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Thursday, 16 June 2011 13:58


Greetings ...

    And in this Wonderful day ... honestly with no necessary word to be added to the Words and Teaching of Chapter "Grids"

    And always using the words of the Divine Director ... you see that I push and push ... before the need is Great.

    I, Giovanni want to close these words ... like was me to comment ... and I say,

There is no power but God!

     And yes ... Still Darkness ... generated from the Free Will of Men ... comes not directly but indirectly from Godhead.

     And you will ask ... How Long? ... will take to be free? ... I see in the measure that we embrace GodWill.

    God Will or the Will of God is the first step ... God and only the Gods below the Holy Lord knows and may Judge ... and Now I will end ...

    And I say ... watch the words of Lord Jesus ... and you don't to pay, you don't to travel (if you don't feel is necessary) and you don't need neither to go to any Church.

   God is inside us ... inside our Electromagnetic body ... if you seat down and read a book ... or meditate about yourself ... You will understand better the Will of God.

Fare Well,

Giovanni A. Orlando.


Enjoy  ...

   There are so many facets and so many angles to the great manifestation of opportunity called life that I hope no one will be so blind as to say that I have taken you far afield. My intent is to give you a palatable release which will be practical in effectively releasing you from some unwanted conditions which are so subtle that they often snare the most devoted souls.

The Great White Brotherhood," recognizing the truth of beloved Jesus' statement that "the children of this world are in their generation wiser than the children of light," as I have said before, are interested in this series which I am releasing in bringing dynamically to mankind's attention the subtle little traps which are so overlooked by the unsuspecting and the innocent.

It is absolutely true that there is no power but God. It is also true that good will ultimately triumph. But in effectively seeing to it that good docs triumph over the veil of misqualified energy called evil, we must now invoke the forces of mercy that shall swiftly respond to the imploration of the saints, "How long, O Lord?"

While it is true that one day with God may be a thousand years, or a thousand years be as one day, to the embodied souls suffering the thralldom of sense consciousness and the mis-qualification of energy that results in human viciousness and destruction, these trials have basic reality during the time individuals must pass through them.

We do not hold with the concept of doing evil that good may come but hold only with the concept of doing good that good may expand.

Let all then see in these current releases of the Brotherhood the great giant sweep of a beam of intense light energy calculated not to snare the consciousness of mankind with mere pretty dramas or sequences which may tickle the ear or provide passing entertainment but rather to release the mighty soul-searching beam of Cosmic Christ discrimination into the affairs of men that total freedom may manifest and great divine friendships be formed based on the solid bedrock of divinity. Only then can we weld together the spiritual body upon the planet.

So long as minute dissensions and divisions occur, so long as individuals set up themselves and their human standards as criteria to judge the children of God upon earth, so long as men fall directly into the traps that are set for them seeking to bring about malicious gossip against our greatest outposts, the world will still be in some peril. Yet the wise and perceptive at all times recognize and know that the greater the concentrated power of truth used to examine the fabric of thought and the power of truth released as God-direction to man, the greater the opposition thereto!

The words of Jesus "Woe unto you when all men shall speak well of you!"'°echo down the halls of the centuries to the present hour. And thus we do not anticipate that all men will give their approval to divine truth or will even recognize its source. But as the Christ long ago said, "My sheep will hear my voice,"" and thus we are content to release upon the altar of Almighty God the great soul-liberating truths of being for men of this century.

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