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Friday, 11 November 2011 20:38



     And in this sacred day of Purity ... the Venus-day of the White Flame of Purification and Immortality ... I want to share with you, like a Gift, a Special Gift ... an answer to a sacred Question ...

Who were the Essenes?

    This information is mystical, sacred and Personal. Because I was an Essene. I am an Essene ...

     Mother Mary belong to the Essene Brotherhood as well Apostle John, the One who wrote the Book of Apocalypse as well the Gospel of John.

     Was Joseph ... the Mentor and Father (not biological) of Lord Jesus who invite John to enter in the Essene School.

     The Essene Brotherhood member have and reach special Heights in Spirituality.

  • They can read ... the whisper of the Angels.
  • They practice Fasting.
  • They Practice Prayers ... Still they are experts in Prayers and the Science of the Spoken Word.

      All the Family of Mother Mary were Essene ... still Ann her Mother.

      Lord Jesus born between Essene people, not in a cavern ... but in a normal house. Not between Animals but normal people.

      The Essene Brotherhood back in time to the First Priest of the Temple of Solomon ...

       ... and please let me introduce the concept ... from the re-incarnation point of view ... that both Joseph (Father-Mentor) of Jesus and King Solomon was ... the One who was Thoth and is Ascended Master Saint Germain,

       The Story ... Joseph-Mary-Jesus ... and their arrival was not their first time in Israel.

        They were Isis-Osiris-Orus in Egypt. The same people ... were respectively Isis=Mary, Osiris=Saint Germain, Orus=Jesus ...

         and Lord Jesus ... that is the Sacred Energy of God ... was also Mohammad, the Buddha and Krisna ... as well Moses and Abel ... but not alone ... but with Lord Maitreya and El Morya.

         This ... multiple-presence is a very sacred concept ... very innovative and unknown ... in the West.

          Honestly we are less than you suppose.

          Mary Magdalene also was an Essene and both ... Mother Mary and Mary Magdalene studied in the Isis temple in Egypt.

         The Beloved Quan Yin, from the Chinese Tradition ... the Goddess of Mercy is the Higher Priestess of the Bodhisattva Order.

         The Bodhisattva Order is the Order of the Ones ... who hold the Torch of Truth in the World ... and the last that close the Door when the Work is Finish.

           His Holiness the Dalai Lama is a Bodhisattva ... he belong to that Heavenly Order and is completing and holding his position in the World.

             Like you see ... Zadok the Founder of the Essene Order in the Temple of Salomon, John the Apostle ... both Essene and the Dalai Lama ... a Bodhisattva ... are Male ... but they are very Spiritual.

              That concept is the Heart of the Essene Order. A Male that has balanced his Female side ... and this does not regard or diminish his sexual gender.

                The Question is pertinent ... Was Lord Jesus an Essene? ... And I Giovanni say ... Of course ... because that is the Order of Mother Mary ... and what Religion will belong a son but that her Mother's Religion?


           Of Course Lord Jesus was more than this.

           Lord Jesus studied in Egypt in the Essene Temple of Isis as well in Tibet ... before to return to Galilee.

           There are concept you know not ... about the Origin of Lord Jesus.

            Archangel Gabriel is the Father of Lord Jesus and he leave ... Lord Jesus into the womb of Mother Mary ... with a Ship.

           These two concepts or facts were commented by Lord Jesus ... recently ... and I Giovanni (John) want to ... to offend you NOT with thy concepts.

              The Essene Brotherhood was also the Authors of the Dead Scroll Sea.


              The Essene Brotherhood (in Israel and Egypt) and their relative Buddhist parallel ... 'The Maitreya Bodhisattva' Order ... are the Pure Teaching and the Pure Orders of Asanga ... who travel to Maitreya Heaven (Tusita Heaven = Dimension 7 ... Planet AI ... Maitreya Home) and found the Mahayana Buddhist Tradition.

              It is quite simple to figure out that Asanga was John the Beloved.

But ... let me finish these blessed words ... with a final message.

 Worry not ... February 10th 2012 ... is only 92 days far ...

             And Lord Maitreya,

        who was Krisna and the Buddha with Lord Jesus ... the Jesus's Twin Brother will back.

Can you wait 92 days? ... Of course I can.

Blessings in this Blessed day,


Giovanni (Maitreya) A. Orlando.

PS. Religions are but mental intents ... created by the Man ... to reach God. Christ is not Christian and Maitreya is not Buddist ... They are the very Essence ... and this is the meaning of the Word 'Essene' ...

Essene stand for 'Essence'

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