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Friday, 04 November 2011 08:21


Greetings in the day of Freedom and Transformation ... the Violet-Flame day ...

    And if I Giovanni ... can let you become Happy, Rich and reach your Mastery ... Well I will be a Master.

    What is the secret of Mastery? ... It is of course 'The Secret of Life'? ...

    And what is the secret of Life ? ...

    Lord Lanto ... explains us ...



Energy is God.
 Every erg of energy that has passed through the nexus of your consciousness
through thousands upon thousands of years of incarnation must now be passed
 through the flame of the sacred fire, be stripped of the outer coating of human consciousness,
 and sent back into your causal body of Life.
This is the real challenge of life on earth—not creature comforts,
not the attributing of success to those who have become adept at
the manipulations of matter.

 The secret of Life ... in more plain terms is like to have purchased an entire Supermarket ... and need to be passed on a Mortar ... to prepare a single recipe.

The secret of Life ... is like to dedicate an entire life ... reading books ... to write just one formula, or just one book.


The secret of Life and Mastery ... is the Art to remove any obstacles in our life ... and transform it. It is ... be a Master of Healing because we had healing ourselves ... and now we heal others. It is the Art of Resurrection that produce ONLY life and Prosperity.

    How we can find that Path? ... That Path is personal.

    The Seven Sacred Flames ... will bring you to master ... the Seven most important qualities of Godhead. They are,

  • Blue ... The Will of God.
  • Yellow ... The Wisdom and God is the Higher Wiser.
  • Pink ... the Love ... that is the Glue of the Universe.
  • White ... the Sum of all Colors and Qualities that lead us to Ascension.
  • Green ... the Color of Healing and Abundance.
  • Golden and Purple ... The Color and Quality of Resurrection that transform Winter in Spring.
  • Violet ... The Power of Transformation that brings Freedom trough Diplomacy.

The secret of Life is to find the Perfection inside us ... trough the study of the Wisdom ... practicing the Science of the Spoken Word ... to sing ... to dance ... to travel ... and to enjoy life ... everywhere ... with anyone.

The secret of Life is to know everything and teach others that Wisdom.

The secret of Life is to find the Path ... when you never turn up and down ... but let God maintain you ... because your eternal membership in The Family of Light has been granted.

The Secret of Life, Happiness and Mastery is to be ONE with the ONE, that is God.


Giovanni A. Orlando.

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