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Wednesday, 28 September 2011 09:04


Greetings in the day of Healing ... the Green Mercury-day of Abundance ...

   ... And Healing does not regard only Health but also Wealth and these two words have a common root.

   If you have a disease in the physical body ... and you heal it ... then you need to heal also your Economic World, your Economic Body.

   If you are debt free ... does not read this small but interesting article.

   In the development of my book,

   I decide to setup a strategy for Debt Free and this includes not only Personal Debt or Company Debt but also at level of Countries, like Latin American or European Countries ... any Country.

  It is planned to be ... Chapter 2.

  While, here I include not differential Equations, but just figure out the strategy.

  It begins for a Dramatic Debt Situation ... but with a minimal fixed source of income.

  Progressively ... it add a New small Source of Income and then a Strong Stable Source of Income.

  Government ... instead to request money to their citizen ... may create a stamp ... but never devalue the currency or add more taxes. Very stupid and fearful.

  Of course each one ... person, company or country has its own decisions.

  Please fix a date for latest payment.

  It is clear that you cannot pay or add your incomes ... if you pay only debts. You risk ...

  Let me add two words about New Age ...

  The New Age is an age of Prosperity ... not an Age of Misery. The New Age is an Age of Order ... not Chaos and Wars. The New Age is an Age of Happiness ... and the fulfillment of any dream ... No ... Not the Dream the Killer does not got to Jail ... or if in Jail ... escape ... Is an Age of Justice.

   Please look in previous graph how Debt is reduced and reduced ... until there are no more Debt.

   Forget the God-over-men ... (Government), forget any Help ... Be Proud of Yourself ... and Be Independent. Ask nothing, and expect nothing.

   Organize a Party ... instead ... of course with your money.

   I, Giovanni does not believe in the Forgiveness of Debt ... If you say, 'A' is 'A' ... not 'B'. If you saith, 'Yes is Yes, and No is No'.

   A Debt is valid until the two or more persons ... are waiting the other. If clear that if you order a Black Door and someone give you a White door ... and get the money ... and you pay ... you may say, 'Hey ... I pay and you give what you want, when you want. Don't disturb me anymore'.

   Mathematicians are very practical as well Theoretical. Economy is more Practical than Theoretical.

   Lord Meru, saith time ago ... 'You will need ... 2 Million dollars, five million dollars, ten million dollars ... twelve million dollars.'

   Still Beloved Godfre ... who was George Washington was Debt-full ... and him advice is my advice,

My Alert and Unbreakable!

    Your Debts ... and the World ... without to speak about banks or governments ... may and will destroy your family and the future of your friends.

    Disorganized Governments (Chaotic and still Fraudulent) ... are forced their citizen to live close to misery ... instead to live close to Abundance.

    In fact, if the currency is weak ... and the media of salary is about 1000 dollars or 1000 euros ... they will have troubles and live in almost-enslavement ...

    Don't be Lazy ... Don't say ... like Richard Templar explains The Rules of Wealth ... Don't say ... 'I want to be Rich, but I am Lazy. I will be Rich tomorrow'.

    The same behavior you adopt to destroy your Debts and Heal your Personal and Family Economy must be adopted to produce Wealth.

Thinks Wealthy!

    Don't say ... 'Money corrupts ... or Money is dirty'.

    A Religious Organization may say ... 'Give me your Money. The World will end'. A Military Organization may say, 'Give the money to your Government ... for your Protection ... while you still need to pay for a disease or surgery operation. They watch you like a person in their maze ... Broke the wall and escape.

    If you don't pay your Debts ... your Debts will remain there and will increase.

    If you don't pay your Debts ... your will be more poor each day.

    After you pay your Debts and are Debt-Free ... and very profitable.

    You may begin to be ... like Microsoft, or Apple  ... and create a Monopoly (MS Windows, iphone) ... then Duopoly (MS Windows+MS Office,iphone+ipad) ... or an Oligopoly (MS Windows+MS Office+Smartphones,iphone+iPad+ipod)  ...

   Opening office in new countries or cities lead to increase Profit ...This is the real 'American Dream' and is not based on Capitalism, because Capitalism ... is based on Slave-Boss ...

   In the New Age still babies can have a company ... of course don't in a Fashion Agency ...


Giovanni A. Orlando.


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