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Tuesday, 15 November 2011 08:26


Greetings in the very Mars-day ... the Sacred Day of the Holy Ghost ... the Holy Spirit who is ruled by Master Kuthumi who was Saint Francis and Pythagoras ...

    A popular song say ... 'Let us talk about Love ...' ...


    And I Giovanni from my position of writer wants to explain and speak ... about Love!

   And what is the mystery that let a Children arrive into a family? or Nature to produce flowers and tress ... or stones have colors and fragrances ...

   What is the mystery that let two persons fall in Love and say each other 'You are mine!' ... and then produce a baby? ...

    We ... Humans have called and created a Science 'Bio-logy' ... denoting the 'study of the Bio' ... The Study of Life. The Logic of Life.

    And what creates a planet ? ... what creates an asteroid? ... what creates a Galaxy? ...

    And again ... we have termed the name 'Astro-logy' ... denoting the Study of Astro ... the Logic of the Stars ... but Astrology or Astro-nomy ... few or nothing knows about the creation of the Stars.

    And what let a Soul ... join? ... What let a Soul to Ascend to the Lord ? ... Like Lord Jesus, Saint Germain, Padre Pio or Saint Francis did? ...

   A new term was coined ... and is 'Teo-logy' ... from Greek Theo-logy ... and it means The Logic of God ... but few Love is included within these studies ... but an arrogance that belong not to the Lord.

   Three questions ... One answer ... The Answer is LOVE ... Just Four letters to resume and explains the Creation of Souls, the Join ... the Mix ... and the Movement of Planets, Stars, Persons and Atoms.

   Love explain everything. Everything.

   It produce travels ... It produce to move to New Countries ... like Columbus did to 'discover' America ... and then many follows him. It produce pain ... because the lost ... of LOVE ... and still the return ... JUST TO FIND LOVE ...

   What creates Lord Jesus? ... Who creates Lord Jesus? ...

   What creates a Baby? ... No. Is not ONLY the Sex and the Mix of DNA of the Fathers ... is a lot more.

    Lord Jesus was created when Lord Maitreya divide himself ... like Water creates Water.

    If you take a Glass of Water ... and place into a cup of Water ... a part of that Water ... You will have Water in the Glass and Water in the Cup. Is still Water!

    Thus Lord Jesus ... and each one of us have been created by the Father.

     If you split a Spirit ... You create Two or more Spirits ... Also in this mode ... are created the Planets ... and the Stars ...

     In my first day ... when in my Young age in Elementary School the teacher explains the Planets and the satellites, the comets and the constellations ... I figure on me ... that all are PLANETS ... Small planets ... Big Planets ... Conjunctions of small and Big Planets.

     Honestly we are ATOMS of God ... composed by Atoms and we have Consciousness ... because Atoms have Consciousness.

     And there are LIFE ... EVERYWHERE ... The Moon speaks ... Jupiter Speaks ... Mars Speaks ... The Sun Speaks ... Angels Speaks ... Animals Speaks ... each one ... still the very atom and the very electron has consciousness ... and feeling.

     What rule Chemistry and the production of Chemical components where a single electron make the difference between each one of them ... a single electron ??? ...

     And so we have ... GOLD ...

     ADD one electron and have ...

    and we remove ONE Electron from Gold ... and we have ...

     ... and if we add 3 electrons to the GOLD ... we have ...

    ... and if we remove 3 electrons to the GOLD ... we have ... GOLD Again.

   We are made of DNA ...

   Angel Kryon has say ...

With 300 hundred trillion pieces of DNA in your body … how they all think as one? How they synchronize human body? How they do cellular division on a basis take takes millions at the same time? What kind of communication is that?
Medical Science say Has no idea.
They will say, all is in the brain, you know. They say all is in the brain. And so the brain do it all.
Tri-dimensional signals to every organ  and body, it keeps and going to every communication. That’s is the intelligent energy of the body.
And then you have someone with a separate spinal cord. All the wires and the nerves are separated, completely from the rest of the body.
And the Heart keeps beating… and digestion still happens and even the reproduction organs continue with their cycle!
How’s that if the Boss is the brain? It tells you that something else is going on. If tells you about the intelligent field which is the DNA, constantly synchronize bodily functions.
So us now get to the point. There’s an energy around the Earth, and we told you twenty years ago, that is changing.
This Energy is new, has to do with the 26,000 cycle. Indeed it is a Time fractal and it changes everything.

Angel Kryon still say ...

Collectively human beings is over 3 hundred trillions pieces of DNA. All together they create a tremendous multidimensional field around your body.
Over eight meters and half around you and is multi-dimensional. Not necessarily magnetic, but it has attributes of magnetism. And it has a beautiful symmetry, and we give you the name.
The ancient name of the field was given to you by Elisha, who watch his master Elijah ascend, is call the Merkaba, or the Merkabah.
Well, this is the essential field of the DNA. Has there symmetry with it? Can be measured? … Not with tridimensional tools.
Can be seen esoterically? … Oh yes. Beautifully … and who can see it … There are someone in the room … one of the only ones that is allowed to see something that have no symmetry … in 3D.
But beautiful symmetry in multidimensional state and represents … the symbol, and is the teacher Peggy.
And what she does with that. She wants to show you, the infinites layers of it.
For build Joy, and it builds Balance and wisdom … because it has Master inside. And it represent what is the creator.

I Giovanni say ...

What do you suppose the next step of Evolution for An ATOM?


    A City become FAMOUS because its STRENGTH, ORDER AND ECONOMY.

    I will tell you how evolve the ATOM ... THE ATOM EVOLVE IN MAN ... MAN EVOLVE IN STARS ...

    Who were the Spirits BEFORE THE THRONE? ...

    The Seven Spirits before the Throne of GOD are the ELOHIM ... And they were travelers in Time ...

    We can ... in INTELLIGENT MODE ... SAY THAT ... A POSITION IN TIME ... 1992 ... 1999 ... 2011 ... leads a Position ... a distance ... from GOD.

    What about the year 77011? ... 75,000 years in the future ... What will be a HUMAN? ... Will be HUMAN? ...

     Honestly just in 2012 ... we will JUMP into a New Evolutionary Step ... for Better ...

    Now ... I will give you a GIFT ... about HOW our Planet was CREATED ...

Digitaria of the Sirius Star System


"I, Digitaria, have a sacred twin called Sorghum, and we orbit Sirius A at right angles to one another. Sorghum is the source of female souls of all living or future beings. Because her 50-year orbit is at a right angle to mine, her symbol is a cross in a circle. We will be forever involved but separated. In the beginning, I implo­ded; a piece of me became Earth and another Nibiru. I became four bodies— Earth, Nibiru, Sorghum, and Digitaria—and Sorghum and I orbit Sirius A. The Sun and Sirius are linked as twin stars by the journeys of these four parts of myself, and our mutual male and female parts seek each other eternally. In your system, Nibiru is male and Earth is female; in our system, I am male and Sorghum is female. The time has come for the remembrance and healing of these four lost parts of your souls. The way to do this is to honor Sorghum at the spring equinox, Earth at the summer solstice, Nibiru at fall equinox, and Digitaria at the winter sol­stice. Indeed, a grand phase of ceremonies is soon to come to Earth! By linking these solar and stellar parts of yourselves, you will all find your twin souls easily. 


"When your solar system was forming out of interstellar dust over 4 billion years ago, I became a supernova, and there was great chaos in the Sirius star system. I imploded into my small, dense self and began orbiting with Sorghum around Sirius A. I awoke out of my exhaustion one day and realized a part of me was torn away and had become Earth—a planet orbiting around a nearby star which you call your Sun! Your star is so sacred to us that we do not utter its name. Next, I saw that another planet formed out of me! How magnificent! It is called Nibiru and it comes into your solar system every 3600 years. Even though this planet was born out of my explosion and, like Earth, was blasted out to your Sun its orbit, unlike Earth's, returns it to us every 3600 years. I will tell you the story of Nibiru, since Sirius A is the location of the Nibiruan Library, just as Alcyon the location of the Earth Library. 


"About a million years ago, Nibiru was inhabited by a race of beings from Orion—the Anunnaki—who were seeking a new home. These beings had very long lives, and after 500,000 years had passed, they realized they needed new genetic material to continue their race. However, a new genetic matrix would not emerge in Orion for another half-million years. These Anunnaki, as they known on Earth, knew that their planet and Earth were both born out of supernova, so they decided to visit Earth to search for a new genetic matrix. Thus, 450,000 years ago, the Anunnaki of Nibiru began landing on Earth. Though they come into your solar system and orbit between Mars and Jupiter every 3600 years they do not land on Earth during each return. The most propitious landing times are during the Ages of Taurus and Scorpio, when your Sun is farthest out in Galactic Night, far away from the Photon Band.  



For example, they spent much time on Earth from 3800 to 3400 B.C., during which time the founded Sumerian civilization.  


"Once this history began, I, Digitaria, reasoned: Why not use Nibiru as a communication link between the Sun and Sirius A, since Nibiru makes this lone journey between them both? As you've heard, in recent times since 7200 B.C. the Nibiruans have become false couriers, yet I have no other way to reach your world, so I try to use them anyway. Remember, Sirius A is the location of the Nibiruan Library, and access to that Library helps your solar system work har­monically with its erratic visitor—Nibiru. I have come forth to discuss the time when the link between your Sun and Sirius A was severed, which occurred under Akhenaton, the controversial Eighteenth Dynasty pharaoh. This link with Sinus A was reopened by many dedicated teachers during the Sirius Periastron of 1994, and it is because of that that I can speak to you again. Prior to Akhenaton, I direct linkage with Earth through the Egyptian dynasties for thousands of year and the Dogon kept this lineage intact until 1994, so that this exquisite relinkage could occur. The Great Pyramid maintained the vital link with Orion, as long as 

the Egyptian dynasties protected this stellar web system. Until the time of Akhenaton, the Sirians could reach your whole planet through the Great Pyramid. 


"On Earth, the Anunnaki and Sirians shared technology, and everybody got along for hundreds of thousands of years. The Anunnaki used earthlings for work­ers and sexual services while gradually altering their DNA. I, Digitaria, taught you magical science by helping the indigenous people of Earth evolve mentally through sacred plant knowledge. There were difficulties with these projects because of the Nibiruan tendency to take from Earth as well as to assist. Once you evolved into humans—creators who knew their own creation story—we Sirians all hoped the Anunnaki would gain more respect for you because you were destined to become the galactic biological school—the Living Library of the Galaxy. (See Barbara Marciniak, Bringers)


Since we Sirians are 6D, we could not do anything in 3D with humans, but the Anunnaki, who can take on third-dimensional powers, could sojourn in the Gar­den of Eden.


"Imagine the following from Earth's point of view. During the ages of Leo and Aquarius, Earth passes through 2000 years of photonic transmutation; then, during its deepest penetration into the Galactic Night during the ages of Taurus and Scorpio, Earth is visited by the gods from Orion. Once Nibiru had visited Earth over many thousands of years, humanity began to develop a sense of individuality. Over 26,000 years ago, humanity began to refine feelings and desired freedom, and the Pleiadians were impulsed by individuals to get directly involved in the evolution of humanity. Why the Pleiadians? Since Nibiru is a male force and carries the very gods of heaven right to Earth, you intuited that it was time for you to get to know the goddess of the sky—the Pleiades.


"Since we Sirians tended to control your minds in the temples while teach­ing you to ground harmonic fields, I, Digitaria, am sure this break with Sirius was all part of your evolution. You finally had to find your own ways to hold 6D geo­metrical harmonics in place, and now we have come to assist you again. Literally anything you want to utilize out of this knowledge is yours, now that we've relinked with you. In that light, the actual break must be examined, to heal any parts of it that might stand in your way. The reason the story of Akhenaton is so controversial is because it actually cloaks secret knowledge hidden in the Sirian records, and you can tell this information must be important because it has been so carefully guarded by indigenous people, such as the Dogon.


"Akhenaton rejected the traditional animal/human gods and altered the Egyptian/Sirian geomantic system by moving the temple sites and changing their usages. His reasons for doing this were of the highest order. Privy to all secrets, he knew that the Hebrew priests had stolen the lizard temple technology from Khem and put it into operation on Mount Moriah. He knew that they were utilizing Nibiru solely as the lens, and he knew that they were using this technology to figure out how to conquer Egypt. 

"Akhenaton had watched the harmonic field of Egypt deteriorate while was receiving his initiations as a child and young man. When he was small, no abused women and children or stole, and children honored their parents. By time he was preparing to take the pharaonic, or Sirian initiation, brothers stole from brothers, women stole husbands from each other, children dishonored their parents, and physical and sexual abuse was common. Akhenaton accepted pharaonic codes because he wanted to stop the disintegration of Egypt; but, his obtaining the codes for that purpose, we Sirians were thrown into a great conflict. The pharaoh can wear the double crown of the Blue Nile with the sacred uraeus giving him snake powers only if he has no agenda. He was to simply hold the peaceful field, which cannot be held if it is based on an "enemy." We Sirians attuned with Akhenaton whenever he went into the central sanctuary, which was not often; and as we tuned into him, all we got from him were great hatred of the enemy and fear for the people. He was in great pain, anger, judgment, and confusion because his ka had abandoned his physical form. The priests of Amun wanted to assist him by working with him to persuade his ka to come back, but he would not listen to them. He scorned them, since they had allowed the Hebrew priests into Khem to study crocodile activation.


"One day as I passed closest to Sirius A, a terrible scene came into my inner visual mind. I realized Sirius A was receiving this scene simultaneously: We first saw a lion of Sekhmet staring into our eyes, and then behind her, Akhenaton was sitting on his throne and a great and terrible lizard was approaching him!" We felt Akhenaton's heart beating rapidly because he was terrified, since, without his ka he was helpless. A great battle ensued. The lizard was the fourth-dimension form of a Hebrew priest named Illuru, and the lizard said, Akhenaton, I take your snake power!' He took hold of the Akhenaton's uasit, his divine scepter. The pharaoh dared not move as the sacred scepter that held the field of the Blue Nile passed into the claws of this animal. Then the great lizard took the uasit and tapped it on the floor three times, and each time it became a powerful serpent! This meant that this lizard was not only taking the uasit away from the pharaoh, he was also going to use the powers himself! Instantly, we Sirians cut the connec­tion between Sirius and the Great Pyramid, and we felt a wave of anguish rise out of the Nile! We closed our secret chambers under the Sphinx and the Great Pyramid, and Akhenaton and Egypt were abandoned!


"Illuru looked contemptuously at the frozen pharaoh. Then, since he was a 4D holographic projection, Illuru disappeared and remanifested as Moses in the Hebrew encampment in the Sinai where a tremendous vortex of fire burned in front of some followers of Moses, Illuru's 3D self was consumed with the powerful flames as he became a 4D manifestation—Moses—and he uttered the word ‘Aton I, which the startled desert people heard as Adonai.' There was no priesthood or temple among these desert people, and he, Moses, instituted both, based on the priesthood and temples of Egypt. To continue the people's star connection, he brought the tradition of the solar boat into the temple, but he called it the Ark of the Covenant. And, out of utter contempt for the lizard into which he had shape shifted, he told his followers that they must sacrifice animals to the Aton, such as throwing their sacred crocodiles into the flames. Thus ended the honoring of the sacred animal teachers of the previous 3500 years. A great lament from the hearts of all the beasts on the planet was heard all the way out to the Sirius star system. Even Anubis, our personal Sirian guardian, would be dishonored!


"As a white dwarf star, which is dense like a dense nuclear reactor, I, Digitaria, felt Illuru creating a mental nuclear bomb—monotheism—and I experi­enced a rebirthing! I relived becoming a white dwarf and I felt the field of the Blue Nile implode! Fundamentalism began on Earth—the belief that allows any action to defend one point of view, no matter how abusive, violent, inhuman, or spiritually limiting. Thus began wars based on ideas; sexuality based on using bodies; child abuse based on children as property; and the control of the world based upon the concepts of church and state.


"In the days of the Eighteenth Dynasty in Egypt, the Hebrew people became the carriers of Nibiruan intelligence, as can be seen in their name in Hebrew 'Ibri;' the Egyptians, meanwhile, called them the 'Hibiru.' The Israelites named them­selves 'the Chosen People based on the manifestation of Moses,' and I, Digitaria, honor them for recognizing that Nibiru and Earth are of the same body. We honor them for realizing that a lineage was needed to carry the archetype of Nibiru, just as we honor the Egyptians for carrying the archetype of Sirius. Living out a stellar archetype as a group is the foundation of tribes and clans, and this is how the indige­nous people connect to stars. Each star or planet carries certain behaviors and beliefs, and the whole point of taking on an archetype is to process it. I honor the Hebrew people for recognizing their desire for Akhenaton's world, but I, Digitaria, am here today to inform you that the Hebrews got Nibiru as an arche­type, not Sirius. The Sirians weren't connected to Akhenaton when Illuru took the power! I know this is important news for all of you who identify with this form, because I know that you love Sirian 6D sacred geometry because of your fascina­tion with the Kaballah, alchemy, and magical arts. The teachings and sacred knowledge of 2D, 4D, 6D, and 8D, are all related and interconnected, and more awareness about their subtle differences will enhance the pursuit of these fields.


"Illuru activated a group thoughtform in his race for carrying out the grand agenda of Nibiru, and the Anunnaki were delighted that day. Excellent, said Anu! We honor Hebrews for being a people of Earth who chose to process the desires of an extraterrestrial body, because that is what karma is. A number of Earth groups carry their own extraterrestrial archetypes, such as the British (Nibiru) French (Orion), Balinese (Pleiadian), Iraqis (Nibiru), the Jews (Nibiru), and Egyptians (Sirius). Nibiruan work, by the way, is more convoluted for you than Sirian work because the Anunnaki sojourn with you at times, but in both cases the issue is handling power on Earth.


"In order to cope with power, the Jews, like the pharaohs, became adepts of powerful magical systems using esoteric knowledge and secret cabals in order in get what they wanted. The power grab came after the Anunnaki had used humans for workers and sexual services over hundreds of thousands of years. Thus the pattern of using without permission was already deeply ingrained on Earth. Nibiru carries male energy, so the Nibiruan-based Hebrew monotheist culture became profoundly patriarchal and abusive of Gaia. The Hebrews had once been devotees of the Goddess, and there are remnants of Canaanite-based goddess worship in contemporary Jewish ritual practices. Snake medicine, once separated from Sirian guidance, was taken away from Akhenaton as his uasit was grabbed, and thereafter, most people participating in the Hebrew line (Judeo-Christian-Islamic) became profoundly afraid of the occult. Illuru envied the pharaoh's booty, and most of Illuru's descendants are obsessed by a fanatical materialism that oppresses Earth and causes war. Slavery, prostitution, hierarchy, secrecy, war, and misogyny resulted from this transfer of energy. Today, knowledge of this material has become totally unconscious; witness, for example, how the ancient Egyptians are still denigrated during Passover rituals as if the Exodus were last week. These old patterns must be processed because negative projection onto the modern people of Egypt destabilizes the Middle East, where conflict could esca­late tensions into another world war. None of you want to become barbarians again.


"I, Digitaria, inform you that the gods of Nibiru are ready to be freed because their real skills—genetic engineering—are needed on Orion. They do not need Earth any longer, yet genetic engineering based on old Nibiruan patterns could be the ultimate oppressive tool for your world! After all, Hitler already tried it in the 1930s and 1940s. However, now that you have seen what happened when Ilium took on the powers of Nibiru when he thought he was going to get the Sirian powers, would you want to use this tool? You are infected with the idea that the very unit of creation—DNA—can and needs to be tampered with; this came from Nibiruan obsessions about scarcity, a result of their frustration about not spending much time in the solar system.


''We of Sirius feel your realm strongly, and you have honored our gifts, such as our teachings in Egypt. We have attempted to help the Anunnaki learn how to feel instead of think first. When you think, not feel, in linear space and time, you become a predator, because you "will always think, of yourself first. If you become a predator, human realities self-destruct, because predation requires a victim. Once you set up a situation in which there must be a victim, it no longer matters whether you are the victim or the predator. It you feel before you think, you know how to respond to the whole group effortlessly. The Anunnaki are metallic beings originating from Orion, and they have great difficulty being able to feel. They colo­nized Nibiru a million years ago just to attain that next stage of evolution; and we Sirians admire how the people of Earth have so beautifully served them. But we know their oppression is imploding your realm. Imagine this, humans! Think how you value thinking over feeling, and then try to imagine a race of people who left Orion—the location of the Galactic Federation—and eventually landed on a strange little hybrid star/planet body just to find a new way to be. Would you do that? Those of you living in the United States might want to notice that your ancestors did exactly that.


"The implications of this choice are awesome, and that is why I, Digitaria, am saying how much I honor the Hebrews and all their descendants for deciding to work out this karmic dilemma within humanity. What a brave choice, and now it is time to become conscious of that choice. The Annunaki picked up alchemy— transmutation of base metals into precious ones—during their last sojourn out by Sirius A in 1600 A.D. Alchemy is actually all about feelings and subtle vibrations at all levels below 8D; it is a Pleiadian science, and as the Nibiruans began to desire more feeling, they became interested in it. The ancient Sumerian and Chaldean alchemical tractates were carefully guarded because the Anunnaki believed they could cease to be metallic by means of alchemy! They guarded these tractates with their lives, hoping alchemy offered them the chance to be flesh and blood while on Earth. In fact, alchemy is the way for them to value their metallic essence—Merkabah—which they need while they are a star outside the solar system.


"During the Eighteenth Dynasty, Egypt was acutely stressed by invasions and by Earth changes caused by the great volcano, Thera, erupting in 1650 B.C. The whole Middle East was destabilized, and these were days of darkness and terrible winds. Egypt became a refuge; then it was overwhelmed, and the Sirian link was lost by Akhenaton. The abandonment of Akhenaton was a source of great pain to all inhabitants of Sirius. The work in Egypt was a mission, but its original intent was subverted; this created death, pain, and suffering that will not ever end unless each one of you reweaves this web by letting go of belief in enemies. Gaia has the right to experience harmony and peace, and humans who want the Pleiadian love vibration need to remember how to expand that energy via Sirian geomancy, which links the Sun and Sirius again. The pharaoh was the only one in the whole Egyptian system with a direct conduit into Sirian consciousness; in 2012 A.D, how­ever, all humans are scheduled to have a direct conduit. The pharaoh was blessed out as a result of his ecstatic linkage with other dimensions, and this is how you will feel attending the Cosmic Party, when the linkage between the Sun and Sirius is totally felt on Earth again.


I want to give more to you ...

Our Moon speaks ...

The Moon Speaks

"I am the Moon. I came from the surface of the planet Jupiter. The moons of Jupiter are made of the same material as I am, but I orbit around Earth and not Jupiter. A long time ago, there was a very large explosion on Jupiter, and many parts were blasted out of its gaseous body. Once they moved out of their gaseous state, they congealed into solid states, and most of them were captured in the field of Jupiter. The moons of Jupiter mirror Jupiterian consciousness back to Jupiter, as I mirror the consciousness of Earth back to you. Moons are reflectors of what you are feeling. To reflect your emotions is our primary function. In my case, I was ejected farther out from Jupiter, well past the orbit of Mars, and I was captured by the gravitational pull of Earth. Like all moons, I am a reflector of planetary feelings. And, since I come from Jupiter, which rules the mastery schools of Earth, mastery of yourself is based on whether you deal with your emotions effectively. You thought physical perfection was the most important challenge, didn't you?

 Therefore ... I Giovanni say ... 'Let the Love wins ... Let the Peace wins ... Let God wins ... in Thy World'.


Giovanni A. Orlando.



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