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Monday, 15 August 2011 15:44

What are the effect of Drugs? ... Take a look on this picture ... How people may be so stupid ... I cannot understand.

Greetings in the Blue Moon-day of the Will of God ...

   And I expect that picture may offend not Thee ... but is necessary ... because it shows how dramatic may be the effect of Drugs in a Person.

   I, Giovanni never use Drugs. I neither use Medicines, neither Aspirin.

   I, prefer to use, Boldo to clean my Liver ... and cleaning my Liver ... I clean my Blood and with a clean Blood I can think better, feel Better.

   Some days ago ... I locate some chocolate cakes ... My Favorite ... I purchase a High Quantity because they are not cakes but rolled cakes.

   And me and my brother feel bad and intoxicated with the sugar inside that cakes, therefore I prefer don't push to Supermarkets and neither purchase more.

   I did a similar comment on 'Nutella' ... It is dangerous ... because it insert a High Quantity of Toxins like Sugar and Oil ... causing your Blood to be dirty and flow slow.

   I also feel with Low Humor while eating that rolled cakes.

   Masters advice to eat Fruits and Vegetable. Natural food, and like you know I eat only Fish and some Chicken ... From 2013, I will don't eat but Vegetables.

   But these words are against the Use of Drugs. I know is a careful and delicate matter ... but is better that The Youth open their eyes.

   I don't smoke ... I take and purchase a cigarette when I was 14 years old. They were 'Kent' ... and I trash throw the window both cigarette number 1 ... and the rest ... after three smokes.

   My Father die because him arteries ... the Heart Coronary arteries were blocked ... obturated ... over  90%. Three of the Main Coronary Arteries.

   I got a Heart Trouble ... in February 2009 ... Actually I eat no medicine ... but I can feel when the speed of my blood is slow or normal.

   I still drink Coffee ... and I discover that Honey is better than Sugar. Still Brown Sugar is better than White Sugar.

   A Lemonade with Lemon Juice, White Sugar and Cold Water is an excellent refreshing drink, specially in Summer. Books about Tantra Sex advice the use of Lemonade for Lovers.

   Before to give the words of 'The Cult of Hedon' ... The Drug Way Out ... I can add that ...

   While is very Stupid that Young People ... want to Test Darkness and Evil ... proving and using Drugs ... It is simple Offensive and NOT Acceptable that a High Professional ... use Drugs.

    In Caracas, in one of the House where I rent a room ... (having my own apartment rented at 4 US$ because the Country Drama) ... I find a Psychologist ... that offer Physiology sessions in that House ... in another room, in the same house.

    One night ... because was a 'normal' behavior in that House to drink Wine or Whiskey each Friday night ... I enter in a Room and that men ... was smoking Marijuana.

    That facts ... at a first Sight ... shocked me.

     Have you some idea about the private details a man or woman may comment to his Own Psychologist ???

     What you will think ... if your Psychologist smoke Marijuana ?

     Do you will return to him sessions or speak with him, after you discover that?

     I, Giovanni ... was double offended because that person was Italian origins like me. Thus, he was a Physiologist which Father is Italian.

    I say nothing to the Home Owner ... also because he smoke in front of many other people ... in front of two woman, a young and a dated woman.

     I Giovanni arrive at that home ... close to the hours when that 'Fraudulent' Physiologist offer his session. At any one waiting for him ... I advert ... telling ... Do you know that your Physiologist smoke Marijuana? 

    A Young man ... immediately stand up ... and say, "Well ... if he smoke Marijuana ... he cannot help me". I say also to a Woman ... but she play no attention to me.

    Moving forward in time ... I got a discussion with that person, because I advert the House Responsible. I say to the Home Responsible ... 'I suppose you all get drunken each Friday and smoke Marijuana ... all together' ... I did not reply ...

   Still ... You need not to get too much shocked because still the President of Venezuela, use 'Drugs' and he admit in Public ... and was the President of Bolivia ... that give that Cocaine to him.

    What people you will say? ... And I say ... 'Oh Lord ... How this World may be so lost'? ... How Long Oh Lord ... ???

    Now, I Giovanni want that you watch the Trailer for the Movie, 'Rockstar' with Mark Wahlberg and Jennifer Aniston



   Thus is not a World ... only with Financial Troubles ... Is a Mechanic World where the last tick ... get you to the Cemetery.

How do you suppose Rock Stars ... get Rich? ... Who inspire them? ... I will tell you ... The Prince of Darkness.

Blessed is the Rock Star ... like John Lennon ... who leave the Drugs ... and write 'Imagine' and 'Woman' ... I saw other persons recently ... and I feel a great appreciations for them ...  For Amy Winehouse was too late ... May she be Blessed.

Matthew 16:24-28 say ...

24Then said Jesus unto his disciples, If any man will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow me. 25For whosoever will save his life shall lose it: and whosoever will lose his life for my sake shall find it. 26For what is a man profited, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul? or what shall a man give in exchange for his soul? 27For the Son of man shall come in the glory of his Father with his angels; and then he shall reward every man according to his works.

28Verily I say unto you, There be some standing here, which shall not taste of death, till they see the Son of man coming in his kingdom.

I, Giovanni say ... measure well your steps ... because you may fall.

In the name of the Hierarchy, I have spoken,

Giovanni A. Orlando

PS. What this Physiologist is trying to do ... is to escape from Reality, him problems and the problems of him patients .

Because this is very intoxication you can listen Classical Music ... http://www.futuretg.com/FTHumanEvolutionCourse/Audio/Classic/


This is Part I of Chapter 1 - Section II


The Drug Way Out


THE FRUSTRATIONS OF MAN, stemming from nonrecognition and feelings of smallness and futility, lead many to take what we may term the "drug way" out. The hurried pace of con­temporary man often leaves him with a "wrung out" feeling, and in this state of being he feels the need for a "lift." Unable to exercise dominion over his life's energies in order that his spiritual Self may release limitless power into his world, he often turns to alcohol, to coffee, to other strong stimulants, and even to drugs—all of which temporarily blunt the physical senses.


Escape from physical awareness is thus effected by reason of an absence of sensation, artificially achieved. And in this state, man creates pseudojoys of illusion that fulfill for a few hours or days his wish to be recognized, as illusion builds upon illusion.


The Buddha revealed the truth that life is suffering, and this is the case until we find the key of the resolution of suffering Through transmutation, through harmony—not by the mechanical means of drugs.


Beloved Astrea (The Male Elohim of the Fourth Ray), the Master who works to cut souls free from the psychic realm, warns of the dangers of this path of escapism: "Bear in mind, precious ones, that all that men do in the name of religion, or even of curious seeking, is the struggle of the Light within their souls to find itself, to transcend the self, to reach out into the universe and become a part of all that is. In this wish for identification with Reality, man has sought in many ways to find it.


"One of the methods he has sought to employ is sexual union. For as men or women seek one another, they are, in reality, seeking the other half of the Divine Whole, but they know it not. They think to achieve through physical union that wholeness that can be known only through the union of the soul with its Self—with the Higher Self and with one's own beloved twin flame. Such union brings both male and female into that wholesome state of the androgynous nature of God.


"However, mankind seek to find it through euphoria, through LSD [and other hallucinogenic drugs] or through drink of fermented beverages, through marijuana and other external or so-called violent means. None of these conditions are permanent. They but stretch the faculties of the soul so that she enters into segments of the astral world that are affinitized with the untransmuted, subconscious nature of the individual.


"This accounts for the variety of experiences that have occurred to those who have experimented with LSD, [Ecstacy] and other psychedelic drugs. These create an artificial expansion of consciousness that cannot possibly pass the borders of the great temples of Light of the Masters, one that is limited forever to an exploration of the subterranean levels of astral records. Some of these are siren-like, filled with a deadly beauty, a kaleidoscopic lure of color and sensuous impressions that later deny to those who have indulged in them the conscious entering into the higher octaves of Light where permanent beauty is sustained and true freedom known.


"In the higher octaves, the power of the gentle love of the Holy Spirit administers the elixir of consciousness to mankind in a fashion calculated to create universal enjoyment of the kingdom that God has made, that God is. Do not sell your birthright, your cosmic birthright, blessed ones, for a mess of pottage.1 Do not let hunger for an accelerated expansion or the attainment of superpowers lead you to bargain away the carefully guided fulfillment of your life's opportunities as the Ascended Masters take you by the hand and safely lead you into realms of Light."2


Lord Lanto, the Master of wisdom, reinforces this warn­ing: "Those who attempt to force these spiritual experiences with dangerous drugs or mental probings and exercises literally tear open the petals of the flower of the soul from the budding center. One day they will find the fallen petals at their feet, faded and dry, returning to the dust from which all things were made. Only by recognizing that the soul within, the living soul that God made, possesses the capacity to span the centuries will you be able to enter into immortal life."3


While the use of drugs as a means of escape is something that has been seen throughout recorded history, the last hundred years has seen a great increase in this practice. It is not by chance that this has occurred in a time of transition to a New Age.


The Coming Revolution in Higher Consciousness


When Jesus Christ dictated the Book of Revelation to his servant John, he announced the Coming Revolution in Higher Consciousness for this hour, and he announced the finishing of the mysteries of God by the servant, the seventh angel.4 So Saint Germain, who is this seventh angel, comes to show us how to implement the mysteries of the Holy Grail.


The revolution that was started by Jesus Christ was the revolution whereby life as God, life as the Flame in you, conquers every form of death. The greatest moment in our entire history as the children of Israel was when one Son of God came forth to place himself willingly on the cross to triumph over death so that we too might have that triumph, we might share in that victory and its subsequent glory. The revolution of the entire Spirit of the Great White Brotherhood is the revolution that began in the Garden of Eden with beloved Lord Maitreya. This revolution, the turning around of this world, to bring it to life once again and to its resurrection is now upon us.


In the last one hundred years, the Great White Brother­hood has been the instrument for the acceleration of that revolution. They have brought to us decade by decade a greater and greater awareness of the Ascended Masters, of the science of the spoken Word, of how we could enter into communion with the body and blood, the light of Alpha and Omega, in all of the hosts of heaven. For one hundred years this unfoldment of life has been for the purpose of teaching you and me how to implement the victory that was won two thousand years ago.


The opening of the temple door has been the opening of the sacred mysteries by the members of the Great White Brotherhood and their Messengers and prophets. And so with the acceleration of the revolution of life has come the acceleration of a counter-revolution of death, reaching previously undreamt of proportions in the 1960s.


The Counter-Revolution of the Sixties


Thus we see the concept of point/counterpoint, whereby the Brotherhood sets forth its commitment—it puts its rod into the earth, it electrifies people and planets—and then there comes, rising out of the mists of human creation, the counter­point to put down that life, to distort it, to confute it.


The counter-revolution of death is so insidious that the people who are its victims do not know that they are being victimized by death and that they no longer have the fullness of life they once knew. In fact, not only because of the insidiousness but because also of the amount of misused power behind this insidious beast, the very people against whom it works will defend the very life of this beast.


The revolution of the sixties was a strange revolution, probably the strangest in history. But in it we also see history repeating itself from the decadence of Lemuria to the deca­dence of Atlantis to even several thousand years B.C. The generation of the sixties lived through one of the most paradoxical, perplexing, yet truly amazing revolutions in recorded history.


People felt the coming of the relentless wave of Light. But this was not a revolution of guns and political movements, although they played a role. Nor was it solely a revolution of music, sex and drugs, of youth casting off and taking on fads, although they too were a part of the scene. So were mysticism, Zen, vegetarianism, wine drinking, folk music, coffeehouses, rock and roll and rebellion against an old order that was rapidly fading and against the mothers and fathers throughout the land. As the musician Bob Dylan put it, in a song that became the anthem for a generation, the times were indeed a-changing.


It was an alchemical change. It was a flushing out. It was an intensification of the violet flame bringing out the highest aspirations in people—people desiring to penetrate their souls and new planes of consciousness and people falling prey to leaders who had no right to be leaders, many of whom were agents of the archdeceivers who were about to stage their great counter-revolution against the Light.


The times were at best a mosaic—fragmentary, contra­dictory, trendy, and for the most, hard to follow. The young who were a part of them had little trouble catching on to parts of the revolution here and there, however. A new lexicon filled with ambiguous phrases such as "doing your own thing" allowed an entire generation to avoid expressing what this new rum of affairs really meant to them.


A "generation gap" set in that allowed both young and old alike to be free from actually having to explain to one another what was really happening. In fact, many didn't know, and many parents would rather not know. It was difficult to understand the meaning of the words to the songs and poems of the day. Often the subculture idioms masked references to sex or drugs. Frequently an insider had to translate the lyrics in order to make many of the songs intelligible even to the youth, most of whom would have remained loyal to the revo­lution anyway. Unlike the older generation, they weren't about to criticize what they didn't understand.


The old order was crumbling. Its hypocrisy was obvious to the new souls of the Aquarian age. Right while it was crum­bling, it put on its best facade to sustain a legitimacy that it did not have. There was a new spirit abroad in the land. It was the oncoming tide of the very person of Saint Germain, the Guru of the Aquarian age. Everyone felt his person and his relentless wave, but there were many on hand to take advan­tage of that presence and that energy.


If you couldn't understand it or you couldn't explain it, you could feel it. It shook everyone free from their former moorings. It made some footloose and fancy free, irrespon­sible, working out repressions of centuries, allowing them to bring forth the very rebellions that caused the sinking of Atlantis. Instinctively it made you want to get up and do something—anything. It was a revolution of individualism, a celebration of the self, of creating, of glorying in being what you really were—if only you knew what that was.


It didn't matter if the revolution struck everyone dif­ferently and made them do diverse things. That was its nature. But it was also a new awareness of the unity of life: each individual was a part of the movement, somehow tied into the great Cosmic Mind. There was a feeling of brothers and sisters and people being one, being mobile, and people being willing to be together and to share together and not be boxed up in the old order.


It was freedom itself coming forth from their souls. But that freedom in many was aborted to a psychic thralldom. It became a prison house, a madness. And in its worst form, it became a subculture of death.


This revolution is by no means over with. That subculture of death is seeking legitimacy and recognition and legalization today in many areas of our life, and what was a subculture and a counter-revolution to the mainstream of the Great White Brotherhood is today becoming legitimized. And this is our concern—that this is not passing away or being seen for what it was or for what it is, but it is gradually being absorbed into a new culture and a new civilization.


We stand at that crossroads. Life is yet fluid. We can deter­mine to challenge this counter-revolution and turn it back. It has no backbone because it is based upon death.


Leadership of Atlantis Returned


The leaders who came to the fore in the sixties spoke of the revolution. They were able to articulate for the rank and file many of those things they felt but couldn't express. They saw through some of the flaws of society, the blunders of Big Brother. In the minds of the youth, the failures of the war in Vietnam became the positive proof that the leaders of the revolution had caught and maintained the vision.


Many of these leaders incarnated under a dispensation from the Lords of Karma that decreed that those individuals who had been kept out of embodiment since their part in the sinking of Atlantis had to reincarnate before the Golden Age.1 They had to reincarnate to be given a final opportunity to bend the knee, confess the Lord Jesus Christ, receive the Holy Ghost, call on the law of forgiveness, go through repentance and remission of sin and regeneration in the service of God.


It was required that these individuals reincarnate a final time so that by their actions and by their words and their works they could be judged. Jesus preached to these rebellious spirits when he left his body on the cross on Good Friday. The Karmic Board gave them the opportunity to incarnate because, they said, the sons and daughters of Light, the true initiates of Jesus Christ, have the experience, the training of twelve thousand years since the sinking of Atlantis, the building of a culture, the Judeo-Christian tradition. They have in their hands—if they will invoke them—the laws of the land and the Laws of God to rebuke and refute the Liar and Lie of these reembodying fallen ones.


So God used the reincarnating fallen ones to test the leadership of our generation, our nation and every nation on earth. The majority of that leadership failed to challenge the fallen ones, but rather allowed the counter-revolution that they worked on Atlantis, their subculture, to become a part of the mainstream of life not only in America but in every nation upon earth.


The leadership of the counter-revolution was eclectic—it had to be. So many people were into so many different things. There were the hippies, the political revolutionaries, the free-speech and free-love advocates, the followers of Zen, the Merry Pranksters, the progenitors of the freaks, Hell's Angels, groupies, and others almost ad infinitum.


There were, of course, some unifying elements also. There was a frenetic, sensual, unearthly new music. There were a lot of new words in the language. But more than anything else, if there was a single item that unified these diverse, fragmented "trips," as they were called, it was marijuana, which Saint Germain calls the death drug.


There were two sharply conflicting views about the value of marijuana. Sonic defended it as cither a harmless intoxicant or a mind-expanding sacrament. Those who were not per­suaded that it was harmless staked out positions as widely divergent as discouraging its use because it was thought to be harmful, to those who thought it shouldn't be used until it became known what effect it had on the body, to those who said that marijuana was a killer weed that would produce violence, insanity and licentious behavior. The history of marijuana does much to clarify the issue.


The History of Marijuana 


Cannabis is the Latin name that denotes the genus of the hemp family of plants, of which marijuana is a member. The particular species of the intoxicating form of marijuana is Cannabis sativa. The psychoactive chemical in cannabis is delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinoI (commonly known as THC), which is responsible for producing its intoxicating effects.


The use of marijuana as a drug in China was mentioned in a Chinese herbal from 2737 B.C. The use of the drug as an intoxicant seems to have begun in India about 1000 B.C. It was cultivated in temple gardens by priests who made it into a liquid called bhang, which was used in association with religious ceremonies.


From India, marijuana spread to the Middle East. Since the Moslem faith specifically forbids the use of alcohol, marijuana was accepted as a substitute, and its use "thoroughly per­meated Islamic culture within a few centuries." Because of the euphoria it induced, the Arabs described it as the "joy-giver," "sky-flyer" and "soother of grief."7


According to marijuana researcher Dr. Gabriel Nahas, the greatest effects of widespread marijuana use were felt in Egypt: "According to the Arab historian Magrizy, hashish was first introduced in the thirteenth century at a time when Egypt was flourishing culturally, socially, and economically. First, the drug was accepted and used primarily by the wealthier classes as a form of self-indulgence. When the peasants adopted the habit, though, it was as a means of alleviation of the dreariness of their daily life."8


What effect hashish had on the strength and productivity of the Egyptian civilization is unknown. However, Nahas con­tinues, "the appearance of cannabis products in the Middle East did coincide with a long period of decline during which Egypt fell from the status of a major power to the position of an agrarian slave state, exploited by a series of Circassian, Turkish, and European rulers.


"As often happens, the very decline of the nation prompt­ed the increased use of what may have hastened its fall. The hashish habit became so prevalent among the masses that some sultans and emirs made attempts to prohibit its use, knowing that they were going against a practice participated in by a large percentage of the population. In the fourteenth century, Emir Soudouni Schekhouni ordered that all cannabis plants be uprooted and destroyed, and that any users of the substance be condemned to have all their teeth extracted with­out the benefit of anesthesia."9


As powerful an incentive as this was, it had little or no effect on the national hashish habit—because it was an addiction sustained by the most grotesque entity (the con­glomerate of negative energy that focuses the consciousness behind the drug itself). The grip of the hashish entity is some­thing incomparable, causing its victims to give their life in its defense. Thus, they become insensitive, even to the defense of their own life.


Napoleon ran into precisely the same problem. After the French conquered Egypt in 1798, one officer noted, "The mass of the male population is in a perpetual state of stupor."10 Napoleon issued a decree forbidding the smoking of hashish and marijuana and the drinking of any beverages that con­tained them. This decree also had little effect.


Egypt is a cradle of the highest of all mysteries, the mystery of the ascension. The Ascension Temple is at Luxor. There­fore, the highest manifestation of life is located in its very soil. There came Ikhnaton with the great flame of the one God, the Sun-God, and all of us as extensions of that one central Light. There came the Mother flame as culture, art and beauty through Ikhnaton and Nefertiti. There came the twin flames sponsoring the initiatic mysteries.


Ikhnaton brought a revolution in life, in poetry, in art, in a directness that was unprecedented—the revolution of one God against all of the Egyptian countergods and false gods. So we have here, then, Egypt as the point of the counter-revolution against Serapis Bey, against the ascension flame and against

the Great Pyramid, whose chambers are for the initiations (now on the etheric plane, but formerly on the physical plane) of the resurrection itself.


In Egypt today, there are very strict laws prohibiting the cultivation, sale, transportation, possession and use of hashish. Having already experienced its negative effects, the Egyptians have not been persuaded that marijuana is no worse than alcohol or tobacco. They know from centuries of the undermin­ing of their people and culture that it is much, much worse.


In other nations, such as Morocco, where officially mari­juana intoxication is not considered a great problem, un­officially public health officials privately admit that it is a major health hazard. But if you talk about it, no one admits using it, because it is illegal. Dr. Nahas reported that when he went to Morocco to conduct a study of marijuana use, officials in Rabat, the administrative capital, told him that cannabis was a serious public health problem, and a staff member at a mental hospital told him that there was a high incidence of marijuana usage recorded in the histories of patients hospitalized for mental illness. Among the chronic-smokers, there was extreme mental and physical deterioration in men between the ages of thirty and forty."


In Marrakesh, Dr. Nahas met Dr. M. Teste, the director of the psychiatric hospital, who had been studying marijuana for twenty years and had published a paper describing the relationship between marijuana smoking and mental illness. He found that it produced an acute toxic psychosis, primarily among the young between fifteen and twenty years old who were in otherwise apparent good health. These psychotic episodes had a duration of two or three days and were marked by "agitation, confusion, and paranoia."'2 Sometimes this psychotic reaction occurred after only one exposure to the drug, and most of those who experienced it were left with a residual anxiety.


Dr. Nahas was told that approximately forty percent of hospital admissions in Morocco for acute psychosis were related to marijuana smoking. One senior government official said to him, "You scientists are always trying to unlock an open door. You come all the way to Morocco to find out if marijuana is harmful when we could have told you, 'Yes of course it is,' a long time ago."13


Marijuana in the Modern World


The rapid increase in the use of marijuana in America is one of the most perplexing phenomena of our times. In the early history of the nation, while the hemp plant was widely cultivated for the production of fiber, it seems to have been rarely used as an intoxicant. However, in the 1910s and 1920s a large influx of Mexican laborers introduced marijuana use to the nation, and it became widely used by black and Mexican workers in Texas and Louisiana.


The use of the drug was taken up by jazz musicians, who believed that intoxication from the "reefers" made their music sound "more imaginative and unique."'4 Marijuana was intro­duced to a wider segment of the population as jazz and jazz musicians moved up the Mississippi River to the major northern cities.


According to Nahas, "In Louisiana, marijuana use was widespread enough to cause public concern, particularly after a series of 'scare' articles appeared in New Orleans Morning Tribune. The stories, which were highly racist in tone, implied that blacks 'crazed' on marijuana were responsible for most of the heinous crimes committed in Louisiana. This was enough to trigger a wave of arrests and police brutality against large numbers of the black population in the area."15 Between 1914  and 1931, nearly every state west of the Mississippi and many states to the east prohibited the use of the drug for non­medical purposes.


In 1937, Congress passed the Marijuana Tax Act, which prohibited the cultivation, importation or distribution of marijuana without government approval, except for the pur­pose of using the stalks to make rope or twine and for the manufacture of bird seed in the bird food industry. There was some controversy over the passage of this legislation. One scientist said: "The dangers of marijuana to the health and social structure of the United States have been exaggerated. The 'killer weed' theory put forward by the Federal Bureau of Narcotics is designed only to frighten people, not to educate them."16 However, the debate was short lived, in part because the problem of marijuana use was not widespread at that time.


Furthermore, with the passage of this act, the United States was fulfilling international obligations made in 1925 when Egypt, which had previous experience with the deleterious effects of marijuana, asked that the International Opium Con­ference, of which the United States was a participant, give to cannabis products the same status as opiates.


In the 1950s, there was a rise in the use of marijuana as it was taken up by the beat generation, which was influenced by a long line of artists and poets who were marked by an open atheism, anarchy and a rebellion against traditional values. Charles Baudelaire, one of the heroes of the beat generation, was a member of the Club de Haschischins—the Hashish Club—which met in the elegant Hotel Lauzun in Paris's Latin Quarter. In his book Artificial Paradises, Baudelaire described "the taste for the infinite" as the force in man that drives him to indulge in hashish and other drugs.


However, Baudelaire saw the dangers of drugs as a means of this pursuit. He wrote: "Like all solitary pleasures, it makes the individual useless to men and the society superfluous to the individual. Hashish never reveals to the individual more than he is himself. Moreover, there is a fatal danger in such habits. One who has recourse to poison in order to think will soon be unable to think without taking poison."17 While Baudelaire warned against the use of marijuana, his lyrical descriptions of the euphoric effects of the drug inspired many in the beat generation to experiment with it.


The "taste for the infinite" that Baudelaire spoke of is the perversion of the hunger of the real soul for the Holy Ghost. Many of those who took up this quest through drugs were the dissatisfied, the discontents. However, discontent is also exact­ly the quality of the real chela on the Path. The real initiate must be dissatisfied with the way he is and what he is, because that spurs him to find God and to find the Ascended Masters. What is the difference?


Those who follow the fallen ones have a lust for power at any price. They have no honor, and they use the philosophy of the end justifying the means—this means being the destruction of the body in order to acquire some sort of an illuminating experience. The desire for power independent of God is their downfall. The real chela is content to wait a hundred thousand years, a quarter of a million years—whatever it takes—to receive God under his Law through humility, through con­fessing the Christ. It doesn't matter how long his Guru is gone. He waits on his Lord lifetime after lifetime.


The fallen ones come with a prescription to relieve bore­dom, the sameness of life. Instead of showing people how to infuse life with creativity and joy, they say, "Take hashish so you can tolerate your boring life and your boring day and go into other places of consciousness." This is a very key thing. It's the reason why marijuana is coming at the very moment of the coming of Saint Germain.

The Sixties


In the mid-sixties, representatives of the beat generation and what was about to become the hip generation got together, and a political movement based on the use of drugs was conceived and launched. Here the influence of the group fused the nihilism and the anarchy of the beat days with the mind-blowing psychedelic theology of the hip generation.


In December 1964 the Free Speech Movement at the University of California in Berkeley won the endorsement of the faculty. That free speech included the freedom to engage in the advocacy of illegal acts. Among the first illegal acts to be openly advocated was drug use. The campus at Berkeley was flooded with pro-marijuana handouts and speakers for months.


The hip movement spread to the college campuses, the high schools and to the young. Marijuana became a unifying factor between the rich and the poor, black and white, city and country people, and so on. Its use was extolled and promoted in the movies, music and by the now tuned-in, turned-on and dropped-out professors of the hip generation.


Much of the younger generation believed the Vietnam War was "wrong." To protest the war seemed "right." Drugs, rock, free love and revolution—the things associated with war protests—gained a certain validity. In fact, the moral excel­lence of protesting an unjust war seemed to validate the new morality. Hence the cry "Make love, not war!"


The emotional fervor with which an entire generation committed itself to the counter-culture was due in large part to the media. It told of the misery of the war and the villainy of the establishment. And it withheld coverage or favorably publicized the activities of the counter-culture.


Although marijuana was illegal in 1970, Dr. John Kaplan, a Professor of Law at Stanford University, published a book entitled MarijuanaThe New Prohibition, which became a best seller. He proposed that marijuana was less dangerous than tobacco or alcohol, and therefore should be distributed commercially under government license in a similar manner to these legal drugs. The American Bar Association and the American Public Health Association were calling for de­criminalization of possession for personal use. Numbers of prominent medical authorities and educators said that marijuana was harmless or close to harmless.


With this kind of endorsement from the establishment, anyone who thought that marijuana produced more than an increased pulse, red eyes and a healthy appetite was in the eyes of the young simply a part of the still dormant society that hadn't yet learned to live. Hence, when other medical authori­ties said that the use of marijuana was either dangerous or that since its effects were not known, it should be regarded as potentially dangerous, the marijuana users were already pre­conditioned to reject their warnings."18


There were very few marijuana users in 1965 when the first major organized effort was made to encourage the use of the drug. By 1972 an estimated twenty-four million Americans had tried marijuana and twelve million were current users.19 Many soldiers returned from Vietnam confirmed pot smokers. Others were heroin addicts when they returned, thanks to the psycho-chemical warfare waged by the Communists.


As progressively larger numbers of young people began to smoke marijuana, two things happened. The age of those smoking on both sides of the spectrum began to widen, including high school and grade school students and some­times younger, as well as those of the older generation. The revolution was expanding. Now those who smoked the illegal substance were not just the hip generation rebelling against authority: they were professionals, housewives, doctors, lawyers, those from the middle class, blue-collar workers— people from all walks of life who had either tried the sub­stance or used it regularly and saw nothing wrong with it.


The second major shift was the attraction that this large potential market had for the producers of commercial items. For example, at the start, those who catered to the new generation were the music and clothing industries. Soon poster art became popular. The drug paraphernalia business grew. New foods such as Screaming Yellow Zonkers—caramel-coated popcorn in a psychedelic box—appeared on the shelves. Coloring books, pencil boxes and supplies for school children were soon decorated with psychedelic stars and rainbows of Peter Max and other hip artists.


The culture of marijuana also penetrated the media. The Official Handbook for Marijuana Users noted that "TV it­self is influenced tremendously by grass. The montages, the kaleidoscopes, music, quick-cutting, brilliant flashes of color, language, are all results of the new world which the grass and drug user has discovered. And conversely TV educates the nonsmoker that there is a more beautiful world possible inside his own mind, and as soon as the nonsmoker begins to realize —through the uses of the visual audio medium he's exposed to on TV as a result of grass—then he'll have a greater tendency of turning on."20


Thus, whether you're taking marijuana or not, you are being taken into its art, which comes right out of the astral plane. Your consciousness is conditioned. We have children who know no other art except the art that has come out of the astral plane from people on marijuana, LSD or other drugs.


An entire drug culture with marijuana occupying the place of central importance emerged on the scene. It had religious fervor, religious authority, high priests, gurus, sages, poets. It was present in virtually all aspects of society and all levels of the socio-economic ladder. It had a lobby, several of its own magazines, and enjoyed widespread tolerance and sometimes acceptance by the government. It became a part of the fabric of our literature, our humor and entertainment, our social interaction, and became a unifying clement for many people in diverse elements in society.


And while the use of the drug grew, the entire history of what marijuana had done to other societies past and present was largely out of the public's mind. Here was a generation fond of quoting historian George Santayana's warning, "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it."21 Ironically, a generation that was supposed to be hip, or in the know, was woefully ignorant about the dangers of marijuana.


Even more tragic was the fact that the drug movement had detained many of those who should have been part of the real revolution. The revolution was coming anyway and it couldn't be stopped. It was a revolution in consciousness—but not of marijuana or any other drug.


Timothy Leary, Allen Ginsberg, Jerry Rubin, Baba Ram Dass, et al. were not the gurus of the real revolution, though they may indeed have been the high priests of drugs and high priests of the drug culture of Atlantis. In short, a movement had appeared that was not simply a protest against a tired, old order, but a rebellion against the new order of the Aquarian age. Jerry Rubin proclaimed, "Pot is central to the revolution. It weakens social conditioning and helps create a whole new state of mind. The slogans of the revolution are going to be: POT, FREEDOM, LICENSE. The Bolsheviks of the revolution will be long-haired pot smokers."22


The Effects of Marijuana


Marijuana's immediate effects are intensification of all sensory awareness; alteration of time and space perception; increased pulse and red eyes; intensified hunger, popularly known as the "munchics"; and decreased psychomotor control, so that, for example, driving a car is dangerous. Hallucinations, anxiety and paranoia, sluggish mind and lapse of memory are associated with higher doses but can occur at lower levels of intoxication.


Many people use marijuana because they say it relaxes them and they can enjoy themselves. Considered to be relatively harmless by many today, this concept of the harmlessness of marijuana is part of the drug itself and the entities that perpetuate the drug; this is their influence upon the population—that it is harmless, and that we ought to be free to smoke marijuana if we wish.


As a result, there have been many attempts to legalize the drug, in spite of the proven negative effects on health.23 Even beyond this are the spiritual effects: the crown chakra, the third eye and the throat are all involved. We find that the clouding of the brain with the substance of marijuana and its chemical derivatives fills the cells of the brain with a substance whereby the Light of God cannot be contained within those cells.24 Cells are cups. Within the cells we actually contain our cosmic consciousness. Where is cosmic consciousness in the body? It is everywhere. It is not simply centered in the heart or the mind or the soul. It is in every chakra and every cell.


The use of marijuana results in the persistent poisoning of the deep centers of the brain necessary for the awareness of pleasure. Thus, it poisons the part of the brain that allows us the full awareness of being alive. As a result of this, many marijuana users have a kind of sensory deprivation, a symptom of marijuana that is the slowest to recede and the one least likely to go away. The inability to experience pleasure to the fullest makes one constantly pursue pleasure because one isn't quite realizing the full satisfaction of life. And therefore the taking of marijuana involves one in an ever-receding goal of more pleasure, which can no longer be experienced.


Relying on their own personal experiences, marijuana users believe that it is harmless because they perceive no difficulties. They do not perceive the difficulties because their faculties of perception are being destroyed while they use it. And so they have a receding level of the ability to discern within themselves levels of their own God-awareness. Day by day they perceive no harm because marijuana is destroying not only the physical senses but the senses of the soul. This is one of the most subtle dangers of marijuana and most other psychedelic drugs. The user is rendered incapable of detecting the changes in himself.


This is the subtlety of the cult of death. With each joint, the smoker is deprived of a certain essence of life within the cells and the ability to perceive that he has indeed lost just a little bit of the essence of life. Therefore, he can never see himself as he was or as he is, because inherent in the drug is the destruction of the ability to perceive life and that life is waning.


And having lost the tie to life, the way is opened to experi­menting with heroin and other hard drugs.




Heroin is a member of the opium family of drugs. It is a derivative of morphine, a chemical extracted from the juice of opium poppies. Heroin is several times stronger than morphine and also more addictive.


Heroin affects the central nervous system. The initial sensations produced by the drug are a sense of pain-free euphoria and relaxation. Following this, the user experiences drowsiness, lethargy, passivity and indifference to the environ­ment. Mental function is clouded and breathing and heartbeat are depressed. The contraction of the muscles is slowed and weakened.


These effects of the drug (some of them similar to the effects of marijuana) work directly contrary to the law of Alpha and Omega, the active and the passive. In order to have creative fulfillment and the creative release of the energies of the Causal Body in the sacred labor, in good works, in life, there must be alternative periods of tension and release. This is the principle of yoga, reunion with God. The tension is the intensification of energy in the chakras. The release is the dis­tribution of that energy. We have the building up of Light in our storehouse, which comes through periods of prayer, meditation and spiritual practices; and then we go into the arena of action and we release this Light in our creative endeavors and in our daily lives.


When you have a drug that relaxes the nervous system and the muscles on the physical level, it also relaxes the ability of the etheric body, the chakras, the mind and the emotions to have the necessary creative tension. It's like drawing a bow: you have to pull back the string to release the arrow. The use of drugs renders the individual incapable of pulling back the string. So he cannot release the arrow. He cannot hit the mark of his divine plan or his attainment in this life. He has destroyed his instrument.


Addiction to heroin can be established rapidly. The person who takes heroin always puts himself in danger of getting hooked, despite any assurance he may feel to the contrary.


Many American soldiers in Vietnam became heroin addicts because they erroneously believed that smoking heroin with marijuana would not lead to dependence.


When a user has developed physical dependence on the drug, withdrawal symptoms begin eight to twelve hours after the last "fix." These include craving for the drug, restlessness, anxiety, depression, muscle and bone pain, insomnia, cold flushes and other symptoms. Even the slightest pain is magni­fied. These acute symptoms reach their greatest intensity thirty-six to seventy-two hours after withdrawal and subside after five to ten days. Craving for the drug and other effects may last much longer.


Sweet Death


Some people to this day justify that God has made every­thing and whatsoever he has made is for the blessing of his offspring. But God did not make marijuana, opium or any of the drugs that are in use today or the plants from which they are taken. What they do not know is that marijuana and these other drugs were created by the great advancement of Luciferian science on Atlantis and Lemuria.


Marijuana is nothing new. It is an old, old tool of the fallen ones to make the children of Light come down to their level. And when they make them come down to their level, then they are in control.


The feminine Elohim of the first ray, Amazonia, explains that marijuana was used long ago by the fallen Amazonian women. These were initiates in the mystery school that was sponsored by her, located in South America. These female initiates failed their tests, left off from being a part of that school and went forth for the destruction of man.25 They sought to destroy the male, to emasculate him and to destroy his progeny—whether sons or daughters of God.


Amazonia explains that the marijuana entity is a feminine-gender entity. The beginning of the word, ma, shows its misuse of the initiations of Lord Maitreya and of the Mother flame. So the drug itself is the manifestation of women's hatred of woman, of God as Mother, inflicted upon the male, the man. In the passivity and lethargy induced by the drug we see the intent to destroy the masculine fire of the Kundalini, and this occurs through drugs, misuse of sex, through all forms of intoxicants.


Saint Germain says that the reason the people want marijuana is because they want the Holy Ghost. There is a Light and a bliss and an infilling presence in the descent of the Holy Ghost. Those who do not submit to the path of initiation through the living Christ do not have access to the living Holy Ghost. The person of the Holy Ghost is the great initiator, and the gifts of the Holy Ghost26 are hard-won and are given only to those who have been willing to submit to the rigors of the path of Christhood: purity, honor, integrity, submission to God, the giving of one's life to him. The getting of the Holy Spirit is an amazing miracle in which you participate.


The fallen ones on Atlantis and Lemuria knew they had been cut off from the Holy Spirit. Therefore they attempted to simulate stimulation and bliss chemically. Even knowing it would destroy them in the process, they nevertheless did this, since they already knew they were self-destroyed by their rebellion against God. They would enjoy the synthetic Holy Ghost, and furthermore, they would not enjoy it alone—they would take the children of God with them in their sweet death.


Marijuana is the perversion of the Mother. It is the death drug. Its presence denotes the presence of the death entity, the suicide entity and the most intense hatred of the Woman and her seed. In chapter 12 of the Book of Revelation, Jesus prophesied that the dragon would go forth to make war with the remnant of the Woman's seed. The Woman gives birth to the Manchild, but the dragon wages war against the Woman's seed, the children of Light.


"And the serpent cast out of his mouth water as a flood after the woman, that he might cause her to be carried away of the flood… And the dragon was wroth with the woman, and went to make war with the remnant of her seed."27 Marijuana is part of that warfare. And the subtlety is the proclamation everywhere that it is harmless.

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