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Sunday, 25 September 2011 07:37


Greetings in the Sun-day ... the day of the Wisdom ...

    And in this blessed day, I want to resume most the facts ... I comment, as well to remember you, the books I call ... so you can have an Global Idea about the Darkness of the World.

    In fact, Earth, Our Beloved, Beauty and Sacred Planet is a School for Souls. A School for Kings. A School for Gods.

    Before I begin ... I want to repeat ... 'Judge not. Judge not'.

    At some levels, we are Family. A Family of Souls and we have no arms, no fingers and no body and of course no Weapons ... but here we have all this. In 3D we have a body, to love or to fight.

    And basically, Men have moved to a Land, close the borders, place a Flag ... and Fight with any one does not like that Flag. This is in short words the story of Humankind.

    Enough is Enough.

    Is Too Much ... Too much ... Darkness, too many plots ... to much Destruction. Indeed, Too Much.

    Have you ever read, 'The Da Vinci Code' by Millionaire Author Dan Brown? ... He deserve ... He deserve.

    The Dan Brown story ... is basically like exposed ... Mary Magdalene was waiting a baby, Sa' Ra (The Son of the Sun).

     Jesus has a Wife and walk on the Sea of Galilee ... in levitation and Simon Peter did, by himself.

     And this regards ... Religion, in particular Catholic Religion ... and I am Christian ... because I love Jesus, and follow him, but I don't go to any Church. No, thanks!

     Yes, there are a Code into Da Vinci Art ... there are.

     But also, into the Michelangelo in the Sistine Chapel!

     Have you read or know about 'The Shakespeare Code' by Virginia M. Fellows?.

     Well, that book explains a double code ... and the other stories into the Shakespearian Plays, as well the Bacon writings ... speaks that Francis Bacon was the 'expected' King and the very son of Queen Elizabeth I and Lord Leicester. The had two sons, Francis and Essex.

     Looking into the life of Francis Bacon, we got a plot. He was jailed for long time. But he was a man who give us the Shakespearean plays as well the King James Bible, because James I, was the very usurper to the Throne of England, chosen by 'his mother'.

    All this is for real ... this is not a Movie. This is not like Multimillionaire and fake movie like 'Avatar' ... displaying some Blue people ... for entertainment in a Saturday or Sunday afternoon.

   This is Truth buried and forgotten.

   Yes ... may be many lives like in a 'Luna Park' ... a 'Carousel' ... Dancing, Drugs, Tobacco, Alcohol, Sex and Rock n' Roll ... Don't you? ... No one matters ... if the Throne of England ... or still the Throne of Italy ... because also in Turin, we got a Similar Story ... the King was another person.

   And let me say ... 'These persons' and their deeds ... not along 100 years, not along 2000 years, neither 59,000 years or 79,000 ... but more ... more.

   Continue to plot wars ... continue to replace people ... denying the truth and Divine Plan of God, continue to destroy with Bombs, or Virus ... They continue and they are ... 'Those who smile in your TV ... everyday' ... and while they remain in charge will continue to be a funnest day.

   And now, the Science ...

   Before to speaks about Professor Albert Einstein, I want to speaks about James Clerk Maxwell.

   What engine an electric circuit? ...

   It is activated by the Vacuum ... and the 20 Maxwell Equations were 'reduced' and 'simplified' ... removing the beauty and their perfection.

    The Truth was denied ... once more.

    The Einstein Theory of wise Professor Albert Einstein ... offers some important light, like for example on the 4D (Fourth Dimension), the Dimension of Time, as well the concept of proper time.

     But the rest, is basically false ...

  • There are no Twin Paradox. No Paradox. The Twin will have the same age of the other it will be only few hours younger.
  • The Speed of Light is not constant, but variable, and the 'media' speed in the Galaxy is about 10,000 c, where c is 300,000 Km/s.
  • There are an Aether ...etc.

    Like you know, I am resuming these facts in a book, "Why Einstein Theory is Wrong?".

    I will use some results of Professor Marco Todeschini, who risk to win the Prize Nobel, and publish a complete Theory ... but he don't speaks about Dimensions.


    Give honor to this and many others Italian scientist is a sacred covenant.

    And this was for the Science.

    Cry not ... if you need to pay a lot of money for Gas, Electricity, Petroleum derivatives in your Car or Phone!

    Cry not ... if you're manipulated mentally, physical, economical and genetically ...

    They are both manipulated ... the dancer, the actor, the singer ... and then you.

    (Classical Music, Classical Art and Theater or Shakespeare are the few exceptions ...)

    Pray the Lord and Seek for the Kingdom, the rest will be added unto you, like Master Jesus, saith.

    And now, Medicine ...

    The Human Body and the Matter that compose it, is made of Electron and atoms. And Electrons and Atoms, as well the cells ... have ... consciousness.

   Playing on this fact, you can avoid to eat any medicine ... but use only a toothpaste and antiseptic mouthwash, like Listerine. And nothing else!


   This is the sense of Eastern Medicine and Acupuncture vs Western Medicine and their use. Of course I am not a Medical Doctor, but Actual Medicine tends to become 'Vibrational or Energetic Medicine' and in this case ... a New Ager can help.

   Therefore, a Holy Bible ... purged like the Catholic Religion is ... removed from fundamental concepts across the centuries, like Reincarnation ... like the Seven Sacred Temples ... like the Honor to the Gods ... before God, the Prime Creator. The deny of the Holy Word of Jesus Christ.

   The French Revolution and the assassination of the Kings, where that kings were expected to be loyal and real, not like the king ... King James I, who was an usurper in accord with the Queen.

    The Fail of Napoleon Bonaparte, because unable to pray attention to Saint Germain ... delaying for so long the 'United States of Europe' ... and 'The United States of America' stops ... in North America excluding Canada, Mexico ... and the rest of America. What America is? ...

   How many? ... How many plots? ... How many barbarities ... in the name of something or someone? ...

   I will tell you a simple example ... where you can found a difference between the Sons of Belial and Children of the One.

   A Children of the One, Unite. A Son of Belial, Kill and Destroy.

   And is pertinent to recover the Atahualpa Cocaine curse ... on the White Man (The Spaniards, then, now extended) to anyone.

   How much Gold, and Silver has been stolen from the Lands of South America? ...

   Worry not. Gold and Jewels can be harvested like the Apple and the pineapple.

   Do you want I speaks about 'Chemistry'? ...

   The Chemical elements can be transformed from one into another ... and so we can have Gold ... from lead.

   Gold cannot be considered like an economic refuge ... but used. In fact, we are coming to a Golden Age.


Thanks you so much,

In the name of the Hierarchy I spoke,

Giovanni A. Orlando.


PS. What will happens ... if Italy gave the ships to Columbus? ... or if another country play attention to him?. The future were different. The Present were different. Time is Circular.

Worry not. But study and learn these facts.

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