:42 -  
[DIR] 04-BI-Biology, DNA and Foods/ 27-Jan-2011 12:47 -  
[DIR] 05-AS-Astronomy, Astrology and Seismology/ 12-Nov-2010 14:47 -  
[DIR] 06-LA-Languages/ 23-Sep-2010 05:06 -  
[DIR] 07-CO-Computer and Internet/ 13-Sep-2010 14:08 -  
[DIR] 08-AR-Arts, Music and Sports/ 06-Jan-2011 08:08 -  
[DIR] 09-ME-Medicine and Vibrational Medicine/ 25-Sep-2010 08:05 -  
[DIR] 10-WR-World Religions/ 17-Feb-2011 16:47 -  
[DIR] 11-EG-Engineering/ 25-Sep-2010 08:17 -  
[DIR] 12-HE-Human Evolution/ 12-Nov-2010 14:48 -  

  ... I am here to speak again on FTHumaEvolutionCourse.

  We teach you to Draw ... but still Music ... we teach the Sciences like Math and Physics but still explains what are the Archons ...

  There are over 3000 books ... for over +100 courses that will be re-organized to reach 144 courses.

  The Only CD/DVD announced is,

   is expected later this year ... after the release of 2012, Galactic Alignment books.


Giovanni A. Orlando.

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