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Sunday, 26 June 2011 07:27



Greetings in the very Yellow-Sun-day of the Lord ... the day of Wisdom.

     And in this amazing and wonderful day ... I want to confirm ... what I comment on my book,

12)Jesus announces its return in the year 2012

    Are you happy for this news?

    Can you believe that Jesus the King will back again? ... It is very normal to suppose otherwise.

    It is very normal to play no attention ... But Thrust me. Lord Jesus will return on December 12, 2012.

   If a fake priest ... that say "White" and do "Black" will tell me that, I Giovanni will say. "Well, if you always said the False ... Can you please wash your month before you say "The Lord""?

   If a Medium that must be pure by definition (this does not means RICH) ... tell me the Truth, well ... I say ... must be possible.

   But ... if Lord Jesus in person told me that ... Well, I Say "Aye" ... I believe so.

   And Indeed he did ...

   Do you believe in Angels? ... What Angels are?

   Let me tell you that you have not ... one Angels that protect you ... but many ... many

   ... and they sing when you and me born ... but ... They can stay ... the entire life without to say a word ... no one word ... because they respect "Your Free Will".

   Now, let me say ... that when Lord Jesus (I call him frequently Master Jesus) ... back recently ... he arrived with El Morya (who was Abraham, Moses ... as well Saint Peter ... ) ...

   ... and El Morya ... place 1,000 angels before us ... between Lord Jesus and us ...

   ... and this is because we are not lovely like Jesus and Jesus is not from HERE.

   For this reason he was crucified ... He gift him Life and his Blood to re-engine the World ...

   ... and like commented previously ... those who kill him. Those who kill John the Baptist ...

   ... the "tares" persons are still ruling the world ... they are still between us ...

   ... I, Giovanni can tell you that when he will return ... my friends ... he will NOT Return  Alone ...

      Let us enjoy the words of the Divine Director.

      I need to confess ... that I really love that words ... There are two poetry here,


Your Freedom friend,

Giovanni A. Orlando.

It is interesting to note that a child, as he passed by a forest on the way to school, noticed a very small and insignificant tree no more than a foot high. He was positive of its existence and carefully marked the spot in his own mind. Returning at the close of the day's session, he noticed a towering giant of a tree which appeared to be several hundred years old standing in its place.

As the tall cedars of Lebanon rise to touch the hem of heaven's garb, so the building of the temple of God will magnetize the leaves of spiritual growth. Moreover, when that growth is nurtured and desired, you will, like the boy who passed by the forest, see miracles brought about in a day. There are some few who will turn from beloved Morya's green tree at the beginning of its day and, ere the sun shall set upon them, they will see that it points the way on high and it shall be in their absence that the growth will occur.

I AM the Tree of Life that stands so tall,
With what measure will ye measure it all?
 Relativity that shrinks not from the joy of truth—
But by inward perception seeks the peace of proof.
I AM thy stature rising bold
Upon the background of universal framework old—
Defending inward strength, the power to overcome.
I AM the root, the vine, the branches, one
Divinely bless'd—a spire rising to the blue,
Drenched with golden celestial fire hue.

Forge ahead then, precious ones, in generating a momentum of faith that refuses every appearance that is less than perfection. I do not care if I must needs repeat my words again and again. For I know that as you in faith absorb these words and contemplate the face of God, his perfection will descend upon you and the world in all of its cycles and its wonders will overcome the sinister desire of mankind to plunder the treasures of life that lie all around them.

I know the abundant sense of God's grace will alter old concepts and

Those who can see the need to consume the dross
Will have no sense of mortal loss
In whatsoever must transpire
But will see! And seeing inwardly, perceive
That justice must the pain of life relieve
And grant a new and holy concept unto all—
A lifting of the shrouded, mortal pall
Till the holy light of God shines o'er all mankind
And the earth that is the Lord's—the fullness all
Is so acknowledged by every tongue.
The snares of the wicked verily will the righteous escape As they kneel before God and take their hands. Signifying action,
And plunge them into the lave of God's holy will For purity in expression.
Kneeling there they may disturb
      the water's calm reflection, And the old image will fade, and Adam die,
But Christ within their humble hearts
Will shape his flame as in the fiery furnace old—

His image, then, will royally appear
within the fragrant pool of Life
Where roses pour their sweet perfume—
The Second Coming of the Christ
Will fill the earthly room
And break the deadly silence of the tomb—
The vault of mortal past.

As rainbow rays and heavenly joy
   surround each heart at last
With grace atrembling in the cup of Life
And anxious then as now to honor Son of God,
Their hands reach up in hope to accents fair.
"Thou art my Son, this day have I begotten thee"—
A cry resounding down the Universal Hall, Resounding with a joyful call—
"My Father, I am home!"


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