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Friday, 10 June 2011 19:06

Joseph Alfred Serret (August 30, 1819 - March 2, 1885)


Greetings ...

    Some days ago my attention was captured by French Mathematician Joseph Alfred Serret.

Joseph Serret graduated from the École Polytechnique in Paris in 1840. He became an entrance examiner for the École Polytechnique in 1848. In 1861 he became professor of celestial mechanics at Collège de France, then two years later he was appointed to the chair of differential and integral calculus at the Sorbonne. Serret joined the Bureau des Longitudes in 1873.

Serret did important work in differential geometry. Together with Bonnet and Bertrand he made major advances in this topic. The fundamental formulae in the theory of space curves are the Frenet-Serret formulae.

In 1860 Serret succeeded Poinsot in the Académie des Sciences. In 1871 he retired to Versailles as his health began to deteriorate.

Serret also worked in number theory, calculus and mechanics. He edited the works of Lagrange which were published in 14 volumes between 1867 and 1892. He also edited the 5th edition of Monge in 1850.

   Because I consider very important these classical ... I am submitting here "as they are".

Take a look,

[   ] J.A. Serret - Cours D'Algebre Superieure - Vol I.pdf 10-Jun-2011 09:53 27M  
[   ] J.A. Serret - Cours D'Algebre Superieure - Vol II.pdf 10-Jun-2011 09:55 38M  
[   ] J.A. Serret - Cours de Calcul Differentiel et Integral - Vol I.pdf 06-Jun-2011 14:21 25M  
[   ] J.A. Serret - Cours de Calcul Differentiel et Integral - Vol II.pdf 06-Jun-2011 14:21 28M  
[   ] J.A. Serret - Lecons sur les applications pratiques de Geometrie et Trigonometrie.pdf 10-Jun-2011 13:30 3.2M  
[   ] J.A. Serret - Traitise de Trigonometie.pdf 10-Jun-2011 13:47 41M  

The "Calcul" are very well seasoned books describing the Calculus like must be learned by young teenagers and the "Cours D'Algebre" begin with theory of Equations touching still Galois Theory in Vol 2.

The others two books are perfect for High School.

I am including these books in the "Forgotten Science and New Age" collection.



Giovanni A. Orlando


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