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Thursday, 20 October 2011 15:25

Greetings in the day of Resurrection ... 

    And like commented in Italian this morning ... and here some days ago ... Uriel is the Archangel that speaks with the John of Patmos, when he wrote the Book of Apocalypse.

    And to-day, our Beloved Uriel ... who is the Archangel of the Sixth Ray ... the day of Thor ... like to-day is ... explains the  conspiracies and rivalries in the Middle East.

     Where is Middle East? ... You know where is ...

   Why there are some many troubles there? ...

   Let us Archangel Uriel ... explain ...


Giovanni A. Orlando.


Ancient Rivalries of the Fallen Ones

Uriel, the Archangel of the Judgment, reveals further aspects of these ancient conspiracies and rivalries that we see outplaying in the Middle East: "I AM Uriel, and once again we must hold the citadel of Light against that encroachment of darkness, always threatening, of the abuse of Light in the Middle East—to turn it against the Woman and her seed, always threatening to make that point, that point of definition for who shall conquer the whole world.

"Therefore, let the Light prevail! And let our hearts of Light united as one, in the very heart of Helios and Vesta with your own, go forth then. For the armies of the LORD are with the saints on the earth. And whereas the leaders have not the faintest idea or the understanding of the battle of Armageddon —or where is the true promised land of the I AM Race—we, the mighty Archangels, will defend a point of Light.

"And we stand in the Middle East also for the judgment of the Nephilim gods who have usurped that land for more than a half a million years and beyond, into the very mists of antiquity, to overturn the Light, even the promised Light that was sent.

"I lay the sword of the One Sent upon the altar of the Grail and I address you, my beloved, out of the Book of the Law; for He came and took incarnation in the East, there at the midpoint of continents—there to separate the darkness, there to bind the darkness.

"Beloved hearts of Light, the age-old conspiracy of Gog and Magog has been interpreted in many ways, but I would give to you an understanding of an ancient history of two rival forces representing, as it were, the king of the North and the king of the South—both anti-gods. These kings, however, not located in the earth (as noted in the prophecy of Daniel - Dan 11) but located beyond this solar system, sent their forces for the conquering of worlds. And they used every conceivable and inconceivable means to thwart the plan of Almighty God and to outsmart one another.

"Therefore, you will understand that this rivalry, as it is the opposition that ought to be the harmony of the Light of Alpha and Omega, has existed for aeons and aeons. You see that rivalry among the fallen ones, among the species. You will note their rivalry; you will note it in the political arena, in the military forces.

"You will note the division, even within nations, of various factions who move one against the other, even the division of Lebanon herself and other nations of the Middle East where the factions, posing as this and that, right and left representative of the major world's religions, are yet locked in a deadly combat one against the other—who ought to be brethren but are not. For they are not the seed of Light; yet they take upon themselves the form of the worship, whereas they do not embody the fullness of the Light of Christ.

"Therefore, the mechanical recitation of the Word does not afford them the very nucleus of the living Light. Yet nevertheless, they are the imitators as impostors of the Word.

"Thus, they seize upon the major world's religions, they become fanatical in a fundamental interpretation, an orthodox version that denies the very Body and Blood of the living Word, that denies the flame of love. And they are beyond religion. In every sector of society, the extremists right and left, pitted against one another, still represent the ancient force and the forces of Gog and Magog that one day must devour one another on the planes of the earth.

"See them, then—whether the interpretation is between the Red Chinese and the Soviets, or whether between various factions in Iran or Iraq or in Lebanon, or even among the Christians or even among the Jews—where there be these ones, beloved hearts, realize then that there is no love of Christ, no love of Buddha, no love of the Light, no love of the little children, but only a determination to the end, even unto the death, to destroy one another.

"Thus, this mortal combat even threatened this very soil as one of the representatives of these forces from beyond this planet rose up to create the divisive elements and to align that similar seed of Gog and Magog in the War between the States.26 This attempted division of America came from these very ancient rebels beyond this system that were part of the Nephilim ones, even those fallen ones.

"They came fully arrayed with their armies and spacecraft and have continued to despise the children of the Light. But their despise has no end when it comes to their determination to destroy one another. For they are determined that not two, but one between them, shall rule the entire universe. Such is their ambition.

"Does it sound somehow like the ancient gods of Rome or beyond on Atlantis, or the war of the gods on Lemuria or even prior to Lemuria? Well, beloved hearts, it is the same—the one. These archenemies, therefore, blinded by their mutual hatreds, unite only for the destruction of the living Word and the Christ who is their common enemy.

"This they have done time and again when it came to eliminating those who held the flame of freedom. Otherwise they never end their engagement of rivalry, and thus it has been the complaint of both men and angels: the viciousness of the political campaigns in this nation itself and in every nation in the world, as these rivalries have resulted in murders—as in the Philippines, as in the nations of Africa—and they cannot endure that the rival should succeed.

"Thus, the desecration of the principles of Saint Germain, and of the representative form of government, which is entirely in harmony with the hearts of the children of God and the sons of God who could live peaceably according to the vote of the people, or the vote of the representatives of the people.

"Thus, the name-calling and the mudslinging may begin again in another round of elections here and there, and you will be all the wiser. For I, Uriel, have come to show you, as in the case of Gabriel defining the red ants and the black ants in Cambodia and Vietnam,27 so there has ever been this rivalry. Caught in the middle of this are the forces of freedom on a peace-keeping mission.28 Beloved ones, to keep the peace requires that those engaged in war desire peace. And thus, instead, they become fodder in the cross fire of these fallen ones nation by nation.

"Once again we must declare to the Lightbearers that unless the wages are understood, unless the chessmen are known, unless the forces, the lifewaves and the evolution are seen, scarcely shall the elect be saved.2" The fallen ones on Atlantis, who also destroyed that continent in their manipulation of energy, have rccmbodied again to hold in tow the children of the Light and to attempt to give them talismans, electrodes (even misusing the Light of the pyramid), connecting not hearts with Heart, but the astral bodies once again.

"The manipulators of energy from interplanetary levels have come in many forms—not merely as serpents but as the 'cat people,' as they are called. And these fallen ones are determined to claw against the Light of the Woman until they defeat not only one another, but also the armies of heaven.

"All of this Saint Germain and the Darjeeling Council have before them. And they have sent me, therefore, to declare to you the God-determination of the legions of the seven mighty Archangels come to earth once again for the defense of every Lightbearer.

"The recommendation of Archangel Gabriel has been to let these fallen ones destroy one another; and the Lords of Karma have pointed out: 'but not at the expense of the Light or the earth or freedom itself.' And therefore, there is an adjudication. There is a very careful deliberation, measure for measure, as to how much the karma of the laggards is allowed to fall upon them and how much there must be the intervention of the forces of freedom.

"If the forces of freedom are always fearing the fallen ones and their victory, always fearing the triumph in war and can never take a stand, it is easy to see, as we have said many times, that the Bear will eat away until there is nothing left and world freedom herself is threadbare and tattered...

"I turn the page now to the record in the last days of Atlantis—how the hordes of laggard lifewaves overran that continent and desecrated the Light, the temples, the life-force. The compromise of the seed of Sanat Kumara is a history that repeats itself. Somehow the people have forgotten the Word of the Lord that the seed of Light must not intermarry with the aliens from other systems who are the godless, the defiant ones."' But as the Hebrews, some went after the Canaanites, some went after this seed. So it is today, so it was in Atlantis, so it was in Lemuria.

"Why do you suppose the Lord Sanat Kumara called Abraham, and called the father of Abraham, and called the lineage of Abraham out of Ur of the Chaldees? It was to separate out the seed of Light to bring them into a far country and to allow once again the purity of the I AM Race to have the genetic structure through which to embody, free of the manipulation of those fallen ones who were even then encamped around that city.

"In each new age, after each new period of cataclysm and the resolution of forces, when life once again begins to dawn upon earth, there is the desire of the Almighty One to send twin flames, representatives of the Manus, into embodiment to bear the archetype of mind, soul, heart and body unto this seed of Light. But again and again and again, once the seed is in embodiment and once they develop that point of Christ-hood, they are snatched into revolving again the interchange, the entangling alliances with those who are not from Above, but from beneath.

"Thus it has become very difficult for the Lords of Karma, even in these hours, to send souls of Light. Tremendous dispensations have gone forth, about which you have not even heard a word—so complex are these, having to do with the neutralization in the newborn children of certain of the forces in the very genetic code itself, transmitted through the physical bodies where there has been the intermingling of the blood (and this has occurred almost universally).

"Thus, beloved hearts, many, many Lightbearers have come through those whose bodies have also come down generation by generation by the admixture of all sorts of evolutions from various systems, many of these who have never held in their cells or in their chakras the true and living Light of the threefold flame.

"The manipulation of life, the creation of life in the ancient game of the rivalries is even beyond your ken, so vast was the scheme to create myriad evolutions. For in the rivalries of Gog and Magog, they required more and more forces, more and more legions, more and more armies pitted one against the other, that the final outcome might be seen as a victory for one of the two head rivals.

"All of this human creation, therefore, was for that purpose and to that end. And you can see that war and the pitting of these armies one against another has never ceased. And if you would actually come face-to-face in the Middle Fast with these legions representing these nations, you would find a relentless hatred, and you would have a certain despair and hopelessness that peace could ever come to the Middle Fast, for the vendetta is 'never let go.'

"Thus, in bringing children of the light through these lineages, the dispensations of the Four and Twenty Elders have been to set aside and neutralize so that the Manchild could spring forth, almost as a phoenix bird out of the ashes of the dying race.

"Most amazing, amazing configurations of the descent of Lightbearers have occurred upon this earth. And truly in this hour no longer may it be determined that the seed of darkness may only produce darkness; but through it may pass, unscathed, Lightbearers of God-determination—so determined that they would be born through anyone—and upon their rejection at one age or the next, or at full maturity, they would turn and judge the very ones who bore them.

"And you would find that the Light of the Presence and the threefold flame itself, by the time they had reached the age of thirty-three, had already passed through, neutralized and transmuted every evil clement of the tares sown among the wheat.'' Most amazing, therefore, is the transfer of the evolutions of the Spirit into the physical octave.

"Therefore, we come and make known to you, on the wings of the Light of Sanat Kumara and his mighty dictation on the coming race," that we are here for the defense of the open door of the Lightbearers and of the community of the Holy Spirit worldwide. We come to reinforce and protect your hearts and souls, as you are vessels of Saint Germain.

"We come physically to stand, and stand with our very bodies of Light, against the forces of infamy. We are determined to protect a flame of God-harmony and not to allow the determinations of the Soviet Union to exacerbate the already horrendous problems in the Middle East.

"We pray that our determination will be matched by freedom-fighters worldwide, and we are here to help by delivering this night a mighty light of freedom, a glow of the golden pink glow-ray and the fohat of the ancient priesthood of the Order of Melchizedek, who himself came to earth determined to stand guard in the very presence of Abraham for the consecration of Light...

"Children of the Sun, sons and daughters of the Most High, I bow before the Light of the Sun within you. My heart is pledged to defend that Light as the Light of the Almighty One; and I have assigned my legions the task of the reminders (by the violet fire and the blue lightning) that ye are brethren, ye are servants of the Most High, and ye will not fail in the God-harmony that is where you are and where I AM.

" You will not fail to call forth the judgment upon Gog and Magog and all forces thusly pitted against one another to the death. Let them be bound in the name of the Lord Christ! I, Archangel Uriel, speak it, and I have spoken it in the name of Helios and Vesta.

"Let Gog and Magog be bound! And therefore, let their power be reduced and let their karma be upon them and let it be turned unto them—and let the blood of the prophets be required of them.34 For I am the mouthpiece of the judgment of the Cosmic Christ. I say the Lightbearers are raised up and these age-old rivals are put down by the hand of the Almighty.

"Now understand, where you see this death grip and where you see this locking-in of deadly combat, understand that there you will find the ancient rivalry that must be bound35. Not among the sons of God of all ages, even in their struggles and in their karmic cycles, has there ever been in cosmos a mutual hatred so great as these forces of Gog and Magog contain.

"Therefore, Helios and Vesta admonish the sons and daughters of God: Put aside your differences and enter the Union, Be not caught in the skirmishes of these ones, but understand the true love of Christ, and thereby shall all men know that ye are brethren and disciples in his name."36


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