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Wednesday, 05 October 2011 10:13


Greetings in the Green-day of Abundance and Healing,

     And honestly Science needs healing.

     The great Nikola Tesla, who born in to-day Serbia ... was like many Italians Guglielmo Marconi, Marco Todeschini,  Antonio Meucci ... and German Albert Einstein ... great Scientist but feel and live in suffering ... asking, demanding and expecting for recognition as well money and these 'expectations' lead them to unfulfillment and no complete respect for their achievements.

      To-day I will speak basically about the Great Nikola Tesla.

      Before I begin, I want to tell you that a Master may be called ... 'Master' if him (or she) understand and unlock the secrets of the Universe.

      Lord Jesus was the greatest Masters ever walk on Earth ... He was a mystic kabbalist. He walk on the sea. He reappear in other places (United States, New York to found the future Mormon religion) while living in Israel. He heal people. He resurrect people. He multiply the loaves and the fish. He still resurrect himself.

       Saint Germain was very similar but different to Lord Jesus. He was Thoth and after Atlantis he materialize a body, like did Lord Jesus after resurrection to create the Egyptian Religion. He then was Hermes Trimegitus. He was Merlin the Saint and Magician that create the order of the Round Table Knights at Camelot. Before, he create the order of Templar Knights. He create the order of Rosecrans, in Germany. He was Paracelsus in Switzerland. Saint Germain ascend in May, 1th 1684, but before he was Christopher Columbus and Roger Bacon and Francis Bacon, as well Michele Angelo Florio Scrolla-Lanza in Italy. He return again like the Comte de Saint Germain. He was and offers valid proof of High Writer (like Francis bacon writing the Shakespearian Plays), Sailor and Navigator (Colombo), as well painter, musician and alchemist. He was also Joseph, the Father of Lord Jesus.

      These are examples of Mastery ... examples of Perfection.

      From the other side we have that most Scientist live in Poverty looking for money ... expecting respect ... claiming respect and looking to hear 'Thanks!'.

      May be young Linus Torvalds expect to hear 'Thanks!' ... and that was the very words I say to him ... when he visit my booth in 1999 ... he visit another 300 booths. Like you know he did for free ... but he is an Atheist like Mr Richard Stallman. They believe not in God.

      The main difference between a Master and an Apprentice is that a Good Apprentice understand the bounds and know that 'The Universe is perfect'. May be in a Test he forget but soon he will remember.

      A Great Scientist like Tesla were unaware about for example the Seven Sacred Flames ... including the Flame of Healing or the Flame of Resurrection. While Lord Jesus look young and Saint Germain immortalize him body (like many others) ... Tesla and others were unable to do that.

      I will conclude with some explanations and errors ... expecting great 'Thanks' ... always doing the right things in right time.

      One of the mistakes Tesla did ... and my words are not to Judge the great Tesla, but to inform you to avoid that mistakes.

      Tesla rent a room on Hotel Waldorf-Astoria and after several years exactly in July 4th, 1917 the Wardenclyffe tower was dynamited and razed by a mortage holder.

          Look the expression on the picture with the man with the white shirt. He wants to say ... 'Well, look ... he is an inventor, he is smart ... but he is poor. We are dismantling him tower'.

          These are the 'standard' behavior ... but no more. Seems that the 'Rich-Rolex-and-Ferrari man' ... have some troubles actually.

          Things get still more odd for American John Ernst Worrell Kelley, because after he present him invention ... the investor stop him and begin some dramatic discussion.

          I have a friend ... that did an important discover and write some good software for a Petroleum research. He did that job while working for Petroleum Industry and take one of the Highest Salary in Venezuela. He did any possible effort to offer for sale that 'discovery' ... still found his own Oil company, to-day out. Him behavior was very Greed and was 'Show me the Money'.

          I alert him about that mistake ... expressing my discomfort because that Job belong to that company ... not to him. Of course I want not to begin a discussion about Copyright-CopyLeft.

          I say ... if you need to use your programs ... You need to change job and work in your own company. Of course a single man has no enough money to begin to search Petroleum by himself ... Some did that ... like we see in the movie 'There Will be Blood"

            Of course the panorama of Oil Industry in the beginning is NOT the same than today and of course the Greed for Petroleum nothing have to do with the Freed and the Love to help others.

             Another difference is ... Use Nature domesticating her ... and another is Violate her ...

             I will now end my words speaking about the Wardenclyffe Tower

           Our Great and Beloved Patricia Cori ... in her book, 'Atlantis Rising' explains that Tesla was a Travel Navigator and lived in Atlantis. There he, Tesla invent and develop similar machines and Towers.

           In fact, the Valix

        Where used to move in the Air ... and to move into the Sea like a Submarine.

        The Wardenclyffe Tower prove the transmission of Electrical Energy wireless. And Basically he did the same that he did on Atlantis.


        The Book, by Phylos the Thibetan,

       speaks about 4 types of Valix and that is the future expecting us.

       Like a conclusive line, I will say ... 'Seek the Kingdom and all the things will be added unto you'. A New Practical Interpretation leads automatically to the Garden of Eden and Peace in the World.


Giovanni A. Orlando

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