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Monday, 05 December 2011 19:01

Lord Jesus ... The Master of We ALL ...

Greetings ... in the Royal Blue Moon-day of the God Will ...

    And I Giovanni ... in my modest position ... and my level ... want to introduce some words from Lord Jesus.

    And You have no idea ... again ... Yes ... You don't understand ... how manipulated is your mind.

    In some sense is like to be trained for the War ... to be a soldier-of-Light against Darkness.

    Honestly ... Earth is a Schoolroom ... a School for Gods ...

    Our Beloved Lord Jesus ... did ALL the examples ... from the walking on the Water, to Heal the strangers, to Resurrect death people ... and still himself ... resurrect from death.

    He was. He is Our Master.

    He ... and was repeated recently by him ... and heard by the Ones who are 'really aligned' to him ... (Check Audio on Futuretg.com) ...

    He, Lord Jesus ... wins his battle ... against Food, Water and Devil ... in the 40 days of peregrination in the desert.


     Lord Jesus show us ... the Glory to work and Live in the Path of God ... with God ... doing its 'miracles' as well the necessary steps ... fasting by example to reject Devil.

     If you want to know more about the 'Entities' you can read ...


     A person that die ... become an entity if does not work well in him or her life.

     There are more ...

      I will list now ... some facts ... that the Creator of the Universe ... reject and dislike.

      I will list only some facts regarding sex ... in the name of the truth ...

  • Adultery and this means Sex with a person that is not your partner.
  • Sex with Prostitute ... and like you know to-day there are also male prostitution.
  • Sex alone ... you understand.

       In few words ... basically anything you know that disturb the Lord and you do ... is offensive to the Creator.

       So please do not.

       Now, I will lead my word ... to Lord Jesus ... and please Pray Astrea ... She is an Elohim and very strong.


Giovanni A. Orlando.

Freedom from Psychic Thralldom

Jesus explains the part prayer can play in freeing individuals from psychic thralldom: "Many people fear to take to God those distressing problems that involve their own personal guilt, whereas others, working in the opposite direction, seem to almost enjoy telling God how very unworthy they are. We would clarify for the benefit of all. Insofar as impure acts and thoughts go, bringing them to God for purification is in a very real sense bringing your iniquities to heaven for judgment ahead of time, thus removing from the karmic record, in many cases, the need for future recompense. 'Some men's sins are open beforehand, going before to judgment; and some men they follow after.'95


"As a mother comforts a sobbing child, so God can and does quiet the restless energies that you seem unable to govern. When you keep your problems to yourself, as though they could thus be hidden from His eye, often they are only intensified, and your distress increases rather than lessens. In the matter of those who tell God how unworthy they are and appear to revel in so doing, this in most cases is the overriding of a rebellious entity or discarnate that manipulates their feelings to no good end.


"You know, precious ones, the evil spirits that have lived in the world in the past and who are now out of the body, together with those possessing entities that attach themselves to individuals because they love darkness rather than Light,96 enjoy performing acts that they suspect might give distress to the Creator of the universe. This attitude is difficult for many to understand; but like that psychological trait known as masochism or self-abuse, the attempt of these spirits to flagellate the Deity by acclaiming their own dire condition actually feeds their egos and is intended to make those whom they control enjoy being sinners.


"When the sincere disciple brings to the Father all of his energy for purification, God is truly able to wash and to regenerate with his love and attention the developing son and bring him to maturity. In cases where extreme perversions have been practiced, it will be necessary that the individual make application for forgiveness with deep sincerity and follow the injunction 'Go, and sin no more.'97 Those in the latter category must of necessity strive until they have won a relative state of victory over the outer condition and understand that the demons of ego and rebellion must be put down.


"There is a law involved here that states that man is accountable for that which he creates. Those who have created or harbored a rebellious spirit must themselves bring it under control and then approach God with humility that they, too, may be received and their energies purified. There is never any question whatsoever concerning the will of God to receive the prodigal son98 back to his heart. Therefore, no one should make unworthiness an excuse for nor engaging in holy prayer. The worthy need to progress and the unworthy to disentangle themselves from the enchantments of the world.


"More things are indeed wrought by prayer than the world dreams of. Yet ordinary prayer, strenuously engaged in, that cries out for emergency help in time of need is not to be compared with that steadfast outreach for God that understands communion as a most fortunate means to the end of personal freedom."99


Let all who have the courage seek the Divine Presence of life, which is above all psychic thralldom and which leads men to the feet of the Master. There the disciple can become truly God-centered, God-taught and God-inspired.

Let us close this chapter with a final word of advice from Astrea:

 "The Lord God has given to man dominion over all things. But this dominion does not of necessity include entanglement in the astral world of thought and feeling. The source of all human imperfection is old astral records. Buildings and houses, people and even animals in the world of form are filled with these old records. Your tube of light must be made strong and resilient that it may bend when necessary but never break under the onslaughts of psychic disturbances.

"You must learn to move in the world of form as victors over death and misqualified energy. The vortices of evil and of psychic disturbances may move all around you, but you may call upon your Divine Presence for release and deliverance. You may call unto me, and I will assist you by locking my cosmic circle and sword of blue flame around these vicious foci and providing not only yourselves with deliverance but also those whom you love.

"You must be persistent in your calls and determined in your conviction that the Light of God will not fail to answer them, and you must, under no condition, yield an inch of ground to those forces that are not of the Light. Beloved ones, these forces could not survive a single day if it were not for the feeding of mankind's energies into them. There is only one Source of Life, and that is God."'100


Decree to Beloved Mighty Astrea—

 "The Starry Mother"

In the name of the beloved mighty victorious Presence of God, I AM in me, might)' I AM Presence and Holy Christ Selves of Keepers of the Flame, Lightbearers of the world and all who are to ascend in this life, by and through the magnetic power of the sacred fire vested in the threefold flame burning within my heart, I call to beloved mighty Astrca and Purity, Archangel Gabriel and Hope, beloved Scrapis Bey and the seraphim and cherubim of God, beloved Lanello, the entire Spirit of the Great White Brotherhood and the World Mother,
elemental life—fire, air, water and earth! to lock your cosmic circles and swords of blue flame in, through and around my four lower bodies, my electronic belt, my heart chakra and all of my chakras, my entire consciousness, being and world.

[You may include here prayers(or specific circumstances or conditions tor which you are requesting assistance ]

Cut me loose and set me free (3x) from all that is less than God's perfection and my own divine plan fulfilled.

1. O beloved Astrea, may God Purity
 Manifest here for all to see,
God's divine will shining through
Circle and sword of brightest blue.

First chorus:
Come now answer this my call
Lock thy circle round us all.
Circle and sword of brightest blue.
 Blaze now, raise now, shine right through!

2. Cutting life free from patterns unwise.
Burdens fall off while souls arise
 Into thine arms of infinite love,
Merciful shining from heaven above.

3. Circle and sword of Astrea now shine.
Blazing blue-white my being refine.
Stripping away all doubt and fear,
Faith and goodwill patterns appear.

Second chorus:
Come now answer this my call.
Lock thy circle round us all.
Circle and sword of brightest blue.
Raise our youth now, blaze right through!

Third chorus:
Come now answer this my call.
Lock thy circle round us all.
Circle and sword of brightest blue.
 Raise mankind now, shine right through!

And in full faith I consciously accept this manifest, manifest, manifest! (3x) right here and now with full power, eternally sustained, ail-powerfully active, ever expanding and world enfolding until all are wholly ascended in the Light and free!

Beloved I AM! Beloved I AM! Beloved I AM!

[Give each verse, followed by the first chorus; repeat the verses, using the second chorus; then give the verses a third time, using the third chorus]

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