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Saturday, 09 July 2011 16:02


Greetings ... in the Violet Saturn-day of Freedom ...

    And the day has arrived ... with this release I am completing the release of the book, "The Soulless Ones" channeled by Mark L. Prophet from the words of "The Great Divine Director" who I first meet from the Book, "Unveiled Mysteries" when he assist Ascended Master Saint Germain in Older Arabia, 70.000 BC.

      Please let me establish a parenthesis in the self-defense of my life against any bad comment may be draw before me ... because my "Spiritual Career" and my temporary lack of wife and children.

      Am I Giovanni on a Spiritual Career? ... Aye, Sir ... I will say. Indeed is a long career that I begin at the age of sixteen ... with a first pushing made by Mother Mary when I was only  seven years old, here in Italy into a Church. She prevent me about my future life in Italy.

       Yes ... We are never alone ... And Angels may be with you from the very moment of your birth and say no word in forty years ... or never at all.

       An Angel spoke with me in the City of Los Angeles and I comment about in the Preface of the Book, "The Secret of the Andes" (El Secreto de los Andes)" - Vol 1.

        With this release ... I am now able to do a final step on the release of the Vol 1 - Second Edition "El Secreto de los Andes" and "The Secret of the Andes".

    A complete Spiritual Biography will be released in the book, which is Volume 3.

    Please let me figure out for you that my Spiritual Career is going to end ... in the sense of become "Graduated" by the end of next year ... by the end of 2012. Then a very important part of my covenant will be completed.

     Continuing with my self-defense ... let me push on you that those "like me" are the Ones who reserve "The Strong Meat for Men" ... while Others furnish the "milk for babies" ... like "The Kyballion" comment on page 6. The Kyballion was released from Hermes and he was also Saint Germain.

       This "Job" made by Avatars (not so great like Jesus or Saint Germain) and there are many on Earth ... got any kind of Mass effluvia of mortal consciousness, the projection of hate and hate creations against us.

       Stupid movies like "Sex and the City" say ... if a man does not marry before 30 ... he may have a problem. My students say ... "Teacher why you never marry in Italy?" ...

       To all them ... I say ... "Make your business and I make mine" ... All this display the words of Mother Mary, that she told me at the age of seven, and that I don't believe.

        Can I have lived in another place different that Italy? ... and have another life? ... No. Not at all. Because the problem is not the Avatar. The problem is the people that live in mechanic mode.

        Have you some idea about friends or couples of friends ... and their stress ... along the past years? ... No. You have no idea. Any kind of misunderstanding has been produced ... and all this until the day when you awake ... and say ... "Oh Well ..."

        Can you wonder how many girl friends I have saw married? ... How many? ... All.

        No. There are no problems ... It is a Job that may be done ... Must be Done ... and is actually under execution.

        Each one ... each one ... has a SPECIAL and UNIQUE role ... thus, now.

        After this "necessary" self-defense ...

        I want to speak about the Nexus ... Freedom and Happiness.

     The Nexus is the Man ... or the Mind of the Man ... where the sublime touch the ridiculous.

        The Nexus is the Mind of Man that is the Mind of God with all its memory and thinking.

        Do you know where comes from the word ... "Memory"? ...

        The word "Mem" (or Memory) comes from the Hebrew Tables of Mem that lead to the Hebrew Alphabet ... eons ago (and this is channeled because does not appear on the book, neither on the Web) ...

        Therefore ... Don't worry ... but look to Open the Door ...

        The Door to the Doer ... the Door to Happiness ... because God is Happiness too.

        And now let me end ...

        Let me give my Word to "The Great Divine Director" who indeed is Great and Indeed is a Divine and indeed is a Director ...

In thy name I have spoken,

Giovanni A. Orlando.

PS. And so please be sure that in the coming YEARS ... YEARS ...  I will be marry, have my children ... live longer ... and one day I will wait for the Words ... "Giovanni Well done. It is time to back home!"

Blessed You are. You never are alone.




"OUT OF EGYPT have I called my son"'—ancient emancipation from the house of human bondage. The exterior and the interior world merge in the human psyche, for man il the place where time and eternity meet. In man does the sublime touch the ridiculous. The highest culture, like a canopy, gleams above the bottomless pit of human desire.

As I conclude the mechanical dissertations having, I hope, revealed some of the monstrous effects they have in deterring man from achieving happiness, I would point out that then are a number of things upon which I have not touched. Precious ones, if the ascended masters were to take every possible condition which you might encounter and speak upon it, the volume of our words would be ponderous indeed. We have sought here to activate within your consciousness an inward self-reliance, a discernment that is automatic without being mechanistic.

Now the difference here is quite clear, for God hai implanted in the soul of man a certain mental plasticity which facilitates the recording of passing events. The wondrous screen which men have termed "memory" comes from the ancient  Tablets of Mem. I shall not dwell upon these tablets here, cleaving as much as possible to the known and to the practical. Yet I would call to your attention that you have a built-in memory process whereby, with the stylus of Christed attainment, you may write the law of God upon your inner being. As you make God's laws an integral part of your spiritual awareness, you will be building a defensive against perils to come and, in moments of crisis, you will be able to deflect those blows which otherwise might paralyze the soul and throw you backward, at least temporarily, in that evolution we call progress.

Precious ones, your protection is so vital and right knowledge is such great protection. I trust that your hearts, in their gratitude for my release, shall make it possible for the Brotherhood to see sufficient benefit for the effort expended here so that future days will effect the release of even greater miracles of truth in printed form for the admonishment of the sincere seekers of truth. Our care has been very great and it has been centered on the progress of the valiant—those who love truth for its own sake and are willing to be told whatever is necessary in order that they shall escape the snare of the fowler2 and find greater comfort in the knowledge of God's expansive kingdom.

As you turn to the outer world you will behold both beauty and ugliness in manifestation. You must train yourself to skim off the beauty and drink it in that your souls, bathed in the elixir of that which is spiritually charged, will absorb from every facet of nature the rare and pure elements which nurture the soul's freedom and expansion. For it is the soul that is in bondage to the senses, and it is the personality of the soul which has frequently sought to dominate the domain of self and to extend that control to other men, forgetting that they too have their own threefold flame of love, wisdom, and power.

That liberty shall remain and that the earth shall know true freedom is our prayer. To this end we serve and for this purpose we make plain the way. But, blessed hearts, as truth is so glorious yet sometimes disturbing to the settled world of men, let me extol its virtue; for without the bonds of truth to hold the soul constant to God, as a compass to the north, the hands of mortal men would smite the purest image with the mud and degradation of increasing strife.

With the old scheme that has been used upon the earth for so long, we have scarcely launched a project or revealed a word for freedom before someone has sought to counter it and negate its value. For example, there are certain inherently harmless words used upon the earth which have been so abused by mankind that their meaning no longer holds the pure and pristine connotation originally intended but they have now become a curse unto mankind.

I think it well in closing here that I point out the power within the statement "There is no power but God that can act." For his law, his grace, and his science are not in any way mechanistic. They are precise releases of his love and power, charged with his holy wisdom, and they do saturate space wherever there is welcome given and wherever there is not in existence a prior negative charge, either of mortal self-pity or of other devices of men which would affect the pure consciousness of being.

Therefore may I say to all in a simple, universal, humble way: life is very beautiful and the charm of life is found in apprehending God. Those unfortunate souls who know him not sufficiently to realize that his love is universal and thus for all, do but deprive themselves of salutary happiness. And the pursuit of happiness ought to be the avowed occupation of men. For happiness is also God, but that which men have thought happiness has often been a thorn.

The beauty of grace and holiness is found in simple things—a rose, a tree bowing in the wind, the singing of a bird, the babbling of a brook, a child's prattle, starlight's beam twinkling the merriment of the spheres, the penetration of hope into the heart, the will to live. To be the victor, then, over smothering and retarding factors, push them out of the consciousness. Replace them with a realization of God's consciousness and all that it contains and thereby learn a lesson in the mighty power of freedom.

The outgoing of happiness from God to nature is a flow, exterior seeming. It comes to an end at the periphery of each realization and must, then, return inward to the center, to the Source from whence it came. I see a carnival of virtue, a mighty bazaar where rainbow colors pure and beautiful convey divine qualities to men for the asking. I see the children of men teaching and being taught divine grace until every wall is taken down and men can clearly perceive the face of their Creator Source and, in that towering image, replace insecurity by secure fastness of the soul to God.

Now I do not care if some men be bored with the necessary repetition in my words. For as the fingers of the mind pass over these words again and again, they will magnetize happiness. For they are charged as cups of living light with God's grace, and this grace is sufficient for every human need. The end, then, of the mechanistic concept is in the conquest of matter by Spirit, the victory of Life over death, the triumph of Reality over the appearance of unreality, mirrored in the reflecting pool of thought congealing.

Thus the brilliance of the Light
Pushes back the night
And the shadow made by the rising
Light Is seen no more
When man faces the door of self-Source.
And this is reality, right where I AM,
For it is grace that triumphs over race
And purity that does erase
The pale of sin, of human din,
And reveals God's true face forevermore.

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