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Friday, 10 June 2011 17:59


Greetings ...

    Still is a very important news and lesson.

    Have our Planet a Chakra System? ... Have the Planet a Mental Body? ... Have the Planet an Akashic Field?

    Like you see I open the Jar of my Past lives ... and saw Three ... of them.

    How happens this? ... Where is this information? ... This information is in Our DNA. In our cellular memory and into our Akashic Field.

   Therefore we can catch it ... activate it and watch it.

   Advanced Civilizations has the advanced technology capable to display it in a Computer or into a Screen.

   The question is pertinent ... Can we do the same for Planet Earth? ... Has the Planet an Akashic Field? ...

   Yes, there are.

   Therefore an Ascended Master ... an Evolved Being can enable that fields for a complete OnLine Movie and Lived Movie.

    The book, "Unveiled Mysteries" by Godfrey Ray King explains this process enabled by Saint Germain on El Dorado, Egypt as well North America, before it was called United States.

    This speak about a Mirror capable to locate in perfect mode and display any place in any time.

  • Therefore, we can know who give the poison to Napoleon.
  • When die Columbus?
  • Have the perfect proof and watch Francis Bacon writing the Shakespearean Plays.
  • Discover the Plot against Galileo Galilei ...
  • Watch Sitting Bull assassination ...
  • Still discover Abraham Lincoln and Luther King assassinations and plot. Still JFK! ... Or you know?

   Therefore still is a bad news for those who suppose that everything has been erased. They are not erased.

   We can still watch King Arthur drawing the Sword from the Stone.

   Do you imagine? ...

   Honestly according to my understanding ... Time slow and Our past lives are not end.

   Therefore Simon Bolivar is still fighting for South America, and George Washington for the United States.

   Masters can visit past ... like an old friend ...

   And now, I will tell you the latest New Age gift of To-day ...

   Future is basically written ... We have a destiny ... It is written and can be just lived.

   Still most important is,



Giovanni A. Orlando.

Honestly the planet travels and is surrounded with Time Waves and at each awake we back and live our Journey. Blessings and Happiness.


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