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Greetings again in the Pink day of Love ...

   And in my Love ... and intent to help others ... I chose the Kryon message on Albuquerque to explains the Energy problem ... what some people call 'Global Warming' and IS NOT GLOBAL Warming ... but the Cycle of Water ... 26.000 years long ... to be Chapter 17 in my book, 'The Book of Apocalypse explained' First Edition.

    You can hear the FULL Message in English here ...


     And you can read the First Part ... here ... like a Special Gift.


Giovanni A. Orlando.

PS. Would be better you lived in Cold Areas in your Past lives ... otherwise will be a problem for you ... Thanks!


The Speech.

Greetings Dear Ones, I AM Kryon of Magnetic Service. Again, we are here in a way that may seems strange to many. I want you to get used to hearing this voice. I want you to understand the reality that is here. You ask yourself, Human Being. Is this real? You may say “Kryon I’m having hard time. Believing. Believing that you’re really channeling the voice comes from the other side of the veil - It’s so difficult”.  If that’s what you’re saying today,  human being, I will say blessed are you, for these are honest words, coming from one who is struggling  to work out of the tridimensional box. And what happens is it slowly, if you ask the right questions for your own self, for your belief, of your own psyche. You start getting shown things that you didn’t expect. For if indeed it is a quantum experience on the other side of the veil, if indeed it is I am linearizing this conversation and presenting it to my partner. It is true. It is a quantum experience and that means that language is only is a small part of it, that the audio that you will hear or the words that are seen on the page such a small part of it.

We have spoken of something called third language. This third language identified some time ago. It’s not a language in linearity which is the third one. It is a language of the catalyst of the three. We use the three (3) in numerology, to represent a catalytic action number. That is to say that all of you have the ability to receive what is been given, at a level which is quantum and not language, and not words on a page.

Even the reader of this particular message can ask for a quantum experience and be in the session with those who are in the session.

Art and music, we’ve told you that they are quantum. We have told that you can go into “The Louvre” and watch a painting and you can immerse yourself so completely, and that you can see and feel the artist creating. If you become one with the creator of the painting.  So much is there that is not for the human eye. And this is the one who appreciates the art. Music touches your very soul. All the notes playing together in unison and harmony. It is one of the only arts where all of that can be presented together and there are no limit in the number of musicians on the stage, but we can’t do that with speech, can you ? No limit to the number of colors on the palette. You can’t do that with speech. Can you? It is a little bit of quantum in everything, if you look.

So look for a here before we start a message that is not going to be a quantum one felled the love necessarily although it is or we’re choosing to do something unusual, we’re going to give you some science. We’ve chosen perhaps an odd place for that and we haven’t.   For we think in a quantum way. We wanted to come to this place. We want to honor those who built this building. We want to honor the ancestors who are listening, we’ve come to a very quiet place and stillness of the South West. In order to give a message of clarity, of purity so that others will also receive it in that fashion. So it is not about the message at all, is it? It’s about the delivery, it is about the energy of where you sit. It is about the preparation that we give to my partner, sitting in this place, and so we will.

When we give a scientific message, we give suggestions. I ask my partner to go very slow. Some of this has been revealed to humans, some of it has not.

I ask him to proceed slowly for it will be and see and read it clearly and much will be seen around it. For what follows in this message is not just esoterics. There will be a practicality and there will be physicists looking at it. And that makes my partner nervous. It is not going to be complex?

For even the ones sitting in the chair who doesn’t understanding science, will still receive what they need to receive, through the third language and will understand why these things are being given.

And all through this, the entourage which is ported to this place represents the ancestors of all of you, resounds even with the builders of this building, of the consciousness that allowed to be planned so many years ago for the display of ceremonies that it has on regular basis and what that means to the Earth and the land to continue to hear the ancients giving the sounds that they are given, for so long.

 All of this wrapped into this building, into this place where my partner gives a message of Science. Not necessarily a long one, but one which you have to hear.

It’s about the environment and let it start with assurance. Let us review one more time that what you are seeing in weather changes on this planet you have not created by yourselves with human effort.

What you have called Global warming, is not global warming at all. And I say it again it is part of the Cycle of all that was. The North Pole has melted several times and come back several times and it is waxing and waning the water evaporation cycle it has been before and it is here sooner than expected and that is alarming.

If you were to ask GAIA, the actual energy of GAIA right now to come in to this place. GAIA will give this message: “Humans have not caused this. Could it be any clearer”. I give you this information so there will be no alarms sounded of things that you would have to change drastically and dramatically

Now, at the same time, I say that, I will say this. There is a mandate to change your energy. What you put into the air, is significant as it is a hazard for your health. What you put into the air hurts humanity. Not necessarily, GAIA. GAIA is more resilient than you think. GAIA adjusts in ways that you may not expect. GAIA take care of GAIA. Clean up  the air, and you will live longer. And that is one of the subject of TO-DAY.

It is going to get colder! That is one of the subject of today. You’re going to need more energy! That is the subject of today.

And we have given you the steps of creating energy easily.  And we’ve you giving advices in the past. And one of them, we wish to revisit. For it’s time to think out-of-the-box of three-dimensional, when it comes to the things that we have discussed with you. You think in a straight line. You don’t think past, necessarily. Certain things that you assume. At the same I give you this information, I will also tell you that this particularly information is already known on the planet. It is the way of it. We do not give you something that is not already occurred to a human being. Free Choice is what we had told you, it is the operative word, even in Science. This must have occurred and the human being must have a situation actually aware, before we give a message like this. And the reason we do it is because one human being aware of it, sometimes can do nothing about it, when the font is given. When these thoughts are giving to humanity, they normally land on the planet in more than one place, that is to say,

 Epiphany is a discovery … happen all at once usually three or four times, in order to assure that they will not be lost. And so I’m going to add this voice, there is tremendous energy available from the earth for free, it is not free energy, for you have to build an extractor to get it. But it’s everywhere, absolutely everywhere.

It is Called Geothermal energy, it goes like this, below your feet, not very far, not really. It’s hot, hot enough for you to drill down and create steam. And if you can create steam to natural process of thermal energy in the planet you can drive turbines, and create electricity. That will create Heat. There are other ways of creating heat as well, even using the geothermal heat itself.

You’re fond of steam engines. And you’ve been using them for very very long time, and you continue too. Today’s nuclear reactors are simply very, very expensive steam engines. For you heat water, you create steam, and you drive turbines. So, we are giving you something, to think about. For nuclear power as good as it is, is not clean. There is a side effect, and you know what it is. For there are waste products which are dangerous. You know this for as clean as it is. There is still something that you have to dispose of. Geothermal there is no ‘thing’ that you have to dispose of . But it is dangerous and now we open the discussion.

If you can drill, approximately five kilometers down. You will find enough heat. Now, five kilometers to you is not  that far in a straight line along the surface of the earth. Many of you walk that distance to school and work, it’s not that far. But if you’re going to drill down technically it become difficult and dangerous. Not just dangerous for the driller, but dangerous for the planet.

On the way down, through the crust of the earth to the five kilometer mark you go through pockets that you might know are there. Releasing gas perhaps, releasing fire perhaps, releasing water perhaps, if nothing else sometime you interrupt, what we might call the breaking of the lubricant of the shale itself. And what I am saying here is that you might advance the potential for an earthquake, all by drilling down five kilometers, and so I’m going to give you the answer.

And now, I’m saying think out-of-the-box, all along you thinking you’re going to drill down and put a pipe with water in it, what if I told you, you only have to drill down a fraction of that distance, and you can find enough heat to boil, and you say impossible, ‘oh it exist over the hotspots of the earth, but you might know it, but it doesn’t exist in most of the places we’re asking you to drill, well it will work if you don’t use water.

It’s time to marry the Highest Technology that you have on the planet, with things you didn’t expect them to marry them with, and this is thinking out of the box, this is becoming a little more quantum see, the entire picture, is instead of seeing the picture what you think it should be.

There are solutions, and you know what they are, they are elegant. That will boil at a fraction of the temperature that water will. And this is the answer.

Learning to use those substances and those fluids and that Chemistry into a Geothermal machine that does not have to drill down five kilometers, how about two!

And we tell you this, because you’re going to need to do this. And if you do it, and if this advice is followed, you will find the timing in the synchronicity of discovery is at hand, that is to say, you will understand that these things will fall together.

You will get the steam engine and it won’t take five years to build, and won’t be dangerous, and you don’t have to cover it with a shell. Much easier. It won’t belch smoke, It won’t pollute and you won’t to have to worry by being next to it. And it will drive electricity, and you going to need to heat homes and businesses, because eventually it is going to get cold.

That’s number 1 … (transcribed until 16:34/37.19)

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