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Saturday, 16 July 2011 10:24


Greetings in the very Saturn-day ... the day of Wisdom, Freedom ... the Violet Flame day ...

      How can be the first book ever written by someone who enter in Science Faculty at the age of sixteen? ...

      I am just adding some little drops of Ego ... I hope you don't mind.

      How can be? ... Yes, I enter in Math Faculty in Caracas, in March 1980 at the end of sixteen ... then I take an Italian Holiday close in the city where I live now ... and return to Caracas.

      My best friend in those days subscribe me to the new semester in the Faculty. I originally begin in Physics and the kardex includes Chemistry and then I move to Mathematics ...

      In my hazardous move ... I includes examinations from semesters one and two of the Mathematics degree ... If I was successful I will jump to semester three ... and so was.

       Therefore I basically do almost two semesters in one. I did again and still again ... but the third time I does not fulfill two examinations.

       In the semester that follows I subscribe just that disciplines ... "Measure Theory" and another exam like Calculus on Several Variables.

       That new semester was cool because new and better professors as well better books to use. I use H. Royden, "Real Analysis".

       After that I did not risk anymore and was close to complete the degree at the age of twenty one ... but my Mentor force me to change all the Thesis because a new Publication on the Theorem of Eberlian-Smuliian ... and therefore I complete the degree at the age of twenty two in Mathematical-Physics.

       Once in Italy, because the Italian Degree on Mathematics  is more based on Applied Mathematics than Pure Mathematics ... like in Venezuela, as well because the Nobel Prize on Physics by many Italians ... and also because a Teacher that graduate in Mathematics in Italy knows so much Physics that can teach both ... Math and Physics in High School ... I was forced almost to re-start from scratch.

     Have you read that always arrive the best choice? ... Well, the best choice for me when I arrive to Italy was to do ten examination on 15.

     They validate only five examinations. Of course ... I was like Marco Polo ... when go from Venice to China ... No one knows Europe in China ... and so ... No one knows Venezuela ... in Italian Universities.

     I arrive to the best University of Rome, "The Universita degli Studi ... "La Sapienza"" ... between their smart decision they place me together with first year students ... to study Geometry I ... (Smart Decision) ... but they approve me "Geometry II" because my Differential Geometry.

     However, I did not give them the honor to take a degree with them ... because I change job ... and move to North-Center ... close to the wonderful "Universita degli Studi di Bologna" ... where I got my Italian degree in Mathematics in December 1992.

    I honestly love that University ... their High Level, their seriousness ... Their precision ... and their love for Studies in Physics.

    I take my time because I was working and study ... but one day ... me and my employer shake hands for a Good Goodbye and so I dedicate to study FULL TIME ... to complete my Italian degree ... was a Personal Challenge and I complete that degree ... including six examinations and the Thesis in less than one year.

   Then I begin a New Job and then I did my last Job like High School Teacher ... teaching 180 students in eight different classes in three different Schools, including a Catholic Church, High School ... where both support each other with difficulties.

    After that in my birthday I begin to work for myself ... and still To-day.

    There are nothing like to be Independent ... well Taxes are another subject ... honestly don't expected ... because 65% on profit. My profits.

     Can you believe I never publish a book on Mathematics? ... Never.

     I begin to work on Software Development in 1987 in Rome, then I move to several cities working on DOS and Windows and then finally UNIX.

     (Hey, I am not looking for a Job! ... I'm fine ...)

     In my company I became a Linux distributor for several US Linux companies like Caldera (now out), Corel and others. Then I begin to develop my own Operating System ... actually on stand-by. I also write six courses to teach Linux ... with great success, titled FTLinuxCourse, that will continue in 2013.

     Can you believe I never publish a book on Mathematics? ...

     Along these years ... and there are many from my first and second degree I always keep updated and my view is wide.

     With the announce of the book,

     I was interested in introduce Math at several levels to a New Students ... or to anyone.

     Honestly I wrote just one page ... but the prospective looks Great!

     I, don't believe we have a "Logical and Efficient" ... Mathematics ... neither Physics, neither Chemistry, neither Medicine ... neither Science or Religion.

    Not really.

    A Logical and Efficient Mathematics will lead to have ... NO OPEN PROBLEMS ... Like Fermat Last Theorem (I know was solved and I appreciate the result ... but is like a BOMB to kill a mosquito!) , or Riemann Conjecture. No.

    A Logical and Efficient Physics will lead to Free Energy ... Free Electricity for Homes and Industries and of course Free Transportation.

    A Logical Chemistry will lead to change the elements in one to another and so get Gold as simple like Lead or Iron.

    A Logical Science will not be separated from Spirituality or without God ... but with God ... like the Star and main explanations and not for faith but for real.

   Angel Kryon say ... More You Learn about Science ... Biology and Physics and more you Love God.

   Francis Bacon ... who wrote the perfect Shakespearean Plays say:

For many parts of nature can neither be invented with sufficient subtlety, nor demonstrated with sufficient perspicuity, nor accommodated unto use with sufficient dexterity without the aid and intervention of mathematics.

Francis Bacon

    We have from several Scientist these great words ...

Alfred North Whitehead, the late mathematician and philoso­pher, emphasized the power of abstraction: "Nothing is more impressive than the fact that as mathematics withdrew increasingly into the upper regions of ever greater extremes of abstract thought, it returned back to earth with a corresponding growth of importance for the analysis of concrete fact. . . . The paradox is now fully established that the utmost abstractions are the true weapons with which to control our thought of concrete fact." Those who, ad­mitting the paradox, still deplore that to achieve success the physi­cal sciences have to pay the price of mathematical abstractness must reconsider what it is they would look for in our ultimate scientific exposition of the nature of the physical world. The answer of physicist Arthur Stanley Eddington is that a knowledge of mathe­matical relations is all that the science of physics can give us. And his colleague. Sir James Jeans, said that the mathematical descrip­tion of the universe is the ultimate reality. The pictures and models we use to assist us in the understanding are, to him, a step away from reality. They are like "graven images of a spirit." We go be­yond the mathematical formula at our own risk.

     Now here is an important point ...

  • Is Mathematics pure Abstraction ... or? ...
  • the mathematical descrip­tion of the universe is the ultimate reality?
  • a knowledge of mathe­matical relations is all that the science of physics can give us.

I say that Mathematics and Physics are Higher Sciences than like we HAVE TO-DAY ... and that we have lost or Forgot ... the real Science ... This is because I am planning to release this year,

  Still the differences between Astronomy and Astrology are a mistake!

  I believe in the Eden state ... of Eternal Wisdom.

  ... And in this state we can travel the Stars and have a Science ... Math, Physics, Astronomy ... without misunderstandings.

  A proof of Fermat Last Theorem with the Math of Pierre Fermat ... or a proof of the Riemann Conjecture ...

  Kurt Gödel prove that a Complete an Coherent Set of Axioms cannot be set ... And Why? ... Is Mathematics inconsistent? ...

  What is the real Sense of Science? ... What is the real Sense? ... I will tell you and Sciences are all connected ...

  The FINAL Goal is to to Travel the Stars ... That is the Goal ...

  For this reason we need a Good Physics ... and a Mathematics that both Support that Physics as well retro-aliment itself.

  This is the final stage or a Science that self-support the Planet and their dwellers ...

  I can tell you (and you will trust me without proof) that "Different Universes has Different Laws".

  Of course we has no comparison ... because some people claims "We ARE ALONE" ... but that issue will be SOLVED.

  Therefore is NOT REALLY IMPORTANT to have and PUSH ... 370 Books on Mathematics ... or 570 Books.

  ... What is important is that THESE BOOKS will Sustain a GOOD Multi-Dimensional Physics ...

NOT Theoretical and Wrong like Einstein Theory ... BUT PRACTICAL ... A REAL PHYSICS

  Because I claim that that Theory, Einstein's Theory is Wrong ... I need to push a New Physics and New Mathematics ...

  ... and that is WHY ... I am Looking ... FOR PERFECTION IN MATHEMATICS.


Giovanni A. Orlando.


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